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All e-mail addresses have had the @ replaced by <AT>, so if you wish to reply to any of these entries, please copy and paste the address into your e-mail browser and replace <AT> with @.

Date:    12 Sep 2022
Time: 22:39


I have visited the RAFWEB website a multitude of times - and am still staggered by its scope, depth and authority.: it is a monumental work.

Many thanks.

Best regards

David Barker

E-mail:  rossandrosie<ATi>
Date:    7 Sep 2022
Time: 17:17


My dad

HAYWOOD, Flight Lieutenant Paul, CdeG(Fr).

NZ411971; Born Wellington, 22 Jun 1919; RNZAF 23 Mar

1941 to 3 Nov 1945; Pilot.

Citation Croix de Guerre with Gold Star (Fr) (5 Jun 1946):

[124 Sqn RAF (Spitfire)] As Flight Commander, this officer participated in 25 operational sorties directly concerned with the liberation of France. During these missions he led his flight with outstanding skill and courage, qualities which were reflected in the efficiency of the personnel under his command.

Between Apr 1942 and Sep 1944 he flew at least 264 sorties.

Carol Greenwood (nee Haywood)

E-mail:   alexsmart629<AT>
Date:    25 Jun 2022
Time: 22:12


Alex Smart

E-mail:   dawn1312<ATi>
Date:    3 Jun 2022
Time: 02:01


John Reeder - 3515846

My dad is 87 now

His email is

E-mail:   ianhyden<AT>
Date:    6 May 2022
Time:    17:05


My Dad served as a Driver in 45 Squadron in Burma early 1942.

Captain Ian Hyden MILT., BSc., TA. (ret’d)

E-mail:    barbarajkelly<AT>
Date:    7 Apr 2022
Time: 14:21


I have found your website extremely useful in tracking down airmen who were awarded BEMs in 1944-45.  I’m particularly interested in those who were in the Knokke area of Belgium.  ALG B-83, in Knokke, was one of the most heavily mined airfields the RAF Bomb Disposal teams ever dealt with, but precious little is known of the operation to clear both the airfield, the German Atlantikwall defences along the Knokke coast and also the local environment.  I have a diary of my Dad’s who mentions working there, but also similar from a friend of his;  Dad was stationed there for about six months and recorded over eighteen and a half thousand mines removed from the area.

Thank you

Barbara Kelly

E-mail:   jawsjfk<AT>
Date:    9 Feb 2022
Time: 23:16


Looking for info concerning the shooting-down of 76 Sqn. H-P Halifax Mk V on night of 3/4 November, 1943. The German pilot was Otto Fries. It was, I believe, his third ‘kill’. He ended the war as an ace, with five ‘kills’.

Halifax Markings: MP-X, known as ‘X for Excelsior’.

Pilot: Dennis Hornsey

Mid-Upper Gunner: Sgt J.K. Davis.

The M-U Gunner was my Uncle Joe. His nickname was ‘Fussy Davis’.

I am trying to get some detail of said Halifax’s nose art, ‘Excelsior’.

I know it was a mailed fist, with the index finger pointing straight up.

What I’d like to know  are its colours, size, and position on the Halifax.

My brother wants to make an accurate scale model of the plane, and gift it to Dennis Hornsey’s daughter.

Gary Davis

E-mail:  hayman741<AT>
Date:   9 Feb 2022
Time: 04:13


I'm doing research as part of a group called RAF Culmhead Research Group and if anyone had relatives based at Culmhead, feel free to get in touch .

Stuart Hayman

E-mail:  catherine.mellin62<AT>
Date:   21 Jan 2022
Time: 01:26


Stuart Mellin

E-mail:  jrhardyb<AT>
Date:   28 Nov 2021
Time: 19:24


I am researching a Corporal who served in MAAF and AHQ in 1945 and may have been the driver for Sir Guy Garrod.

John Hardy

E-mail: david.baker<AT>
Date:   4 Nov 2021
Time: 12:59


Thank you for creating this interesting web site. As the grandson of Air Chief Marshal Sir Geoffrey Salmond and the nephew of MRAF Sir John Salmond thank you for their entries and the reference to my mother’s book from Biplane to Spitfire.

Group Captain D H G Baker MBE MA FRGS RAF Rtd

E-mail: ad.dolphin<AT>
Date:  22 Oct 2021
Time: 17:36


Tony Dolphin (F1941283)

Doing research about his father then Sgt. Harry Dolphin who was a cipher specialist at No. 90 Staging Post, Ascension Island, believed to be there 1944 - 1945. Retired 1961 W/o H B  Dolphin (519776)

A Dolphin

Alicante Spain

E-mail: phisa<AT>
Date:  15 Oct 2021
Time: 13:39


Philip Sutton

E-mail:  gersue84<AT>
Date:  26 Sep 2021
Time: 22:41


No10 ITW,

My uncle  Sgt Pilot John Llewelyn,  88 Bomber Squadron,  KIA 21.08.1942

With thanks

Geraint Llewelyn

E-mail: rg.mcmullan<AT>
Date:  29 Aug 2021
Time: 19:56


Roy Mc Mullan 43rd Entry St. Athan and Belfast sim Brize Norton.

E-mail: rowena.clarke39<AT>
Date:  11 Jul 2021
Time: 10:46


Wonderful, informative site.   My late father  James S. Middleton was a radar mechanic RAFVR from 1940 -46.  His records when I obtained them were very scrappy and contained many initials which I have at last unravelled BUT one of the last entries was for Base 43.  Now I know he was still at Driffield . From what I have learned so far was that he fitted radar into aircraft and especially Handley Page Hampdens and Halifaxes.  Working in Group 4 Bomber Command he was posted to many squadrons sometimes for just a day.   51, 158, 420, 466, 640 and I know he was based at Wittering and in Driffield.   I have photographs taken at unknown dates and locations which I would be willing to share should anyone be interested. I am not a member however so this may not be possible.   Very many thanks.

