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If you would like to put out a call for old friends, colleagues or relatives send your request by clicking below: -

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Pat Cotton

WRAF  Pat Cotton RAF Medmenham, 1958, married Sgt. (Sorry forgot his name) Came from Deal, Kent.  Contact SACW Keal A now Barnes, 

John K Hogg

I am looking from John K Hogg was married to Sarah. I believe now lives in the Bristol area, is/has worked as a pilot with BA

John Le Roux

Derek William Alexander McCay

I'm looking for this chap, he was at RAF Binbrook 

Regards Fiona Poulton

Credenhill Hereford - June 18th 1975

It will be 50 years in 2025 when I joined the WRAF. The basic training was at Credenhill Hereford June 18th 1975, our block was called Learoyd. I would love to hear from any of the girls who were in our small group and whether anyone would be interested in a reunion.

Karen Bennett

John Brown

John Brown X-NDT Technician from RAF Wittering.

Tex Houston

Harry Layton

Looking for Harry Layton who served with me in the early  60s at RAF 113 MU Cyprus.

Gordon Brocksopp

Mike Tasker

I’m looking for Mike Tasker from Liverpool. He was a Flt Lt when I worked in Personnel at LATCC in 1976 for a few years.

My email is I was known as Marshall in those days.

Vicki Milne

Ken (Kenneth) Smith

Looking for Ken who was posted at Brize Norton during 1974.

Please email

RAF Hereford - December 1980

Looking for the recruits at RAF Hereford who joined up with me on 8 December 1980. Especially Trish from Northern Ireland. I was then Carole Davey

Stu Cox

I am looking to find Stu Cox a Flight Sergeant at Brize Norton in the late ‘90s. We were “very” close friends and I would like to hook up with him again.

Any information please to

David Harris and David Harrison

Trying to locate David Harris and David Harrison both ex 93rd entry RAF Locking 1959  to 1962.

Tony Hooper

Patrick James Wood

I'm looking for Patrick James Wood who was in the RAF Wildenrath in 1967 he was posted on to Malta, my name then was Judy Barton

NAAFI staff at RAF Scampton 83-84

I am looking for NAAFI staff who worked at the families shop, Flying Bowman Club and Bowling Alley between 1983 and 1984. Some may have lived in the Bowman Club when I was there. Looking to share memories perhaps.

Chris Freeman

Roger Cross

He was Boy Entrant 49th Entry St Athan .Gen Inst. 1963. RAF Valley then 14 Squadron RAF Wildenrath.  Subaqua sports diver. Originally from near Western Super Mare.

May have moved to Australia.

I would like to contact him.

Kenneth Kelly

Eric Wright

I am looking for Eric Wright, ex 125th Entry,  Royal Air Force Technician Apprentice, RAF Halton 1975-1978.

Eric came from Newcastle. On completion of the apprenticeship, he was posted to RAF Leeming.

I am led to believe he left the RAF in 1981, marrying his childhood sweetheart Julie around the same time.

Apparently they moved back to the Newcastle area.

Alex Harvey

Wing Commander Phillips

I'm trying to locate Wing Commander Phillips who would have been based at RAF Kemble in the late 70s. He left early 80s to work at the control tower in Manchester Airport. Any info on what happened to him? He was born circa 1941 possibly 42 so may still be alive, he knew my mother Pamela.

Thanks, Suzy

Donald (Don) Francis Cooper

My father, retired Squadron Leader John (Joe) Fredrick Bailey b.1936, is looking for Donald (Don) Francis Cooper. He was Dad’s best man at his first wedding in Ramsgate in 1962, and is about 88 years old also. Last I heard he was a professor at Open University.

Selina Bailey Bannerman

78 Entry RAF College Cranwell.

Looking for last two graduates not yet traced. If anyone can help on whereabouts or passing of:

Thomas Cumberland (retired as Wg Cdr 1981) or Ronald Martin Bayne (Retired as Flt Lt 1974).

Please email Gus Ross @

Annual reunion held in December each year

Sqn Ldr Ginny Miller

I am hoping someone knows Sqn Ldr Ginny Miller (Dentist) who served at RAF Brize Norton (1986-1989) and RAF Lyneham (1989-1991). Lost contact and just wondered where Ginny is now. Thanks in advance for any information.

J Paterson

WO Ralph Gray

Any one remember my dad Ralph Gray latterly warrant officer, officers mess manager?

No L4130346

Bob Gray

Geoffrey Donald Cowen

I'm looking for anyone who remembers my dad Corporal Geoffrey Donald Cowen.  I was born at Shackleton RAF base in 1966 would love to here some stories about my dad he often mentioned a Taffy and Paddy

Thank you 

Pam Smith

Denis Christopher Innocent

I am looking for anyone who served with my husband, Denis Christopher Innocent at RAF Leuchars 1976/1981 please?

Ray Renolds

I'm looking for Ray Renolds ex RAF Tangmere 1966

Michael Bilton

John Hogg

I am looking for John Hogg ( Tornado pilot) Germany . Married my step sister Sarah Moppit.

Laura Griffiths

Patricia Stanyon

Patricia Stanyon is looking for old friends 1967 to 1973 stationed training  RAF Spitalgate, RAF Swanton Morley, Telephonist, Jump jets Lincolnshire, RAF Medmenham, went to RAF Uxbridge whilst GPO strike,  main interest rifle shooting, took part in inter services Challenge . Look forward to anyone I knew

Mike (Michael) Evans

I am seeking anyone who may Remember me, Mike (Michael) Evans. I am writing my memoirs, my memory for events is fairly good, but for names is terrible. If anyone served at the same time as I did I would love to receive an email.

May 62 -May 62 RAF BRIDGNORTH – A Squadron

May 62 - Dec 62 RAF Wellesbourne Mountford (Photo 2 -44 Basic)

Jan   63 –Nov 64 RAF Wyton – 543 sqd (Photo Section)

Nov 64 –May67  RAF Seletar CPRU Mar 66 390 MU – NDT

May 67 – Dec 68  RAF Brampton- JARIC

Dec 68 – Aug 70   RAF Gutersloh – 2 Sqd

Aug 70 – Apr 71  RAF Coltishall 226 OCU

Apr 71 – Oct 72  RAF Swanton Morley  Photographic

Oct72  -  Dec 74 RAF West Raynham  Photographic

Jan 74 -  Apr  76  RAF Marham Photographic

Also 68 – 75 Anyone who knew me in  the RAFMSA (Rallying)”

Leslie Herbert Bath

Looking for Gunner Leslie Herbert Bath  ( 4043884) married to Ada Louise Bath nee Gilbert . Had a daughter Alwyne and a son Peter Last known address, Staddon farm Holsworthy Devon

Julie Hutton <>

RAF Halton Anson Flight

I am looking for former members of RAF Halton Anson Flight 1970 to 1972.  Attended a reunion in Aylesbury surprised a so few attendees.  Just wondered if you are still out there.

Best Wishes,

Don MacKenzie

Anthony Caine

I'm looking for Anthony Caine who served  on 20 Sqn at Tengah in Singapore, 1964.  He got an exchange posting from Changi,  we went to Johore Baru  to see the Grand Prix, he had lost his sense of smell and missed the smell of Castrol.

Tack Kirkhope 

Bill Brownlee

I'm looking for the above who was at RAF Wildenrath in 1977

Margaret Brayne <>

Robert O'Hara

I'm trying to locate my cousin Robert O'Hara (ex RAF) parents George & Betty siblings Shirley Ann and Johnny originally from Glasgow 

I recently found out that his brother had passed away and I'd really like to get I  contact with him

Elaine O'Hara 

Sqn Ldr Johnstone

I am looking for the family of Sqn Ldr Johnstone, he had two daughters, Susan and Jennifer. They lived on Hardy Lane, Chorlton, Manchester, and moved to a base in Scotland around 1959 /1960.

Les Clayton 

Joseph (Joey) Gilligan

I’m looking for Joseph (Joey) Gilligan.  He was based at RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire 1962-1964 he was then posted to Aden and returned home in 1965 .He knew my mum Christine Button and stayed with her parents Robert and Dora Button for a while.

Any information please message on

Margaret Elsie Mcgovern/David

I'm looking for a long lost relative, her name was Margaret Elsie Mcgovern and she married Rudolph David whilst both stationed at RAF Leighton Buzzard in the 1960s.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. 

 Jenny Browne

Debra Reddin

I was at RAF Hereford, 1977 Feb -May, Campbell block

Anyone else out there?

Debra Walker

Susan Gordon

Was a stewardess in Sgts' Mess RAF Henlow 1974

Colin (Nobby) Hall

I'm looking for the above, stationed in Nairobi and RAF Thorny Island.

Brian McCoy

Mike Schofield.

Ex boss of THE QUEENS FLIGHT, Brymon Air and BA 746-400 fleet.

Mike I would love to hear from you Pete Buchanan ex Baby Beef St Raulo. Mob 07711582422

Cpl JD Charlton 329 (Charlie)


Was hoping to reconnect with Charlie. He served in 2 Sqn RAF Regiment stationed in RAF Bishopscourt NI around 1985 to 1986.

It would be great to catch up and hear how he's doing.

If anyone knows Charlie I'd really appreciate if they'd pass on my email address and hopefully I'll hear something soon.

Many thanks

Linda Mcallister

Mr McCracken

I visit a WW2  trainee pilot on the Empire Air Training Scheme, Mr. Norman Enders.  He arrived in Bulawayo 08/04/44 . 

He was at 20 SFTS, 28 EFTS and 22 SFTS and then Moffat until 07/07/45 before being posted back to UK to RAF Sutton on Hull for Radar conversion course.

Mr. Enders is particularly interested in locating a Scottish chap called McCracken who served with him in Rhodesia.

They were training with a view to converting to P-47 and frontline service in SEA command CBI, Burma.


James Baillie

RAF Association Chingford

RAF Wattisham

I’m looking for anyone that worked at RAF Wattisham at 4 hanger, a game, gef , sparky heavy or finisher, I was there 76 to 82? I was a sparky

Ian Taff Jones 

Norman Walter Thomas and Ted Lilley

With my dad, Derek Moore, these guys were based at RAF Swinderby, Armoury,  circa 1953.

There was also a another guy name Pat but I don't have his surname.

My dad is now 93 and has often wondered about these guys. It would be no surprise if they are no longer with us but, dad is, so who knows!

Kind regards

 Wendy Clubley

Cpl Barry Colby

RAF Waddington 1957-1959 Tanker Pool, Alan Bennett would like to hear from Cpl Barry Colby (Fatso) to his friends, both of us must be getting on a bit though, so this is a bit tongue in cheek ! seem to remember he came from Suffolk way and used too mend cycles. Cheers and thanks.


My name is Mike Wilson worked in the Airmen's mess at Spitalgate would  like to hear from friends and colleagues my email  is 

Robert (Bob) Hill

My father, Flt Lt Geoff Hall, was based at Leuchars in 1961. I was a baby at the time and was looked after by one of his colleagues and his wife for several months while my mother went through a difficult pregnancy and subsequent birth of my sister. His colleague was Robert (Bob) Hill who was also based at Leuchars and lived in a village nearby - Strathkinness. I don't have any further information on Bob e.g.rank etc. I only found out about this just prior to my father's death. Is anyone able to help me find Bob and his wife?

Jeremy Hall

George Morley

I'm looking for George Morley

585312, ex Cranwell apprentice, 2M1

Air Signallers AS 50

I graduated in June 1964 from Air Signallers Course AS 50 at RAF . I was awarded an AE Brevet. My query is: are any my fellow students still alive?

Emlyn ‘taff’ Phennah

DOB 14/12/1940

Sergeant Y4253469 1959 - 1968

Jim McDermott

I'm looking for a Jim McDermott who served in 1966 at Ely as a Theatre Technician.  My nan is reminiscing some old memories and I'd love to know if he is still with us

Thea Farrell <>

William 'Ben' George Button

Looking for details about my uncle, William George Button, also know as Ben.

He was born on 29/6/34, we think he joined the RAF straight from school so maybe 1950.

He was a dog handler and think he was at Little Rissington. Also went to Cyprus and Vietnam.

Many thanks


No 447 (Henley-on-Thames) Sqn ATC

I'm looking for any info on No 447 (Henley-on-Thames) Sqn ATC.

My father John May was a member before the war and went to Canada to be trained up as a bomb aimer but the war finished before his training ended..
Anyone know of any reunions etc...

Any info gratefully received 

Andy May

44 Entry Cosford Ground Radio Flight

Looking for anyone who was in the 44 Entry Cosford Ground Radio Flight

Ken McKee

Robin Readhead

I was a RAF Halton Airframe Apprentice from Jan 1959 till Dec 1961.

A small group of us became friends and these included Trey McAlinden, Peter Storey and myself who are in contact but we can’t trace Robin Readhead. We were all aged around 16 years on joining. Robin, like Terry, left parents in Hong Kong to join up.

Robin is last known to have served in Germany in the 1960 or early 70’s and is believed to have met and married a Dutch girl during this time.

We would very much like to hear from Robin for a catch up chat or possibly a get together.

Brian Boustella

From Jan 1962 to July 1964 I served initially as a Junior Tech and then a Corporal Tech on 20 Squadron (Hunters) at RAF Tengah.

I have often wondered about a friend Brian Boustella (hopefully spelling correct) who was at Tengah during this time.

Brian was from Jersey in the Channel Islands.

We met up again when he was serving at RAF Thorney Island and I was at RAF Old Sarum around about 1965/6 when I visited Thorney. He showed me the delights of Chichester on a night out! Nuff said!

Often wondered about Brian and how his life panned out, he may have returned to Jersey even?


Trevor Moore



I’m looking for a guy nicknamed “Catch”, served at RAF Aldergrove around 1994, from Durham

Kind regards


Wg Cdr John Douch

I am seeking Wg Cdr John Douch, known to his minions as The Whirling Spray!

Boz Robinson

Austin Billington RAF 1956-1968

Has anyone seen or know him please?

Chrissi Newall

Heather Read, Christopher Read, David Read, Graeme Read

I'm looking for the above.

Gill Fairbrother

David (William) Chandler

Anyone remember David (William) Chandler? St Mawgan 1961-65,Malta 1965-68, Benson, Bicester, Brize Norton 68-75, Waddington 75-80? Later Brawdy and High Wycombe

Tracy Chandler

William Reaney

William Reaney based at RAF Waddington around 1969 to 1970

Lynne Hill

Bartholomew Kennedy

I'm looking for a relative - Bartholomew Kennedy - died Doncaster 2002.

RAF - 1943

Trying to contact his children.

Susan Keane

Barry Webber or Weber

I am looking for a friend of my Husband, William Martin Howard. The friend’s name is Barry Webber or Weber. He was with my husband in Australia at Woomera in 1964/65.

Would love to know what happened to him as my husband lost touch with him on their return to UK.

Would dearly live to have any information.

Cynthia Howard

Isobel Henry

I'm looking for Isobel Henry stationed at RAF Stanbridge during the period 1965-1966

Maureen Ferguson


Corporal Audrey Cross

My Neighbour, Roy Castledine, was a corporal in 1951 at RAF Cottesmore.  He is looking for information on Corporal Audrey Cross.  He has come across photographs of her in the Corporals’ Mess  

Thank you

Jeremy Asher

Singapore 1950s

Looking for anyone who may have been in Singapore doing national service with my dad John Piddington in 1950s Singapore in Camel (No 45) squadron RAF.

Sue Craig

Supply & Movements Branch

Looking to connect with people I used to serve with:

Jane Richards (nee Stewart) Sgt Supply & Movements Branch. She was originally from Corby. She is married to Marc Richards ex Cpl, Flight Sim Tech.

I did have Janes demob address in Cambridgeshire. But have mislaid it.

Julie Fraser SACW Supply & Movements Branch.

Julie was from Hillside, Near Montrose.

Kim Markham J/T Sumpy. Last heard from him in early 80’s when he got posted to RAF Shewsbury.

Kim was from Ilfracombe.

Anyone from Trainee Supplier II Course 31/78 RAF Hereford Jan to March 1979.


Sandy Allan

Ex-SAC Supplier

ASF Stores RAF Kinloss. 1980-1983

RAF Halton 1952-1953

I am looking for any information on an Indian or American Indian who was stationed at RAF Halton 1952-1953.  I don't have a name but have done a DNA test.

Thank you.

Wendy Hudson

Rick Charman

Rick Charman, Corporal airframe fitter, RAF West Raynham 1970’s. The surname may be misspelt!

Dave Bissell

NAAFI personnel

NAAFI personnel from Schloss Neuhaus, Paderborn from 1979- 1984

Angela Lamont

Sylvia May/Sylvia Parker

I learned  yesterday at my sister in laws  funeral, that she was in the WRAF,  probably about 1948. Her name was Sylvia May, married name, Sylvia Parker, she died aged 94 years.

If anyone knows anything at all, I would be delighted to hear from them.

Margaret May

No 247 (China British) Squadron

This is a longshot, but are there any surviving members of the 247 who flew between May and September 1944? Or even ground staff at the airfields they bounced between?

We are looking for anyone that might have known Flight Sergeant Ioan Arnold "Timmy" Lloyd who was K.I.A. that September. Possible the window has already closed, but need to try.

Please give a shout:

RAF Binbrook

I'm looking for a lady whom used to be a cleaner at Binbrook RAF Camp in the 1980's. I can't remember her name but her husband was in the RAF . I  think she was a civilian cleaner.  I'm embarrassed to say that I can't remember her name. We used to have great chats and got on really well.  She cleaned the building at RAF Binbrook called Alcatraz. It was where the single men slept. I used to be a civil Painter and Decorator and this is how the lady and I met. 

 If anyone can help me to find her again, then this would be amazing after all this time.  

Many thanks. 

Andy Laking. 

Alan “Titch” Hudson & Keith Gilbert

My brother is trying to locate two people

Alan “Titch” Hudson & Keith Gilbert

His name is Terence “Terry” Squires I think he was based in Suffolk with a stint in Cyprus.

Many thanks

Roy Squires

Looking for Michael T Phillips

Flt Lt Michael Phillips was attached to Squadron 81 Tengah in Singapore Michael was leading the last Flypast in 1970 I believe I understand he joined Squadron 39 UK in the 70s Also attached to CFS,  Little Rissington at some stage I would really appreciate any help, direction for contacts or news.

If anyone was in Singapore. No 81 Squadron on Canberras late 60s early 70s Mike flew often with Dick Shuster who sadly passed recently Names known to me Larry, Tony and Alan.

Any help much appreciated Deanna June nee Wallace

RAF Hereford - early 1960s

Looking for anybody still around who was at RAF Hereford sick quarters about the early 60s.

Mike Pink (medic)

Derek Stanley Charles Ellott and Irene Ellott nee Margetson

I am looking for information on both my Mother and my Father who were both stationed at Cranwell or Grantham Airbasrs in England in 1944

My Father's name is Derek Stanley Charles Ellott

My Mother's name was Irene Ellott nee Margetson



Gordon Steele MBE

I'm looking for Gordon Steele MBE, Glasgow.

Pat McMillan

Gordon Mills

I'm looking for any information on my cousin Gordon Mills born Newport Mon served in the RAF and moved to Scotland with his wife Heather  they had a daughter Carol-Ann.

Any information would be marvellous, thanks

Pat Brown

Christine Buck

Looking for Christine Buck, we shared the two man room at far left bottom floor WRAF block.  She was my chief bridesmaid, October 1976 at RAF Hullavington.

If anyone knows where she might be please email me at 

thanks for your help,  Karan Matthews nee Crookes

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson of Catering Section would like to hear from anybody 

Doris Violet Hewitt

I'm looking for anyone who knew my mother,  now deceased. She was in the WAAF based in Bicester in 1952 in M T section. She would have been 19 years old. 

She later married James Arthur Francis, my father, also deceased. I am the youngest of their four daughters. 

Kind regards

Jacqui Griffin (nee Francis)

Ronald Frampton

Ronald Frampton lived in Churt, Surrey last known to be in RAF catering in Bournemouth about 1955. Sought by old friend Derek from Churt

Stuart Oswin

I'm looking for my dad Stuart Oswin he worked in the RAF Base on the radar systems in the Orkney Islands in 1971

Dave Ferguson

Philip Gibbins

I am looking for Philip GIBBINS who completed National Service in the RAF. He is/was my father and it would be fantastic to discover some more information and details of possible half-siblings.

He was born in about 1934 and I know for sure that he was in Swansea in 1954. Can anyone help please? 


Dave Prince

Norman Ryan

My dad is looking for an old RAF friend that he lost contact with. My dad is Peter McCreeth. This is what my dad has posted on his Facebook page but I don’t think that will go too far.

"Looking for Norman Ryan & wife did emigrate to Australia but I know they did come home . Not sure if they then returned to Aus. Norman known as Buck family live/lived in Eastbourne. Buck was my best mate in RAF at Stanmore Park.  I would appreciate any help or information. He did have a brother who did live in Eastbourne."

Any help would be appreciated

Regards Cindy Godwin

Barry Guest and John Fernandez

I am trying to find anybody that knew Barry Guest, service number 4191229. he was an Airframe Mechanic and served on National Service from Jan 1957 to 1959?

Also John Fernandez

Jenny Longman

Jim Wood

Looking for Jim Wood, he was at RAF Wildenrath in 1967 and then I think he was posted to Malta 

Judy Stiff

Raymond Henderson

I am looking for Raymond Henderson, he is a retired RAF serviceman.

Raymond Henderson was stationed at St Mawgan Air Base in Cornwall in approx. 1963 / 1964.

They used to go to the Green Parrot public house in Perranporth Cornwall as well as pubs  in Newquay Cornwall when off duty...

I understand Raymond Henderson was originally from the Dundee area, so may have gone to school there. A sister lived near a factory that is now a pay & display car park in the centre of the town / city and his age now will possibly Late 70's

That's is all the information I have (I appreciate it is not much to go on) my request is on behalf a relative that remembers him from that time and served with him, so would be fantastic to find him if possible.

Thank you

Mandi Jago

Jean Jackson. 

I am looking for any information on my mum, a nurse at RAF Halton in the late 1940s, possibly still serving in 1950/51

I am writing a book of her nursing career

Kindest regards

Stephanie Collins

Colin Pryke

I am looking for anyone who remembers my Uncle, Colin Pryke who was a Radio J/T at RAF West Raynham from 1952-54.


Graham Pryke

William Richard? Poynter

I am looking for any information on a William Richard? Poynter who was employed at the Tuddenham airbase around 1943/44 as a lorry driver or mechanic.  This is the only information I possess.  I am making this enquiry on behalf of my sister-in-law, Therese Moore.  

Any further information would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Al (Alan) Cross

I’ve been looking for a friend and colleague.  His name is Al (Alan) Cross and we served together at RAF Cosford early 1980’s and were house neighbours and both technical Instructors.  His wife was called Dianne and the children were called Rachel and Andrew (I believe).  Last I heard they were living in Stourport or Stourbridge.  Would really like to get in touch before its too late, fantastic family, very kind and genuine.


Dave (Hughes)

Keith Fowler

Good day all best wishes.  I'm looking for help to track down Keith Fowler.  His trade Safety Equipment Section he was at RAF Kinloss late 1970s.  He is/was a custom car enthusiast. 

Ian Franklin

RAF cup winners Kinloss  1974  

Anyone send me an email

Ben Chater

Keith David Hall

I am trying to find an old school friend he has now left the RAF Regiment/Police, some years ago where he was a dog handler.  He's about the same age as me, 1963 his full name is Keith David Hall
He was at school with me in Malta, Tal-handaq service school.

K J Paul ex Army Royal Engineers

Ian Taylor

 I am looking for an old school friend, Ian Taylor.

 He lived in Harlech we went to ysgol Ardudwy  Harlech Gwynedd and joined the RAF when he left school 1984 ish

 Thank you

Debbie Evans

Raymond Dawson

Can anyone remember my late father Raymond Dawson from Congleton he served at RAF Binbrook in the 50s then in Cyprus if so can you email me Thanks

Thelma Maureen James

I am looking for information on a Thelma Maureen James (Australian) in the Newport Caerleon area around 1971-1972. Her Service Number I think I found is 8046792. She left behind some Personal Effects that she may want back. Thanks for your time, David James.

Ronald Arthur Saunders

Hi does anyone know a Ronald Arthur Saunders b 1930 ( died unfortunately 2000 ) was based at Marham and Filton mainly

If anyone does please contact me by email 

Photos would be great 

Regards Phil moon - 

Jimmy Mcgovern

I am looking for Jimmy Mcgovern, we were buddies at RAF Tengah 1962/64, Jimmy was a telegraphist, his wife was Doreen and his son was also called Jimmy.  We trained together for the boxing team and met in the final of the FEAF Championship, he won!

If you know of his whereabouts please contact me.


Gladys Chettoe

My nana Gladys Chettoe was based at RAF Morecombe (or one of the units located in the town) and worked in the kitchens, while she was there she met a man called Jock, I think he might of been a cook but I’m not sure.  Does anybody recognise these names as I’m desperate to trace Jock as we think he’s the father to my dad.


Does anyone remember two wonderful teachers, a married couple called Eccleston, who taught at RAF Geilenkirchen in the Mid-1960s? They were inspirational and I’d love to hear if they inspired other children too. 

Dr Karen Moloney

+44 0779 69 55 361

Oswin Hall

ex RAF British Forces Education Teacher @ Melin School RAF Wildenrath in 70s

Born 1938 in Morpeth Northumberland

 Anybody got clue to his whereabouts?

My husband was a close friend and is now very ill and wants to know what happened to Oswald.

Thank you P Garrigan. 

Bernard O Kelly

I'm looking for any history on an uncle, Bernard O Kelly RAF in Borneo

Bryan Kelly

Joseph Henry Markham

For anyone who flew with my late father Joseph Henry Markham. Lancaster 195,Squadron warrant Officer 3 Group Dresden, Germany, and the rest is history.  Dad was a Rear Gunner.

I'm always asking about my dad as he did many years in the army. RE, Scots Guards, Green Howard's and RAFVR.

I'm his son David Markham,

SAC H I Moore

Strange one but found a stainless steel pint pot tankard with the

name: SAC H I Moore - Dec 1972 - and the Squadron badge of 98 Sqn. Don't know how we come to have it but would like to reunite it with it's owner. Contact:

Jerry Heffer and Micheal Eccleston

Do you remember Mount Batten?

Colin Hopton-Pugh,aka Noddy - Swinderby 8 Flight. Mount Batten, Boats.

Marie Hornby

Seeking Marie Hornby ex Kennel Maid at RAF Newton 1988.

Paul Noone RAF 1980 to 1990.


Mick Smith

My name is George McCormack I found your email address on the web. 

I am looking for an old friend of mine by the name of Mick Smith who I believe may have been on the 101st entry at RAF Locking in 1962.

I met Mick at RAF Tengah, Singapore in the years 1967-1969. I lost touch with him after Tengah but always wondered what happened to him. If you know the whereabouts of Mick or can put me in touch with anyone that knows him, I would be grateful.


George McCormack.

