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Department of the Air Member for Technical Services - Personnel July 1947

On 1 January 1947 the post of Air Member for Training was replaced by the post of Air Member for Technical Services.  This would result in a reorganisation and redistribution of the Directorates etc between the Air Members of the Council.  At this stage the exact nature of this reorganisation had not been finalised and the Directorates etc of the Air Member for Training continued to be shown under the new Air Member, pending the renaming of the Director-General of Training to Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Training) and its transfer to the Department of the Chief of the Air Staff.


Sir Roderic M Hill

Air Member for Technical Services, KCB, MC, DFC, ADC  1 Jan 1947
Mr S J W Firth Private Secretary  
Technical Services (Policy)
A/Cdre Raymond G Hart CB, CBE, MC; later AM  
Gp Capt R J Pilgrim-Morris    
Wg Cdr

William F Beckwith

OBE; later AVM  
Sqn Ldr W R Cumbers    
Sqn Ldr A L Fussell    
Sqn Ldr Reginald E W Harland later AM  
Sqn Ldr L Lewington    
Sqn Off D R Pitts WAAF  
Directorate-General of Training

Sir Basil E Embry

Director-General, KBE, CB, DSO, DFC, AFC, ADC; later ACM 31 Oct 1945
Directorate of Operational Training

Norman S Allinson

Director, CB; later AVM  
Gp Capt John Grandy Deputy Director, DSO; later MRAF  
Gp Capt George A Walker Deputy Director, CBE, DSO, DFC, ADC; later ACM  
Wg Cdr William E Coles DSO, DFC, AFC; later AM  
Wg Cdr H F Cox    
Wg Cdr G F Grant    
Wg Cdr N C Harding    
Wg Cdr Patrick G Jameson DSO, DFC; later A/Cdre  
Sqn Ldr B C Bennett    
Sqn Ldr A C Blyth DFC  
Sqn Ldr R S Boast DFC  
Sqn Ldr R D Doleman    
Sqn Ldr W G James    
Sqn Ldr B Lewin    
Mr A H Meaby Acting Staff Officer  
Directorate of Flying Training

Claude McC Vincent

Director, DFC, AFC; later AVM  
Gp Capt Henry A V Hogan Deputy Director, later AVM  
Gp Capt G C Stemp Deputy Director, 15 Jun 1943
Gp Capt G J L Read Deputy Director,  
Wg Cdr John O Barnard later A/Cdre 29 Nov 1945
Wg Cdr D S Beardon    
Wg Cdr W B Hodgson    
Wg Cdr R J Jeffries OBE  
Wg Cdr W S Ralphs MBE  
Wg Cdr L J Schwab    
Wg Cdr A J Shelfoon    
Cdr K Williamson Attached, RN,  
Sqn Ldr W A Allinson DFC, DFM  
Sqn Ldr R H Harris    
Sqn Ldr R J McCallum    
Sqn Ldr G L Mattey   12 Nov 1945
Sqn Ldr W T Mathieson    
Sqn Ldr G F Morley-Mower    
Sqn Ldr R G B Summers    
Sqn Ldr W F Wallington DFC  
Sqn Ldr J C Wheeler AFC  
Flt Lt      
Lt J G O Hofman Attached, RNVR  
Directorate of Technical Training

Gilbert F Smylie

Director, CB, DSC; later A/Cdre  
Gp Capt G L S Griffiths-Jones Deputy Director  
Gp Capt Thomas N Coslett Deputy Director; later AM  
Wg Cdr G R C Baker also show in Directorate of Command and Staff Training 24 Sep 1940
Wg Cdr R W Christmas    
Wg Cdr Kenneth W Godfrey also show in Directorate of Command and Staff Training; later AVM  
Wg Cdr L H Stewart    
Wg Cdr J Woods    1 Sep 1942
Sqn Ldr F S Cocker    4 Sep 1946
Sqn Ldr D J Ellery   10 Jul 1946
Sqn Ldr A R L Inniss    
Sqn Ldr A Mills   13 Jul 1945
Sqn Ldr E J Price    
Sqn Ldr A E G Pye    
Sqn Ldr J H C Saffery MBE  
Sqn Ldr R Wright DFM  
Sqn Ldr L S Wyse    
Sqn Off E J Borlase WAAF, also show in Directorate of Command and Staff Training 27 Feb 1942
Flt Lt Eric Burchmore later A/Cdre  
Flt Lt W E French    
Flt Lt D S Gregory   13 Oct 1945
Flt Lt W T H Hay    
Flt Off E K Livermore WAAF 18 Aug 1945
Fg Off N J Stewart    
Directorate of Command and Staff Training

Theodore N McEvoy

Director, CBE; later ACM  
Gp Capt David W Bayne Deputy Director; later A/Cdre  
Gp Capt

James L F Fuller-Good

Deputy Director; later AVM  
Gp Capt J O W Oliver Deputy Director  
Wg Cdr G R C Baker also show in Directorate of Technical Training 24 Sep 1940
Wg Cdr G G N Barrett AFC  
Wg Cdr E J Brooks    
Wg Cdr O C Cassells    
Wg Cdr J Fleming    
Wg Cdr C M S Gardiner    
Wg Cdr Kenneth W Godfrey also show in Directorate of Technical Training; later AVM  
Wg Cdr

Ian D N Lawson

DFC; later AVM  
Wg Cdr D C Smith    9 Jul 1945
Sqn Ldr W E Ashfull    
Sqn Ldr I Bellas    
Sqn Ldr E J Price    
Sqn Ldr S A Carr    
Sqn Ldr N S C Chapman    
Sqn Ldr F J Evans    
Sqn Ldr A R de L Inniss    
Sqn Ldr R W Pye    
Sqn Ldr H R Rittey    
Sqn Ldr T A Tindle    
Sqn Off E J Borlase WAAF, also show in Directorate of Technical Training  
Flt Lt W J Allardyce   10 Feb 1945
Flt Lt A W E P Cartwright DFM  
Flt Lt A F Halley    
Flt Lt W J H Hay    
Flt Lt L R Healey DSO, DFM  
Flt Lt D A Oliver    
Flt Lt H R Orchard    
Flt Lt C E Sargeant    
Flt Lt G Vickers    
Flt Lt P C Warren    
Gp Capt (Ret) F E Brockman Retired Officer  
Wg Cdr (Ret) E B Beauman Retired Officer  
Mr A Johnston Assistant Production Officer  
Mr J W Lambert Special Appointment  
Flt Lt (Ret) J Sutherland Special Appointment, MBE  
Mr E C Ditcham Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Mr M W Tulip Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Assistant Directorate of Training (Plans)
Wg Cdr

Peter G Wykeham-Barnes

Assistant Director, DSO, DFC; later ACM  
Sqn Off M M Hurll WAAF  
Training Progress
Gp Capt H M Groves Head of Branch  
Wg Cdr R Martin    
Sqn Ldr J Robinson    
Mr G R Richardson Special Appointment, MBE, AIA  

Source - April 1946 Air Force List

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