Rowena Clarke (Mrs)

E-mail: outlook_8EDAE549C9BB97A2<AT>
Date:  21 Jun 2021
Time: 23:53


Was posted to Seletar 1961-63 with Oz army. Leader in the 2 cub packs on base. Some names….Ricketts, Milam, Cooper come to mind. Please email if you have any old names/pics.   

Len Eaton (Tassie)

E-mail: olliesnr44<AT>
Date:  10 Jun 2021
Time: 19:35


My name is Steve Oliver (ex RAF sergeant). I'm looking for old friends from RAF Innsworth (1977-1979). First an SACW Jessica (telephonist). CPL Dave Richards. SACW Kay James (MT Driver). CPL Jan (MT Driver). If anyone can shed any light on any of these people, I would love to hear from you. 


Date:  18 May 2021
Time: 00:51


My Uncle Sgt John Llewelyn KIA 21.08.1942 was a pilot in 88 Bomber squadron , Im looking for  88 squadron picture as ours has been lost in house move

With thanks

G Llewelyn

E-mail: billespie<AT>
Date:  16 May 2021
Time: 17:20


Great site, one of the most complete and thorough reference centres on the Web for all things “light Blue”.


Bill Espie

E-mail: doug.savill<AT>
Date:  3 May 2021
Time: 22:18


 I was looking at 276 Squadron photos.

I think I identified my uncle Alfred Davis (wearing flygear standing in front of aircraft), he ditched and drowned off Aberreiddi, Wales in November 1942 and the prop of his Lysander is on display at Haverfordwest after being recovered in the 1980's.

I say I think it is him as he is holding his gear the same way as a photo I have

E-mail: gusbaalexander<AT>
Date:  23 Jan 2021
Time: 14:23


Alexander Gusba. Signaling from Windsor Ontario. Go Lancaster sqdrn. Much love for all of us pilots. 

E-mail: achgelis<AT>
Date:  31 Dec 2020
Time: 14:02


I'm looking for info on Flt Lt John Leslie Crosby and  Flt Lt J C Alexander, both MAEE, RAF Helensburgh. Alexander killed 1941 when Saro Lerwick crashed. Info wanted for Helensburgh Heritage files.

Thank you

Robin Bird, journalist author.

E-mail:  maurice<AT>
Date:  14 Dec 2020
Time: 19:45


I spent the bulk of my National Service at 291 MU RAF Stoke Heath from 1955-1957, but have find anyone else who was servicing radio compasses at the same time as me, or indeed anyone else from that time that knew me. Contact welcomed.

E-mail:  Chris Preston
Date:  30 Nov 2020
Time: 06:39


My Great Uncle was Wg Cdr GH Stainforth, RAF.

E-mail:  robert_rudd<AT>
Date:  25 Nov 2020
Time: 19:27


Usually I follow the RAF 93 Sq Jever site as this was the last station I served at during my 4 years in the RAF. I made a search for RAF St Athan with a hope of contacting ex colleagues from my time there. Your site came up, I haven’t, as yet, had the opportunity to investigate the site properly, but initially it looks very interesting.


Robert Rudd (Bob)

RAF History, called up national service but signed on for 4 years, to continue with trade as Electrician.

Joined 1951

Demobbed 1955

Served at the following stations:-

Cardington, Cosford, Melksham, Honnington, St Athan, Jever Germany.

Trade, Electrician Air (although worked on motor vehicles at 1 mtru, Honnington)

Photo shows me at home in Sth Essex prior to my posting to Germany. ’Bike’ had to stay in UK

E-mail:  wrap25<AT>
Date:  16 Nov 2020
Time: 00:00


Paul Ralph ex Weapons Trade Manager 3(F) Squadron Harriers at RAF Laarbruch and RAF Cottesmore Dec 92 til Feb 00.

Thanks very much!

E-mail:  kempenfest<AT>
Date:  8 Nov 2020
Time: 23:57


My father Joseph Anthony Aikins served in No. 45 (Atlantic Transport) Group, R.A.F. in Dorval P.Q. as a navigator beginning Feb 2, 1944. His photo is included herewith as is a document I found from McGill University. He only served a short while. Went on to get his medical degree and served as a family physician in Barrie Ontario until he passed 17 years ago. I’m one of 11 children. I wish I had asked him more about his service. He never talked about it unless you asked.

Joseph Anthony Aikins  J A Aikin's Record Card

Tom Aikins

E-mail:  zac.brightmore<AT>
Date:  23 Oct 2020
Time: 16:15


Very interesting and humbling reading about all these great men.

Grandson of Air Commodore A G P Brightmore.


E-mail:  ZZ91530<AT>
Date:  5 Jan 2014
Time:  02:03


My brother TJB ZADWORNY was a pilot in RAF Sqns 289 in Scotland and  No 114 in Italy where he was KIA. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him. Thanks. 

E-mail:  Andy.Thomas<AT>
Date:  7 Jan 2014
Time:  19:59


Hello my grandfather was in 459 squadron in North Africa in 1943 to 1944 and died in an accident in February 1944.  Would love to hear from anyone with connections. 

Andy Thomas

Mobile - 07968725075

E-mail:  alan.shepherd12<AT>
Date:  24 Jan 2014
Time:  15:44


Very interesting. I joined 541 somewhere about July/August 1956 as a electrical/mech air and remained there as an SAC until it was disbanded Sept 1957. After that I joined No 2 at Geilenkirchen until I was demobilised Feb 58. Still have a photo of the disbandment day in my possession. Air Marshall Sir Humphrey Edwards Jones, AVM Ubee sitting in the front row. Certainly brings back memories.