Anthony John Noble

I’m looking for my husband's biological father. Goes by the name Anthony John Noble and would have been born in 1956 in Farndon, Newark, Nottinghamshire

My husbands  birth certificate from 1982 has that he was a aircraftman and has a number K8121248 next to it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Laura Noble

Gerry ? - Little Rissington

I'm looking for Gerry (surname forgotten) was an Officers Mess Steward during 1974/5 at RAF Little Rissington .

At that time he was seeing Caroline Jary daughter of Keith Jary (Cpl Cook) I was seeing the other daughter Janet at the time . ( I do know now that Janet is sadly deceased)

Regards Chris Deacon (mechanic on the JP Line at the time)

John and Janet Gillingham.

John was at Cranwell early 60s then Marham. They emigrated to Vancouver and John was a civil airlines pilot with Canadian Pacific. Sadly I have lost touch but would love to catch up with them.

Frederick Burgess

Looking for Frederick Burgess, RAF Mountbatten 1963/64. He may have been there other years, and was a Corporal I believe, in the MT section as a driver.

I have tried the reunion sites, with no luck.

I hope you can help.

Kind regards

Ronnie Malthouse

David Yoxall and Valarie Young

My wife Pamela Booth (nee Gunton)  are trying to locate David Yoxall who worked in Accounts Dept., and Valarie Young who was a Drill Instructor who later went on to be commissioned, both who served at the WRAF Training Depot at RAF Spitalgate between 1962 and 1964.

Please contact if you have any information regarding these people. Thank you in anticipation of any help.

Kenneth E. Booth

Colin Norman A'len, RAF Regiment

Looking for any information reference my father, who I think  was based somewhere in Lincolnshire in the late 1950’s. He also served in Aden. Anybody who knew of him please contact me on my email. Any details would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

Tony A'len

William Leslie Hodgkiss

I am looking for any information about my great-uncle

William Leslie Hodgkiss, born February 1921 in Stoke-on-Trent

He was serving in the Middle East in the summer of 1942 as a Leading Aircraftman

May have been known as Leslie Hodgkiss

Many thanks

Sarah Hodgkiss

Gerald ?

Any general information would be really helpful if anyone has any.

I’d be interested to find out any information on my biological father, who was an American serviceman based in an airbase near Nottingham up to and including 1957.  The problem is I do not have a surname…. Only a Christian name – Gerald.  It would help to even pin down the name of the base.

If this is not the best place for info, any other links/contacts would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Kind regards

Andy Dickenson

Charlie Gray/Grey

I have been trying find my father his name is Charlie Gray/Grey.  He was in the Royal Air Force  in 1962 when I was born than came back to my mother in 1963 can anyone please help, I would be very grateful.

Sqn Ldr Barry Grainger

I'm looking for Sqn Ldr Barry Grainger and Hazel Grainger - RAF Gutersloh

Anthony Treweek

Isobel Henry

Isobel is the godmother of my daughter. She is originally from Fern in Scotland.  We served together at Leighton Buzzard 1965-1966.                             

Maureen Ferguson

George Frank Lees

George Frank Lees, born 1942. He worked on the Vulcans in RAF base in Lincolnshire.



Peter John Horton

I'm looking for Peter John Horton who was in the supply squadron RAF Scampton. He would be in his mid seventies now, his family came from Rainham/Chatham Kent area.   Thanks Julie

Donald Francis

I’m looking for someone who knew my dad, Donald Francis. Temporary Flight Sergeant in 20 and 22 SFTS in Rhodesia and Durban in 1940-1942. He was also a fitter/rigger Thanks Paul Francis

Rita Ellis

My name is Sam Dean and I’m an assistant producer at Alaska TV based in London.

We are currently making a documentary about the murder of Rita Ellis at Halton RAF base in November 1967. The programme will be presented by eminent criminologist Professor David Wilson and the actor Emilia Fox (BBC 1 Silent Witness).

The crime is unsolved but the case has never had national coverage on TV and there is viable DNA. As such we feel it is possible, even 53 years on to get justice for Rita and her family.

Of course we would like to hear from anyone who has any information about the crime or even any relevant memories, but most importantly we’re desperate to trace anyone who knew Rita, even if it was just fleetingly.

We want to bring her alive on screen in an attempt to jog memories and inspire people to come forward.

Please do contact me on 07780 432998 or email if you have any information that could help.

Thanks & Kind Regards,

Akrotiri - Para-Medic Team

Looking for anyone who served on the Para-Medic Team at Akrotiri 1965-1975    

724 Signals Unit, Wildenrath

Looking for anyone who served in 724 Signals Unit, Wildenrath.

Replies to please.

Elizabeth (Betty) Young

Does anyone know of Elizabeth (Betty) Young who was a telephonist at Catterick Camp in the late 1940s? I think she was in the WRAF. Would appreciate any information or photo.


William Gethen Owen

My Uncle was William Gethen Owen who served in the 235 Squadron in WWII. I know it’s a long shot but if anyone knows anything about him your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Dave Mulford

Steve Kent

SHAPE CAMP VOLUCEAU 1963. Does anyone know whereabouts of Steve Kent. (or Stephen) at Paris SHAPE 1963?   Used to babysit . Thanks

Peter Spinks

85 Squadron


Stewart Fillingham

Doctor Gordon Allison

I'm looking for Doctor Gordon Allison who was at Bruggen when I was there in 1998 my surname was different then.

Michelle Shippey

Archibald Jack Hicks

My father's cousin, Archibald Jack Hicks, known as Jack, was a wartime pilot with 114 Squadron. He was the only son of Archibald Henry Hicks and Lily Gertrude Beach and, sadly, he died at the age of 22 along with his four crew members when his Blenheim IV suffered engine failure and he attempted a crash landing.

Malcolm informed me that the plan left West Raynham, Norfolk on 3rd August 1942 to take part in Exercise 'Dryshod', which involved a flight to Wigtown. It crashed at Lacha House, Lacha Lane, Chester. The other RAF personnel on board were Philip James Stewart age 21, George Craddock, age 38, Arthur Haydn Frederick Chote, age 26 and James Lewis Joseph Barnes, age 21.

If anyone has any further information about Jack, or indeed about my father, Frank Dennis Hicks or my father-in-law Reginald Gleaves Wayman, who both served in the RAF during WW2 (and fortunately survived), I would love to hear from them.

Chris Wayman

Simon Bowen

I'm looking for Simon Bowen, National Service RAF No 73 Squadron, Malta and Egypt - 1950

Geoff Ide

Kenneth Paddy Callas

I served in the Royal Air Force from 1958 - 1970 and returned to my Island home in December 1970, I would like to be able to reconnect with  Kennith paddy Callas  who was an Instrument Mechanic and was  hoping I may get some help from this web site.

Best Wishes from Barbados,

David Pragnell. A 4239687 Cpl.Inst/fitter

Derrick Park

I am trying to locate Derrick Park who was a corporal in the RAF Police Section at RAF Edenmore Whiteabbey  Co Antrim N Ireland  in 1959/60.

I have discovered on the Web that he married a local girl in 1960 and is now widowed and lives in the Newtownabbey District in N Ireland.

I also found a you tube clip regarding him joining a Senior Citizens Forum in that area in 2018.

He originated from Darlington N East England and spent several years in the RAF and subsequently settled in Antrim  .We both were in No10 RAF Police District at Edenmore and I was a clerk in the Section Orderly  Room.  My name is Colin Lomax, my rank was SAC and now live in Newton le Willows Merseyside, UK.  I am 83 years of age now and I guess that Derrick is about the same.

I hope someone can help in this matter and await your response

Paul Regan/Segenski,

I am trying to track down my father.  He - I am told - was a member of the Polish Free Air Force during WW2.  He met my mother Elizabeth - an 18 year old land girl, he was older although I'm not sure by how much - and I was the result.  I was born in 1947 in Wallasey, just south of Liverpool.  They lived together for a short while before - as I was told - he was basically told to leave.  I was then adopted.

I have no information about him other than he was Polish, could have been Jewish and used the name Paul Regan.  His second name could have been Segenski, although the family wouldn't really talk about him.  He was not tall.  Dark hair.  Round face.  And apparently had a good singing voice.

I would dearly love to hear from anyone who knew him or knew of him.  I don't even have a photograph:  I'm remembering one I used to have of him when I was a child.  It was taken away from me.

If anyone can help me or perhaps put me in touch with anyone or any organisation that might help me I'd be very grateful indeed.

Thank you.

Ellie King (was Louise Regan/McNamara/Thomas)

Reginald Edward Hawkins

I’m looking for a Reginald Edward Hawkins, brother of a Robert ‘Jim’ Hawkins. It’s believed Reginald served with the RAF sometime in the late 50’s to 60’s but possibly after this. Any help would be really appreciated.

Gail Burns

Harold (Harry) Ridley

I am trying to find out as much as possible about my late father’s experiences during the Second World War.  I would like to trace any of his surviving fellow crew members, or their family members who may have some WW2 photos of my father with his crewmates.  My father’s name was Harold (Harry) Ridley, fondly known by his RAF colleagues as “Schnozzle” Ridley.  Can anyone help please?  Thank you in advance. 

Jan Holdham (nee Ridley)

Michael John Turner 

Admin Branch

Last known rank Sqn Ldr

Served in Swinderby, Laarbruch, Aldergrove, Wroughton etc

Late 1980's onwards

Andrea Davies

Barry Nicols

Barry Nicols trained with me at RAF Yatesbury in 1956. I was posted to RAF Wildenrath and Barry may have been posted to Nicosia, Cyprus but this is just a guess.

I would appreciate any information available on my ex colleague.

Duncan Mac Innes

Air Movements at RAF Negombo

My dad Terry Knight served as part of Air Movements at RAF Negombo 1957 to 1959. He would like to make contact with any old pals. Please contact me at


Steve Knight

RAF Waddington

Looking for any ASF mechanics RAF Waddington 1952/3

Michael Plant <>

44th Entry, No. 3 Squadron, ‘B’ flight, Royal Air Force Cosford

I have been given a photograph of 44th Entry, No. 3 Squadron, ‘B’ flight, Royal Air Force Cosford - March 1963

The photo was given to my cousin’s husband Anthony Snaith (Rusty) who has sadly recently passed away.  The back of the photograph is signed by all members of the squadron and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who may be interested in having the photograph?

If you would like it please contact me by email. <>

Kind regards

Karen Brims (Cousin of Doreen Snaith (Tony’s wife who is also deceased)

Molly Webb

I'm looking for the above who was serving at RAF Sopley 1963

Christine <>

Brian York

I am looking for Brian York stationed at RAF Chivenor 1964/5. We met a few times but then lost contact.  Would love to hear from you.


Please contact

Christopher Cook & Luke Glover

Known as Suzanne Rough, I was an RAF BRAT -  Kinloss, St Mawgan, Poppleton, church Fenton ..... Ended up commercial family in Bahrain & Dubai mid/late 80s & finally stayed in Manchester looking for anyone who was stationed at the same bases, my age is 44 in May 2020 really looking to reconnect with Christopher Cook from Church Fenton & Luke Glover from Bahrain who also ended up in Manchester at the same time - toy shark - I still remember it's name so if you are reading this Luke you can know it's really me if you want to ask me what you called it & Christopher Cook we went to the same school & lived on base in Church Fenton, there was a phrase that got us laughing which our teacher would say - accent made it funnier - get in touch

Reginald Edward Hawkins

I’m looking for a Reginald Edward Hawkins, brother of a Robert ‘Jim’ Hawkins. It’s believed Reginald served with the RAF sometime in the late 50’s to 60’s but possibly after this. Any help would be really appreciated.

Gail Burns

Arthur Ainsworth

I'm looking for a man who served at the RAF Wittering in 1960 called Arthur Ainsworth. Thank you. 

Sharon Morrison

RAF Kinloss Cricket Team

I am looking for RAF Kinloss cricket team members winners 1973 RAF cup

Benny Chater

Leo O'Toole & Sam Cowdry or Cowdary

I am trying to find colleagues of my father in law, the late Mr Patrick Thompson from Belfast. He served in Malaya & we are keen to find his colleagues Leo O'Toole & Sam Cowdry or Cowdary. They all served in Malaya in 69 to 73. 


George Callahan (possibly Callaghan)

I am trying to find George Callahan (possibly Callaghan) who was stationed at the above airbase during the 50’s (not sure exact year).  He was going out with Winifred Magee for a few months and then left the base (not sure where he was sent) – My mother Winifred Magee was pregnant with me and she was not able to contact him to let him know!  I am hoping someone may remember him and know of his whereabouts now!  I understand that he was Scottish and a few years older than my mother but not sure how many – my mother is now 82 and only a few years ago told me of this information but wouldn’t really give me much more to go on.  I would really like to try and find him if at all possible!

Kind regards

Anita Johnson

Joseph Henry Markham

My late father, Joseph Henry Markham was a rear gunner with No 195 squadron. Did anyone serve with my late father?

If so please contact me

David Markham age78.

Des and Jackie Atkins

Looking for Des and Jackie Atkins who were in Singapore 1970 served with the RAF.

They were our best man and matron of honour and seeing it is coming up to our 50th anniversary would love to make contact again

Contact details

Red and Helen Kennedy

Garth Henry Julian Rowbottom

My grandmother (Anthonia Garcia)  had a child (tony cardinez) for Garth henry Julian Rowbottom

I am her grandchild (Chantal cardinez) and I am trying to complete the unknown half of my family tree

Where it pertains to my grandfather. I found out that he passed long ago but I’m sure I have aunts and uncles and cousins and I would love to meet them. The person I’m interested in finding out about is in bold.

Thank you for any help.

Flt Lt John Smith & Chas Cairns

I'm looking to make contact with, by now ex Flt Lt John Smith, married to Maggie, daughter Caroline and son Jonty, we were both members of the Rowing Club,and also served in the Cryptographic Distribution Agency at RAF Medmenham in Bucks . 

Would be great to catch up, also Chas Cairns, same unit but by then we'd all moved to Thatcham. He was renovating a cottage locally to Hermitage.

Any news would be appreciated.

My email:

Flt Lt Debbie Reed

RAF Brize Norton 1990 - 1992

From Flt Lt Elizabeth Siorpaes Milburn

No 7 Radio School

I am looking for anybody who attended WAAF signals OCTU at No 7 Radio School Kensington from May to Nov 1943.

Elizabeth Rowe.

Douglas Graham

I am looking for Douglas Graham Service Number R8206846 , he was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire  , DOB unknown , however he was married to Nicola Graham Nee Hill and they lived at 16 Hawthorn Close, Yately, Hampshire in 1986 when his daughter Danielle Louise Graham was born. Danielle is the one looking for her father Douglas, any information would be very much appreciated 

John Gilliland - 07583918587

Shirley and Dave Leech.

Please contact Toni Hadcroft

RAF Jever

I'm looking for any MT Drivers and Police who served at RAF Jever 1954/57

Colin Pratt

Sgt Frank Groom

Sgt Frank Groom - Air Gunner of 161 Squadron .KIA June 1943 My cousin was the eldest son of Frank Henry and Violet Elisabeth Groom who loved in Battersea London for many years and had 5 sisters and a younger brother David. Following some sort of family dispute between my mother Minnie with sister Ruth and their elder brother Frank Henry we have lost contact since 1962 I urgently seek news and contact with surviving family descendants. Please phone 01280 821188  - Ron Hedge

John Sim Orr MBE

I am trying to trace John Sim Orr MBE who I believe served with 201 Squadron.

I believe he achieved the rank of Squadron Leader.

He joined the RAF as an apprentice in the 93rd entry RAF Locking in 1959.

If anyone has any news of his whereabouts please ask him to get in touch with me so that he may be added to the growing number of ex 93rd currently located.


Michael O'Halloran.

46th Entry AWM

I am searching for my fellow ex-boy entrants of the 46th entry AWM`s at RAF Cosford: -

F1947411    F J Lynch              Coningsby

F1947416   SR Taylor              Wattisham

F1947420    A J Fawcett          Acklington

F1947421    JS McDonald        Middleton St George              

F1947604    G Hill                    Valley

F1947612   R N Fry                 Lyneham    

F1947695    P Wilkinson           Finningley

F1947696   J C Hammond        Church Fenton

F1947704    G A Gray              St Mawgan

F1947705    R Hamilton            Kinloss

F1947707   WT Gunn               Kinloss

F1947607    RC Robinson        Binbrook

F1947614   J C Hall                  Lyneham

F1947611    L R Mills               Marham

F1947618   E Phillips                Cranwell

Peter Swaine

Molly Cooper and Desmond Johnston

I am looking for anyone who may have any connections to a former WAAF Molly Cooper and/or former Airman Desmond Johnston. Both were in Derbyshire in 1944.  A long time ago, I know, but worth a try. I’m trying to piece family history/stories together.

Many thanks!

Sarah Bartholomew

Snowy (Jo)

Any members of the Snowden (or Snowdon) family.  Snowy (Jo)  was in MT at RAF Seletar between 1965 and 1967

James Howe

RAF Scampton - NAAFI

Looking for NAAFI staff who worked at the RAF Scampton Bowling Alley from 1983-1984 and lived in the Flying Bowman Club on RAF Scampton. Also NAAFI colleagues from the families shop and NAAFI Club 1982-1984.

I was NAAFI Manager at the families shop.

Chris Freeman

Joan Kathleen Landon

I am searching for any information on JOAN KATHLEEN LANDON, who was a telephonist in I think the 1950s,Shes my mum an I wish I had listened more intently when she told me about her time in the WRAF, in 1996 she took a stroke which left her paralysed up one side an she lost her speech, so now its impossible to find out any more information from her, she used to talk fondly about her service and it would be great to hear any information, possibly photos or anything about my mum in her time with the WRAF, as I say details I have are very sketchy and wish I had paid more attention, I don't know exact dates, where she was posted etc and know is a stab in the dark to find information, she was born in 1937 and from what I remember she had said she was in her twenties when she joined, so possibly 1950s,thanks for your time reading this an any information would be so greatly appreciated, in July this year mum took another stroke and is now receiving end of life care and I would love so much to be able to mention names, places etc to her to hopefully spark a memory, again thanks for your time an hope to hear from anyone who may know anything about me Mum, thanks Glenn

Joe Brown

 My name is David John Seaton, often known as “Ginge” in the past.  I’m trying to trace Chief Tech Joe Brown of 64 Sqn, RAF Tengah c1964-1967 working on Javelin FAW 9Rs.  I was his crew in a GP14 yacht at the RAF Tengah Yacht Club.  I was a Jnr Tech engine fitter at the time.  Also interested in any reunions of 64 Sqn.

Ted Mann

I am trying to find a photo of my father-in-Law (all lost in a fire) He was Flight Sergeant E.F. Mann known as Ted, he was at Henlow from 1946 to 1950 , he was in charge of The Hotel De Lecke Mohnasee an R&R station for ranks, then in 1952 he was at Gutersloh, he finished his service in South Cerney in 1958. I would be very grateful if anyone has a photo. My brother-in-Law has dementia and a photo of his dad would be wonderful.

Would the poster of this message please contact me with an alternative e-mail address as the one you've used will not accept a reply!

Terry Murphy

I would love to know what happened to my friend, Terry Murphy.  

He was an armoured apprentice at RAF Halton, Buckinghamshire .

He graduated as a Junior Technician in1957.

His home was Cheam , Surrey

We were friends about a year 1956/57.

He was posted to East Africa , Autumn 1957.  While he was an apprentice, he was also a Royal Command Drummer and wore a badge on his sleeve. He was a tall man, around 6.2

Thank you Anne Whyte

'Butch' 1962 & Pat (Patricia) Day

I am trying to find a guy who was at RAF Halton 1962 & who was probably posted from there to Cyprus late 1962/early 1963. Unfortunately I do not have his proper name, only a nickname ‘Butch’.   He worked in the mess hence the nickname.  I was at RAF Halton so if there is anyone who knew me and knew him I would be very grateful for any information.  Butch came from Northern England.  I, at the time, was Anna O’Brien, Irish and 18yrs old.

If any of your readers also knew Pat (Patricia) Day, a friend to me at the time, I would also like to contact her

Anna Barker

ANY replies please send to

Kay MacDonald

I am looking for SACW Kay MacDonald who served at RAF Binbrook 1965/66 

Kay was my bridesmaid in 1968 in North East England.

Pat Russell (Cpl (WRAF) Pat Batey)

RAF Cosford 1973-75

I am hoping to find colleagues who trained as nurses at RAF Cosford 1973 - 1975. (Ann Hanrahan).

Ruth Webster

Looking for Ruth Webster 

Medic at Turnhouse 1987

Steve Boyle

Derek Gibbs

My father Derek Gibbs served in the RAF 1961-1964 He was stationed at RAF Hendon and then RAF Geilenkirchen He is looking for: Kenneth Voss. Hughie Salmon. Tony Hughes & John Kernan They played in a band called the Sprinklers Contact Jill -

Flight Sergeant William Webster

I am trying to find Flight Sergeant William Webster who was possibly based at RAF Waterbeach in 1947.

Any information would be hugely appreciated.

Caron Hillier

Pat Thomason

I am looking for a WRAF friend ex Cpl Pat Thomason who was a telephonist I think, and was stationed at RAF Stanbridge.  We were competing at Bisley in 1968.

Margaret Arton ex Cpl signals HQ signals Command RAF Medmenham.

Geoff Davies

My father served with the Vulcan squadrons in the 1960's  he was ground crew electrics, but he flew to Aden and Goose Bay with them.

He flew on XL426 and another Vulcan that had a failed nose leg in Goose Bay.

I am trying to find anyone who knows him or crew that remember him or taking ground crew when they went away to other countries. 

Thanks .

Martin Davies

Antony Boland

I am looking for Antony Boland I think he was stationed at Waddington in the 60s around 65 66.

Sara Pirie

Jacqueline Hodgetts

I'm looking for Jacqueline Hodgetts the bridesmaid at my wedding at RAF North Front Gibraltar in 1962. I am sure she must have married but do not know her name and am looking forward to any information leading to her whereabouts.

Jeanette Swigg

Leonard Taylor

He was stationed at RAF North Front Gibraltar 1961 - 1963 in the RAF Fire Service. Have been looking for him for the best part of 20 years.

Jan Swigg

Tommy Lord

I'm looking for an old RAF pal Tommy Lord. Last served together in Germany in 1980. Tommy was a Sgt supplier.
Any news would be very appreciated

Vic Chapman

Norman Balance

RAF - 1940 in Bomber Command

Gordon MacCallam

Andrew Clouston

I’m trying to locate an Andrew Clouston whom my wife knew in 1980.


Paul Donegan

Fred Hopkins lived in Gillingham Kent

I'm looking for Fred Hopkins who lived in Gillingham, Kent in 1946/7.  He was an AC2 and worked on aircraft maintenance at a depot near Liverpool

Frederick Henderson.

I'm looking for my father

He is named Edward C Smith Esq. in 1946 he was a resident at 7 Harrington Road, Crosby Liverpool 23, UK

Ólöf Smith

RAF Honington 1956 - 1961

I’m looking for anyone who was stationed at RAF Honington between 1956 to 1961

David Dennis

Dave Wilder

Hello, I'm looking for a certain Dave Wilder who served at RAF Bruggen around 1985.  He is my real father who I have never seen.  I've been doing research for a while!  Thanks a lot.

Anthony Powell

Alan Foster

I’m looking to contact Alan Foster, Pilot with the Tornado Operational Evaluation Unit at Boscombe Down 1983 to 1986. Thanks.

Anthony Sheen

I'm looking for Anthony Sheen Leading Aircraftman at North Weald, Epping, Essex.

Batman for Air Commodore Hamsterley. 1966-1968.

Bobbie Stephens Wright

Michael John Davis 

I'm looking for Michael John Davis, he was possibly based at  RAF Leeming, North Yorkshire in 1966. I believe he was from the York area. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Sue Bell

RAF Boy Entrants 45th GWM

Trying to trace the above for a Reunion in Weston-super-Mare in October.

56 out of 107 located to date, with sadly 10 deaths.

Ron Suddes -

Aden 1964-65

Anyone served with 16 field Aden 64-65 & 51 field Zambia 65-66 / Aden 67

Denis Graham

A reply has been received in response to this request but I have lost Denis' contact details

Maurice Field

I'm looking for Maurice Field who was in the RAF Compton Bassett in 1960 he was formally at RAF Henlow before  I think he went back to RAF Henlow late 1060 my last later from him was Christmas 1960 please contact if he is still alive

Sherrell French

Robert Taylor

My Mum would like to find out if a former friend is still alive: Robert Taylor, known as Bob, who was an RAF wireless operator from SE England, possibly East Sussex.

After the war,  in the early 1950s, he was conscripted, and served in Lincolnshire near Grantham, at Barkston Heath. He would be around 87 or 88 years old now, so probably born around 1929-1930

They used to play piano duets together and enjoyed each other’s company. But my Mother was engaged to be married then,  and so for reasons of decorum, they were not able to continue their musical friendship. She would love to know if he is still alive, or if he has passed. She is still playing the piano.


Linda Fowler

LACW Frances Gillard at High Wycombe as Telephonist 1941 (age 30)

Long shot I know, but anyone recollecting Frances who can fill in details of her or her work or movements around the early WW2 period please let me know.  She left the WAAF in Dec 41 and had me in late 1943  so I know generally what happened from then.

Phil Phillips (Jan 2019)

David Richards

I'm looking for a Mr David Richards he was based at  RAF CHIVENOR, North Devon between 1960/1961 I believe he was from the London area any information would be appreciated

Jackie Webber

Albert Leslie (Les) Kuypers

I am looking for any photos that anyone may have of my husband. He was in the airforce between 1952/53. His number was 2710480.  He was one of the four markers at Wilmslow doing 8 weeks training between these dates.

I would be very grateful for any information about him. His official name is Albert Leslie Kuypers. But known to people as Les kuypers.

Kind Regards

Mrs Diana Kuypers.

Tommy Tanahill

I am looking for Tommy Tanahill we were neighbours in Singapore in 1968/9. Married to Jeannie with a small daughter Suzie, we lost contact when my wife and I returned to the UK in 1970.

We believe he and his family were going to settle in Scotland on his demob.

If any one knows his whereabouts now I would really like to catch up.

Many thanks,

Robin Stafford.

215 entry propulsion apprentice

Looking for any 215 entry propulsion apprentice.

Trying to organise a 50th anniversary this year.


Peter Adams

Steven Batty

I am looking for a Steven Batty who served with me at RAF Finningley in the 70s just outside Doncaster in South Yorkshire. He was in catering, his rank was SAC and he came from Manchester.

RAF Movements Unit 1957

I'm looking to contact anyone who was with RAF MOV Unit in Antwerp during 1957 ! 

I was part of the Royal Signals Det. that handled all of RAF traffic thru our Com Cntr there.  We were located in " The Old Rice Mill " building  in the dock area with the main entrance being on the Vlaamsekaai.  Our local watering hole was across the side street on Museum Str. owned and operated  by an old plump Parisian Lady. Once a month she held a one Franc beer nite ( very popular ) until the barrel ran out , then back to original prices , but by that time no one  cared very much.....

