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Welcome to the Member's Area

Thank you for registering as a member of RAFWEB, your contributions will facilitate further research and assist in the continued availability of this valuable resource.

This area is provided for those people who want to delve deeper into the lesser known units of the RAF and will be found very useful by those who are researching the careers of relatives from the records provided by the RAF Disclosures, RAF Cranwell.  This area will continue to grow and hopefully become the premier site for research into matters pertaining to the RAF.

To continue viewing the site, just use the standard navigation buttons and menus, but when you attempt to access a page in the Member's Area, you will now have access, if you encounter any problems, please contact me using the link below: -

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Orders of Battle

Links in Blue indicate ORBATs based on Air Force Lists and Confidential Air Force Lists, whilst links in Green indicates ORBATs based on SD161s

Listings of Home units controlled by: -

Home (European) Commands

Command Months available
Air Defence of Great Britain
Inland Area
Coastal Area
RAF Cranwell
RAF Halton
Special Reserve and Auxiliary Air Force
Training Command
Bomber Command
Fighter Command
Coastal Command
Maintenance Command
Balloon Command
Reserve Command
Advance Air Striking Force
RAF Component, BEF
British Air Forces in France
Flying Training Command
Technical Training Command
RAF in Northern Ireland
Army Co-operation Command
Ferry Command
Transport Command
Home Command
Allied Expeditionary Air Force
SHAEF/2nd Tactical Air Force
British Air Forces of Occupation

Numbered Groups

Group Months available
No 1 Group
No 2 Group
No 3 Group
No 4 Group
No 5 Group
No 6 Group
No 7 Group
No 8 Group
No 9 Group
No 10 Group
No 11 (Irish) Group
No 11 Group
No 12 Group
No 13 Group
No 14 Group
No 15 Group
No 16 Group
No 17 Group
No 18 Group
No 19 Group
No 20 Group
No 21 Group
No 22 Group
No 23 Group
No 24 Group
No 25 Group
No 26 Group
No 27 Group
No 28 Group
No 29 Group
No 30 Group
No 31 Group
No 32 Group
No 33 Group
No 34 Group
No 38 Group
No 40 Group
No 41 Group
No 42 Group
No 43 Group
No 44 Group
No 45 Group
No 46 Group
No 46 Group (Rear)
No 47 Group
No 48 Group
No 50 Group
No 51 Group
No 54 Group
No 60 Group
No 61 Group
No 62 Group
No 63 Group
No 64 Group
No 65 Group
No 66 Group
No 67 Group
No 70 Group
No 71 Group
No 72 Group
No 81 Group
No 82 Group
No 83 Group
No 84 Group
No 85 Group
No 87 Group
No 88 Group
No 90 Group
No 91 Group
No 92 Group
No 93 Group
No 100 Group
No 106 Group
No 200 Group
No 216 Group
No 229 Group
No 247 Group

Named Group status units

Unit Months available
RAF Staff aboard RN Aircraft Carriers Apr 1920 | from June onwards see No 29 Group
Wessex Bombing Area
Western Area
Central Area
Fighting Area
(No 1) Air Defence Group
Air Armament School/Armament Group
RAF Cranwell

RAF College, Cranwell

RAF Manby

RAF Flying College, Manby

Central Flying School, Little Rissington
RAF Ireland
RAF Iceland
RAF Gibraltar

AHQ Gibraltar

RAF Gibraltar

RAF Northern Ireland (Coastal Command)
Reserve Command units in RAFNI
Central Photographic Establishment
RAF Hullavington
RAF Shawbury
RAF Technical College, Henlow
RAF Record Office, Ruislip
Maritime HQ


Wing Months available
No 7 Wing
No 8 Wing
No 11 (Irish) Wing
No 16 Wing
No 32 Wing
No 33 Wing
No 34 Wing
No 35 Wing
No 36 Wing
No 37 Wing
No 38 Wing
No 39 Wing
No 45 Wing
No 53 Wing
No 54 Wing
No 55 Wing
No 56 Wing
No 57 Wing
No 70 (Signals) Wing
No 71 (Signals) Wing
No 72 (Signals) Wing
No 73 (Signals) Wing
No 74 (Signals) Wing
No 75 (Signals) Wing
No 76 (Signals) Wing