E-mail:  hollythompson555<AT>
Date:  27 Feb 12014
Time:  17:12


hello my grandfather was in 2713 squadron at predannack and I would love to hear from anyone who knew him thank you

E-mail:  kirsty.gossage<AT>
Date:  25 Feb 2014
Time:  20:41


My Grandfather Leonard William Cooper was one of the tragic crew that died on 11th Jan 1955 in the Shackleton crash

We know an engine was found - but no one seems to know where is it and if it is displayed to go to see etc

Every year we go to his plaque and lay flowers in Cornwall

We would love to speak to people who have more information - although over the years we have collected stuff from Journalists and some info at Kew Gardens

Please contact me if you have any further information

Kind regards


E-mail:  rxforester<AT>
Date:  3 Mar 2014
Time:  13:15


Fantastic web site.  For other interested folk, my research centres around RAF Watnall where my father S/L M F Perrins was CO from 09/1945 - 01?/1946. Also my father's service in India 1942 - 45, where he spent most of it in Filter Rooms, is also of interest.

Interestingly, the complex which still exists at Watnall is in the process of being turned into a family home & eventually a B&B by Jamie Brown & his wife! (Featured recently on TV)

Many thanks

David P

E-mail:  bruce<AT>
Date:  4 Mar 2014
Time:  09:14


My late father flew Wellington bombers on anti submarine and Atlantic convoy escort duties (26 Squadron SAAF seconded to RAF 298 Wing ), based at Takoradi during WW2. Being fascinated by all things Air Force & flying, particularly WW2, I found this site absorbing and have spent quite a bit of time browsing it.

If anyone has any info/pics pertaining to 26 Squadron SAAF, or the RAF activities at Takoradi, I would love to hear from you.

26 Squadron SAAF has a website at and is constantly looking for more information & material to add.

Best regards


E-mail:  alipaly2<AT>
Date:  8 Mar 2014
Time:  15:19


Did anyone know my deceased father : Glasgow. William Taylor, RAF 949498.

Career :-- 2/4/40 RAF Cardington, 6RTP, AC2. 609 Sqdn, 26/4/40. IW9 Melksham 9/9/40 Instrument Repairer 21/11/40. 1941 AC1 to LAC. Then 46 MU 27/11/40 - 1/10/42, then to 44MU 20/11/42 and NWAAF 12/3/43. To 156 MU Blida, Algeria, 10/4/44, and to 9(P)AFU, RAF Errol 27/4/44, then 5(P)AFU RAF Ternhill 21/6/45.

Ending at RAF East Fortune 1945 when he was married, to a Mearnskirk, Glasgow nurse, Mary Green Halloran, also deceased, prior to demob.

I would be interested in any knowledge of my father or mother prior to, and

during the war, as I have recently started my family history. Son,

Alistair Taylor.

My thanks to the originator of this very useful facility.

E-mail:  janeyj7<AT>
Date:  16 Mar 2014
Time:  12:48


What a wonderful website this is! I was able to look up my Dad's old squadron (180) and see the emblem they used and a picture of a Mitchell bomber too. Dad was a navigator in World War 2.

Thanks so much for the effort you have put in!

Jane Johnson

E-mail:  conifer3149<AT>
Date:  18 Mar 2014
Time:  23:45


Came across your site by chance, and although rather late in the day wondering if any of my former RAF colleagues are still around. Was at  RAF Chivenor 1949/1951. Interested in finding Norman Furzeman who was in Clerks office there, and David Smith who was at RAF St. Athens clerical side. Both "lads" were originally from Plymouth.


Tarry Farr.

E-mail:  pam.lyd<AT>
Date:  18 Mar 2014
Time:  10:16


I have found my ancestor and heaps of information about him, but am still in need of more.  An excellent website.  My ancestor, whom I never knew existed was Sir Harold Thomas Lydford, Air Marshall – b.1898, r.1956, d.1979.  The Air Force records do not mention marriage or children.

We share a 4/6 x gt. grandfather born in 1759.  I live in Western Australia, originally from New Zealand.  I am now trying to find if he and his wife, Isabel Smart, had any children but have found none in England, and am now looking in overseas births.  My father married one Verena Mary Smart so I tell people I know I am at least half smart.

I think you have an excellent website.

Pamela Gaye Lydford


Western Australia

E-mail:  thequailary<AT>
Date:  21 Mar 2014
Time:  23:24


Looking for the chaps that knew my dad John Spencer Geater (Taf) he's on your rock ape roll of honour was wonderful to read. Many thank you`s kind regards Lisa R Geater

E-mail:  ritchieisabel<AT>
Date:  10 Apr 2014
Time:  10:42


Just checking a few queries
Isabel Ritchie

E-mail:  morrison21<AT>
Date:  18 Apr 2014
Time:  07:54


Kai Tak 1956-1957. Station Armoury.  best posting I ever had.

Alex Morrison.

E-mail:  md.outram<AT>
Date:  25 Apr 2014
Time:  06:33


I have just moved and found information about my RAF service.
I was with 208 Squadron in Egypt, Abu Sueir.
I was LAC Michael Outram 2547224
I  worked on Gloucester Meteors.
Because I am now 80, probably most of us have mostly gone.
This is just a "Hello".

E-mail:  christine<AT>
Date:  14 May 2013
Time:  14:34


My Dad [Jim Johnstone] was a pilot with 299 squadron in 1944-45 and has clear memories of towing gliders and delivering stuff to Norway. He's 93 next month and still going strong.

E-mail:  jhnlancashire<AT>
Date:  2 Jun 2014
Time:  09:59


I think it is a very helpful looking site, I have just sent an email re My Uncle Albert Bishop Lancashire for info hopefully someone will reply


John Lancashire 

E-mail:  tony.deane<AT>
Date:   6 Jun 2014
Time:  12:16


I have finally come across a site which really means something.

Served in the RAF as an airframe mechanic  from 1963-1968. I served at Tengah on 64 Sqn and on 61 Sqn after 64 Sqn was disbanded. I would  be interested in contact with any ex 64 Sqn people reading this email / site. Dixie Deane

E-mail:  colinb<AT>
Date:  9 Aug 2014
Time:  12:56


I  am looking for any member of the RAF Regiment stationed at RAF Oldenburg  1956  to  1957, or any member of the station cross-country team,  ie  Don  Shelly, Graham Stark,  Roy  Vass  Cpl  Daly,

E-mail:  peter-andrews<AT>
Date:  22 Aug 2014
Time:  11:01


Thanks for a very interesting web site. I have used it on numerous occasions in my research and intend to join. Keep up the good work.