The RAF had a Cricket team that I was recruited to play for & we practiced at the Cricket Club Of Antwerp ( I believe the ground still exists )..

I do not hold out a lot of hope that someone who was there will actually read this and reply , but my memories of that time are of a nice bunch of guys and it was a great posting.

Robert F. Wright , Southern California , USA

Donald Austin

I'm trying to trace Donald Austin, Chief Technical at RAF Brüggen at around 1967 (aged ~35 then). He emergency landed a glider plane in Kerkrade/the Netherlands while en-route from Brüggen to Neufchateau (FR).

Frederik Alberts

Christopher Ian Richardson

I am trying to contact an ex RAF friend with great difficulty and am looking to readers of this for any help

We were neighbours in Hull in the 1950's I joined the RAF in 1956 which prompted him into follow suit some ten years later when he could join the ATC , then at leaving school signed on as a boy entrant training as an airframe fitter. I know he did a tour to Nicosia in Cyprus and came back to the UK to RAF Binbrook and maybe Scampton. Believe he finished his service as an instructor after serving I think 25 years. He was a corporal at one stage but could have finished with a higher rank. He also got married to Pat while serving and had a son named Paul. His name was   Christopher Ian Richardson.  Unfortunately I cannot find his service number.

Kind Regards

Barry R Close

Aggie Slater nee Mcquillian and Carole Jones

I'm looking for 2 ex RAF colleagues who served with me at RAF Stanmore Park 1970s Aggie Slater nee Mcquillian and Carole Jones.

Carole and I were posted to Cyprus after Aggie left to get married to Ian.

If anyone has any details of how I can get in touch with them please let me know on email address

Many thanks

Rita Coop nee Archer

Kenneth William Smith

I would love any information on a Flt Lt Kenneth William Smith s/n.115521, No 12 Squadron, he was married on June 29th 1946 to my mother Doreen Lillian Checkland at St Peters Church, Old Radford, Nottingham , they were both aged 24

I believe he was in the RAFVR as a airman. I know he has now passed but I would love to see a photo of him or any information at all, he may even have other family out there. I believe he may be my father but my mother wouldn't tell me what I needed to know. I myself, Ray Smith, am 70years of age and I would love to find that final piece of this puzzle before I pass myself.

Ronald Arthur Barratt

I’m looking for anyone who would remember my father or is related to him, his name was Ronald Arthur Barratt and he was stationed at Compton Bassett, Wiltshire in 1945 as a radio engineer in the RAF. Thank you Liz Weatherley

37 Flight, RAF Bridgnorth 1959

My grandfather, Jack S Sheen, would like to make contact with anyone who went through training with him back in 1959

Rosie Ambridge

Paul Rogers

My father, Sergeant Paul Rogers was very heavily entrenched in the RAAF at Boscombe. Down... Does any one remember him?  I have lots of news if anyone remembers him.

John Rogers

Ron Kear's Crew

I'm looking for descendants of the aircrew that flew with Ron Kear RNZAF. His crew flew with No 608 Sqn RAF in North Africa and Italy. They were all Canadians - Ian Campbell (observer),  Hugh Schlatman  and Doug Murphy (both wireless operators/air gunners)


Gary Kear

Norman & Florence

I’m looking for a gentleman that was at Boscombe Down around 1942 to around 1945 the only name I have is his first name Norman, he was dating a lady called Florence Smith living on Larkhill Road, Durrington.

RAF St Mawgan 1966 - 1968

Looking to make contact with SACW (cook) Ruth Fain-Forester who I believed married Cpl (steward) Max Saunders. Ruth was bridesmaid at our wedding. (SAC (cook) David Morris to SACW (Supply accounts) Lyn Cobbold. Anyone with information or contact details please email me at David Morris

Gumtree/Fred Singh

I am trying to to find a old friend of mine Gumtree Singh also known as Fred Singh.  

We used to be together at RAC Halavinton and he was my best man at my wedding. 

We have lost contact and would love to find him. Can you help?

Dave Roberts 

I R "Hank” Martin

Does anyone have any info on the whereabouts of I R "Hank” Martin Ex 96 Sqn : RAF  Ahlhorn 2nd TAF. 1955, The last I heard of him he was flying with TWA in America.  I'm interested to make contact if still in in the land of the living!    Kind regards  Phil May  Flt Lt  RAF (rtd).

John Smith

I am looking for information about John Smith, my father, who spent some time with Betty Sykes in Devon back in 1966. He will be over 80 years now so also hoping to hear from perhaps someone within his family or circle of friends. Thank you.

Thank you,

Debbie Hogg

Billy Walker

Who did Billy Walker fight at RAF Cardington in 1958?


I'm looking for my granddad, who would have been based at RAF Lyneham in 1959, not sure of his name but I know it was Scottish sounding.  My father, his son was named David born 1960.  I know its a long shot and I might never find him but it would mean the world to me and my children.  My name is Ben and my mobile number is 07766004840.

Charlie Gray

I'm try find my father his name was Charlie Gray nickname Chuck. He was last based at Driffield I was born 1962 than came back my mother she got pregnant again in 1963, any help appreciated.

Jackie Lindley 

Michael Gill

I'm Looking for a Michael Gill who was at RAF Cosford 1997. Any information on him would be much appreciated.

Kind regards


James Ian Taylor

I'm looking for James Ian Taylor, born Liverpool 1959, married to Lorna, later divorced. Think based at RAF Wyton. Lived in Huntingdon until at least 2007 according to electoral roll.

Ann Grime

No 541 Squadron.

I served with 541 Squadron flying PR 10 Meteors from April 1954 until October 1956. is there anyone who served on this Squadron at any of the following stations that could get in touch to reminisce.  Gutersloh, Buckeberg, Laarbruch, or Wunstorf.  I have found on the internet that Alan Hermitage of the B Flight crew has passed away. Also another Charlie Sams who I joined with and who lived close by to me in Harwich, Essex. I They were great days.

Graham Richmond J/T

Ken Buntin and Victor Griffith

I'm looking for the following

Ken Buntin  retired Chief Technician ground communication. Last known @ RAF Northwood in 1971.

Victor Griffith, wife's name  Pamela. He was still in the RAF in 1973

Many thanks

Victor Barclay

Robert Smith

I'm looking for US Airman  Robert Smith From Ky, USA 1962-1963 transferred to Germany in around 1963-64, friends with Chuck Goodson.

Old friend from Cambridge.

Many Thanks,

Maureen ( Meenaghan) Gabriel


Flight Sergeant Cat or Kat

I am looking for Flight Sergeant Cat or Kat, No 103 MU, Cyprus 1959 to 1962

Mo Hillier

Leon Golding

Looking for Leon Golding ex R.A.F. Muharraq

Graham Wright

Pamela May Man

Pamela May Man served at RAF Thornaby WW2.  Anybody heard of her? Please  contact  thank you!

Maggie Morrison

Nicky Cox, ex RAF Halton 1967, looking for Maggie Morrison! If only to say sorry.

Diane Cooke

I'm looking for Diane Cooke who was in the WRAF around 1965 from the Isle Of Wight

 Trevor Plumley

RC (Bob) Ritchie

I'm trying to trace RC (Bob) Ritchie or his family. He was a very successful motorcycle racer between 1952 and 1965, competing at the Manx Grand Prix and the TT. I know he was an RAF serviceman, and was variously enters as hailing from Leuchars and other RAF stations, so may have moved around a bit.

 I'm writing about Scottish Motorcycle Racing history and would dearly love to find him - or his relatives - to feature him in a page or two. Any help is appreciated, and I can be contacted at or on 01592 650562

 Jake Drummond, Secretary, Kirkcaldy & District Motor Club

Steven Booth

I am looking for Steven Booth ex 313 craft apprentice RAF Hereford 1968/69


Edward William Lavender

I'm trying to trace anyone with knowledge of Edward William Lavender born 1962 and joined RAF straight from school was medically discharged not sure of year and sadly died 2016 Love to hear from anyone who knew him Long lost relative Thank you Brian Cann

RAF Leeming football team 1950-52

I'm looking for anyone who was at RAF Leeming in their football team I was there from 1950-1952 I would love to make contact with anyone from those times as I have happy memories from those days. My contact number is 01904 470038

Many thanks Eric Taylor.

Robert Murphy

I am looking for family and anyone that knows the whereabouts of a Robert Murphy who was stationed at RAF Nocton during WW2. He was an American and he was with the medical profession as the station was an American hospital

Many thanks

Theresa Walker

Robert Reid Allen Morrison Taylor Bell

I am looking for Robert Reid Allen Morrison Taylor Bell (he always said his family believed in long names...) who was with the RAF in the 1960s. 

He was once stationed with the RAF in Cyprus then eventually transferred to Geilenkirchen, Germany around 1967 - 1968.

He said he was born and raised in Scotland.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Carol (Harper) Wald

A man called Taylor

I'm looking  for details of a man called Taylor 

He was a warrant officer stationed at Felixstowe, Suffolk around 1959/1962 and think he is probably deceased 

They moved as a family from the station in Felixstowe Suffolk to Canvey Island in Essex.  The daughter Maureen probably married so now has a different surname but there is also a son, Maureen's younger brother, Robert.   If anyone can help in tracing this family I would be most grateful.

regards  Terrence Gorham 

John Young

Does anyone have any info on John Young, I believe he was shot down three times during the war and survived, I also believe he left the RAF but then rejoined as an instructor and was in Aden for a time.

He ended up at RAF Marham around 1957.

I am doing this research for my partner who regarded him as her uncle.

My contact number is 07415059604

Also email is-


Steve Hague

Joseph Henry Markham

Did did anyone serve in No 195 Squadron with  my late Father W/O Joseph Henry Markham, Rear Gunner stationed at Marham?

Changi - Singapore, 1948-49

Dave Alston, Eric Harvison, Chota Jacques et all......

Dave would be glad to hear from anyone of  that period.

So far no luck!

Dave Alston

Reginald Ron Ray (Rae)


I am trying to find Reginald Ron Ray (Rae), a Scottish man who was in the RAF and based in Farnborough in the 1950's 1960's and possibly longer.  He was a pilot who was forced to retire after being injured in a motor cycle accident.  He then bought himself a cafe, my mother (94 yrs) used to work for him in the cafe in 1960 and according to her he used to feed the homeless on many many occasions.  

Best regards,

Tracy Quinnell
23 Dempster Place, Leneva Vic 3691
Mobile  0417 661 692

Bobby Anderson

My father (Nigel Ashworth/Ashpole) flew Tornado with Nav Bobby Anderson 1983-1986, and hasn't been in contact for years, but always recalls stories of their antics. It's reaching Dad's 60th and with a big party in the works I would love to be able to surprise him with contact from his old buddy. 

Kind regards

Rebecca Ashworth 


Paige Mountain

I am looking for SAC Paige Mountain who worked in COM CEN at RAF Innsworth 1980 – 1985.

Ian (Radar) Foster

Dennis Vincent

I'm looking for information re Dennis Vincent, who served at RAF Pembroke Dock in my section in the 1950s

Ken Wiseman

Michael McNeil

Hello I am looking for a USAF airman stationed at Brize Norton airbase 1962/63  His name is Michael McNeil.  He might have also been stationed at Upper Heyford airbase during the same time. 

Thank you

Lorraine Gordon

Thomas Hall

My husband is searching for any information or a picture of his father. His father Thomas Hall was a RAF navigator during WWII he did fly in a Lancaster bomber. They bombed Berlin. Later he became a engineer and worked in Poland to control and check cloth machines around (1970) there he got an accident and was flew back to England with a head injury. His girlfriend (my husbands mother) Bozenna Nagadowska was pregnant My husband is born shortly after this accident and never saw his father again because of the travel restrictions and the iron curtains period. We know his father was married in England and has 5 children. We are sure he past away because he was +/- 60 years old in 1970 but love to see his picture and my husbands siblings. And love to hear stories about his life. Anyone with any information please contact us: 


Wendy & Piotr Goslawski 

Mobile phone: 0031683530531 

Sumatra 201

2721 GJ Zoetermeer

The Netherlands 

RAF Jever/RAF Chivenor

RAF Jever / RAF Chivenor : 1955 - 1958/1958- 62 Paul Austin (Corporal EPAS) Looking for any old colleagues from either Station.


James McNeil

I am trying to trace an RAF Technician called James McNeil who served in the late 1950’s.  He was friends with Peter Waters and spent some time with him in Leeds.

I am desperate to find this man or any of his family.

Thank you.

Kim Jones

SAC David Stevens

SAC David Stevens ex RAF...I believe he was stationed at Honington in Suffolk.  I met him in St-Annes-on Sea, Lancashire in 1964 when he was on a course at RAF Weeton camp Lancashire...born in August but not sure of date or year!

Any information greatly mob number 07513577403 email

Annie Key

Looking to find Annie Key, we joined on 7th April 1967. Served at RAF Stanbridge and Rhinedahlen in the Com Centre. If anyone knows of Annie please contact me at

Marilyn Spaetnh nee Wall

John  Connolly

Looking for John  Connolly born approximately  1936. Lived in Fenny Stratford. Attended Wolverton Technical College approximately 1950/1952.

Margaret Dimmock

Tony Newbury

Tony Newbury wants to contact 3 comrades 1959 to 1961 from Compton Bassett, Wiltshire and North Luffenham, Rutland

C W Curtis


Trying to locate any references (esp. photos) to/of my late brother in law C W Curtis at one time a Flying Officer and  instructor with the RAF (Vampires), then test pilot with Ferranti, Edinburgh, 1959-64 (Meteor and Buccaneer) flying from West Freugh, SW Scotland.


All Ferranti records appear to have been dispersed but would be grateful for any help from readers of this site.


Thank you 


RAF Fairlight and RAF Grangewood

I am a local historian and am compiling as much material as possible on RAF Fairlight and the sister station RAF Grangewood (both 60 Signals Group).  I would very much like to hear from anyone with personal knowledge of either station and if any photographs exist I would like to see them.

Hope to hear from you.

Best regards.

Haydon Luke

CHANGI Memories

Three names on this site conjure memories.  I would be delighted to hear from any one or all of them, dating from 1948/49.

Eric Harvison  - Joint creator of our  Corner Studio

Clive Preece  - He whom I would waken for his working shift!

"Chota" Jacques - He who nurtured the stick insects in our barracks!

"Dave"  Alston

SACW Pamela Rankilor.

Based at RAF Spitlegate. Jan-Feb 1962. RAF Shawbury 1962- 1964. where I became an Assistant Air Traffic Controller. Then Dec.1964 -Dec 1967 RAF Gibraltar where I got married. My name then was Twyman. I left the WRAF Dec 1967, and returned to UK. I now live in Norfolk. I would love to hear from anyone who might remember me.   


I have been sent a message from the above through Virgin Messaging but there is no way in the message of replying, could the originator please contact me through normal e-mail channels.

43rd Entry St Athan

Looking for ANY information on those Armourers named of the 43rd Entry during service and/or thereafter.       

Last “3s” Shown. All had the leading numbers 1944…

Clive Atkey, 247; Dave Clark, 249; Bill Crawford, 250.      (Armourers with Inst. Mech. In Billet N12)

Dave Dawson, 252; John Ellery, 253; Mick Hammond, 256; “Porky” Harrison? 257; Mick Mercer, 261

Ken Poole, 262; John Riley, 264; Unknown? “Geordie Lad” 265?; Peter Sanderson, 266; John “Red” Skelton, 267.

(All Armourers in Billet N13)

Reply to “Contact Us” on and/or via this site.

Spitalgate 1961

Would love to meet up with any of the girls who joined up at Spitalgate around about May 1961 and took part in the Unveiling of Lord Trenchard’s Memorial (Trained with the Queens Colour Squadron at Uxbridge).  Also Melvin Thomas who was stationed at Uxbridge round about 1962. Anyone who did Trade Training (already Typists) at Hereford about that same time. My service number if 2836111 SACW Lowther, Yvonne. Love to hear from you


I'm looking for ex WRAFs who joined in September 1967 and were in E flight Salmon block numbers beginning 2847. Where are you girls? It's our 50th anniversary and I've only found 1 from our flight. Let's celebrate!


19 RSU or 322 MU

Any member of 19 RSU  formed at Agartala, then to Chittagong Maungdaw Coxs Bazar  1942/43 or 322 MU  Cawnpore Test Bench section 1944/5. From 936656 LAC Jimmy Judge area engine fitter.

Bob Coombs

My father Dennis Boylan is looking for his friend Bob Coombs. RAF 1950-53


James Gilmour

I'm looking for my uncle James Gilmour who was an aircraftman stationed at RAF Waddington after November 1945. His service number was 2296?26.

His last known contact with his brother (my dad) was a letter sent from 'Flying Centre, RAF Station Waddington'.

Any information about him would be gratefully received,

Kind regards

Karen Powell

Roger Paulo

I am looking for a man called Roger Paulo. He was based at Mildenhall in December 1966.

He was a friend of my mothers whose name was Linda Stone. I would love to get to say hello to this man if possible.

Ian Burrell

Charles Feringer

Hi I'm looking for my first love, Charles Feringer who was at Mildenhall in the 1970s. He was originally from Michigan, he had a friend called Smudge, and used to live off base..

My name then was Helen Mead from Harlow, Essex.

Antonio Caccavale

I would like to make contact with anyone who knew my Father, Antonio Caccavale who I believe was stationed at RAF Sundern from 1954 -1956, in the catering corps.

Many Thanks

Antonio Caccavale Jnr.

No 3604 FCU RAuxAF

I served in the RAuxAF around 1960-1961 the unit was based in London.  Particularly looking for Maureen Edwards and Mike Farrell.

Ian Caddie

Anybody recognise anyone?

I wonder is anyone out there recognises themselves or relatives.  My father, Jeffrey Lawrence is standing centre.  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers him.

Phillip Newbury Howard

Hi I am looking for Flight lieutenant Phillip Newbury Howard I think he was with No 75 Squadron.  Any information about him or his son Ian Phillip Howard. Phillip is buried in Hastings.  I want to try and find my family please help me.

Shona-maree Howard (0274308202)

Steve Cook

Looking for Steve Cooke, who was based in RAF Sealand in early 80s. Used to ride a Honda CX 500. Paul and Val would like to catch up 

Acting Pilot Officer John Smith

Does anyone remember John Smith an Acting pilot officer training in Jurby Isle of man He was there January to march 1952 and often danced at the villa marina. He then was posted to Canada.  He came from Bolton Lancashire the son of a Doctor.

Kind Regards,

Marian Smith

Clifford Moss

I am looking to contact my father Clifford Moss or anyone who may have known him.

I have only 1 photograph of him in a social group in his RAF uniform.

He may have been at RAF Swinderby (? National service) in the early 50's.

At the time His family came from Lancashire- possibly the Preston area.

I'd appreciate any information anybody may have.

Many thanks

Maggie Pettit

RAF St. Athan, 35th Entry, Boy Entrant.

John Way (Instruments Gen.), would like to hear from any fellow entrants.


Anne Fairbrass

Anne Fairbrass RAF High Wycombe  1961/1962, where are you  now?

George, an ex (halton) apprentice

Barry Paxton

I am trying to contact Barry Paxton who was a RAF Technician in Malaysia, Singapore, or Hong Kong in the mid 1960's. I shared a flat with him in 1967 to 1969 in Rugby Warwks and have just restored the MGA he sold me then. WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO MAKE CONTACT with him.

Andy Tel 07801179883 or email

Mildenhall and Alconbury - Cold War

I'm currently working on a series about the Cold War for BBC Radio 4 documentaries. Each edition focuses on a particular moment in the cold war, as recounted by three people who were there.

The episode I am focusing on is for is the early 1980s when the Cold War hotted up again after a long period of relative calm. American missiles arrived in little English towns like Mildenhall and Alconbury, and with them came US servicemen – and their families - in large numbers, bringing new pressures but also new prosperity. This episode is about the impact of this on one base – but also about waiting for a war that, if it comes, may be decided by actions taken in its first few minutes.

I would like to find three speakers to contribute to this episode. The casting I am aiming for is –

American who came over 

British person directly involved in the base 

Bystander affected by bases arriving

Each would talk about the social aspects of a large number of Americans turning up in a small English community, and then go on to talk about the impact of one of the near nuclear misses.

Please only get in touch if you’re serious about taking part. Please email me with your name, telephone number, background info on yourself and time details of the time spent at whichever American air base you were stationed in. My email is – – thank you.

SAC “joe” DEAR

Looking for SAC “joe” DEAR who served on 60 Squadron at RAF TENGAH 1956-1958 as Engine Mech:

I’m  SPONGE also in touch with BLACKIE, SIMMO died in 2015

Trevor Owen

I would like to locate Trevor Owen from Bolton national service.  Last seen 1957 in RAF Kirkham.

Ernest Thorn

LAC Herbert Norman

I'm looking for any information about LAC Herbert Norman, he was based at RAF Scampton in 1954 working as a clerk in the stores I believe.  If anyone remembers him, please can they get in touch. 


Pamela Capper


Flt Sgt Judy Maas

I am seeking information 're Flt Sgt Judy Maas who enlisted in Sept 1943 and served In RAF HQ Cairo.   Was there in 1946'

RAF Regiment. 1951 - 53 Kabrit Egypt

I served there from December 51 until March 53,  a National Service Commission. Had a great time in 29 Sqd LAA   Also was a member of the RAFGSA flying Tutors and Cadets at the weekend. Flew as passenger/Observer in Mosquitos and later Meteor NF 13's and Meteor 7' s

Anyone remember me?  Peter B Berriman

No 500 (County of Kent) Squadron

I was member of 500 the County of Kent Squadron during my National Service.  Interested to know if there are  any like myself that are interested in communicating with each other to reminisce our days in the Squadron? I joined the RAF in 1950 and discharged February 1952.

I am now in Australia, and have been since May 1957.

Yours Sincerely........D.S.Olive

LAC Gun Armourer

3500 (County of Kent) Fighter Control Unit

I was a member of the 3500 (County of Kent) Fighter Control Unit based at Cliftonville in the mid 50s as a radar Operater, till it was closed down.  I am now in my mid 70s so are there any members of this unit still around especially in the Herne Bay, Canterbury area?   

Chris Errey


I was SAC George Vernon 4115478 stationed deep in the woods at an old Luftwaffe station in the village of Hambuhren in Germany. We were a listening station during the cold war in 1952/3 listening to Russian language and morse. I was trained first at Compton basset and then  RAF withal. Wythal is no longer and is just a housing estate. I am 81 so there will not be may of us left. Does anyone out there know me?

Looking for ex boy entrants of the 43rd entry (St. Athan) and a copy of the 43rd boy entrant journal.

The Boy entrants of 43rd entry (St. Athan) are notable by their absence. There appears to be no reference to the entry at all anywhere on the internet. We were there – honest!

In my 71st year I would love shed some light on the 43rd but too much water has passed under the bridge since our pass-out parade in December 1962. I have even lost all my training notes and more important, our entry journal, to an attack of “woolly bugs” whilst stationed at Changi, Singapore in 1964 to 67. The little mites got into my deep sea box in the store room of our barrack block and devoured almost everything. The journal would have helped to keep memories alive. If there are any 43rd entry (St. Athan) ex-boys who have the entry journal and can send me a copy or a spare original if you have one it would be most helpful to put us on the map. In the interim I will rack my brain and search my old photographs to see what I can come up with. I think that I can recall a fair percentage of those in hut N13 and my fellow tradesmen but that is all – so far. Let’s put us up there.


Don (ex D flight, 2 Squadron, 1 Wing, East Camp, RAF St. Athan.)

Further to the above: -

43rd Entry Armourers RAF St. Athan Glamorgan

N Lines, D Flight, 2 Squadron, 1 Wing (East Camp)

                                  “Wings”                        I.T.S. *

Clive Atkey                 N12                 N?

Bob Bailey                  N12                 N?

C ?                               N12?               N?


“Taff” Davies              N13                 N21

Dawson                       N13                 N21

Ellery                           N13                 N21

“Fritz” Forth               N13                 N21

Franklin                       N13                 N21


Mick Hammond          N13                 N21    

Mick Joyce                  N13                 N21

“Rocky” Martin          N13                 N21

Mick Mercer                N13                 N21

Ken Poole                   N13                 N21

“Yank” Reading         N13                 N21

John Riley                   N13                 N21

“Sandy” Sanderson     N13                 N21

Peter Stevens              N13                 N21

2 Others, whose names escape me, did not complete the I.T.S. stage.

I.T.S. (Initial Training Squadron) for about 12 weeks then “Wings” (Trade Training) for the balance.

29th May 1961 to 13th December 1962

We have made progress in that we have established more ex-boys from our Entry. I seem to recall that an Entry photograph was was taken between two of the hangers on the airfield training site. Is there anyone still out there who has a copy of the entry photograph?

Please get in touch via the “Contact Us” on the new site:

Some of our N.C.O. Boys in October ’62 as senior entry prior to the final promotions for a December pass-out on the 13th.

The first 3 from the left front row and one on each end of the second row I can name. Do you know the others?

Elizabeth Margaret Bills

I am looking for Elizabeth Margaret Bills nee Watkinson born 1931 in Cleethorpes Lincolnshire who joined the RAF in 1955 and left in 1960.

Elizabeth is a relative of mine and would dearly loved to know if she had a good life after joining the forces.

Elizabeth ( known as Margaret ) also had family in Grimsby and Nottingham my grandmother Mary Annie Sherriff nee Mussell was her aunt.

Elizabeth's mother's maiden  surname was Mussell.

Thank you

June Lidgard

Boy Entrants - Locking 1947

I would like to contact any boy entrant of the first entry RAF Locking 1947, my no is 1920272. Harold Jones

Mary Bell and Peter Green

Does anybody have contact details for: -

Mary Bell, medic - Biggin Hill 1969/71

Peter Green, Chef - Biggin Hill also 1969/71.  

Pls contact Pearl  Rogers ( X Biggin Hill P Dickson ) Via Face Book, Melbourne Australia or +61 359772184

Florence Mary (Terry) Nettel

I would like any information on Cpl WRAF Florence Mary (Terry) Nettel who served with me in Gibraltar 1964/1966 She was an AATC at the time and was I believe posted to Little Rissington after Gibraltar.

Gerry Kite

John Patrick Smith

My late husband courted me by airmail from Winnipeg in 1952 we married in 1956 when he was a Flying Officer at Marham Norfolk.  He trained as an RAF officer and became a Navigator.  He was John Patrick Smith a doctors son from Bolton lancs

He enjoyed those four years in the RAF even tho his training took him to Manitoba, he left in 1956 to collect his £500 gratuity which helped buy one of our homes.  On one leave he hitched across America, with his friend Bob. John died in 2011

Aged 79 he was the love of my life———————I wonder if he is remembered ??. Mrs Marian Smith Kind Regards,

Marian Smith

RAF Sandwich

Sam Nathan and Len Higham.  Both radar operators. 1953 approx.  I’m looking for these 2guys for old times sake...   Terry (Ziggy) Helman.