E-mail:  caspa111<AT>
Date:  18 Aug 2014
Time:  22:55


 A very interesting site.

I finally found reference to a badge I have in my possession.

The RAF Medical Branch Hat Badge 1918 – 1920, showing the Ankh.

Thank you for making the site available to the public.

Wendy T

Canberra, Australia.

Date:  19 Aug 2014
Time:  21:27


I was at RAF Biggin Hill in 1992 as it closed 

Ex sac Andrew bailey

E-mail:  museum.resistance.verzet<AT>
Date:  14 Sep 2014
Time:  21:26


We appreciates your very special pages about our  Belgians airmen who fighting the Germans enemies during the WW2.

Much congratulations about your sites !!

Thank you very much for to keep the memories en always for we staying stand by  prepare a new battle for our democracy !!  Each day we support our friends of NATOS organization.

Long life to our British Friends. Live Our Queen ! en Respect for her.

Jean-Jacques Bouchez.


Musée de la Résistance de Belgique

(National Museum of the Belgium Résistance)

E-mail:  kingdon379<AT>
Date:  22 Sep 2014
Time:  16:15


Was looking at your very extensive site. My father flew Hudsons I believe over Burma. He was D F T Kingdon believe based at Palam. Anyway I do not have a pay pal account and I think my sons may have, lovely site so far,,,,M Kingdon

E-mail:  deemcs<AT>
Date:  17 Oct 2014
Time:  02:21


My grandfather, Kenneth James Potter was a Canadian Wellington pilot on loan to the RAF WW2, he flew with squadron 221 around North Africa and Tripoli for submarine patrol. My brother has most of his diaries, logbooks etc but I'm looking for anyone who has any info, memories, connections to Ken and his crew. One of his crew members was Bill Fulcher from Arkansas, USA.

Thank you so much,


E-mail:  robertdehartog<AT>
Date:  6 Nov 2014
Time:  23:11


I am conducting even more inquiries of my father's service in the RAF during World War Two.

I know he served in 320 Squadron in September 1944 and was active during Operation Market Garden. He also was a member of the Royal Netherlands Naval Airforce subsequent to 320, as a pilot with 860 Squadron in Northern Ireland. Also the #6 Auster Squadron after that. He trained in Canada under the Commonwealth Air Training program in 1943.

I have all log book entries and an album showing/indicating my father's initial status as a Dutch Army soldier in 1940, his escape to Porthcawl Wales in May 1940, and his attachment to the RAF subsequent. I have his original operations RAF wings.

My father: Robert H de Hartog ( 1916-1994).


Robert de Hartog (jr)

Ottawa Canada

E-mail:  jimhumphrey<AT>
Date:  28 Nov 2014
Time:  04:36


My name is Jim Humphrey and am/was related by marriage to A/M Sir Frances Fressanges

E-mail:  john.vigor<AT>
Date:  29 Dec 2014
Time:  17:49


I am the son of Wing Commander John A Vigor (RAF Retd.), who was stationed at Binbrook from about 1951-1953, during the period when Group Captain N.C. Hyde was Commanding Officer. We lived in OMQ on the Station and I attended Binbrook Primary School. I have many recollections of our time there.

John A.E. Vigor.

E-mail:  e-mail address supplied
Date:  18 Jan 2015
Time:  22:14


My great grandfather. (John Chapman) was a member of the Halifax 76 squadron, beginning his service at RAF Finningley. He never made it home from the end of WW2.  He was a front gunner, unfortunately his plane was shot at; he managed to eject himself but unfortunately his parachute caught fire meaning he never survived the decent. He fell through a factory roof in 1944. My great-grandmother was pregnant, she was so distraught when she received her telegram that she tore it up and threw it in the fire. my grandmother never got to meet her father. 

The final member of the crew passed away 11-13 years ago now. Luckily my grandmother managed to trace him and he was able to fill in blanks like only he would. We are very lucky to have the information we do. Not everyone has half of the information our family does.

E-mail:  njboulter <AT>
Date:  21 Mar 2015
Time:  17:58


My father Fred Boulter was trained by Air Commodore Critchley in the Second World War to fly over Berlin in a Lancaster bomber.  He is now 93.

E-mail:  elizabethcargill<AT>
Date:  7 Apr 2015
Time:  19:51


What an interesting site you have produced, my interest is in JOHN MAITLAND SALMOND, I am researching my tree and JOHN was my 1st cousin  2R. The characters in my family are a very adventurous lot and scattered over the world.

In our small village we are having an exhibition on WW1 in September withe help of the lottery, so I am putting together a life story of JOHN, which you have helped with enormously.

Kind regards

Liz Cargill

E-mail:  rpricecascades<AT>
Date:  22 Apr 2015
Time:  15:52


My name is Bob Price.  Discovered your excellent site by accident.  I was stationed at No.IV District RAF Police Headquarters RAF Duxford in 1948 and 1949.  I can name almost all the personnel there.  Is anyone still alive?  I am 85 years of age so the chances are not good.

E-mail:  sorcaress<AT>
Date:  24 Apr 2015
Time:  16:07


I would like to make an entry into your guest book about my grandfather, Charles Lycett, please. He enlisted with the army and was a gunner at Uxbridge, then soon transferred to the RFC/RAF. I would love to try and find anyone who might have info on him or his squadron.

Charles Lycett. Enlisted army 11.5.16 and was discharged as a Gunner on 20 July 1916, joining the RFC. He appeared to move around a bit as he was in the 6 Squadron, 7 Squadron, 31st Wing at Uxbridge as a coppersmith. He enlisted for WW2 and was an AC2, then LAC in March 1939.

I'm also looking for any photos of him at the time. It would be fantastic if anyone has anything.
Kind regards
Linda Lycett

E-mail:  wbirrell<AT>
Date:  24 Apr 2015
Time:  17:23


Terrific source of data.   I found just what I was looking for re my Dad’s WW2 Sqn – 605(County of Warwick).   Thanks, I’ll be back.

Bill Birrell Sqn Ldr (RAF Retd)

E-mail:  elizabethcargill<AT>
Date:  16 May 2015
Time:  18:33


Thank you so much your web page is really interesting to me as JOHN MAITLAND SALMOND was my 1c2r He really had a fascinating life, in my village (Brancepeth Durham) we are having an exhibition of WW2, so I am gathering as much information as possible to display in September.

Thank you again.

best regards,

Liz Cargill.

E-mail:  val147<AT>
Date:  10 Jun 2015
Time:  20:21


I am searching on behalf of my husbands family. My father-in-Law, Fred Smith, served at RAF Wythall in 1947. We know that he fathered a daughter around that time. Sadly Fred has passed away, but we are desperate to find his daughter. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew him. I would particularly like to hear from Gillian. We think this is his daughters name.

E-mail:  rossrw1944<AT>
Date:  29 Jul 2015
Time:  06:05


Wonderful web site and full of information on WW2 and RAF.

Can any one help me trace some more information on my late uncle ?

Ivan John Williamson ( Jack ) New Zealander. Flying Officer DFC

NZ416675 Wireless operator-Air gunner. RNZAF 30 November 1941 to 7 July 1946.

Jack flew 44 sorties, 19 with 115 Squadron in Lancasters and 25 with 75 Squadron.

In between 115 and 75 Squadrons he instructed at 11 OTU RAF.

Jack was in a crash while testing a new Lancaster for 115 Squadron, feathering of engines under test could not be restarted,

Jack and one other survived another.

I have seen his log book which is in New Zealand Air Force museum, and have a copied letter which as it has been copied

so much it is hard to make out, but would like to see any more information that is available especially on the crash as the story

went that the engines could not be refeathered as a ground crew had left a fuel cock in the off position, this and the fact that the

feathering was at 12,000 feet instead of the 20,000 that was normal, possibly mandatory.

Ross Williamson

E-mail:  ianhyden<AT>
Date:  23 Sep 2015
Time:  08:27


My father (now deceased) was a lorry driver with  45 Squadron RAF during WW2. They were in Egypt, then Burma. I know that they had Vultee Vengeance dive bombers, because I have some photos in my Dad’s albums. He was in Rangoon at some point, and he was also near the Irrawaddy river near Mandalay. My Dad was also in Calcutta, but I think this was later. Family accounts indicate that the Squadron was “wiped out” at some point. My Dad talked sometimes about his friend being blown up in a fuel tanker, but his accounts were a bit hazy.

I have gleaned a little bit of information and I am trying to fill in the gaps and also confirm, if possible the details of what happened.

If anyone has information about these wartime events relating to 45 Squadron Royal Air Force. I would very interested in sharing information.

My Dad was awarded the Africa Star, the Burma Star and 3 other medals, all of which are now in my possession.

Ian Hyden.

E-mail:  hamlin<AT>
Date:  23 Sep 2015
Time:  07:08


True Cause of  Crash of RAF Vulcan XA897 at London Airport in 1956

HANSARD 1803-2005 → 1950s → 1956 → December 1956 → 20 December 1956 → Commons Sitting This was a travesty of the truth due to both pilots lying to the enquirers.

Squadron Leader Howard, the official pilot and AVM Broadhurst refused to act upon three Class A Diversions that

The Air Ministry had already diverted other aircraft carrying the Bolshoi Ballet to alternative airfields and considered that a GCA was not possible.

I as senior F/Sgt in charge of the HQBC Operations signals unit was ordered to send a Class A Diversion Order to Squadron Leader Howard, pilot of the Vulcan. This order was acknowledged by the Vulcan’s Electronics Officer, Sqdn Ldr Gamble, but ignored by AVM Broadhurst.

At about 1300 hours a further Class A Diversion Order was transmitted and again it was received, acknowledged and ignored. Just minutes before the aircraft attempted to land I sent a third Class A Diversion Order, which was also acknowledged but again the pilots ignored the order.

Why did AVM Broadhurst insist on trying to land?  A Grand reception was waiting to glorify his accomplishment.

When we heard that the Vulcan had crashed killing the four rear cabin crew members whilst the pilots ejected to safety, we were horrified. All condemned Broadhurst for his total lack of regard for his crew.

We were immediately ordered that there was to be no mention of the incident and it was not to be discussed with anyone outside HQ. I was so incensed that I ‘phoned the newspapers and it was I who was threatened with a Court Martial. A 50 year Security D Notice was issued which disallowed any reporting of the true facts.

 No pilot of an RAF aircraft can refuse even one Class A diversion order, it would be the end of his career. Refusal in any other circumstances would have meant a court martial.

Were they court martialled for killing their crew? No. Broadhurst lied to the House of Commons Court of Enquiry placing all of the blame onto Howard.

After the Court’s conclusion, Broadhurst promoted Howard to Wing Commander and he himself was moved over to NATO.

There is no doubt that Broadhurst had a brilliant war time career, and had been highly and rightly decorated for gallantry but this was not war, and his only aim was self aggrandisement.

Maurice R Hamlin Ex RAF Air Signaller - 3000117 !943/1964. Now 90, retired to Spain

E-mail:  dljones75<AT>
Date:  1 Oct 2015
Time:  16:09


My Grandad was 1652936 Sergeant Owen Noel JONES, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 90 Squadron. I would love to hear from anyone who remembered him. Thank you.

Daniel Jones

E-mail:  garethugh53<AT>
Date:  8 Nov 2015
Time:  22:00


I've just accessed your website for the first time and my first impressions are very good!
I'll be dipping into it again in the future.

E-mail:  peterauliff<AT>
Date:  14 Nov 2015
Time:  11:27


I would love to hear from anyone with service numbers beginning 1921***; FME Locking. No 5 S of TT

Living in Townsville, Queensland.


P.S. Love the site.