Flight Lieutenant Vince Hobbs

Is there anyone out there who flew with Flight Lieutenant Vince Hobbs on the Vulcan B2 XM652 Waddington in 1978.  I understand from what records I could find he sadly died aged 32 in 1981 although I am unable to find how.  He was my first boyfriend when I was a Student Nurse in Hitchin in 1970/1971 and he was at Henlow.  I accompanied him at his passing out parade when he was awarded The Sword of Honour........ such happy days.  If anyone has any information please contact me at the above e mail address. Thank you. Mary (nee) Martin

Johnny Geddes

My Uncle John or as we called him Johnny (Geddes) has been in the RAF and had been based at Biggin Hill.  My father Bill Geddes- we were farmers  at The Mumbie  near Langholm in Dumfries and Galloway- died in 1982 and they had lost touch before that.  I've never seen him since I was about 10- away back in the 1960s. Always wonder what happened to him  and his life and would love to know. Can anyone out there please help or has a connection. Last I'd been told was he was near Norwich.

Have asked of the Salvation Army to see if they can locate him or have any news at all.

I'd remembered him being a handsome charming man and would be so grateful of any news about him and to know - hopefully he is still alive and to make contact with.

In hope

Jean Miller ( nee Geddes)

Boy Entrant - 43rd entry, RAF St Athan

I was a Boy Entrant in the 43rd entry, RAF St Athan, and would very much like to contact as many of my ex colleagues as possible. I currently live in Liverpool, and can be contacted on 0151 708 5268 or 07866 592 702, Best wishes, Vincent O'Neill

Dave Alston

I have been in fruitful touch with the son of a former RAF buddy; Anyone else?

Best wishes!

Dave Alston

Gary Hall

Trying to make contact with Gary Hall, Service no: K8193927

Served at  RAF Benson, RAF Bruggen in 1984, and RAF Coningsby in 1987.

Today he will be approx 56 years old, birth date around  24_28 April, and connection with Birmingham.

Best regards Ian Davidson

Richard 'Knocker'

I am looking for an old friend that served in Malta in 1975 his nick name was knocker  Richard was his Christian name but I can't remember his surname.  He was a  Aerial photographer  can anyone help.


Violet Caldwell-Smith

C P Whitcombe

Looking for Cpl C P Whitcombe. ( Paul ) RAF Abingdon Catering Section 1979 also RAF Hereford godfather to Ryan Peel contact

108 Technician Entry, RAF Halton

A small group of us are trying to locate missing members or our entry at RAF Halton with a view to a future reunion celebrating 50th anniversary of graduating.  The entry in question was 108 Technician entry 1965 - 1968.  In particular we seek”

Kenny “Bronco” Lane.  Possibly moved to America after retirement in 1985

John “Chopper or Clancy” Hornby.  Last seen as a civilian at Abingdon in early 1980s

Andy King ??

David Dunbar ??

Nick Chamberlain.  Reported as moving to America after marriage

Any of the above, or anyone knowing their current whereabouts can contact me on Email

Very best wishes 

Ted Hands

70 Entry, RAF Cranwell

I will be coming to the UK  in Sep and would like to meet any of the old crowd from 70 Entry. Anyone else still alive and kicking ?


Ivor Gallwey

Gladys Walkley, WAAF, 1940-43, Northolt

I’d like to contact anyone who knew my late mother.  I’m especially interested in any information about a Polish airman she knew in 1942. He may not have survived the war.


Marlean Martin

Julian Scott

I am trying to find Julian Scott nickname ‘Scooter’.  She was stationed at RAF Locking around 1982.

If anyone has any news of him please contact Alison Morris

Pamela Price

I would like to search for Pamela Price who joined the RAF in 1972. She was in RAF Spitalgate, RAF Cosford.

Her home address at the time of enlisting was 13 Merridale Lane, Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

I can be contacted on tel: 07403338917 or on by email using the link above

RAF Hucknall 1955-57

My Name is Iain Duncan, some time SAC RAF - (1955/1957)   I'm 80 years this year..... I live in Glasgow.

When I was at RAF Hucknall, I played Rugby in the Unit team, and Tennis in the Camp team, and at the Mainainance Command championships @ RAF  Wellesborne mount ford, near Stratford upon -Avon, in 1957.  My Tennis Partner was a Pilot Officer Michael Wolfgang, Lawrence, Morris at RAF Hucknall, I think he went to Bedford School, and learned his Rugby there: he  eventually became a MP for Northampton the Guy in charge of Rugby at Hucknall, was a Flying Officer Ackerman, and the WO in charge of the P3 Section was a Warrant Officer Dunne!

When at Hucknall, I Was the P1, P2 Clerk, and many of the Guys mentioned Below were Clerks in the P3 section, Pickles, Gray, Brian Green,. PO Morris, my Tennis Doubles Partner, was the S-Ad's O's Assistant, a Sqn Ldr Callaghan, a New Zealander, Who had an AFC and DFC...The Adjutant was a FLT LT Jack Holding  who Retired to 1, Lea Rd., Lea, near Preston, Lancs. in 1958.

I also played Modern Jazz Piano, and when at RAF Wilmslow (Squarebashing) Sep 1955' a Jimmy Jackson, Drill Corporal, D flight, who played great Guitar, Fixed me up with a gig in a Manchester Club - which Paid me 10/- (shillings!) for The one night. He had to fix me up with Civvies for the Gig. He happened to be the Singer on the night......he was very talented and came from Maryhill in Glasgow

To earn a few extra Bob, I played the Piano in the "Chequers" pub in Hucknall And at an Hotel in the upper Square in Nottingham City Centre, on a Friday night, near to the Nottingham Playhouse; this  Required a Dicky Bow Suit, which I pawned (in Pawn Shop) near West Bridgeford, on Monday's for 9/- and got out on the Friday for ten Bob, to wear again on the night, in the Hotel Cocktail Bar - resident Piano- player.  Not many people came to hear my girl, a Silvia Jones, Who was a nice singer, used to come and listen:  her father was a Sergeant Jones, A Police Provost who was with No. 3 RAF police District, also at RAF Hucknall.

Her family (mum and Dad) were posted Cyprus in August 1957......................

I also played Tenor and Side drums in all the Camps Silver Bands and Pipe bands at RAF Wilmslow, RAF North Coates and RAF Hucknall, in the latter Camps this earned me a 48 hour month Pass when the rest only got 36 Passes - so I could get home!

I am anxious to track down some great old  friends I met at RAF North Coates, near Grimsby, and RAF Hucknall - 13 miles from Nottingham between Autumn 1955 - Autumn 1957.- they're all about 79/80/81 years if still with us, and just perhaps One of them may just read this.

(1) SAC, then Corp Bill (Rodney) Gray, originally from Manchester. He eventually Became an Accountant. At Hucknall, the subject of a Practical joke, He inadvertently called Up a billet full of Reservists for "Z" training...caused by me on April Fools Day, 1957........I think he got his Knucles wrapped for that?

(2) SAC Derek Pickles, who lived in 1 (Something) Grove, Handsworth, Sheffield, 9

      I recall his big Sister was a "Bluebell Girl) like Betty Boothroyde was - the Lady speaker in the Commons' some years later.

(3) SAC  Brian Green, (North Yorkshire man) was part of the Hucknall Camp Boxing

      Squad, who  lived in Marske -by -Sea (near Redcar);  after He left National Service joined an Educational Book Publishers called Edward Arnold in  Leeds I think-  I heard  he And his wife had Girl Triplets.  I was his best Man at his wedding in Redcar    He was educated at a small "Public" School, in Redcar, called "the Sir William Lawrence School" - now no longer in being! 

(4) Stan Sutton,  (Red Hair) from Manchester, we used to go to the Nottingham Palais Dance hall on Wednesday Nights. I recall he worked in the Equipment Section across the Watnall Road, at the Rolls Royce Engine Test Bed unit @ RAF Hucknall.

(5) Tony Townsend, introduced me to Tetleys Bitter, when we Visited the winter Gardens  in Cleethorpes  on Saturday nights. He  played Rugby League with Featherstone Rovers, but played Union with RAF North Coates. 

Newmarket 1954-1955

I'm looking for any W.R.A.F. stationed at Newmarket 1954-1955, particularly Mary Maybury (nee).

Audrey Brand

Robert Smart 1954 RAF Wegberg

Looking for this chap. One of Mum's friends back in the day

Kind Regards

Marion von Kobylinski

Clerk Secretarial - 51st Entry

51st Entry, 2 Squadron, D and J Flights, Clerk Secretarial,  are planning to celebrate 51   years since passing out of RAF Hereford in 1965.  The reunion is scheduled to take place at the Three Counties Hotel, Hereford on 21/22 July 2015.  80 names on contact list so far.

Please contact Phil Curtis at for further details.

896 Signals Unit.

During National Service in 1956/57 I was stationed at RAF Tangmere and a ground wireless mech. with 896 Signals Unit. I have tried to find something more about this unit but it does not appear to have existed according to all the records I have looked at on the internet.
There were about 20 of us in the unit with wireless mechanics and WOPS. Some of the names I remember were Ron Marks, Ted Botting, Hugh Burnett etc.
Please reply if you were either in or remember this seemingly forgotten unit.

Eric Pugh

Francis (Frank) Billows

I am looking to find anyone who knew or served with my dad Francis (Frank) Billows. He was stationed at RAF Gutersloh 1946. I don’t have a lot of info but Dad did tell me he was involved with the Berlin Air Lift and as a guard at the Nurenburg war  trials after the war. If anyone knows my Dad please contact me using the link above Thank you, Ann

Dougie Munro.

I am searching for any family or friends of a gentleman named Dougie Munro. Sgt. Munro served with my grandfather in the RAF, they were based out of Mildenhall, with No 149 Squadron, their plane was shot down over Germany on 10 March 1942. Sgt. Munro was the only survivor. He was imprisoned at Stalag VIII-B at Lamsdorf.

Information about the plane, flight and the crew is below. Any information – or contact with any of the other families - would be greatly appreciated.

Carolyn Cloyd

Stirling N6126 took off from RAF Mildenhall at 2000hours on the night of 10th/11th March 1942, detailed to bomb Essen, Germany. Nothing was heard from the aircraft after take-off and it failed to return to base.
Crew :
RAAF 404614 PO Bailey, L W Captain (Pilot)
RAF Sgt R W Hunt, (Pilot)
RAF Sgt T E Jordan, (Flight Engineer)
RAF Sgt G R Williams, (Observer)
RAF Sgt T J Sherriff, (Wireless Air Gunner)
RAF Sgt S N N L B Smart, (Wireless Air Gunner)
RAF Sgt G B Daines, (Air Gunner)
RAF Sgt D H Munro, (Air Gunner)

Susan Hibberd

I am looking for anyone who knows of Susan Nee Hibberd, Marriane Nee Hibberd and/or Caroline nee Hibberd formally from Godalming Malvern. Susan - Worcester Girls Grammar School,  Godalming.  Daughters of Wing Commander Hibberd and Mrs Pearl Hibberd

Lesley Clare

Bill Green

This gentleman is called 'Bill Green' he is around 19 or 20 years old in this photo. My grandad served with him in Egypt (Kasfareet) in the RAF roughly between 1953-1954.

He originated from the Hull area and then moved to Bradford when he was around 23-24 years old so he could be anywhere.

My grandad would love to make some contact with him his name is Peter Willliams.

Ida Hall Rennels

I am looking for any information, pictures, Leading Aircraftwoman Ida Hall Rennels service number 2071382 Balloon operator No 23 Group Church Lawford. I only know she served in 28.01.1942, - 27.11.45,  My Mother

RAF Regiment

Ex regiment gunner, I hear there something going on this year and would love to attend, I served on 4 wing and 6 wing and 16 and 66 Sqn s. I was known as Pip Allen when serving.

Thanks for your help


RAF Pevensey/Wartling

I would like to contact anyone who served at RAF Pevensey/Wartling between 1949 and 1951 when my father, Keith Tucker, would have been doing his national service there as a radar operator. The attached image was taken at RAF West Kirby in 1949 which would suggest that it is my father's basic training intake, it is signed by some of the recruits and it would be great to discover if any were still alive even if they are in their mid 80’s!

Kevin Tucker

George Richards

We are looking for a Mr George Richards. We believe he may have served in the RAF regiment is 1949 and possibly stationed for a time at RAF Watchet.

Any help gladly received.


M Reece

David Hull

I'm looking to help a friend to locate a gentleman by name of a David Hull who I believe was a fighter pilot at RAF AKROTIRI and RAF LOSSIEMOUTH anyone with information please email ANDREW_ BOOTH@ROCKETMAIL.COM  thank you

Roy Grant

Hi my name is Tricia grant before I was married but now I'm Benson I was born on the 27/04/1984 in Clarendon Jamaica my mother name was stephaney Douglas before she was married she is now Bailey I was told his name was Roy grant from Clarendon Jamaica pls if u could help me to find him I would be greatful my email is my number is 07948621392 thank u Hp to hers from u soon Tricia benson

Compton Bassett - 1962

Back in 1962 I was on a Wireless Mechs Course in Compton Bassett. I remember a Mr Ireland with whom I practised some lawn tennis.  I remember a Mr Thompson who gave me a lift  with his car a Prefect if I recall well. I was on my way to see my relatives in Rochdale Lancs. We passed via Gloucester where he took a photograph of myself with my Brownie box camera. I recall a Mr Bentley as well. I am now 72 yrs old married to Yvonne, we have a daughter Marie who is married to a Goziitan fellow. We live in Sliema Malta.

I can well assume these old acquaintances are now retired like I am. I shall be glad to make some form of contact with these people who remind me of lovely days at Compton Bassett, especially the Pennant Club, where I met so many lovely people. Actually  a certain Sally Ainsworth comes back to my mind. I am on Face Book and Whats up. My email address is    Hope to hear from you. May God bless us all.

RAAF Base Edinburgh - 1955

I’m looking for photos of staff based at RAAF Base Edinburgh in 1955. The person that I am looking for was a CPL or SGT, and he and his friend met Margaret Hylard and Jan at a dance in June / July of 1955.

Not much to go on, but all I have.

Peter Hylard

RAF Changi

Anyone around who remembers Changi at Christmas in 1948, plus the ASTRA, the Malcolm Club, Christmas Dinner a la carte, the Corner Studio, swimming in the pegar by moonlight - you name it...

Get in touch with Dave Alston...who will be delighted to hear from you, and will with pleasure open up his casebook of memories!

William John Arthur Rowland

Looking to connect with anyone who would have known William John Arthur Rowland, 11 FTS, Swinderby, Lincolnshire in 1955, or any Squadron or Unit prior to or after.

LAC William Henry Stallard

Looking for friends of my Dad LAC William Henry Stallard, from RAF 1943-1947, (aka Jock or Harry):

Ernest (Wee Moose) Astley (from Keighley, W. Yorkshire) - I'm in contact with Ernest but if anyone knew him please get in contact.

Gordon (Joe) K Brown (from Belper, Derbyshire),

Eddy Hart

John (Tom) Spears

John Woodhead

Tom Atkinson

Gordon Bellerley

Andrew Tampson

Gus Gale

Slim Cartledge (Engineers - died 1964)

Joe Brown

Harry Palmer

Bill Scragg


Jim Stallard

Flight Sergeant Stan Taylor

I am trying to find out any information on Flight Sergeant Stan Taylor who was based at RAF Halton Camp, Buckinghamshire, during the 1940's. I know it's a long time ago but I'm hoping someone might have any information on him.

Thank you.


RAF Ceylon

Any reunions RAF Ceylon any station 1951 - 54

Thanks Geoff Towers

Telegraph2, Gangodawila & Negombo

Nigel Morris

Looking for ex RAF Regt member Nigel Morris rank SAC and No J8112712 when friend last had contact in April 1976 and would love to meet up again as its been nearly 40 yrs his dob is 10th June 1957 and he's  from Blackpool Lancs, nickname nige.  He was serving with Queens Colour Squadron at Uxbridge in May 1976.  I met Nigel and Andy Barnett in Aug 1975 when they came to where we lived at the time they were both stationed at RAF Wittering, please help from Julie

No 3611 Sqn

I served in 3611 Sqn in1952 prior to my National Service, in 1953  it was there that I met my wife of 58 years who sadly died in November 2013, at present my sister and brother-in-law  who also served in the unit with me are still alive, both aged 83, myself I will be 81 in a few days time, the 3 of us are contemplating joining the RAFA at RAF St Mawgan here in Cornwall, I would love to hear from anybody with past connections to 3611 Sqn RAF Fazakerley, Liverpool  Ron Deacle Newquay Cornwall

John Gilbert Godfrey

My name is Detlev Godfrey.  I am 56 years old and live in Koenigswinter Germany. I 'm British. Which part is British in me, I still want to find out. My father John Gilbert Godfrey belonged to the RAF.  If anyone can give me any pointers as to his whereabouts, I would be most grateful.  Many thanks.

Geoffrey Lehmann

I am looking for an air mechanic, Geoffrey Lehmann, who served in the RAF. Can anyone help me at all?

Thank you.



RAF Manby

I have set up a group on Facebook called RAF Manby for people who served or knew people who served to post their memories on it.  Everyone is welcome to join and as the site grows maybe people will be able to reunite with long lost friends.

Sonia Limm

John Way

Boy Entrant, RAF St Athan, (Instruments Gen.) 35th Entry.

Anybody still out there that remembers me ! ?

love to hear from you.

Charles Trevor Bryan and Anthony Richard Reed

I am trying to find 2 people who served with my brother AC1 Kenneth Thomas at RAF Brampton in May 1959 who died in a canoeing accident on the River Ouse they are  AC1 Charles Trevor Bryan and Anthony Richard Reed I wondered if they had any photos of him in uniform or what his job was in the RAF or any info about him I would be  grateful for any info as  I'm doing a family history of other family members who served in the RAF unfortunately have died many years ago   regards J R Thomas, his younger brother.

David Cobb

I am looking for my father who probably served at Cardington in the late 1950s. I have a name (David Cobb) and the fact that he was in the RAF at the time. I am informed that he met recruits at Bedford station and had a box or small office which he worked from. I was born in 1960 and was adopted as a baby. 

The only other information I have is that he was not on national service and he was probably a Corporal.

 I realise this is scant information. Any assistance will be gratefully received.

Tedd Newton

I am looking to try and find a Tedd Newton. He was stationed at Trimmingham late 1959 with my grandad Graham Routledge.

Bert Sage RCAF

Looking for anyone who knew sergeant Bert Sage RCAF WW2. Probably based in Bournemouth .

Doug Sainsbury k1938274

RAF boy entrant 36th entry clerk gd.

To remuster to air defence operator.

Any fellows out there who remember me please contact - dougsai43<AT>

Colonel Noack

I am looking for any family members related to a Colonel Noack. He was a U.S. (I think Air Force?) Colonel who was stationed in Germany. I don't have much to go on other than the family adopted a girl from Germany. I am not sure how old she was at that time. When she got older, she fell for a man from Yugoslavia. Apparently the Colonel and family didn't like it and she ran off with my dad. They had a child before me. Later, I would be given up for adoption. I don't know how many Colonel Noack's there could be but thought I would give this a shot. I hope this makes sense as I was trying to make this short and sweet.

Thank you!


Rosemarie Price

SACW Rosemarie Price served as a stewardes at RAF South Cerney Wiltshire 1959/60

Flight Lieutenant Barry Grainger

Served in the RAF around 1956 to 1959 or beyond flying English Electric Lightnings.

He was a good friend of mine,

Keith Gray

Annie Baker

I am trying to find Annie birth mum. I was born on 18 August 1942 at 224 Maryvale Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham 30.All I know is that she had me, fathered by Sidney Glover of Swansea, who as a steelworker from Wales was in a reserved occupation and was involved in the production of ammunitions and was sent to Birmingham in the Second World War. Annie Baker was an aircraft machinist , maybe involved in production of parachutes, or uniforms...who knows! I am 72 years old now and I only new I was adopted 5 years was a huge shock to me. Since I have explored many avenues but to no avail. I do not have her date of birth nor whether she is alive or dead. I do not know whether she married.

My father took me back to Swansea and together with his wife adopted me in1945. They went to their graves without telling me of my origins. So I am trying to make the connection that Annie Baker was an aircraft machinist , but was she a civilian or was she in the RAF?

Any help to find her would be gratefully received. Thank you.

Sylvia Powell ( nee Baker, nee Glover )

RAF Waddington 1948

I am looking for anyone stationed at RAF Waddington in April 1948 and went to the April pleasure fair at South Park Lincoln Lincolnshire.

Many thanks


Marie Miles

I am looking for anyone who was stationed in Bahrain from 1969-1970 who may have known my mum.  Her name was Marie Miles. She  would have been 21/22 years old and had a 2 year old daughter called Karen. She also worked in a hairdressers/ beauty salon while in Bahrain.

I know this is a long shot  but would dearly love to meet anyone who knew her during this period of her life?

Many thanks


Phillip Hawkins

Hi my name is Samantha Jane Mary Hawkins 21/05/86 and I'm looking for for my father PHILLIP HAWKINS (around 49yrs old) who served at binbrook around 1986 then to st athans in Wales. His father I believe is Len and mother Mary Hawkins? please contact me with any information at all however small Thankyou in advance

Courses AS1 and AS3 - Swanton Morley, 1954/55

My name is Stanley Nicholls.  I was a Cadet Signaller at RAF Swanton Morley in 1954/55 on courses AS1 and AS3.  I have managed to trace Sqn Ldr Hugh Prior, Flt Lt Cole Bailey and Rex Barnett.  Sadly, I know that Flt Sgt Fred Buttimore and Sgt Pete Gibbings were killed in flying accidents, and that Sgt Fred Bennett BEM was killed in a motorcycle accident.  Barry Whitley, ATCO Manchester, died a few years ago.  What about the rest of the course members, eg Ted Lee, Pat Cunningham and Jock Young (whom Cole Bailey met some years later when Jock was a Flt Lt Provost)?  Please contact me – (tel no: 01225/755140) or Corner Croft, 6 Orchard Drive, Southwick, TROWBRIDGE, Wilts  BA14 9NT.    

RAF Flying College, Manby

I would like to contact anyone who worked in the stores on RAFFC Manby in Lincolnshire in the early 1950s:  Elsie Appleton, Iris Hallam, Ken Skirrow, Bert France, George Grant, and my non-stores friend Gordon McPheater.

Fred Moyes

90 Moraine Crescent

London  ON  Canada  N6G 4Z1

Joyce Alma Macdonald

I am looking for someone who may have knew my Mum?

She was born  14.7.1930 and sadly passed away 23.12.2003.

She was a WAAF in Northallerton in around 1950/51

Does anyone remember her?

Angie - her eldest daughter

Michael Bradley

My mum was in the WRAF from 1950 to 1954 and is interested to know if anyone remembers her from Gutersloh from 1951 to 1953. She remembers a Michael Bradley from 64 squadron regiment? Her name was Anne Laidlow and she is from Leeds. Replies please to

 Brian Evans - Boscombe Down 1953-58

I am trying to make contact with RAF colleagues who were stationed Boscombe Down during the years 1953-1958 and who knew my father Brian Evans.  He was an Engine Fitter at the experimental station and worked on the Vickers Valiant WB215.  I am arranging a surprise for my fathers special birthday and would love to hear from any of my father’s old colleagues who knew my father and worked with him during this time.  Many thanks for your help.

In anticipation.

Wendy Waterman

3617 FCU RAuxAF

Ralph Devereux and Chris Ennever are trying to locate any members leading up to disbandment in 1961.

Albert Osterbery

My father was a life serving member of the RAF his name was Albert Osterbery, when he retired from the RAF he was a Warrant Officer, i think his last posting was at Wendover.  My parents were divorced so I don't know much about his RAF career or him really, as I didn't know him till my mum died when I was 9 then only saw him when he was on leave and he wouldn't really talk about his job if anyone remembers him would love to hear anything they can tell me , also when he died I had some of his possessions among which there is a glass tankard engraved with (Last of the Binbrook Shinies and the name Bob Stewart ) if anyone knows who this is would love to return it to him or his family !!Delia King (nee Osterbery) 14 Connaught Road Luton, Beds LU4 8EP thank you!

54 Maintenance Unit

I am trying to find out any information I can concerning 54 MU (maintenance unit) serving at RAF North Coates  around 1954/5 ish any help will be appreciated this on behalf of my father who served in this unit at this time and we are just trying to find as much as possible and maybe even locate some of his mates, his name is

Peter Wood

Service number – 2732074

Billet 82

 Sergeant Thomas Appleby

This is a long shot, my husband and his brother are looking for their father who was in the RAF based in India between 1943 - 1946. He was Sergeant Thomas Appleby also known as "Paddy".

We have a photograph of him. Would love to hear from anyone who knows of him.

Thank you

Valerie and Dudley Appleby

Daniel Norton Banner

I have very scant information but have been trying to trace Daniel Norton Banner who I know was at RAF Finningley in 1949. Would anyone recognise the name? He is or was a Scot. He would be well over 80 now I think.


I'm trying to trace an engineer from RAF Halton who would have been serving in 1972/73.

Unsure of the name, but he was originally from Trinidad and in 1973 would have been 24. He was not very tall, maybe only 5"4, but I am trying to find a name and locate him for personal reasons.

Max Felice

I served at RAF Luqa  1962-1965 in No 38 Sqn, I am trying to locate any of my mates from that time

Howard Norman Wall

Demob 1956 when he was working at the radar station at Prawle Point UK. 1955/1956.

Prior to this he was in Ismalia and was in Para 1 in 1952. LAC then A/Cpl./P.

Howard was my late father.

Anyone who knew him or may have any photographs of the time would be much welcome.

Daughter Pamela

Rik - 9 Sqn RAF

I'm looking for a guy called Rik who was based at RAF Chivenor around 1994/95 I lost contact with him and would love to catch up I have a picture of him but not very clear and a message he sent on the back of the photo which read.....'taken on pan at Nellis AFB, nr Las Vegas, USA. Just about to fly the jet across the states and up to Canada'.....

(Webmaster - The photo shows him in front of a 9 Sqn Tornado)

Catherine Howell

I am looking for a Catherine Howell who I met in the Falkland Islands. I believe she was originally from Basingstoke. Family were Roy, Julie plus a sister

Many thanks….Chris Read –

Ronald Newbery

My husband was part of the 195 Squadron as a Navigator from 1944 until the end of the war.  We are still in touch with ken Hamilton, and were in touch with Jack Reynolds until he died.  My husband Ronald Newbery is now aged 91.  If anyone is still alive now from those days it would be nice to make contact.