E-mail:  val147<AT>
Date:  28 Jan 2016


I'm searching on behalf of my husbands family. My father-in-Law, Fred Smith (Gregory), served at RAF Wythall in 1947. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew him. I would particularly like to hear from Gillian. She would have been born sometime during the period  of 1947-49. We think Fred may have been her father.

Thanking you in advance.

Best wishes,

Val Smith

E-mail:  chemitrade<AT>
Date:  5 Mar 2016
Time:  07:08


I live in Melbourne Australia since 1980 Born UK Devon 1940 My father was in the RAF VR from 1940  to 1946. He was a pilot starting off in OUT 22 Some of his records is in RAF records for RAFVR I have both his log books a few cutting and photos but little else . His AFC, and a brief mention on his operational flying, He flew a range of aircraft and in his log book Num 2 AVM Addison , WC Bufton , AVM Bottomley AVM Atcherley. He signed his last flying assessment crossing out all  flying assessments and putting in exceptional He few a me 108 which was attached to Carswell. It was staff communication no number on record, Most of his flights were in  DH 89, Ansons , Proctors + Miles Master,Hurricane

There are many gaps in his records . My uncle a pilot in the Fleet air Arm said he was lucky to live after 2 operational tours .

Harry Marks

E-mail:  wfrankwalker<AT>
Date:  6 Apr 2016
Time:  19:11


Firstly thank you for creating this site.

I am cousin of Air Vice Marshal Sir Willet Bowen Buscarlet (05108). I had been trying to track our family history and the information on your site was very helpful.

I live in Corona del Mar, California now after being raised in Canada. I am the grandson of Sir Buscarlet's father's brother Willet Buscarlet.

If for any reason you needed any information in that regard I can be reached at my e-mail address:

I would be glad to be of any assistance.

William Francis Walker (Frank)

E-mail:  chris.mcburney1<AT>
Date:  29 Apr 2016


Thank you, I have been looking through your site and it has helped me identify the Squadron marking for the squadrons my father served in during WWII; he was in 298 (8A & 8T) for a short while and then spent most of his time in 644 (2P & 9U) for the remainder of his service. He may have done a very short posting with 47 squadron in Palestine but the hand written logs are difficult to make out and I am still working on making words and dates out.

Many thanks.

Chris McBurney

E-mail:  tony.deane<AT>
Date:  24 Apr 2016


I am ex RAF [& RNZAF] R4275745 SAC Deane AR, joined 1st May 1963 – 30th April 1965. Recruit Training at RAF Innsworth mustered Radio Operator to Compton Basset remustered Airframe Mechanic trained at RAF Weeton. Posted to RAF Valley – 4 FTS then to Singapore RAF Tengah 64 Sqn then 60 Sqn on disbandenment. Detachment’s to RAF Kai Tac and RAAF Butterworth, demobbed at RAF  Innsworth April 1968.


Dixie [Tony] Deane

E-mail:  michael.green20<AT>
Date:  22 Jun 2016


Very interested in your RAF Butzweilerhof feature, as I was stationed there 1958-1961 and where I met my wife(her father was based there too). The photographs were very good and of course we knew all of them ,but it has changed a little. We visited in 1990 and it was mostly intact, apart from accommodation blocks which had been re-built or demolished. Flats have been built on my old block (Salmond); progress.

Thoroughly enjoyed your site, especially references to many whom I knew. Thanks for a nostalgic trawl back over a much enjoyed period.


Michael Green(Corporal, Equipment Section) and Kathleen Green (nee Reid)( civilian in 420 R&SS).

E-mail:   rob<AT>
Date:  9 Oct 2016
Time:  09:32


I have read in a number of posts that there have been questions raised about my father J D Ford 41917 who was shot down over France on 23rd May 1940  during what became known as the Battle of France. He was with 253 Squadron. There is also a photo of his Hurricane on the ground with some German officers surveying the damage.  The questions are was he killed, captured or did he escape.

He actually bailed out of the aircraft and during his decent received a cannon bullit in his back which rendered him un-conscious.  Luckily he landed on territory still controlled by allied forces, and was transferred into a field ambulance.  On his journey to Dunkirk the ambulance took a direct bomb hit and all the occupants except him and one other were killed. He received a blind eye, and for the rest of his life bomb splinters would periodically erupt from his body in bloody boils.


After 7 months recuperation he returned to active service, but because of his blind eye was no longer able to fly operationally.  After a period in air defence ops rooms he was transferred to the RAF’s special branch and spent the rest of the was in Burma.


He had a full RAF career once the war ended, and retired s a Group Captain in 1974, having taken on ‘Group’ responsibility for Air Defence during the Cold War.

Rob Ford

E-mail:  d3j452<AT>
Date:  29 Dec 2016
Time:  04:23


Volunteered 1955, Ser # 4175942 I was trained as an Air Wireless Fitter at RAF Yatesbury in 1955 Graduated as a Jun/.Tech.

Posted to RAF Ballykelly, N.I.,  1956

Assigned to base avionics repair

Reassigned to 240 Squadron, 1956/7 (not sure!) Promoted to Cpl/Jnr. Tech 1957 Was sent to Christmas Island for Grapple X and the for Grapple Y Honourable discharge Nov 1958 Remember the Neptune crash on the Mull of Kintyre Oct '56 And the wheels up landing of a Shackleton MR1A.

David M Gropper.   

E-mail:  petethejeep<AT>
Date:  11 Mar 2017
Time:  12:37


Name Pete Jeffery.

Service nickname Gerbs.

I served in the RAF from 1973-95  initially as an Airframe Mechanic, then as a fitter (technician in modern parlance).

My Uncle Ron flew as a Mid Upper Gunner on Lancs with 103 Sqn out of RAF Elsham Wold, and was one of the lucky ones who completed their tour of ops.

A very interesting site with masses of detailed gen. Thank you very much.

E-mail:  katey.d<AT>
Date:  13 Aug 2017
Time:  15:43


Sgt John W Davies - also known as "Bill" Service No. 1061225

My Grandpa passed away in November 2004 myself and my Dad have been researching his time in the RAF we had to send for his service record as my Dad lost Grandpa's log book.

The service record is a little difficult for me to decipher and im trying to piece things together via Google. 

This website is very good.

Thanks, Katey Davies

E-mail:  4det26int<AT>
Date:  10 Sep 2017
Time:  17:14


Thanks for a great set of  pages , RCAF

E-mail:  johntorontow<AT>
Date:  9 Oct 2017
Time:  15:26


Thank you for the info re my Father in Law

E-mail:  w.graham1966<AT>
Date:  27 Nov 2017
Time:  08:25


I would like to speak with any members of the families of the crew of Halifax, HR905 of No 405 Sqn, lost on the night of 14 Jul 1944, my grandfather was one of them.

thank you

Graham Witt

E-mail:  rkincaidjr.1<AT>
Date:  5 Dec 2017
Time:  21:52


Visited your site to get information on AVM Paul Mallorie, a good friend of ours.


E-mail:  allen<AT>
Date:  8 Jan 2018
Time:  22:37


For the whole of my lengthy RAF Career I often wondered why I was always nick-named “Grubby”. It was only about 5 years ago that I found out why.

Allen Grice. (Retired Chief Tech rigger).

E-mail:  w12ws<AT>
Date:  24 Feb 2018
Time:  00:45


Paul Austin - served in both Jever and Chivenor between 1955 to 1962, Equipment Section.


E-mail:  skookumdrew<AT>
Date:  17 Mar 2018
Time:  12:22


Great site. Very informative. I’m starting a project that involves researching a particular Halifax my father flew in during 1943 as an air gunner. Once I get some more basic info I’m sure I’ll be a regular visitor. My project is to make an exact replica of the plane from a model kit.

Cheers Drew Barron

E-mail:  dick.forsythe<AT>
Date:  15 May 2018
Time:  09:36


I have a grandfather, father, uncle, godfather who as well as myself all did full careers in the RFC/RAF starting with my grandfather (Allan Robert Churchman).  We have lost his first two logbooks covering  his time in France on 10 Sqn RFC/RAF.  I am hoping to find out more about his WW1 aviation experiences.

 Dick Forsythe

Chief Trustee

WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust

Date:  3 Jun 2018
Time:  19:46


David Alexander Linde  nephew of James Alexander Linder KIA 01/21/1944

E-mail:  tonybeasty<AT>
Date:  4 Aug 2018
Time:  13:16


My late father, William Thomas Trotman (142885) was stationed at 1658 HCU, Riccall in 1942 and 1943.  He later joined the Pathfinder Force.  I’m trying to find anyone who may have, or had, links to him.

Best regards,

Tony Trotman-Beasty.

E-mail:  hawthorn1418<AT>
Date:  27 Aug 2018
Time:  12:50


This website is very moving and so full of interest.

 I am searching on behalf of my elderly father J W Devall (now 85) for news of one of his school/university friends called Alan Parkes, who was Wg Cdr of 50 Squadron ‘73-‘75. Thank you.

E-mail:  Juha.Peltonen,AT>
Date:  26 Sep 2018
Time:  14:58


The website looks great - Please keep up the good work!

Mr. Juha Peltonen

E-mail:  chris.arms84<AT>
Date:  29 Sep 2018
Time:  01:17


 Chris Armes... so682457. Born Hawkinge Kent 1939.
Locking. St Mawgan. Kinloss. Bruggan. Little Rissington . Fairford. Kemble..
Air Radio Fitter.

E-mail:  rafreg37<AT>
Date:  12 Oct 2018
Time:  01:47


SAC Campbell Colin Catterick 37 Sqn.

E-mail:  kleyland56<AT>
Date:  15 Oct 2018
Time:  21:50


I’m Keith Leyland ex 216 entry RAF Halton. Researching family members ER Pearce and FS Leyland

 Looks a very good site

E-mail:  m.porter13<AT>
Date:  19 Nov 2018
Time:  07:34


My husband Leonard Lander was at RAF Akrotiri 1958-62. He boxed for the RAF with Brian Butler who was a ABA champion before signing up. They walked round Cyprus together. He would love to be in touch with Brian.

E-mail: anneauborn<AT?>
Date:  15 Dec 2018


Nedwin Auborn. Younger brother of Leonard Auborn, who served with 227, Squadron in war.

E-mail:   philp<AT>
Date:  17 Jan 2019
Time:  16:04


Thanks for a great collection of facts and illustrations and great reminders of Stations I served at from 59-81, and those I worked at since then.

E-mail:   davidfrederick733<AT>
Date:  20 Jan 2019
Time:  17:17


David Frederick Markham son of Warren Office Joseph Henry Markham 195 Squadron Lancaster JE/A , My dad died in 1970,

E-mail:   pkhough<AT>
Date:  28 Jan 2019
Time:  20:12


Searched and found Wellington DV434 in which my old ATC Wing Commander Ronald Jessop was shot down. Many thanks for running this most informative website.

Paul Hough

E-mail:    tonus<AT>
Date:  3 Feb 2019
Time:  19:28


Thank you for pulling together all this info I have been asked by a neighbours son if I could fine out about what his dad did during WW2 the only info he had was 578 AMES.

E-mail:  Annie.Hinder<AT>
Date:  11 Apr 2019
Time:  01:47


 I was just looking up my grandfather, Albert Durston, and noted his birth date, 19 June… and my birthday is 16 June… I wish I had met him, but I was born in 1970 in Australia, the daughter of his son Richard. 

E-mail:  smith-leonard2<AT>
Date:  4 Jun 2019
Time:  16:19


Leonard Smith 1947-9

E-mail:  drobbo567<AT>
Date:  15 Jun 2019
Time:  19:10


Hi, my father, P/O N F Robinson, flew with 148(special duties) squadron from Italy October 1944 onwards. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him

David Robinson

E-mail:  GWright<AT>
Date:  19 Jun 2019
Time:  10:54


great site as I posted on the Raf Commands forum have recently acquired a logbook to a POW navigator on 252.