Iris Newbery

Sgt Doris Allan

Anyone who may know the where about or descendant of 2163410 Sgt Doris Allan Unit Q5,SHQ RAF Wilmslow Cheshire Please contact email

A personal friend during World War Two, 1939-1945 known as the three musketeers

RAF Bicester 1957-59

I am looking to contact a service member who was stationed at R. A. F. Bicester in the period 1957-1959.  I was a WRAF parachute rigger who worked at Upper Heyford during those years. I don't remember any last names.  One of the girls was named Maureen and married a man named Jim Holland, an American.  I married an American air force member named Zelma Raymond Rumfeld, & my Maid of Honor was named Angie, (Angela).  (I can't remember her last name).  I know that the above isn't much information, but maybe it will help.  If not, could you, please, refer me to someone who, might, direct me further.  Time is moving on and I would like to catch up, if possible.  Anything you could come up with would help, &  be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks for your help.  Thelma Mielke( nee: Lawrence).  My E-mail is:

John-Anthony Wood

I am looking for Mr. John-Anthony Wood, Mayor (sic) of R.A.F.

Who was "with Frau Nortrud Schumann"....... I am the Child......

I am right now in touch with my Sisters...

 Angela Grammes

Wojciech Antoni Bucior

My Father Wojciech Antoni Bucior was an ex-Polish Air Force pilot who served with 315, 317 and 129 RAF Squadrons, before leaving the RAF to take up a post-WWII career in furniture making and office work.  Unfortunately he passed away in 1955 when I was only 7 years of age.  My own Son Adam and I are now trying to make content with my Aunt or her Sons who would be a few years older than my 66 years, or any relations of theirs who may be in the USA, where my Aunt took her Sons to in the 1950’s.  We would welcome the opportunity if they read the website for any family members to contact us at  We believe we have locat6ed information on my Grandfathers death at the Katyn massacre and can provide this for any family members interested.  Hoping to hear from members of our long-lost family.  Adam and Antoni Bucior.

Kind regards.

Adam and Antoni Bucior

Olive from Middleton Mancheste

Olive from Middleton Manchester  blind in one eye met in 1963 November in a cafe don't have last name my name is Mal No is 07754 619 860 long shot but would like to get in touch for old time sake.

Alwyn Rees

I'm looking for information on Alwyn Rees, RAF Halton WW2. RAF engineer/serviceman.

Best Regards

Paul Rees

Graham John Harvey Webber

I am looking for Graham John Harvey Webber.

Can anyone help me?

 Friendly regards

 Ben Blom (The Netherlands)

Simon Douglas Young

I have a friend who was a Sgt. (rear gunner) squadron 220 in 1944 Azores.    He will be 89 at the end of this month and I was wondering if anyone out there from this period remembers him.   Simon Douglas Young (likely simply known as Dougie).   Please let me know if you know of anyone who was in this squadron at this time and place.

Hopefully someone will come up with something - it certainly would be a nice birthday surprise.

Thank you

Olive H. Douglas

Flight Lieutenant David P Miles

I need to contact anyone who knew Flight Lieutenant David P Miles at RAF Henlow prior to his death July 1980

Bircham Newton Infants School circa 1957

I would be interested to hear from anyone who attended the Bircham Newton infants school circa 1957.  I was born in March 1953 and my late Father at that time was 614727 Cpl Neville Lewis “Tommy” Thompson.

When responding please do so to my home email address which is


Annette Thompson

Flying Officer George Robert Munton

Flying Officer George Robert Munton and his fellow crew members will be remembered with honour at a ceremony organised by Everard Bakker in Nijmegan on 25 Sept 2014, 70 the Anniversary of their fatal crash. Mayor of Nimegan attending along with 7 descendants of the Munton family and a 95 year old eye witness. Any members in the area on that day are welcome.

Further details are available from hewasahero blog on line or

Wg Cdr William Woods

Does anybody remember my father Wg Cdr William Woods. He was a Canadian who joined the RAF in 1934 and was at No 3 Flight Training School RAF Grantham until 1936 when he moved to 504 Squadron Bomber Squadron at RAF Hucknall. He was a Japanese POW until 1945 and on his return he was based in Germany (Wuppertal I think where I was born!) then to Hullavington No 10 Maintenance Unit. I would dearly love any information on my dad as I am researching his history for an article for the Mail on Sunday to coincide with VJ Day next year. Please contact his daughter Liz Bestic on

80 Squadron

My father served as ground crew with 80 Squadron in World War II from 1940, he would be very interested to hear of any other surviving ground crew from this Squadron.

Mike Poole
Mob: 07526439455

RAF Oldenburg

I am looking for any member of the RAF Regiment stationed at RAF Oldenburg  1956  to  1957, or any member of the station cross-country team,  ie  Don  Shelly, Graham Stark,  Roy  Vass  Cpl  Daly,

Colin  Beckwith

George Herbert Coppard

My father George Herbert Coppard flew with major Topley in the RFC in France as a gunner /photographer They survived the war & my father said he would name his first born with the name of George Topley Coppard, now 91 yrs young, now living in NZ. Perhaps there is some descendants of the major that may have some old photos that they can share. If I can make contact there are some details of interest how they worked together to escape disaster. thanks from

Lofty Reid

I am trying to locate a chap called Lofty Reid who served in the RAF on Lancaster bombers during 1944and1945.

This request is made on behalf of an Englishman, Jim Stronach who flew with Lofty. Jim is still alive and keen to make contact with his old mates if they are still around and if not what they did after the war or any of their family wanting to gain some info from Jim on Lofty and the other crew members. Lofty was a wireless operator, Jim was the navigator, and there was Don Philips the pilot, Joe Laufman was the gunner

Lofty lived in Timaru in Olivia Road, if anyone knows of him or any other member of the crew please contact me Regards Barry Kay

Neil Fozzard

I am looking for a very dear friend of mine call Neil Fozzard (known as Fozz)  who was stationed at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire about 1980/81.  He went to the Ascension islands during the Falklands conflict and I have since lost contact with him. I last heard he was maybe in the Staffordshire area.  Also he has a brother called Gordon who was in the army.

Kind regards

Janet Curtis

Scouse Zeffert

I am looking to trace an old friend....we were together at RAF Seletar in 1953/4... His name is Scouse Zeffert (I'm sorry that I don't remember his Christian name, he was always Scouse for obvious reasons. I believe his father was a Rabbi....Scouse would be about 78 now...Any news of him would be gratefully received.  My E-mail address is

David Roberts

Hi, Im looking for a David Roberts who was stationed at RAF Lichfield but was at RAF Valley in 1965 aged around 24-26. He was an Aircraftsman. He was married with two kids in 1965 and his mother was a nurse and his father was a church minister. Urgently trying to trace him so any help would be appreciated. He would be aged around 72-74 now.Thank you, Alison Bruce

John Brown

Hello, I am searching for my  biological father, John Brown, an RAF mechanic who was stationed at Manston Air Force base in 1942 and  was sent north in November or December of 1942.  I was born in August of 1943. I have only  met him once when I was 8 months old,  then my mother married a Canadian soldier and we went to Alberta after the war. My only motivation is to meet his family, which is also my family that I have never met.
Regards, Keith John Karren

James MC Carthy

I'm searching for my fathers brother James MC Carthy who worked in the RAF in the early 60's and possibly before or after that. He was , we believe a senior technician. Know his wife was Eithna and the 3 children that we know of were Sharon, Linda and Kevin. There may have been others after those. He was born in Cork Ireland in the 30's and left Ireland as a teenager. He had 2 brothers, Bernard and Jack and sisters Doreen, Nancy and others deceased. His mothers name was Margaret. We would appreciate any help at all. Shirley MC Carthy Ireland

Simon Anthony

Along with a number of other RAF mates from RAF Brampton in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s we are trying to locate Simon Anthony who used to run and race with us, if you have any idea about his current location please contact me.

Thank you,

Alan (Al) Burgin.

Joe Markham.

195 Squadron, 3 Group stations  Duxford, Marham  Cranwell, Lincolnshire.  Bomber Command Rear Gunner do you know my late Dad, Warrent Officer Joe Markham.  I'm his son David Markham age 72. Please get in touch if anyone is still with us. Thank you David

RAF Scampton

Hello , I am looking for any one who worked at RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire up to the base being mothballed in 1994/5. I am a keen RAF collector and would like some help and information please regarding a topic I am pursuing Thank you Andy Bateman

James Harrison

During my time in the WRAF  in 1963-1964 I was    a switchboard operator at RAF Chessington. I would like to find Jim or James Harrison who was from Winchester and was a patient at the We went to the London Palledium with some friends to see the Premier of Madam Butterfly and one of them is recently deceased.There is a lot to catch up on he was a flight mechanic I believe in the RAF. I now live in South Germany with my Family.

Gail Neil

Hello, I want to ask you for information about RAF pilot Václav Prerost (see photo below) W / O service number 787504, He served in the squadron number: 257, 65, 222, 313.  The pilot was killed Dec. 31, 1943 during a training flight at 58 OTU.  According to my information, the pilot had a wife and daughter.  The daughter's name is Gail Neil, unfortunately I do not know where he lives.
Please any information or photographs.

Donald Vessey

I am Roy Taylor ( author of the book:  I WAS AN ‘ERK’ IN THE ROYAL AIR FORCE.  If Donald Vessey is still around I would like to hear from you.  I have been living in Canada since 1959.  Still married with four children, fifteen grand children and five great grandchildren.

Ian Kelleher

Looking for Ian Kelleher who did basic training with me in Flight 19 RAF Swinderby November 1980 to December 1980 we then did trade training at RAF Halton. It would be great to catch up after all this time.

Dave Pearson AMechE

Leonard Keoghoe

I have just seen your site, my father was in No 38 Squadron as ground crew, I was wondering if there is anyone out there that remembers him , CORPORAL LEONARD KEOGHOE, thanks Monique Bass 

Esther Outzen

This is a very long shot, but I would appreciate any help possible.  I am trying to locate my birth mother and birth father.  My birth mother is/was Esther Outzen, a 22/23yr old Danish girl who was the nanny of a senior Air Force Officer.  She arrived in Singapore in 1952 from England.  I was born in the Military hospital in Dec 1953.  Ms Outzen left Singapore on the Asturias in August 1954, arriving back in England on 24 August 1954.  If there is anyone who can help me please contact me on  

RAF Changi

Anyone from the Changi era of 1948-49 - who remembers the ASTRA, the Malcolm Club,  Christmas dinner served a la carte, the corner studio, swimming by moonlight, you name it...Contact Dave Alston.

Tom Cooper

Tom Cooper from Seletar 1961, wife Dot and young son Melvin. Hailed from Yorkshire.  Really want to find out where they may be. Len Eaton email also


I am looking for the DUCKMANTONS who sailed to india on the Georgic in 1946 there were 8 in the family, the mothers name was Ivy they had come from Maltby nr Rotherham in Yorkshire

Golden Rock Trichinopoly

My Father Maurice Gordon Sprentall who was 93 a fortnight ago is looking for any one who was out in India RAF. Golden Rock Trichinopoly especially Eric Edmundson or anyone else from that time Regards. John Sprentall

Ronald or Ron Phillip

I would dearly love to meet, have news of, or meet any member of the family of Ronald or Ron Phillips who was serving in Malta at least up to January / February 1944. This is very important for a member of my family.

Guz Chetcuti




Harry Smith (Henry)

Having retired from nursing, I began to wonder what happened to old friends.

Any chance of finding Harry Smith (Henry).  He joined the RAF about 1970, he was definitely born in 1952, lived in Dovecote Liverpool School St Margaret Mary's R.C. Pilch lane.

We were friends from infant school till 1970, he went off with RAF, I went into nursing, married and moved to Worcestershire in 1973 and lost touch.  My maiden name was Roche

Thanks Mara Yvonne Owen

Signals Centre - Ceylon

I'm interested in contacting anyone who served in the Signal Centre, originally at Gangodawilla1952,  then moved to an air-conditioned palace in Negombo 1953.  The Receiver Station remaining at Gangodawilla from 1953 until everything moved to Gan.

I would be interested to hear from anyone present during these times.

247/248 Squadron

I am looking for any info on 247 or 248 squadron personnel.  A close friend flew with one of these in WW2 and as he is 93, I would like to let him know if any others are still out there also any pictures.  Thank you for any help - his name is John Walker Morris.


Sue Simmonds

I am looking for Sue Simmonds, who along with her Flt Lt husband Barry (I think this was his name) was based at RAF Odiham in the 70's. Sue had 2 little boys but I can't remember their names.  I would love to get in contact.  My name at the time was Sue Hulme.

Lesley Stuart Matthews

I am searching for my grandfather Flight Lieutenant Lesley Stuart Matthews who served in West Africa as a Meteorologist attached to the RAF.  He married my grandmother Joy Diana Randell who was working in Africa as a Nanny but later divorced her and disappeared for ever after fathering three children - Ann, Dilys and Richard.  This is all the information I have on my grandfather, other than that he was on a troop ship Lancester off the West coast of Africa when it was bombed and he and many others were rescued by the Americans.  He apparently died in 1982 in Brisbane age 69.  If anyone knew him then I would love to hear from them.

Many thanks, Fiona Maynard

David Morris

Hi I am trying to trace David Morris who was based at Henlow Camp around 1965-1966.  He was then based in Cyprus bit I don't have a date for this.  If you have any memories or details of him please email me Thank you

R.A.F. Abingdon. 1957-59

What happened to all my mates in R.O.L.E. Equip. Section Hangar D


Still alive and kicking.

Donald M Dorren

My father, Donald Dorren, served in the RAF during WW2 as a wireless operator/navigator.  He trained at Port Albert in Canada from June – October 1944.  I have quite a few photos of that time but very few from later.  There is one of a plane with the note on the back reading “Poor Queenie’s broken her back”.  I would dearly love to know more about his service-where he was posted, what he did etc.  If anyone can help please contact me at  Dad died 30 years ago and we never really talked about his time in the RAF.

William S. M. Gray

My father in law, who will  be 100 in December, served with the 8th Army in North Africa during WW2, servicing and repairing the engines of bombers which flew on from Italy having dropped their load but needed to refuel before returning to UK.  Does anyone remember him?  Are there many of his comrades still alive? I’d love to make contact with anyone who knew him especially before his landmark birthday. I can be contacted at

Helen C H Carstairs

My mother in law, now aged 97 and registered blind, served in the WAAF during WW2 and it would be great if anyone who knew her got in touch.  She was based for some time outside Wick.  She worked in catering.  Anyone with any info please contact me at



Stewart (Stuart?) Nuttall

I’m trying to trace Flying Officer / Flight Lieutenant Stewart (Stuart?) Nuttall who attended OCTU RAF Henlow with me in 1976.

Can anyone help?

Thanks so much...

Kind Regards, Dave Simms

d.simms<AT>               (replace <AT> with @)

Ronald Alfred John Court

My grandad Flt Sgt Ronald Alfred John Court served at RAF Uxbridge and I am trying to locate any of his squadron fromWW2. He lived in the Greenway after retirement just down road from the camp. Would love to honour him by representing him at a reunion. Please help if you can. Lisa Court-deville.

Flight Lieutenant Bruce S Lord

I am not sure if this is the correct site to bring this up but my father was a part of the No 502 (Ulster) Squadron in WWII as a Flight Lieutenant (Bruce S Lord # J24782)  piloting a Halifax. Dad passed away June 14th but was very proud of his service with the squadron, as was I. Mom was a war bride and at 88 is still going strong but dearly misses him.

I know there are not many WWII vets left but just wanted to touch bases with you.

All the best

Garth W Lord

Ian Hughes

I am trying to trace an Ian Hughes originally from Sussex who was stationed as an LAC at RAF Chivenor in 1970 or thereabouts.  He would have been about 20 years old.  I would very much appreciate any information or details about him.  Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Morwenna Axon -

No 75 Motor Transport Light Repair Unit

Flt Lt. E.G. Keep is looking for Members of 75 MTLRU 1945/46  Please contact me I have a number of Photos of this Unit stationed in Harburg Northern Germany 1945.  0049 4331 448855   Heinz Johannsen   or Email

George Thompson

I have been trying to contact without success my cousin George Thompson who, if still alive, lives at Newton Aycliffe Co. Durham. He was a rear gunner in WW2. He returned.  His brother Roland who flew from Catterick was also a rear gunner, he did not return.

I have other relations in the area who I have not seen since 1940 when our family moved out to Redditch were my father joined B.S.A.

Leslie Filer

Harold John Daly

I would love to hear from anyone who served alongside my dad, who is still going strong, during the 2nd world war.

He was an engineer for the Wellington Bombers out in the desert and then flew on the Sunderland Flying Boats  for RAF Squadron 228. His name is Harold John Daly.

Please contact me, his daughter, on

Many thanks,

Kind regards,

Jill Daly

Joseph David Benson

I am trying to kind a Joseph David Benson Radar Technician based at RAF Thornaby 608 Squadron  in 1956.  Any information would be helpful.

Many thanks

Emma Rowe

Stanley Harris Hoffman

I’m looking for anyone who knew Stanley Harris Hoffman, daughter born 7/13/56

Ann Carpenter

Looking for info on Ann Carpenter, her father was Chf Tech.

Last heard of at RAF hospital Ely in late '60s.

Would appreciate any info - Thanks

D M Butler (Dave) 680016 Armourer

Does anyone have any news of the above?

1954 to 1957 he was at RAF Halton and after was posted to Cyprus.  I saw him in the UK in 1959 but no news since.

Tex Roper West

Does anyone know what happened to  'TEX' ROPER WEST.  Is he still around?  What happened to him?

If he's out there or any information is available please let me know



Mary Stone

I am trying to find an old WRAF colleague Mary Stone. We were at RAF Spitalgate, RAF Kirton in Lindsey and RAF Northwood together from 1961-1963. We eventually lost touch after my marriage to a RAF police dog handler Bill Cook. My name was Catherine Chambers (now Cook) and I live in Marlborough in Wiltshire.

Joseph Canning Millar

Does anyone know or remember a Joseph Canning Millar ( Scottish ) was stationed at RAF Scampton in 1965 when he was 20yrs old. He was  senior aircraft man E / ?272496


Does anyone remember my dad Maurice Preece who was an RAF Policeman.  I don’t know when he joined up but I do know he was on Christmas Island in 1956/7 with Operation Grapple, in Kenya around 1958-61(ish).  He was stationed variously and Henlow and in Cyprus and was at RAF Halton in 1965 and RAF Gutersloh approx 1966-1969 which is about the time that he came out of the force.  He married Rosemary Brandon who was WRAF in 1955.  He was a keen cricketer and played for the RAF team wherever he went.  Does anyone remember him (or my mum Rosemary)?  if so please let me know as I would love to hear anyone’s recollections of either of them.  Brenda White

Wom ?

Looking for an old friend I knew at Odiham 1972/74

He was a West Indian lad and his wife’ name was Ella – a nurse.  don't know his surname but he was known by his nick name as ‘Wom’  (wombat) he was on G.D. duties at the airmen's mess, would really love to get in touch with him and go over old times

S.A.C. John Rowbottom.R.A.F. Regt.

Bill McNab

Hi I’m David Knight I’m looking for the boss of AIRCRAFT STEEL STRUCTURES who gave me an apprenticeship which went in to Simms Motor Units his name was Bill McNab if he was still about I would like to thank him as now at 69 I am still engineering and building a 400 mph rocket car for the wife to drive.  I was educated at the South East London Technical School ,also Air Training Corps, a member of the Vincent Owners Club,a member of the Trail Riders Fellowship and if any body can help please contact me on  thanking you for your help Dave

Ernie Beachamp

I am looking for Ernie Beachamp who was a R.A.F medic in 1961. He worked in Norfolk and was the medic who helped my mother Gwen Rockett deliver me.  He was around 18 years old at the time.  I was born In the ambulance  My name is Janice Rockett.  He became my god father.  Would love to get in contact as parents divorces when I was three so have never met him.  E. mail address is  Thank you

Kim Beverley (Beverly) Webber?

I’m trying to find someone from RAF Chivenor. They would have been there between 1986 -1988. First names Kim Beverley (Beverly). Surname may have been Webber. Her father was a builder and lived in Ilfracombe...We lost touch after a Faulklands tor..

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Simon Smith

Hi Im looking for man call Simon Smith who searved in the RAF.  I'm searching for his God Son which is also 2nd cousin.  Simon may be around 79 years of age now and orginally from Carlow in Ireland. He joined the RAF at around 1954 Simon mother was Elsi.  Any help would be welcome to find Simon. Please email me on

Kind Regards


Jock Waghorn

Does anyone remember Jock Waghorn from RAF Shawbury around 1947/8/9?   My husband, Gordon York was on National Service there and he would like to get in touch if Jock is still alive.

Margaret Joyce Rose

I am Robin Andrew and I am trying to trace Margaret Joyce Rose 64 who worked in teleprinters at Birmingham Airport with me across the passage in Tels about 1972, thanks

 Hi my name is Ian Parsons

My dad was with the 179 squadron - I just wonder if any of you are still alive - love to talk if you are

ring 01908377954

David Harry Dunn

I’m looking for anyone who remembers my father David Harry Dunn who did his national service at RAF Melksham during 1960'grateful for any information

John Arkley

Corporal Debbie Gonsalves of 10 Squadron, RAF Brize Norton 1977-79 would like to find Captain John Arkley of the same squadron, same station and same period.

Being thinking about him a lot recently and would like to know how he is.

John Rossi

Does anybody know of Aircraftman John Rossi who served with 225 Squadron at RAF Andover between 1959 onwards any info or photos would be very much appreciated email

Peter John Muggeridge searching for Tim Wilkinson

My father Peter served in the RAF from 1951 until 1965 as a navigator.  He emigrated with his family to Australia in 1970.  Would like to hear from old friends but has been trying to trace Tim Wilkinson for many years.  Please email if you have any information.  Thank you

Richard Heath

Looking for Richard Heath RAF Lossiemouth age about 60 Cameron is looking for you

Godfry Maurice Davies

I was working for Godfry Maurice Davies who apparently served in the Squadron 500 until 1944.

After the WWII he became the Export Division manager of Hector Powe, Clothing manufacturing in London.  I was his personal secretary from 1950 until 1952 when I have migrated to Australia in 1952.  I wish to contact him or his family.

RAF Halton...1969-71.

I am interested in tracing 2 Zambian Air Force trainees at RAF Halton...Kyumba & Kyukwa..... I am also interested in contacting one of the training staff on 1A Wing a Cpl Thomas or anyone who knew or knows of his whereabouts. Jonathon Brackenbury. ex RAF.

Ron [Jockey] Harrison

My name is Steve Cooper and I served at RAF Sundern 1956-1958 and am trying to trace Ron [jockey] Harrison he came from Coventry.

James Cullum Grant

I am Flt Lt J E Ayo RAF ret’d.  I am trying to trace Officer Cadet James Cullum Grant who was at Henlow OCTU, on Blue Sqn, 1978-1979.

John Connolly

I am trying to trace the family of a Mr John Connolly, born in 1913, who was a Wing Commander in the RAF. He lost contact with his family and lived in Notting Hill in the early 1970s, where he featured in a television documentary about people living in isolation. At this time he also wrote some poetry and I think worked as a clerk in a bank.

If anyone has any information on John or the whereabouts of his family please do get in touch.

 Archie Lamb & Ginger Sprent

My name is Jeremy Stride, I am on behalf of my Father looking for two gentlemen who served with him as pilots on No. 3 Squadron 1950'53, any information you may be able to give is greatly appreciated.
The first pilot is Archie Lamb, was a Sgt Pilot but his Father died leaving him with 22,000 pound and it was not good for a NCO to have more money than the officers so he was whisked away to Officer training returning to Wildenrath, we believe, in '53/'54.
The second guy is Ginger Sprent, no more info than that unfortunately.
My Father is very much alive in Tasmania, Australia and recounts regularly his exploits and time being in the Army of Occupation flying in Germany and the many stories that could not possibly happen in these modern times.

Harold Pearce

 I am looking to get in contact with RAF engine pilot Harold Pearce or family!  I found on the internet an interview with him in late 2000s with an ABC interviewer talking about his story about being shot down in Cologne in 1945 and keeping in contact with the german man who actually shot his plane down!  I found in a store in Wheaton, Illinois years ago a brown suitcase with a piece of paper attached to it that reads "This suitcase, a world war heirloom, was owned by RAF engine pilot Harold Pearce who got the DFC award for piloting and leading the Battle on Cologne.  The suit case is marked WO( warrant officer)Pearce and has L53/A on the bottom left corner.  In the center is marked A.J.  I would like to get this back to its original owner or family.  With the internet connections that we have these days, coupled with your help, I am hoping I can do that!

blessings to all that served

Shelley Crow

Jane Young Johnston

I am looking to connect with any surviving WAAF from Bletchley who may have known my mother.  She joined the WAAF in 1942 and was a Wireless Operator at Bletchely.  Her name was Jane Young (nee Johnston) Hunter.  She also went by the name of Jean or Jeanie.  She married my dad William James Hunter (Bill) – Pt. Canadian Army on June 5, 1945).   She came to Canada in March 1946 as a War Bride.

My mom’s barracks were bombed – I don’t know what year this was – sometime after November of 1942.  My mom passed away in 1987.  I was only 24 when she died.  I would love to know what she was like as a young woman.  I never took the opportunity as a young woman myself to ask her.  I am now 50 with two teenage daughters of my own and would really like to share my mother’s history with them – except I don’t know this part of her life. 

Any information you might be able to share with  me would be helpful.

Thank you.

Angel (Hunter) D’Andrea

Richard Graham

I'm trying to trace a very old friend, Richard Graham, who worked in Admin at RAF Leuchars until end 1985 then posted to Admin section at RAF Uxbridge end of 1985 and left service about 1987.  He went to Portsmouth on leaving the service. I believe he got married to a nurse, but we lost contact as we fell out.  I was based at Leuchars then West Drayton. He would be about 46/47 years now. If anyone has any information please could you forward/pass on my email address.

RAF Leeming 1952-54

I'm trying to trace former airmen who I served with at RAF Leeming from November 1952 to March 1954.

They are George Parsons (a cockney, from Hackney), Ron Dack from Stanmore in Middlesex, George Glen from Edinburgh, Wilf Fozzard from Cleckheaton,, Colin Jim Taylor from somewhere in Yorkshire, Dave Gibb from Birmingham (he had a pin-up in his locker of a highland cow) and David Russell from Liverpool.

I realise that they may have emigrated or flown off to the great graveyard in the sky.


Ian M Mackay

37 The Paddock



G76 8SL

 0141 644 4647

45th Entry, RAF Cosford

I am looking for all ex 45th entry from RAF Cosford 62/63 with the possibility of arranging a reunion to celebrate our graduation next year July 2013 or there about.

We have a website for AWMs Photos and NAtts at and a face book page for all trades at!/groups/243670582391677/

Please take a look at or website and face book pages and get in touch if you are interested.


Ray Stokes AWM 45th Entry

Pilot Officer Bateman

Trying to locate a P/O Bateman SHQ staff, RAF Uxbridge 1950.

John Richards.

2436663 AC1

RAF  Uxbridge 1949/51

Dick Kink/Officer Richard Fink

Does anyone have any information on Dick Kink/Officer Richard Fink who was stationed at Brize Norton RAF in 1953 & 1954?

Would you please she information on him, photos... He was living in Santa Barbara prior to leaving for Brize Norton, his birth year would of been about 1927.

He was a friend of a doctor who was also stationed at Brize Norton name Dr. Paul Metzgner who was from San Francisco. Dr. Paul would have been born in about 1919 or 1920 he was a bit older. Dr. Paul was dating a teacher Betty who was teaching at Brize Norton who was also from the USA living in Burford.

Please provide as much information as you can  and photos of any and all of the folks mentioned.

Thank you more than words.

Miss Susan

Wayne Calhoun

Hi all, I am trying to locate a Wayne Calhoun, he served in Mildon Hall in 1953 1954 he came from Jacksonville Florida, he would be about 81- 82, I think, any information please to this email

Ron Bentley

Trying to find any information on my half brother Ron Bentley. He served at Coltishall as a senior technician in the sixties working on Lightnings. I presume that means he was part of 226 OCU.

If anyone remembers him, please contact me:

Looking for Riley

I am looking for a helicopter pilot by the name of Riley who was stationed at Manston RAF in 1967. 

He had a brother Colin Riley and parents who had a bakery  who lived in the Weald area.

 If you can help or recognise any names  is please mail me at

Jo Sargent

Archie (Jock) Cunningham

My brother Archie (Jock) Cunningham served with the RAF in Singapore 1950-1955, either at Changi or Seletar.  He was a keen footballer and played for the CS team.

 Anyone know (remember) him?

 Jim Cunningham


 James Page

My father is looking for a , born in either 1949/1950 so he will be about 62. Used to live on Hilton drive and went to school in hazel grove, he has a sister called Rita. Please email me @

My fathers name is Jeremey

Brian G. Cavill

Does anyone remember RAF Engineer, Brian G. Cavill from Bridgwater, Somerset? He served during 1953  – 1966 approx.  Only thing we know about his time in service is that he spent some time in Trinidad, and the Christmas Islands when the US were testing bombs off shore, so after UK Operation Grapple. Sorry to have to report that he died of cancer last Sunday, his funeral will take place on May 17th at Taunton Crematorium, 3pm.  

Thank you

His daughter Angela Cavill-Burch

Reginald (REG) TREWENACK   1940–1945   UK, Malta, India, Burma

Fighter pilot, mainly on SPITFIRES

Squadron No’s  155,  136  &  17

Anyone remembering my father Reg, now 89 and going strong here in Melbourne, who would like to contact him, please do email me to pass on to him   He has a truly formidable memory including many fun stories and is house-bound as carer to my mother at present.  I often think he’d be a great one to consult if writing of above places, time, the planes etc.   Look forward to hearing, cheers, Sally    12/05/2012

Malcolm Atkinson

My name is Paul Le Ceve, I’m looking for an old friend of mine, we served in the RAF during the sixties, we are both from Finchley in North London, his name is Malcolm Atkinson, it would be nice to know if he is still around.

John Highstead

I would like to contact John Highstead who was a corporal in the RAF police stationed at Luqa Malta 1960 to 1962, or any member of his family.

ex corporal 5076547 Smyth W. R.

Ruphal Singh

I am trying to get information on a young student, Ruphal Singh, who trained at Ansty, Coventry in 1949 - 1950

He met a young girl, Julie Wells, while there and they played tennis together on the airfields courts. He then went back to India and lost touch with Julie. 

I am wondering whether any of your colleagues have any information about this airfield and may have trained there. Possibly there are photographs of the crews during that time.
Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Thank you,
David J Hartshorn

91st Entry RAF Halton

I am seeking any information that might help to track down the following armourers of the 91st Entry RAF Halton:

Peter Ward - no middle name (last heard of in Plymouth area), Geoffrey Taylor - no middle name, Colin F Nye, Julian Peter Green (Pete Green),  Keith R Stewart (last heard of in Basildon)

I have exhausted all the usual sources (, BT phone book etc) and any information, however, slight, could help to find them.

Mike Bryant

SAC Bailey R (Bob Bailey)

I am trying to contact SAC Bailey R (Bob Bailey) on behalf of my friend Linda Collier. His number was D4276429.

Her note is transcribed below.

“Please contact Linda Collier on 01923 466975. I would love to hear from you and see you.”

Bob was stationed at RAF Uxbridge, Heathrow radar in 1968. Also at Muharraq in 1970.

Kind regards

Hugh Follett (on behalf of Linda Collier)

Barry Thomson

My name is Brian Leonard ex RAF 5001 Sqd K4262549.  I am trying to trace my best man Barry Thomson.

I came home from El Adem to get married in 1961, and then returned to my base.

I think Barry joined the RAF about 1965/66 this was the time 5001 sqd was disbanded so we missed each other again.

I emigrated to Australia in 1970 and we live in Adelaide, South Australia.

My E Mail address is

Hoping you can help.

All   The   Best

Brian   Leonard

John Webb

I’m trying to find out if John Webb who was at RAF Mildenhall in 1950 is still with us. He knew my mother, Margaret Halliday, who was also in the RAF, working in one of the Messes as a cook or similar. Sorry, that's all the detail I've got.   

Chris Bryant

Raymond J Waker

Trying to locate former comrade Raymond J Waker, 31 Squadron 31 RAF. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with regard to his location and contact information.

George R Munro

Dave Bawden

Looking for anyone who served with Dave Bawden at the HF DF station in the fields outside RAF Siggiewi Malta, around 1957 to 1959.

Alternatively, any one who may remember where the site actually was before it relocated to the Kirkop side of Mqabba.

Replies to myself, or direct to Dave at

Peter Pinel

My brother Peter Pinel died very recently, aged 75.
He was in the RAF in the mid to late 1950s. He played for the RAF Football team and for the Combined Services X1. At one point he reported to me that – with the numbers of National Servicemen who were playing in the top clubs he was the only one in the team who was NOT playing for a top league side.
I am looking for anyone who remembers this time and recollects Peter.
I recall that he served in RAF Lyneham at one point among other bases, and flew out to Kano, Nigeria for a time. He was a very good athlete too I believe. He had a shock of blonde hair and was of average height. Like me he came from Jersey in the Channel Islands.
Ring any bells?
Thank you
Adrian Pinel 
please send any replies to

Flt Lt Dick (F R O) Manning

Serves as a QFI at RAF Valley in the late 1970's and then seconded to Sultan of Oman's Air Force (SOAF) 6 Squadron Midway based at Thumrait. Last heard of in 1980 still serving with SOAF.

I'd love to know where he is now. Any info please contact me:

Roger Moger

I’m the very proud eldest daughter of Sqn. Ldr. John Lutman, who recently died (8th Feb).  Many years ago, through the RAF, Dad and his wife Janet were friends with Roger and Madeleine Moger.  Roger and Madeleine split up, but Dad remained close and caring; he asked me to let them know when the time came.

I’m therefore looking for Roger Moger, who probably served with John Lutman late 50s/early 60s.  If anybody can help, I’d be really grateful – I’m trying very hard to honour my promise to Dad.



Gladys Jones

I’m looking for my great grandmother Gladys Jones also known as Cissy, believe she may have worked in one of the NAAFIs or been in the forces.  She originally came from llay but her family moved to Hightown, born 1914. Any help appreciated


My Grandfather who lives in Gillingham Kent is turning 90,he served with the Typhoon Ground force squadron in Dorset,Sussex and Scotland from 1942 – 1946.

I am searching for anyone who knew VICTOR (VIC) TERRY who may have been in this Squadron or if anyone has more info on this Squadron.

Many Thanks


Anthony Tagliaferro

Does anyone know a Anthony Tagliaferro who coached and managed the united kingdom RAF football team?

Alex Farmer

Harold John Barham

Anyone please who knew my father Harold John Barham. He served  at Hendon, Boscombe Down 97 Sqn then to 166 Sqn. On to Felixstowe 1938, Hornchurch 65 sqdn, posted to Norway no 9 S.F. on the frozen lake.

Then posted to Halton then to Brize Norton 1943.  He was a flight engineer with wartime emergency commission.  Please contact me. I have lots of photos and would love to share them with other relatives or old comrades of his.

Please contact at

Many thanks

Harold Jnr





275 Squadron

My Grandfather, Alfred 'Alfie' Blackburne was in 275 in WW2 - based out of Valley, but often away with them elsewhere, including over D Day.  I have quite a few pics, including his little cottage outside the base where my father was born on D Day.  The cottage is still there amazingly - double glazed now though!    Alfie died in 1988, but we talked many times (when I was a boy) about his RAF career as he helped me construct airfix WW2 aircraft models and we watched the airshows together.  My Gran is still on the go at 92 and we shall hopefully have Alfie's records (finally) this week.  Is there anyone still alive from 275?  It would more great to talk to them about their experiences, if possible, and share the pics with them.  I have some of Alfie's recollections he passed on to me also - he was in the RAF from 35-45.   I see Sir Stuart has some good pics up here - would he know any 275 folk still around? 

V best 

Nick Blackburne  tel 07967 496727


"Griff" was our Supplier Instructor at Admin Apprentice School, Bircham Newton & Hereford, 1961 - 1963.
We held our 50th Anniversary last year and we all wondered what became of him. It was thought that he played hockey for the RAF.
Any knowledge of him would be gratefully received.
David Tinley (44th Entry)

Please contact me on 07866 085834 or

Robert Peake

A friend of mine, Colin Warrington, is looking for an ex colleague Robert Peake, who was an electrical engineer with the RAF and was in Singapore during the late 1950's.  Colin was at RAF Seletar from 1955 for two and a half years and that is how he met Robert (or Bob) Peake and they became good pals. Colin got married in Singapore and Bob was his best man. Colin was transferred to RAF Honington after the time in Singapore and he came out of the air force in 1959. He had kept touch with his pal for a while and then they lost touch.

Colin is now 74 and he would love to know how Bob had fared over the last 50 years as he recalls the good times they used to have. Colin is not on the computer so I offered  to help him find his pal.  

Many thanks

Georgina Dent


Hi, I’m TED WILLIAMS from Barnet Hertfordshire, and served in the RAF from 1952 to 1957, did my square bashing at West Kirby and then moved on to Weeton where we used to go dancing in the Tower Ballroom as well as the Winter Gardens, I was training as a Motor Mechanic, and eventually moved on to RAF Seleter in Singapore, where I became the RAF Malaya Boxing champion and Singapore ABA champ, I also represented Singapore at boxing in Australia. After my overseas tour I moved on to Weston Zoyland which I thought was Germany but turned out to be Somerset. Anyway I finished up at RAF Merryfield from where I was demobbed.

If anyone out there recognises me my contact is

Ted Williams

RAF Sealand

I was trying to find a US serviceman who was stationed at RAF Sealand around 1953-1954. His name was John Thomas and he was from Florida and roughly about 18 years at the time.

If anyone has any information on him or what useful resources i can use to track him down. That would be great!


Tom ?

Seeking First Name Tom (purveyor) served with me in the Catering Sqn HQ 1960-1961. I do not remember his surname. Came to see us in Cyprus in the 1960's with a friend from El Adem. I think he lived in Nicosia for a time.

Many thanks 


Keith “Yorky” Harrison

Seeking information on Keith “Yorky” Harrison last seen RAF Lyneham 1953-55 billeted in the infamous  in Hut 36.

Any information on Yorky or any of the other lads who were in hut 36 would be very much appreciated. Yorky originated from Cayton Nr Scarborough Yorks

Jim Semple  4097176  Sec R.A.F. Transport Command Veterans Association

Phillip Hester
I am looking for Phillip Hester. Was at Prince Sultan Air Base in 1997

Tina Austin,

Alex (jock) Rutherford

I am Alex (jock) Rutherford 4030539, Compton Bassett 1948.

Served Changing, FEAF Signals Centre 1949-1952 as a W/op now 81 years of age and living in Australia.  Like to hear from any old mates.

Violet Rose Simmonds (nee Bloomfield )

My gran who will be celebrating her 90th birthday on Sunday very much enjoyed working as a Radar Operative in Birmingham during WWII, however her memory is failing her, I would love to try and get in touch with anyone other lady who was also part of the Radar Operative Team in Birmingham.  My gran is called, Violet Rose Simmonds (nee Bloomfield ) also known as Rose. My grandfather made my gran destroy lots of her memories in photographic form etc as his recollection of the war was not a good one I believe, so I have been unable to gather any further infor.

Kind regards and lots of thanks.


Singapore Signals Centre

Wish to make contact with Singapore Signals Centre pals at Changi from February 1948 until September 1949.

In particular, Eric Harvison;   Clive Preece and "Chota" Jacques. Others include Jimmy Giles and Gordon Hillier.

Dave Alston

Robert John Webb

I am interested to find out any ex-service men of RAF Scampton, Lincoln who could have known my father Mr Robert John Webb I beleive his would have been around 17/18 years of age in 1944.  If you could help by knowing him, please let me know on my email address:

Kind Regards

J Atkins

RAF St Athan 35th Entry Armourers

Are there any ex Boy Entrants from RAF St Athan 35th Entry Armourers interested in keeping touch.

My name is John Murray, I was in Hut J10 between Oct ’58 and April ’60.

After passout I was posted to RAF Scampton, then Bruggen and finally back to Waddington in Oct ’64 where I remained until demob in July ’70.

At Waddington I was in the SSA.

Neville Lloyd Vidale

I am  trying to locate anyone who knew Neville Lloyd Vidale stationed in Cyprus around 1960 in the RAF. He was born in Trinidad West Indies in 1920.

Shiela Mcloud

Hi, I'm looking for Shiela Mcloud she was a NAAFI manageress.  I worked with her in 1980, she was very short with red hair and very fiesty this was in Edinburgh but she worked with the RAF as well. I would be very grateful of any help.Maureen Mcelhinney known as mo.

RAF Cosford 47th Entry

We are looking for all RAF Cosford 47th Entry AWM's with a view to holding a 50th Anniversary reunion in 2012. We have a group on Friends Reunited so please take a look, you may find your picture there.

We would love to hear from you.



Howell Roberts

I served with 651 Sqn between 1958 & 1961,would like to make contact with others who were at the base during this period.

Tom and Dot Cooper

I’m seeking any help finding family of Tom and Dot Cooper and son Melvin of 35 Lambeth Walk, RAF Seletar dates 1961-72, believe they hailed from Manchester. Melvin would be around 60 now. I am ex Australian army, now retired in Brisbane.   Len Eaton  mobile 0400242077

Mrs M Clark

My name is Hugo Harris and I am in my 3rd year at Brighton University studying Fashion and Dress History.

I am currently conducting a case study with 7 other students on three paper dress patterns. Each paper was addressed to a Mrs M Clark two at RAF Butzweilerhof and one at RAF Henlow.

We would like to make a request/ search out for a MRS M CLARK based at RAF Butzweilerhof and RAF Henlow during the 1950's.

Any information and help we at Brighton university will be extremely grateful,

45th Entry Boy Entrants Ground Wireless.

I'm trying to trace the above for a 50th Anniversary Reunion of our enlistment in January 1962.

30 out of 109 have been traced to date.

Please contact suddesr<AT>

Thomas Harrison Appleby

My dad was a bomb aimer in World War 2 as part of 619 Squadron.

His name was Thomas Harrison Appleby.

Amazingly he survived the war but died in 1986.

Does anyone know anymore information about my dad, the squadron or the other crew members?

Kind regards

Lynda Osborne

Penny Ruth Hallows

I am trying to find Penny Ruth Hallows who joined the WRAF in 1961 September at spit legate Lincolnshire UK

She was training to be a Draughtswoman...her home was Chichester Sussex UK. spelling of her last name could be Hollows!

Regards Paul Taylor

ERNIE ENTWHISTLE and TERRY RYAN (both Corporals based in Fontainebleau)

Does anybody know their whereabouts? 

Colin, Keith, Don, Arthur and Jim have all reunited and are keen to find Ernie and Terry. 

Ernie lived in Rochdale and Terry lived in Ipswich.

The Fontainebleau Veterans Association has been formed of which we are all members and our Reunion Dinner is the 8th October 2011.  It would be a fantastic reunion if we could trace both of our old mates.

Please contact Colin:


I am trying to find CATHY ALLISON who served in RAF GROUND CONTROL in GIBRALTAR in 1970 – a special wedding anniversary/reunion is planned & we can’t find her!!

Robin Rous

Robert Hardwick

Anyone who has information on the career of Flight Lieutenant Robert Hardwick, who was a Lancaster pilot please contact Geoff Lenthall []

Sarah Ann McCaldon

I am trying to make contact with anybody who served with the above at 5(C)OTU in 1945. Sarah Ann McCaldon was my mother-in-law, but she and her husband are now deceased/My mother-in-law was discharged from the WRAF in February 1945 on compassionate grounds. I have her service record, obtained from RAF Innsworth. but as haven’t been able to trace anybody who may have served with her, I wonder if you would be able to help me, or point me in the right direction.

Bruce Cooper.

Cpl Ron Duery

Looking for Cpl Ron Duery cpl Mt Kasfereet He was my Best man at my marriage  At  Alexandria.

Tom and Dot Cooper

Can anyone help me find relatives of Tom and Dot Cooper and son Melvin from 35 Lambeth Walk, RAF Seletar, Singapore. We were good friends but lost contact some years after they returned to UK. Melvin would now be about 60 years old, and I believe they hailed from Yorkshire. am now retired Australia mob phone 061 0400242077   Len Eaton

Roger Peters

Does anyone know whereabouts of Roger Peters - 47th Entry St Athans - Electrician?

William James Kenton

I would like to hear from someone who knew William James Kenton - No. 5 Sqn, 1935 North-West Frontier India or any information concerning Mr. Kenton. Please write to
Thank you.

Henry (Harry) Neville Atkinson

Flying Officer RAF

RAF Volunteer Reserve Squadron 500

Killed in Action 15/11/1942 Malta

Wife Anne of York also killed in England during German air attack in 1944

If anyone knew Harry or Anne please contact me with any information you may have.

Thank You

Judy McKenna

John Sherrott

John Sherrott served with 35 Squadron Washington conversions 1951-52? recently turned 80. Living in Australia for the past 44 years. If anybody remembers him or served in 35 I’d love to hear from you. Dad keeps busier than ever today, proudly wears his bomber command jacket to commemorative services and  keeps a nice model of the plane on display. email me or dad

Cpl Dennis Percival

Derek Taylor is looking for Corporal Dennis Percival at RAF Stanbridge in 1954   Are you out there Dennis?

Get me at

Looking for my father

I’m looking for my father, worked at RAF base? Carlisle airport during 1979. met Adurey 18, please will you contact me, I know nothing about you, not even your name, I’m 31 years old and just want to know who you are. I have a son of my own. Please if anyone worked these or knows anything. Even if it’s a name of someone else that worked there, anything to get me started, even if your not sure, Please contact me. Thank you.

Pete Reynolds

Looking for Pete Reynolds who was the captain of a Victor at Cottesmore, a Victor Mk 1 on 10 Squadron.  I, as a humble Cpl Engine Fitter was his next door (caravan) neighbour.  Pete was Welsh and was married to a very charming Joan.  Would love to get in touch.

  Sincerely,   Bryan Beames.

Tony Smith

Trying to find one Mr Tony Smith was in the RAF on National Service between 1952-1954.Was living in Suffolk at that time, then told he was in or near Heathrow Airport if any one no's anything please get in touch with me at

Walter Hugh Wasey

Walter Hugh Wasey was awarded the DFC in 1945 while flying operations for No 226 Squadron.  I am looking for memories of him and the people he was with at the time.

 Warwick Wasey

Douge Withers

Douge Withers at Chigwell in 1954 from Keith Shore Liverpool would like to hear from you email

Shirley Barrett.

I am looking for anyone who was based at RAF Valley around 1958-1962 and knew Shirley Barrett.  I can be contacted at

ACW called ‘Woody’

This is a very long shot. Does anyone recall an ACW called ‘Woody’ who was at RAF Compton Bassett in May 1951.  I would like to hear from anyone who knew her or has information about her. As I say, a long shot without a surname. Thanks from ‘Ben’ Bennett.

Alan Batty

I am trying to find a friend of my father's who he served with when he did his national service.

My father's name is Alan Batty and he was at RAF Bicester then RAF Lichfield with 2MT company/MT squadron between 1952 & 1954.

He would love to hear from anyone who served with him at that time especially Denzil Carter who was originally from South Molton, Devon but later moved to Canada and then America.

Any information gratefully recieved

Many thanks

Helen Berks

please e-mail:


ROBBIE PHILPOTT served RAF Laarbruch Germany 62 - 63 ish.. Married to Anne he was an electrician..  Gerry Stone would like to get in touch, married to Denise.

contact  I am his daughter in law many thanks

Leslie Edward Timms

I would be grateful for your help in finding  LAC Leslie Edward Timms.   He joined the RAF as an armourer in November 1942 and subsequently served in North Africa.   I had worked with him previously in London.   I lost touch with him after the war.   Many thanks


Sid Hutchings

Could anyone help me to find a good friend Sid Hutchings SAR 22 Sqn, RAF Valley about 1983 I believe he left valley and went to Germany, my name is Ken Tatlock I ran the club which catered for all your Christmas functions, [great times]. Thanks


Looking for.... JOSEPH HAUGHTON.... worked in NAFFI as Accountant, WW2 in the Middle East.  May have lived in Liverpool.

Any one with any information please get in touch
Thank you.

Vince Clark

My name is Vince Clark aka Blondie, Lofty I was an  SAC instrument mech posted to 247 sqdn RAF Odiham July '54 to Nov '55.I would like to hear from anyone who served with 247 during this time.


A stab in the dark, but I’m trying find information on a Royal Canadian airman billeted in Bournemouth ww2 1944-45 at the Royal Bath Hotel, his name is/was: -

HARRY(ANDY) ANDERSON, aged then about 22. I was his lady friend for a time, and he taught me how to jitter-bug!!  He came from TORONTO, and I believe he was an officer. Anyone with any information please contact JUNE INSKIP. then BEALE.

Many thanks. sent on a friends w.mail reply to

Chuck  Parker ... 54 - 56

West Kirby               Square bashing  54

Compton Bassett    Radio Training school. 54

Aldergrove.              54/55

Falmouth                  55/56

Any one remember my Dad.. Chuck.  He was stationed at Aldergrove.. Northern Ireland as a wireless operator (he always said he was the worst that the RAF ever produced).. Sang with a vocal group there 'The Harmonics'.. Did local camp shows and appeared on local radio.

From here they sent him to Falmouth on Air-Sea-Rescue. He reckoned this was their way of getting rid of him. ..  He's a bit of a character.... Doesn't take life too seriously... always' ready for a laugh...

I am sure he would like to hear from some of his old mates if any are still around..


Robby Robertson

I'm looking for RAF pilot Officer Robby (not Robbie) Robertson, who trained at Fort Duncan in Eagle Pass, Texas, USA, in 1943.

Mark and David Hesketh

Just by chance - is Mark and David Hesketh on Facebook? Mark and David attended Bishopmill Primary School, Elgin - Swam for the local Elgin Swimming Club and played water polo for the Strathspey & Syncro water polo club..if your about check out my site and clock in.. Robbie Russell

Thanking you in advance for any responses you make.

Eric Coleman

Anyone remember me?  Eric Coleman, member of No 123 sqn, electrician in MEF & INDIA 1943-44.  My telephone number is 01889562960 it would be great to have a call if any bods are still in the land of the living.

Marion Thomas

RAF ST ATHAN 1947/48 did anyone know Marion Thomas - WAAF.   Could you get in touch please.

Don Gould

Don Gould RAF Engineer Died Sun 28 /11/2010. He served in RAF from 18 yrs. old to 23 in Gosport Nottingham. His wife is Cathleen Gould , Killucan Road, Kinnegad , Westmeath, Ireland.   He was age  77 (I think). He was most proud of the Royal Air Force

May you find it in your hearts to contact his wife

Best wishes

Rory Toner 001 353 87 4115300

Rory Toner

41 Riverside Lawns, Kinnegad

Westmeath , Ireland

682 Squadron

Is there anyone still around who was in this squadron in 1944 and remembers Walter Silva-white, one of the Spitfire pilots who died in Italy in April 1944 aged 20?

Alfred Milliken

520 Squadron

I am trying to find if there is anyone from the 520 squadron that was stationed in Gibraltar.  A very good friend of mine was in that unit and would love to know if there are any other survivors…..his name was Hutton Griffith and he was born in Guyana and joined the RCAF through the West Indies.  You may contact me at    Thank you.

RAF Laarbruch

John Roberts (nick name Cheshire) would like to hear from any of the sqn.

Fg Off F R D Tyler

Anyone  any  information  about   BAFO  5988/46  Lubeck  my father  was  there  in May  1946.  He  was  a  Flying  Officer  at  the  time.  Regards  Alan H. Tyler

No 3619 Fighter Control Unit

This photo above was taken between 1951 and 1953 and was sent in by Ken Blower, if you recognise yourself and want to get in touch with Ken send an e-mail using the link above.

South Cerney 1952-55

 More in hope than anything, are there any of the guys left who served in ground crew during the above dates, Not in any form of order - Chick Hayes, Roy Levitton, Les Middleton, Titch - Junior Bowen, Bob Colt, Roy Standerton, Bob Queripel, so many names. We all shared the same billet during the above dates, my nickname was Sam, why I do not know, true name Bruce but when playing football somehow I got the name of Nat! Ex SAC who worked on the Provost trials and was a participant in setting light to the middle of newspapers of guys trying to read them when sitting in the crew room whilst the kites were up. All good clean fun. Can only remember the name of one of the officers who was a flying instructor - Flying Officer Skirka, I think he was Polish. All I know is that when Titch Bowen left a bottle of Godards Plastic cleaner in the cockpit I signed the aircraft off and F/O Skirka was hit on the head with it when he made a steep bank. Result, Buss go and get a chute. You are flying with me, final result - I threw up 2 days meals after he completed his aerobatics. Then I had to clean up the aircraft afterwards. Titch, I have still not forgiven you!

Have lived in S.Africa since late 1969 and it would be marvellous to know if any of you reprobates are still surviving and even better if I could hear from you.

Bruce (Sam, Nat) Buss   


who served in the USAF at possibly Alconbury or Bushy Park England in the late 1950's and was a senior airman.  We know he had family connections in the Shreveport, Louisianna area.

Any information would be gratefully received on 01726 61015 (England) 07973123392 or

Many thanks

Ken Arden

Alexander Gatrell 'Gat'

My dad Alexander Gatrell 'Gat' was a Sergeant in 265 squadron and I am trying to track down members of his squadron and crew and the location of any relevant records. This may seem a wide remit but he is now 87 and has Parkinson's. I think his plane was named 'Fred'. After the squadron was disbanded, he joined the King's Flight and flew the British prosecutors to the Nuremburg trials, seeing both Himmler and Goering.

His training courses were -

B Flight No. 1 Squadron No. 8 ITW Newquay

No. 9 EFTS Ansty, Coventry

No. 23 Course at 24 Air School, Nigel, South Africa

No. 60 B NR (navigational) Course, George, South Africa

Caroline Gatrell

'Ginger' Woodward

Do you have any information about 'Ginger' Woodward, Kalafrana approx. 1960-61. I am enquiring on behalf of a friend who was in the mess at Kalafrana at about that time. David W Tattersall, Murrumbateman, NSW

Dennis Valtasaris

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dennis Valtasaris (the spelling may not be accurate but it phonetically correct).

I would really like to catch up with him if possible.


Nevil Speechley.

T: 01954 202279

M: 07787 563263

Flt Lt Jack Baker

I would like to find out if there is anyone out there who possibly knew or worked with my grandfather – Flt Lt Jack Baker in the RAF (born 1920, died 1995) from Guildford way; he was a fighter pilot during the war in Hurricanes, then he did a mixture of test pilot work and instructing.

I am keen to specifically find out about his time at Boscombe Down, he was there around 1953-1958 and did radar and Compass work I think? If so can you email me @ Simon.harries<AT> or phone me on 07855042659.


Simon Harries

Arthur Wilkinson 

I'm trying to trace anyone who knew my wife's father Arthur Wilkinson who was an apprentice flight Mechanic at RAF Locking Camp Entry 104, 2 Wing, Hut 1322 A Squadron.  Arthur would have been 36 in 1941 and sadly died some years ago.  We have uncovered his Apprentices note book from Locking Camp and would love to know more.


Barry and Michelle

 Vincent Baldwin

I am looking for info can any body help me. Does any body remember my late father Vincent Baldwin nickname Bronco - Vic. Or his late twin brother Fred nicknamed Tino, both were in the air sea rescue around 1940-1946. If so I would love to here from you. Many thanks Mick Baldwin  Vincents son.

RAF Barnham

Hello out there are anyone who was at R.A.F. station Barnham near Thetford Norfolk in 1943 + and knew Allan Coller (a 4x2 !)     

Especially Bob Emery, Joe Fraser or Even sergeant Maddox !!!  Please contact me

Wishing all fellow ex RAF and serving ones all the best of the coming Xmas and New Year

Tom Cooper

I was quartered at RAF Seletar 61-62 , was with Oz army working radio shack at ck2.  I am trying to contact ex RAF mate  Tom Cooper, wife Dot, son Melvin, from that era. Anyone who knew them in UK may be able to help.   Len Eaton    Brisbane,  Australia

Colin Ambrose

Looking for Colin Ambrose. St. Paul's School. Lived in Barnes. Parents had two grocers shops in Kensington in the 1950's early 1960's

Mr Bertram Gostelow 1916-2000 (RAF)

Did anyone serve with my father in North Africa 1942-1946.

Thank you

William Thompson/Thomson

I am looking to try and urgently find information/contact William Thompson/Thomson, born circa 1952, of Scottish decent and joining the navy/air force to be posted RAF Honington at the Barnham Camp Suffolk, England in 1973.  Information greatly received.

Many thanks for your help

Charlie Deakin

Gordon Macdonald

I am trying to find out if any members of my fathers regiment are still around in the UK.  His name is Gordon Macdonald and served in the RAF Regiment 181 then 3 Squadron in Oldenburg, any info appreciated

James Henry Baldwin

I would like to find any family or friends of James Henry Baldwin he was in the R.A.F. between 1949 and 1953. Stationed RAF Sennen and Egypt I don't know where else. He was an LAC and was a driver. I am trying to find out information about him for our family tree. He died in 1964. He came from Enfield Middlesex but settled in Falmouth Cornwall.

Maurice Bright

Hi anybody know of a Maurice Bright who served during the Malayan Emergency in the early 1950s? Am planning an reunion for him If possible? He was in jungle patrol then went on to become Vice with the Police in Singapore. Lived in Blk 151 under Changi Murals 'Last Supper'.


Derek J W Headon

I was 3011053 Derek J W Headon (Lank) served from  2nd  June 1943 at Padgate - to Blackpool (W/OP) Course - to Compton Bassett (3RS) passed out Jan 1944 and Posted to RAF Lyneham, served as W/OP HF/DF during the run up to D Day.  Played in Goal for Signals Section in the Lyneham 6 a side cup, which we won. Collected a medal from the CO ,  Group Captain Pickhard. Then to 7RS South Kensington for a W/OP MSR Course. Billeted underground in the Science Museum when a V2 took down a row of  buildings  on the other side of the road. Moved to Compton Bassett to finish course. Posted to RAF Leighton Buzzard for work on the circuit, brief visits to Birdlip and Great Whitcombe and back to RAF Bletchley then to RAF Putteridgebury and back to Bletchley as i/c under Flt/Lt Harry Pope of the Release Section for 90(Signals)Group until finally releasing myself on 19th June 1947 via 101 Personnel Dispersal unit at RAF Kirkham.  I should be delighted to hear from anyone that recognises me, especially Harry Pope - G. Murrey Smith who lived at Montrose in Scotland  who worked with me at the Release Section at Bletchley in 1945  and   -  Les' Cooper who lived at Woodford,  or Woodford Green, London.  and was on the W/OP MSR - with me at Compton Bassett in 1944.  The CO at RAF Bletchley in 1945 was Group Captain Passmore and the Admin Officer was Wing Commander Forrest.

Many Thanks - D.J.W. Headon   


Does anyone know of reunions for RAF/FEAF personnel serving at RAF CHANGI, SINGAPORE 1958 - 1961 who may have during their 'spare time' were voluntary members of the Changi Broadcasting Unit.

 Eric Lainchbury DFC

I am assisting Eric Lainchbury D.F.C. who is 89 and in hospital, to see if any of his chums are still around from 431 Royal Canadian Air Force. He is British and has given me several names of the men who he flew with.

Frankie Guillan (whom he thinks has died), Stanley Morris (who lived in Ontario), Johnny Geddes, Jerry Wilson (who married a De Beer), George Marris (who changed his name)

I apologise for any names spelt incorrectly as well as any incorrect information as I am merely repeating what Eric has told me.

He would be very interested in any info.

Many Thanks,

Leda M Dunn

Derek Francis

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Derek Francis who was a member of Direct Entry 87 Air Signallers course at Royal Air Force Swanton Morley in 1953?

Ross Kelly

I was in the USAF stationed in Germany between 1978 and 1981 with Ross Kelly, his wife was named Yvonne, can anyone help me locate him?

Jerry Tovar

Technical Instructor

Fujitsu Network Communications

Work 972-479-2039

Cell 214-470-5433

Advance Landing Ground Unit

As a member of the Advance Landing Ground Unit that I believe joined force with a detachment of No 3209 Servicing Commandos in India before going first to Meitila, Burma I wonder if you have more information. I still have photographs taken in Saigon and the radio station near the airport. Doubt if many of us are still around

Thanks & Good wishes

Norman Furse


ARSA, the French Association Rhodanienne pour le Souvenir Aerien, very active in the Rhône Valley area, will this time be dedicating a memorial in the village of Chonas l’Amballan (Isère - France) on Saturday, 5 June  2010 at 10:30. It’s 20 miles (32 Kms) south of Lyon RN 7.

The ceremony is to honour the memory of four 301 Squadron airmen who lost their lives on the evening of 27 July 1945. Their twin–engined Vickers Warwick CIII HG 226 crashed into the mountains when returning to North Weald from Athens, Greece. Possible cause: heavy local storm.

We are actively searching for family members and friends to attend the ceremony. Or aircrews from other Polish squadrons with whom these men are known to have flown. They were:

Pilot:      F/Lt Alojzy Ratajczak (Member Guinea Pig Club)

F/Eng :   Sgt  Eugeniusz Kocon

Nav :           F/Sgt Antoni Jan Mikolajczak (A De Havilland Mosquito MkVI combat veteran)

W/Op :   W/O Franciszek Bak

The graves of these young men are side-by-side in the British Military Cemetery near Marseille.

Although 65 years have gone by- and time isn’t on our side- we’ve had the good luck to be in contact with the navigator’s nephew in Warsaw.

So if any readers can come up with whatever information please write to me : Also if you are in the Lyon area on the day, a warm village welcome awaits you.

Brian J. MILLAR,

email : brianmillar<at>

Paul Mathevet - © Association Rhodanienne pour le Souvenir aérien  ARSA

Ivan Brown

I was in the 13th (engines) Cosford how can I get info on this. After Cosford I went to Malaya 54/58

Ivan 1924280  I now live in New Zealand

Corporal Ronald Crane

Does anyone remember my father Corporal Ronald Crane who was a PTI and boxer. He was Bengal champion and won numerous cups whilst serving with RAF regiment in India during WWII. He was stationed in Secunderabad and Calcutta. We would love to hear form you.

Looking to locate and make contact with the following that served with me and were in my entry for apprenticeship at Halton.

Kevin Doyle; Mick Boag; "Tex" Haughton; Alan Philpot; Kevn Arthur; Michael Noonan and Steve Hornby.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ray Butchart (ex Sgt)

37 Squadron, Malta

I was doing my National Service in 1953 to 1955 (approximately) with 37 Squadron in Malta after training.  I would be interested in hearing from any other ground crew in that Squadron at that time.

Roy Lynch – Tel: 0208 4642040 – email eleanor.lynch<AT>

Flt Sgt John MacAskill

Does anyone know of my late father F/Sgt John MacAskill?  He trained in Oudtshoorn South Africa, from 31 Aug 1942- 2nd Jan 1943.  He was then with 13 O.T.U Bicester before his first  tour of duty with 98 Squadron 3rd May 1944.

The Aircraft he flew were :-   Anson, Oxford, Blenheim(1V), Boston (IIIA), Mitchell (IID)

It would be lovely if there's anyone still living that flew with him, especially Sgt.Nicholson who he seemed to spend most of his tour of duty. 

Many thanks,

Fiona MacAskill

Photo of John MacAskill

John 'Tom' W.H. Lawton

Looking for John 'Tom' W.H. Lawton who was the Engine Trade Manager on 139 (J) Squadron at Wittering in the 60's. 'Tom' was later commissioned and was at TSAF Luqa.  Also Pete Pettit Cpl/Tech Engine Fitter.

Thank You

Tony Regan

Keith W Jarvis

I should like to find an old school friend Keith W Jarvis who retired as a Wing Commander and then acted as a flying instructor in the Reserve.

He was at Dover Grammar from 1953-60 and then at Cranwell.

Peter Piddock

Sean Bernard Hobbs

I wonder if you would be able to help me find an old school friend who was at Locking?
His name is Sean Bernard Hobbs, DOB 29/6/66, and he was at Locking in DAD73-8221. He did 6 weeks basic training at Swinderby in 1984, moving on to Locking until June 1985. He was with another old school friend called Karl Edmond - who I have managed to trace, and both of us would like to try and find Sean.
Many thanks

Judy Rose

2941 Sqn, R.A.F. Regiment

We were formed up at Barackpore Race Course in India before going to Secunderabad I don't think there are many of the Squadron left as I am 86

I only know of 3 so if there are any more would love to hear from you'


47th Entry - Boy Entrants

I was in the 47th boy entrants entry at RAF (Credenhill) Hereford 1962=1964 Supply and am interested in finding any others from the same entry. Anthony R Duckmanton.

 3500 FCU

I was a member of 3500 FCU at Cliftonville, Margate, Kent.

I am trying to contact other former members who knew Harry Howe and Gerald Bailey.

Doris Howe (née Bailey)

Weston Zoyland

Gary Murray Calling anyone who served in the RAF at the above station is the fifties. Give me a call on 07501 296 465 or email on

Harry O'Donnell

I'm trying to track down a Harry O'Donnell who was a trainee Aer Lingus pilot during 1956 at Croydon airport.

Does or anyone know of him or his whereabouts.

Thank you


RAF Chigwell 1955-1958

Hi I was at RAF Chigwell in the Equipment Section 1955-1958 and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. I was known as Eddie Calvert but real name William. Contact me on Joy.calvert3<AT>

Rose Bishop

Hi I'm posting this for my grandma Joan Woollen was Leigh at the time she is interested to hear from a Rose Bishop she was in NAAFI Wiltshire Compton Bassett around 1950 rose bishop  was unable to read or write but has a fantastic singing voice this is the only thing that my grandma remembers and they were great friends hope you can help thanks JENNYKELLY1983<AT>YAHOO.CO.UK

Bill Brooksbank

Did/does anyone know of a Bill Brooksbank from the UK.  During World War II he trained in Halbrite, SK, Canada.  He became good friends of the Dawson family.  He corresponded for sometime saying that he was in the Search and Rescue as well as an orderly at East Grunstead “Guinea Pigs Club” in England.

We do have some past photos of Bill.  Did he marry, have children etc.? 

 Please reply and share your information to Marlene at

652 AOP Squadron.

My name is Malcolm Kirk.  I was an SAC at Detmold, West Germany  1953 til 1955.

Looking for anyone who was there at that time.

My Email.;

RAF Stanbridge

Looking for any ex RAF/WRAF who were telephonist at RAF Stanbridge between 1955/57 in view of org a reunion

Jim Handley

Looking for (Cpl) Jim Handley, Seletar 1966-68 - just to say "hi and how are ya?"

Sue (nee Levy)

Russ Austen- Medlen

Anyone left out there of Medics of the 1052/55 at Cosford Hosp. Brighton, 3701 Unit  Wroughton Hosp  RAF Wahn SSQ Group 83 Med Stats. Like to hear from all. Russ Austen- Medlen 

Leon Carberry

I served from Jan '61 to 1972. 'Square Bashing' Bridgnorth, trade training Compton Basset, Stationed Stormont House Belfast and Aldergrove,  Henlow, 224 Group Seletar, Kuching, Tawau, Cranwell, Barkston Heath, HQ No 1 Group Bawtry, Finningley and finally Boulmer. I now live in Perth, Western Australia and would love to hear from anyone.

Arthur Croker

My name is Arthur Croker. I was at Compton Bassett 1959/60 before being posted to Eastleigh Nairobi for the rest of my national Service. If anyone was there with me please contact

John  Dubois

Looking for John Dubois born August 13. 1939. He was serving in 1961 and 1962 in Geilenkirchen Germany with No 3 or No 11 Sqn.

Kind regards

Ed Steur

Family Scicluna

I am looking for some people who served in Malta around 1973 with No 203 Squadron. If there are any friends who we know can get in contact please.

Whitley V, T4159

Can anyone put me in touch with any of the relatives of the crew of:

 Whitley V, T4159 GE-J of No 58 Sqn from Linton-on-Ouse on a raid to Mannheim.

The aircraft is believed to have come down in the sea off Torbay, but why is not known.

The full crew was: -

Sgt S V Smith

Sgt K L Watson

Sgt A Gowing-Scopes

**Sgt J Rowlands

Sgt J W Chamberlain

** My Uncle Wireless Air Gunner  - Volunteer Reserve, originally from Redcar Yorks


David Rowlands


This was the nick name of Compton Bassett legend, Flt. Sgt. Burns, who served there from around 1954 until the station closed in 1964. She was in charge of the Airman's Mess and produced the best meals by imposing a high standard of discipline on the thousands of trainees who passed through No. 3 Radio School.

My question is, what happened to her?  A similar question posted on Service Pals about four years ago resulted in just one suggestion which stated she was last heard of in Hereford. However, it wasn't clear if she was posted to the RAF station or had retired to that location.

Mike Wells.

NSA from 1957 to 1959

Paddy Taylor

I am looking for Paddy Taylor served RAF Akrotiri Cyprus 1960 /1962 he and myself and WO Simms started a diving club at Akrotiri, if anyone can give me any leads I will be most grateful.  I have a reunion on 12th September and would like Paddy to be there after more than 45 years so thanks to anyone who has any information. My No uk 01489600054 any time

Many thanks to all kindest regards TONY PEPPERELL






14 Flight AAC

I was with 14 Flight AAC at Seremban the capital of the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan during 1957/58 (Austers Mk 9) as a national serviceman J/T (electrical) trained on the last of the direct entry J/T courses at RAF Melksham and would welcome contact with anyone who was there. We were the last RAF personnel to support the AAC in this theatre and were replaced by REME personnel trained at Middle Wallop. I returned to the UK at RAF Thorny Island with 2 ANS (Varsitys and Meteors) and remained in the service at Thorney until 1965 with the change to 242 OCU in 1962 (Bevs).

James Sancroft

South Creagh – 610 Sqn

My Father, South Creagh (ex 610) is having his 90th Birthday celebration next January 23rd at North Tamborine Queensland 4272 Australia. Any pilots he flew with or knew him or J Johnson and wish to attend these celebrations planned for next January, can they please let us know, so we can cater. Also we can help with accommodation (address and emails of Hotels etc) if required.

Planning a big day!

Please forward to all interested parties.

I tried putting a notice on the 610 assoc web site but code entry does not let me list this notice!

Contacts are

(61) 7 55453970


Andy Creagh


I am looking for anyone who served their National Service during 1957-1959,with attachment to Air Traffic Control,

Here's hoping. Brian Richards   Newport, South Wales.

The Count

I am looking for any who may know about Polish Air Force Training School at Perton, The Wergs, Wolverhampton from 1938-43 and a pilot officer known as 'The Count' whose name was Antoni, friend of Doreen, many thanks, C Donald

Albert Jones

I'm looking for anyone who knew my grandfather - he was a navigator in raf squadron 142 during WWII, trained in Canada and flew with a pilot named Albert Jones. He sadly has cancer and doesn't have much time so any information would be greatly comforting for him and to the family.
Many thanks in advance,
Sarah Meakin

Geoff Simpson

I am writing on behalf of my father, Geoff Simpson, originally from Lancaster, who served at Follyroch Radar Station near Havafordwest in 1942. He also served later in India.

I recently took him back to Roch and we were able to see the remains of the Unit quite clearly. He would be keen to hear from anyone who may remember him.


David Simpson

Cpl John Marshall

I came across your RAF website recently and noted you might be able to help finding ex RAF friends. I lost touch with a very good friend of mine, Cpl John Marshall -RAF Police.

We were at RAF Laarbruch (1970-1972 ?),Germany, together and I would very much like to re-connect with him. He is Scottish, married with 2 daughters.
Served in Cyprus and I think his last station was RAF Lyneham.

Many thanks for any help

125 /176 Squadrons

Seeking contact from 125 or 176 Squadron members  on behalf of my father Sgt. Marc E. (Lucky) Lefebvre (RCAF). Marc and Molly recently celebrated 62nd. anniversary.

Robert Lefebvre

RAF in Rhodesia

My name is Richard (Dick) Lever. I was a flying instructor at RAF Heany, Bulawayo 1943/45, and did all my training at Mt Hampden/Heany/Norton. I also played saxophone/clarinet in various bands. Completed RAF service instructing at Wheaton Aston/ Watchfield/Kirton Lindsay before demob 1946. Any old friends please contact at Induna45<AT>

RAF Salalah

I guess my thoughts of my short service life were re-kindled when looking at a cruising holiday & came across a possible visit to Salalah.  - When I was  stationed at R.A.F Salalah 1959/60 as a Wop. (I'll never forget Morse Code) & had  a great 12 months there as a National serviceman but looking at the now "city" of Salalah it bears no resemblance at all to the barren place it used to be - I am amazed.

As normal - have lost any contact with a great bunch of lads I had the pleasure to meet there.

Thomo. Taafe. Dunc Whalley. Woody. Ollie etc (George the Camel !!!) - there were only about 50 of us in total.

If anyone reads this that just might remember me please put me in contact if they recognise these names.

Looking for Frank MacClean

I believed Frank served in Borneo/Sabah in 1968

Grant Dixon 0121 428 4666

148 Sqn

Good morning I am trying to locate members of 148 Sqn stationed in Malta during ww2.

Geoff Penman

194 Sqn RAF Regiment

I would like to hear from anybody who served their National Service in the 194 Squadron RAF Regiment during 1955 - 1957. contact me at 

Regards Leo Heath

Mervin Hopkins

I am looking for a Mervin Hopkins he was in the 616 Squadron from approx 1942 to 1950.



RAF/Royal Signals

I and two of my Royal Signals colleagues were serving in Munster in the October of 1953, when we were selected for a special job. We were separated from other members of the Regiment and after three months’ training, were sent, for further training, to two RAF units, the first at Buckeburg and the second at Puttgaden, both in Northern Germany. During these three months (from January to March ’54), we three were ‘seconded’ to the RAF and had, inter alia, the singular honour of operating a “Wurzburg” radar system. At the beginning of April we were sent to Austria in advance of the creation of a joint RAF/Army Detachment in which we served until the end of the year, rejoining our home Regiment in January 1955. It is just possible that someone who was based at Buckeburg or Puttgaden might remember the three Royal Signals ‘Caballeros’ who appeared in their midst for a brief time. If so, I’d be delighted to have them contact me via your website or whatever.

Maurice (Moss) Hardeman

Any ex ground crew or anyone who served with  28 Squadron in Hong Kong  and at Sek Kong, New territories, between 1949 to 1952. Any replies and information would be appreciate, also anyone who was stationed at R.A.F  Cosford, airfield  flight groundcrew 1952 to  1955

Maurice (Moss) Hardeman..Airframe mech


Jimmy McKie Heron

My dad, James (Jimmy) McKie Heron (of Irvine Scotland) was a wireless operator in RAF in WW II stationed out of Uxbridge Middlesex and others.  Dad trained British RAF wireless operators for 1 year in Medicine Hat Alberta during the war as well.  My dad passed away April, 2000 from cancer.  He had written a book, yet unpublished called Angels san Halos.  A fiction tale (loosely based on his experiences) of an RAF man in WW II.

If anyone remembers him and has a story to tell it would be greatly appreciated.  I will be adding these to a scrapbook I am making for my mom's upcoming 85th birthday. 

Also I was wondering if anyone knew and/or served with Mr. Robert (Bob) Robertson RAF during WWII?  Bob originated from Yorkshire England and saw extensive duty in North Africa.

Any information would be greatly appreciated for our family tree/scrapbook.


Valerie Heron

212 Squadron

I'm writing on behalf of my Father-in-Law, Eric Robinson, who worked as an engineer on Catalina flying boats for RAF 212 squadron, based in Korangi Creek, Karachi during 1942-46.

Anybody remember him?


Jim Ashton

2771 Squadron

My father  served in 2771 Squadron during WW2 and i wondered if anyone remembered him CPL Clifford Golding.  I would love to hear from anyone who was in that Squadron.

Regards Steve Golding

406 Squadron

I am writing this for my Dad, Jack Jarvis.  He worked on Mosquito planes, 406 Lynx Squadron.  Any other Lynx members out there? Thanks, my email is mary_janej<AT>

Edgar "eddie" Watkins

Myself and family would dearly love to hear from anyone who may have known my father, Edgar "eddie" Watkins. During WWII dad flew in the 298, 353, and 435 (RCAF) squadrons, he was stationed in Burma. Dad mainly flew in Dakota aircraft.

Very sadly, my father passed away on June 19th 2008 aged 83, following a very short illness. One of his hobbies during retirement was involvement in the RAFA. Can anyone help please?. Thank you. Ian Watkins

No 86 Squadron

I am very interested to contact any Coastal Command 86 squadron - I was shot down and was a POW for 4 years mostly in Stalag Luft 3.  Please contact - Dudley Buck

RAF Ringway

I am attempting to find the whereabouts of SAC Dobson, Uve, Julius working in EPAS, RAF Ringway 1955-1957 or any other personnel stationed there during this period. I would also appreciate any contact and information about possible reunions.

Yours Sincerely

Granville Holmes

ex. 2764301 SAC Holmes G

Douglas Fentiman

Does anybody from your website remember my Uncle, Douglas Fentiman?  He was a Flight Engineer and transferred from 467 to 97 Squadron in May 1943.

Barry Fentiman

1st Yatesbury (RAF) Rover Crew

Whilst serving my training period as an Air Wireless Fitter from October 1954 to June 1955, I was fortunate to join the 1st Yatesbury (RAF) Rover Crew  and participate in the many activities.  

Sorting through some old papers, photos, etc recently, I came across an old hike report for my initiation into the Rover Crew, dated May 14/15th 1955. The two recruits were myself and Fred Frater and we were accompanied on this hike by our two sponsors - Clive Putner and Elwyn Greenwood.

Are any of three guys out there - or any other Rover Scouts who were at Yatesbury during that period?  it would be great to compare notes again.

Barry Rose

No 2 Sqn - 100th Anniversary

No.2 (AC) Squadron at RAF Marham will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2012, a.o. with the publication of the final version of the Squadron history 'Second to None'. The Squadron would like to hear from NCOs and Other Ranks who served in Shiny Two. We would like to receive photographs and stories about their time with the Squadron.

(for) Wing Commander John Turner DFC MA RAF

Officer Commanding No. 2 (AC) Squadron

Hans Onderwater

Squadron Historian

450 Sqn - Charles Gallant

My Grandad, Charles Gallant, was part of the 450 Squadron in World War II he was the only Englishman, he has many photos of his time in the squadron. I know that he would love to get in contact with anyone who was involved in the squadron obviously being from England he lost contact with his pals after the war.
I look forward to hearing from you
Kind regards
Victoria Gallant

600 Sqn

Anyone at Biggin Hill 600 Squadron between 1952-53.

Bob Robertson's the name

Harry Liles

I was just wondering if you could help me my father in law Harry Liles was in 52 rifle Squadron, Egypt {Shaluffa} and I was just hoping you would be able to let me know if any body from the same squadron was still about.

Yours hopefully Sam Horton {Harry’s daughter  in law) thanks again

Eric Davies

On behalf of my father ERIC DAVIES  now deceased. He was stationed at Yatesbury – Hut Y48 C Squadron 2 Wing approx 1944, he was also based at Heliopolis, Egypt in 1945

I have a photo of the squadron he was in

Robyn Johnson (nee Davies)

Dick Aitken

I am looking for Dick Aitken we served together 1957/59 on264/33Squadrons RAF Middleton St George and Leeming. Roy Gilmour (gilly)

Tom Cairns

I would like to get in touch with anyone that served from 1952 in UK also 2 TAF at Gut, Lossy, Ballykelly NI.

David Skinner

Hello... interested to find out whether there is anyone out there who remembers my Dad... David Skinner, who flew Hastings with 70 Squadron from RAF Nicosia in the late ‘50s early 60’s. I am his eldest daughter...born in Dhekalia’s BMH in 1962. Dad’s still very much alive and kicking, but not computer literate (as yet!), thus I am intervening on his behalf and for my own interest. Grateful for any info.

 Thanks, Karen.

Stanley Billington

I would love to hear from anyone who knew my dad. He passed away in 1998 and sadly I don't know  how he won the DFM , any other information about my dad, would be a bonus. Flight lieutenant Stanley Billington 61 squadron. Served 1943 to 1945 I believe he could have been based in Harrogate.

Beryl Smith

Does anybody remember a lady called Beryl Smith, she worked at Bristol Aircraft Factory in 1945.

Ken Taylor

My brother, Ken Taylor, is looking for anyone who was an aircraftsman serving in Sicily-Italy 1941 to 46 armoury section. Would particularly like to hear from (or who knew) Clive Hobbs who's fathers name was Norman. Ken is now 87 yrs old.

205 Sqn

I am looking for anyone that may have remembered Squadron 205 flying Shackelton's in or near the Phillipines in 1964. I have a video of one of the Shackelton Aircraft on the ground at Sangley Pt. Phillipines.

I was in the US Navy in 1964 and was in VP-48 which was a Squadron of Martin P5M's. I was stationed at Sangley Pt. in the Phillipines which is just across the bay from Manila... We had a joint Operations with the Australians, RAF and different Navy Squadrons flying a mixture of aircraft... The Aircraft I am most interested in is the Shackelton that had markings of 205 on the side with a Large Letter C on the Nose...

mostly out of wondering where they were stationed and more about that group or Squadron that flew at that time... Again there is a video on YouTube that shows the Shackelton on the ground and taking off at Sangley Pt. Phillipines... if you would like to correspond about the aircraft and time I would be happy to exchange information.


Ken Fette ATN2

Formerly USN

VP-48 and VW-1

Pflugerville, TX 78660

Ray Butlin

I was stationed at Southern Signals, RAF Follyroch, Haverford West, Pembs, from February 1949 to April 1950 and wonder if there is anyone who remembers me, if so please get in touch.

Ray Butlin, Northampton

What ho ! Crompers calling

CMTSF RAF Stanmore Park '74-77 / ATC RAF Manston '78- 79 / 240 OCU RAF Odiham '80 - 81 / WTF RAF Benson '81 - 82 / TTTE RAF Cottesmore '83 - 85 / Nimrod Flt Sim RAF St Mawgan '86 - 87 now in bonnie Scotland 07872 399896

Can anyone remember my husband Ken Gibson? 

He was stationed at RAF Hullavington from 1949 I think, until about 1952.

He was a radio/signals operator ( and instructor ) in Lancasters (No:149 Squadron) with, I believe the Air Navigation School.

We are anxious to contact anyone who may remember him, or who served at RAF Hullavington during the same period - he remembers "Sid", and David Ingalls who married Beryl a local Chippenham girl! He used to date a girl called "Val" a friend of Beryls.  We have photographs of that period but, unfortunately no identifications!

In hopeful expectation,

Marril Gibson

2825 Squadron

Does anyone remember Arthur Watkins from 2825 Squadron, still going strong at 88.

Please email

37 Squadron RAF Regiment

I served in 37 squadron RAF Regiment 1974-1977 I can remember some of my old pals, and would like to know if there is anyone else out there that would like to stay in touch. I can remember: Jordy Harris- Davy Jones- Graham Duncan- FL LT Bradshaw- Tony Bray- CPL Ray Mears.  If there are any of the names above or any one I haven't listed that read this and would like to contact me then please email me it would be great to hear from you and talk about the old times again. I am SAC David France

Tommy White

Are you an ex instrument basher. Have you any recollections of LAC Tommy White. Stationed initially in the U.K. but from 43 (111 Sqn)  onwards in North Africa.

Thanks Gary White.

Ken Kirk - Mental Nurse

Hi, I'm looking for anyone who was friends with my Dad who served in the RAF until 1973.

Ken Kirk - Mental Nurse

Served at Halton, Wegberg, Nocton, Akrotiri etc

Married to Eileen and while in the RAF had three children: Carol, Susan and Michael.  (Fourth child James born in civy street


Air Sea Warfare Development Unit

Looking for ex Air Sea Warfare Development Unit Lads at St. Mawgan 1956 to late 1958 there after Ballykelly 1958 to 1962.  Any of the above around that time, especially Mike (Pretty Boy) Floyd and Keith Walton.  I am in touch with Alan Gooding who now lives in Canada.

Best regards  Steve (Taff) Whittyemail.

Mike Gilbert

I'm looking for Mike Gilbert, who served in the airforce in the year 1960-1961.  He must be at the age of 67 or 68 years old.  If anybody knows him, please contact me.

Dave Harkness

Looking for contact details for Dave Harkness (Ground Radar) who was in Cyprus (280 Signals Unit Troodos) in the mid-1960s.  He hails for Bishop Auckland, Co Durham and signed up in 1961.

Terry Johnson

Formerly of Leeds and now in Perth, Western Australia.

45 Squadron - Tengah

Served with 45 Squadron RAF Tengah Singapore 1963-1967 most grateful for any information on future get together.  Best regards J W

Byron (Paddy) Manning

Looking for Byron (Paddy) Manning who was a member of 100th Entry RAF Locking and a member of 210 Squadron

RAF Tangmere

My father Albert (Eddie) Foy who was at RAF Tangmere 1946/47 ish who was captain in the squadron football team  would be keen to hear of or from any old mates

Moss Foy, Son of

86 Squadron

Would like to contact someone from RAF 86 Squadron 1945 re my uncle Australian P/O Oswald Goddard killed during service in 1945.

my email address is sbateman<AT>, connot find very much information about 86 Sqn.  Know he flew in Liberators.

Sid Bateman.

Barry Thompson

Barry Thompson   5021516  would like  to from ex members  if they are still alive  nick name Tommy

Richard Brown

I would like to get in touch with Richard (Dick) Brown who was with the RAF Regiment in Livingstone, Zambia from 1964 - 1966, (if my memory serves me correctly!). He was based at Catterick Barracks in the UK.

Hope someone can help. June Lowe (nee Barry)

Cliff Benjamin

I am trying to find a friend of my step-father's who he served with wen he did his national service.

My stepfather's name is Cliff Benjamin (known as Ben) and he was at Padgate, Melkshaw and then Patrington.  He was a No. 2 cook.

He is looking for Tom Appleby from Sunderland who served all the way through with him.


Julie Smith

Reginald Donald Nicholson

Does anybody remember my dad Donald Nicholson.  Full name Reginald Donald Nicholson  Sometimes known as Donny Nick or Nicky.  Served with a number of squadrons including 286.  Qualified in 1942 and became Flight Lieutenant in Bomber Command.  Please let me know. Thanks.   Debbie Daforno (nee Nicholson)

Rose Ann Mulligan

I am searching for Rose Ann Mulligan who was serving the A.C.W, W.A.A.F 1945/46 in the London area.

My name is Mary  e mail (replace AT with @)

219th Locking

Anyone remember being in RAF Locking Craft Apprentices Entry 219X? Especially A (Tony) Webster, M Cundy (Apprentice Band). Names and pictures of those times (1970 - 1972) would be great.

RAF Watnal

Any lads hut 5 PBX from Watnal, 8 miles outside Nottingham, would like to hear from you               

Bill Stannard

Served with Typhoons?

Anyone who flew or worked on Hawker Typhoons for reunion next June in Sussex. Ken Rimell

James Swift

Does anyone remember James Swift stationed at Reykavik I think in 1941/2 as Signaller (Morse Code), He's still an expert.  He tells a story tragically of not being able to guide/help a plane home on Christmas Eve.

Also a tale of a donkey, buts that's another story.

He is now 87 and if there's anyone out there would like to surprise him with information for his birthday.

Son in law - Peter Shaw.

RAF Tangmere 1950-53

Is there anyone out there who did his national service at Tangmere in 1950-1953.

Do you remember me Raymond Hibberd from Portsmouth?

Now retired and living in France

RAF Folly Roch

My name is Alan Vinegrad and was stationed at Folly from late 1952 until April 1954.

I was a radar operator and reached the rank of SAC as most of us did, if you were there please reply to (replace AT with @)

No 194 Squadron RAF Regiment





Ronnie Poll

Ex RAF navigator Pathfinder.  Worked with him at Durham Paper Mills, West Hartlepool. Went on to BOAC after the war, and retired to Australia. Would love to contact him again. Eric N. Harrison ex 228 Squadron.

130 Squadron

Anyone from 130 Squadron, Bruggen 1955 to disbandment in 1957. I was away in UK on a course at Yatesbury, when I returned April/May 57, the whole Squadron had disappeared.

Eventually posted to Boscombe Down, where I finished service. Nicknane "Yogi" air radar tech.

RAF Wattisham

Anyone out there who served at RAF Wattisham in 1951/2?    The good old days!!!  I am now living in Thailand and trying to forget I was 75 yesterday, and wishing I could have a second go...!

Derek Doyle ATC (replace AT with @)

Abyad, Canal Zone

Have you any news of a reunion for ex-RAF National Servicemen who were stationed at Abyad, Canal Zone during 1949/50, please ?

Peter Reeks

RAF Foreness

I have for ages been searching for anyone who served with me at the Radar station at Foreness, on the Kent Coast during 1953 to 1955.  Have had no luck so far.

In my own website there is a part of my biography which refers to my National Service together with pictures.  Anyone out there who was at Foreness and can remember me please make contact - I begin to doubt my sanity because no-one else appears to admit their existence.

Colin Burchett

Eddie Redhead

Served at R.A.F Jurby 1952-54 Stores. Remember two bods Dennis Stott from Manchester and "Taffy" Jones Flint.  Anyone else out there that served around this time.


My father has just passed away. He was a R.A.F policeman and served during the SUEZ crisis.

His name was HORACE WILLIAM HART (BILL).  I think his service number was 4099369 and he was a corporal.

I know he served at the EL-FIRDAN camp around 1955.  He was at R.A.F MACMERRY EAST LOTHIAN  SCOTLAND for a time around 1953. He was also at R.A.F WADDINGTON in APRIL 1957.

If there is anybody who has access to this e-mail who remembers him, please feel free to get in touch , my e-mail address is

Thanks for your time,


Dave Hart     

RAF Stanbridge

There must be many hundreds of Airmen and Airwomen who trained as Telephonists at RAF Stanbridge, Central Telephone Exchange, near Leighton Buzzard between 1945 -1952 and I probably knew very many of them. 

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who served at Stanbridge during those years.

Please contact

88 Squadron

This is a request for the whereabouts of any 88sqdn personnel from the "39-45" conflict, in particular any aircrew who flew the Boston IIIA.  I am making this request on behalf of my father F/O Leslie Valentine who was pilot of "E" Easy when laying smoke on the D Day Landings.  He is no nearly 89 yrs old and would love to hear from any of his colleagues who are still around.  He lives in Oxfordshire now with his wife (my Mother) Vera.  You may also remember The Late Pat McVeigh who was Leslie's Navigator.

To contact me on his behalf my email address is

Regards  Dudley Valentine

RAF Down Ampney 1944-1945

48 & 271 Squadrons For anyone who served on this station, all ranks, also Army on D-Day and Market Garden Operations. Annual reunion every September plus Annual Spring Reunion. Despite the years that have past there are still many of us who get together. Any interested bods should contact our 'Leader' Alan Hartley on 02476 [Swindon]  462659 or email Say that you heard about DA from 'Tubby' Hyde.

RAF Cranwell

I would very much Like to hear from anyone, man or woman who served at West Camp RAF Cranwell, particularly signals, from early 1949 to mid 1950.  I was a telephonist serving in the telephone exchange situated in the Administration Block.  I arrived as a callow A/C.2 and became a LAC after a trade test at RAF Chigwell.  The Signals Officer was Fl/Lt Whalley and a civilian day supervisor name of Sid Peach also worked there. The teleprinter room was right next door and I often did duty as Signals Traffic Clerk.  I remember a A/C named Larry Bazen who went to the far east, I think Hong Kong and we used to talk on the tie lines during night duty.  He was a good friend and there was a fellow mate called Mo Baker. I was of course National Service and was demobbed at RAF Kirkham (Now a HM Prison) near Blackpool on 27th April 1950.  I regret leaving to the present day.

The Exchange equipment consisted of two banks of ancient CB9 (dolls eye) units.

Part of the daily routine was to test the crash alarms for South Drome.  The aircraft in use were Percival Prentice basic trainers and North American Harvards or Texans advanced trainers. I recall  the death of Flt Cadet Sergeant Black, the stepson of Lord Teddar who crashed a Harvard whilst on an aerobatic mission somewhewre near RAF Waddington.

There was a NAAFI Club on the boundary of South Drome, one of the few NAAFI Clubs on RAF stations.  The RAF College Band consisted of many regular musicians supplemented by some National Service musicians. I recall several leaving on demob and appearing in Geraldo's orchestra the following month so they must have been good.  The Bandmaster was a W/O Bangey.

I enjoyed my stay at Cranwell and recall Lord Trenchard visiting to take the salute at a Wings Parade. I left and joined the police when demobbed because of the appalling treatment then meted out to National Service men.  I bitterly regret leaving and should have stuck it out because things change and I hated being a policeman.

I am now 76 and live in retirement at Warminster, strangely enough only a stones throw from where RAF Compton Basset used to be and where I  trained as a telephonist.

I sat and passed my LAC board at RAF Chigwell (before they decided to give them out with the cornflakes) I served as 3115978 LAC Barnes F.A.

I would very much like to hear anything of interest about Cranwell (not all of us were apprentices)

I think the salutory lesson to the authorities is that they should have been a little kinder to the young men of those days. It is possible that many would have stayed on to distinguish both themselves and the RAF in general.  They must show up quite well against what is currently on offer.

Fred Barnes. (replace AT with @)

No 13 OTU

Hi - on behalf of my grandmother who was a happy cook ! any photos or memories of 13 OTU from 1940 through to 1944, based mainly in Melksham and Bicester.

70 Squadron RFC

Looking for any information regarding 70 Squadron RFC in particular Lieutenant Francis Matt Lawledge shot down on 10th Oct 1917

46 (Uganda) Squadron, 252, and 272 in 1942

My father, Albert James Colmer was with the RAF 8th during the Anzio landing and battle at Monte Cassino in 1944. We have many photos from his time in Egypt and some others which may be of interest. He is 83 now, and doing very well.

He also served with 46 (Uganda) Squadron, 252, and 272 in 1942.

If you have any information or would like to make contact, please contact me anytime.

Best Wishes

Ian James Colme

r+618 8449 5975

38 Squadron 1940 - 1944

Would welcome any links with personnel in A Flight, Ground Staff, 38 Squadron from 1940 - 1944, particularly news of Fred Eldridge, formerly of Borstal, near Rochester Kent.

Doug Woods

Looking for Peter Musket

Hello! I´m looking for Peter Musket o.s. who has been in RAF in Ahlhorn  West Germany 1960. he must be 65 vears old. thanks!

No 19 Squadron

Is there any reunions for 19F Squadron, RAF Wildenrath 84 - 86?

No 3612 Fighter Control Unit

During my National Service, I served as a Radar Mechanic with the Unit at RAF Dyce from July 1951 to November 1952.

I would also like to hear from anyone, Auxiliary or permanent staff who served on the unit during that time.


No 27 Group HQ

Trying to trace the Drawing Office personnel at No. 27  Group H.Q. @ RAF Cherhill during the period of Feb 1957 to Sept 1958, and also the staff at School H.Q. drawing office @ RAF Yatesbury for the period of Sept 1958 to Dec 1958. please contact Ron Stempfer (SAC) at

205 Sqn

My Father served in ww2 in the RAF, Squadron 205, based in Seletar Singapore 1944 ish. He was on the Sunderland flying boats. He would like to contact anyone who was in that squadron to talk of old memories, and possibly meet old friends. He is 85 this year. It would make him very happy.

Thank you for your help.
Dennis Rose.
        my e mail address is

Trained in Rhodesia?

Jerry Drew Flying training in Rhodesia 1943 would like to contact Richard Eccleston, Peter Burgess, or anyone else on the course.

RAF Jever

RAF Jever (2nd TAF) is very active with re-unions. A group is travelling back to the station in August. Suggest you look at the web site It must be one of the most comprehensive web sites dealing with history of the RAF


Tony Bennett

Worcester, Perdiswell Airfield

Worcester, Perdiswell Airfield, RAF 50 Group and Flying School. From 1940 to 46 various RAF Personnel were billeted at my family house. I remember Flying Officer Davies and his wife and young family. There was a Flt Lt Medland I remember from the Christmas parties my parents gave in Ombersley Road. I would be pleased to receive any news, no matter how sad.

The Butty
Frenchlands lane
Lower Broadheath
Worcester  WR2 6QU

Spring, 1956
Norman Kellett would like to contact members of the above course with a view to a Reunion.
Already located are: Norman Kellett, Peter Berryman, David Richardson, Mike Elsom and Brian Lawrence
Still looking for:  ACs  Harry Butterworth, Stuart Denham, Peter Moule Arthur Cartlege, Michael Arscott, Keith Elliott, ? Carter, ? Gee, Mike Baker 578, Malcolm Baker 275, Pat Cain, Mike Helps,
ACWs Ross, Abel, Handley and Weaving.
Instructors:  Cpl. Elsie Pritchard WAAF, LAC Smith

21 OTU

I am looking for any old Erks who served at 21 OT.U, Morton-in-the-Marsh, On the Radway & Idlicote Bombing Ranges 1943- 46 Sgt Russell Rees, Cpl Clifford Cox any others, 'old Erk ' would love to talk of those long gone happy days when we were young and fit without a care, I would do it all again if it were possible!!

Don Griffiths.

Tel.01834 842026.or 

Looking for David Summerfield
My father John Kelly served at RAF Odiham in 1953 would dearly like to meet up with David, as he was best man at his wedding. David I believe lived in Crawley,  Sussex and his father was a herdsman. I believe he also worked for Alfa Laval.
If anyone can help then please email:
Thank you

No 46 Squadron - Stoney Cross

I would like to hear from anyone who could give me information about 46 Squadron at Stoney Cross Airfield (1945 – 1946). My late father, (Leading Aircraftsman) Dennis Charles Hutchings, served at Stoney Cross and I am trying to confirm whether or not this was with 46 Squadron.

Please email via the website using the link above.

Many thanks

Neil Hutchings

Cpl. Brian Atkinson

Would like to contact Cpl. Brian Atkinson. Last contact was at R.A.F Binbrook late 1960's. He was in the MT section. Anyone give me any information Please.

Chris Burkitt

Re: Flt Lt Bernard Mooney – 236 and 252 Sqdns

I wish to contact anybody who may have flown with or knew my late Uncle Flt Lt Mooney who flew with both 236 and 252 Squadrons. I am trying to put together as much information as possible together in relation to his wartime experiences and would appreciate any contacts, stories, reminiscences. Please contact me at the following e.mail address:

Spitalgate/Frecklton/Uxbridge/El adem 1963-65

Anyone remember me, Brenda Wearmouth known as Chalky.

Regards Brenda Morley
100 Group/192 Squadron

Anyone from 100 group 192 squadron based Foulsham special ops Eric Robinson flight engineer 85 years old contact or 07866 773532

No 266 Squadron

Looking for any 266 squadron members. I served at RAF Rattlesden 1960 - 1962 on Bloodhound air to surface missiles. Do you know of any photographs? At least 3 were taken of the whole squadron with a missile as a back drop. Any information about this squadron in general would be appreciated as I am putting together a squadron history. Please get in touch.

Contact -

Fred Woodhouse (Ex SAC. FUSF), 6 Shingle Close, Barton Hills, Luton, Beds, LU3 4AR

R.A.F. Patrington

I would like to contact anyone serving at RAF Patrington during January - March 1952 who remembers the night watch when we alerted the East Coast and sent combat ready fighters to investigate unexplained radar signals. We found a civil aircraft - SAS - trying to find its way from Norway to Holland and brought them safely into a Yorkshire airfield.

I can be contacted at
S Alan McKinstrie 
Fl/Lt. E.G.Keep.

Looking for anyone who served with 75 MTLRU France, Belgium, 1944/5  and 32 ASP Avadi, India , 1945 and Iwakuni, Japan, 1945/6

No 205/209 Squadrons

Hope some of your readers can help track some of the elusive 205/209 Squadron Sunderland Flying Boat Squadron bods, we have an important reunion coming up in 4 years time.

No 524 Squadron

Is there any interest in a reunion of 524 squadron? My father in law is 84. His name is Ted Field and he flew Wellingtons as part of Coastal Command with his mates Goldie and Snorkel. If there is any interest please get in touch.

Adrian Sutton.

Croydon 1957-58

I am looking for a long lost colleague. His name is Jim Williams who worked at Croydon Airport 1957 1958 as a teleprinter operator. I would dearly love to find him and if there are any other colleagues that worked there at that time have you had any reunions? Please do get in touch.

Relations of A/Cdre A.E Clouston.
I am searching of any relations of A/Cdr A.E Clouston. I am living in New Zealand but anyone from overseas is still welcome to contact me. He was a cousin to my great grandmother. I am wanting to find anyone else who is related to him to share stories, information and just general contact.
Contact details - Fraser Clegg.
A.L. (Jack) Kermode. 

I am trying to find out more about A.L. (Jack) Kermode. 

A.L. (Jack) Kermode was aircrew (possibly a navigator or a bomb aimer) with 49 Squadron based at RAF Fiskerton near Lincoln until October 1944 and then moved to RAF Fulbeck in October 1944.  I believe he was a sergeant at the time. He flew 1 op. with  P/O Lee and a further 27 ops. with F/O Burns, the last one being on 11 November 1944.  According to the Air Force list at the Public Records Office, Kew , there was a Pilot Officer A.L. Kermode who was subsequently promoted to Flying Officer before he was discharged from the RAF at the end of the war.  This is all I have to go on at the moment.


David Beesley

3 Woodhill Avenue



Tel: 01524 424540

George Robertson

Searching for George Robertson born Dundee 1920 - served as wireless operator / AG 1944-5

His brother James Ritchie b 1910 is searching for him.  Last contact in 1952.  Any knowledge please make contact via 

RAF Croydon

On behalf of the Archive Team of Croydon Airport Society, I should like to contact any RAF, WAAF, RAAF, RCAF or European air forces personnel (of any rank)who served at RAF Station Croydon from 1939 to 1946.

The CAS would like to record their memories for posterity.

Frank Anderson


Croydon Airport Society 

Hong Kong 1955 - 59

Came across this site while looking for photos of Meteors for my 5 year old son in order show him the planes his Grandad worked on in Hong Kong in the 50’s. His name’s Jim Elsdon and I couldn’t be sure what the squadron no. was or the exact years but would probably be around 1955-1959 – I wondered if anyone knew of any reunions for those who served their national service there.


Steve Elsdon

Steve & Janelle Elsdon, (0033)0456161095 or 0615042518,,, No. Siren 444 219 562.

RAF Bicester

I am interested in any reunions for RAF  Bicester   Signals Section 

No. 1 Squadron (RAF) 1938-1941

I'm looking for anyone who knew W/C Mark "Hilly" Brown.  He came from Manitoba, Canada, and was my grandmother's sweetheart until he got shot down over Sicily in 1941 (she met and married my grandfather two years later).  Hilly joined the RAF in 1936 and was the first Allied pilot to fly a captured German fighter (he flew a captured Bf109 from France to England), and was credited with 17 or 18 kills.  I also know that he did some flying with expatriated Czech fighter pilots too.

Anyway, I'm looking for anyone who knew him and would have some stories about him.  I have some newspaper clippings that my grandmother kept about him, and I'd love to share those with anyone who is interested.

Please email any information to me at 

Grahame Beresford

RAF Westwood, Peterborough

I work for a multimedia company, Blue Slate Media Ltd and we're making a documentary about RAF Westwood, Peterborough during World War II and are looking for anyone who was there or knows of anyone who was.  If anyone one has any photos/cinefilm we could use it would be much appreciated.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Kevin Brett 

Looking for 'Nicky' Nethercotte

I would like to trace an RAF pilot who was stationed at RAF Lossiemouth circa42/43, who was befriended by a local family by the name of Cowie. I only have scant details of him, believed Sgt. Pilot, thought to have led his crew back across desert after crash. Worked on ATC at Lossiemouth. Was known as 'Nicky' Nethercotte, but this may not be the correct spelling of his name as there are a few variations. He left 'Lossie' prior to Arnhem operation and may have been involved with gliders.

Agnes Jones (nee Cowie) Bury Hall Lane, Gosport Hants PO12 2PL.  02392-584306. 

No 104 Sqn - 1943

I am trying to find any aircrew who were doing training at No1 Air Crew Wing, R.A.F. Yatesbury ( 88 Unit, A Sqn ) 1n 1942.  My name was Cadet Cunningham and I ended up in North Africa, on Wellingtons (Wimpys) in 104 Sqn, 205 Group.

Yours sinserely


N° 66 Sqn. 1945

Is there anybody out there who knew me, ex W/O Lawrence V KNIGHT?

13th Entry RAF Yatesbury

Looking for any one from the 13th Entry RAF Yatesbury circa 1951 - 1953

Please drop me an email
Thanks very much

No 514 Squadron

Hi! My name is Wendy Flemming.

I live in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada

I have spoken to most of you at one time or another and we share the special thread in that we all have an interest in RAF 514 Squadron.

My Dad, Ross Flemming, was a Navigator and was stationed at Waterbeach when he met my Mum,  Mary Frances Beddison ( who was  a WAAF there). They fell in love and were married on September 7, 1944 in St. John the Evangelist Church in Waterbeach.

They never spoke much about their time in the Air Force, but I was always very interested. They have both passed away now, Mum in 1977 and Dad in 1997.

Early in 1997 I  purchased my first computer  and started researching 514 Squadron.

I now have a database of  250 names and recent addresses of fellows who served with 514. I have helped numerous fellows find their crewmates from that time in their lives and the sound of their voices when they have met an old friend – is my reward.

Included in this database are approximately 15 fellows in and around the Vancouver area

No.2 Field Squadron RAF Regiment

Any members of No.2 Field R.A.F Jever 1953-55, 2nd T.A.F.  Please contact Geoff. Wilson on

No 63 Sqn. 1954-1958.

Is there anybody out there who knew me,

ex S.A.C John M.Woods?

No 671 Squadron Reunion

We are in the early stages of holding a 60th anniversary Dinner for 671Sqn RAF and AAC.  Any one with an interest please contact the undersigned.


JG Stewart-Davis
2ic 671 Sqn AAC
Telephone: 94 329 4425
Facsimile: 94 329 4017

Denny Scragg

It is getting pretty late in the day for contacting people we were with during the second world war but  better late then never. It is too bad that I had to wait until in my early 80’s to start enjoying the endless joys of e-mail.

I would like to contact anyone who was on the Sqdn.[608] from N Africa to Naples.    Your web site is darned good.

George Edward Clark

Any former colleagues of my father George Edward Clark 70 Squadron WW2 Egypt/Tabruck etc
Dad recently lost his love of 57 years and his life is very empty now and I feel sure he would love to hear from any of his old pals
Please contact me at
Brian Clark
Station Road
East Yorks
DN14 8NF
Many thanks

RAF Marston Moor

The Secretary of the Tockwith and District Show would like to make contact with any ex-servicemen stationed at RAF Marston Moor during the war.
In the first instance please contact C Saunders on

 No 2602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron RAuxAF Regiment

Anyone from 2602 Squadron, City of Glasgow RAuxAF Regt. still around.?

Squadron was disbanded in 1956 and majority joined 15th (Scottish) Bat. (TA) Parachute Regt. in effort to keep squadron spirit alive.
C.O. on disbandment was the late Sqdn. Ldr. J. McIntyre, MBE (Previously Wing Cmdr. D.D. MacSwein, OBE).
Information, please, to:-          or    or

600 Squadron

Anyone from 600 sqdn Biggin Hill, 1954 - 1957. Mk 8 meatboxes

Bill Simons.
(Part of the Davis twins and Martin Chatfield team)!!

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