Date:  18 Jul 2019
Time:  00:22


Hi all, I joined the RAF in August 1968, Swinderby followed and then I was off to RAF St Athan to train as a rigger. Posted to RAF Waddington in Jan 1969 and bought myself out in 1974@ To train as a PE Teacher, ended up teaching PE in the Prison Service. Managed to become RAF Judo champion at -70kgs, the Open Weight which was painful … I would Love to hear from any RAF mates, either from Swinderby or at Waddo. Great times, great people and I hope they have all afred well. I remember Alan Dean from Manchester at St Athan, Toddy Todkill, Alan Stockdale, Paul Short at Waddo? Sorry I cannot recall the rest right now. Still run my business Best wishes to all, time marches on and it would be so good to find out where everyone ended up, Liam

E-mail:  jagaveerapandian1979<AT>
Date:  3 Sep 2019
Time:  08:12


I'm interested in any information about Avadi Military Base near Madras in India during WW2 1944

E-mail:  jtsmithies<AT>
Date:  15 Nov 2019
Time:  21:16


Never forgotten  you Dave from Toni Hadcroft

E-mail:  ppplbill<AT>
Date:  16 Apr 2020
Time:  10:15


Many thanks for useful information for my project om William Leefe Robinson


Bill Nash

E-mail:  andrewbrannick<AT>
Date:  17 Apr 2020
Time:  15:41


Hi. I am looking for information on Cpl Wilfred Seville. Service No. 1750312. He died in 1958/59 age 36, while serving in Sundern Germany. He was the son of my Grandmother Mary Seville nee Brannick.

Best Regards Norman A. Brannick

E-mail:  colinjw2001<AT>
Date:  7 May 2020
Time:  20:09


Thank you. A very good site.

My late father Joseph William Williams, who would have been 100 this year, was a Corporal in R.A.F.V.R. from 1940-1946. An Electrician, he worked on Wellingtons and Halifaxes. He served in Middle East, North Africa and Italy. He left England on a troop ship and returned home years later from Italy in the bomb bay of a Lancaster. The one and only time he ever flew in his entire life.

1940 - No.2 R C Cardington.

2 Wing Henlow.

1940-41 - 13 M.U. Hendon.

14 U. E. D. Hendon.

1941 - 57 R. S. U. Middle East.

1943 - 61 R. S. U. North West Africa.

1946 - Released at Tarrant Rushton.

Kind regards

Colin Williams

E-mail:   raymondwpocock<AT>
Date:  15 May 2020
Time:  19:46


Raymond W. Pocock, 1948-50 National Service as R.A.F. Gunner. Re-entered 1953, commissioned in the R.A.F. Regiment, served with 15 and 57 Squadrons and HQ 1 Wg. Transferred to Supply branch 1959-1984. Younger brother of A.V.M. D.A.Pocock, Commandant General.

E-mail:  DavidFrederick733<AT>
Date:  17 Jun 2020
Time:  20:33


The memory at my late dad who died at home 1970.  He was in the arm forces over 30 years. Joined RAFVR as a Rear Gunner on 195 Squadron .  I know there’s photographs of him and his pilot Geoffrey Philip, something.  My dad helped to get the rear wheel down on the grass as it was US.  He saved his Lanc as it was badly shot up.

I’m his eldest son left 78 ,as two sons are dead. Two of us left .  Me David F .Markham. One more youngest son 71. Graham John Markham.  It would be a gift to me if there’s a picture of him and his crew and 195 Squadron.  Hew was stationed At Duxford with 3 Group, and Marham 3 Group and he was at Gunnery school.

If any one in the RAF who does this type of work for a hobby I’d be grateful.

There was a story about Bomber Harris saying he was a war monger.  I say if it wasn’t for Bomber Command we’d be in the hands of the Germans.  Thank you to all the brave woman and men who served in the Royal Air Force .


Liverpool, UK

E-mail:  dougjshort<AT>
Date:  22 Jun 202
Time:  07:55


Douglas J Short

E-mail:  laterisinglark<AT>
Date:  27 Jun 2020
Time:  20:06


My father's cousin, Archibald Jack Hicks, known as Jack, was a wartime pilot with 114 Squadron. He was the only son of Archibald Henry Hicks and Lily Gertrude Beach and, sadly, he died at the age of 22 along with his four crew members when his Blenheim IV suffered engine failure and he attempted a crash landing.

Malcolm informed me that the plan left West Raynham, Norfolk on 3rd August 1942 to take part in Exercise 'Dryshod', which involved a flight to Wigtown. It crashed at Lacha House, Lacha Lane, Chester. The other RAF personnel on board were Philip James Stewart age 21, George Craddock, age 38, Arthur Haydn Frederick Chote, age 26 and James Lewis Joseph Barnes, age 21.

If anyone has any further information about Jack, or indeed about my father, Frank Dennis Hicks or my father-in-law Reginald Gleaves Wayman, who both served in the RAF during WW2 (and fortunately survived), I would love to hear from them.

Chris Wayman

E-mail:  robinandmarie<AT>
Date:  27 Jul 2020
Time:  11:06


Robin Baynham 27/07/2020

Date:  6 Aug 2020
Time:  11:23


Rita Ellis

My name is Sam Dean and I’m an assistant producer at Alaska TV based in London.

We are currently making a documentary about the murder of Rita Ellis at Halton RAF base in November 1967. The programme will be presented by eminent criminologist Professor David Wilson and the actor Emilia Fox (BBC 1 Silent Witness).

The crime is unsolved but the case has never had national coverage on TV and there is viable DNA. As such we feel it is possible, even 53 years on to get justice for Rita and her family.

Of course we would like to hear from anyone who has any information about the crime or even any relevant memories, but most importantly we’re desperate to trace anyone who knew Rita, even if it was just fleetingly.

We want to bring her alive on screen in an attempt to jog memories and inspire people to come forward.

Please do contact me on 07780 432998 or email if you have any information that could help.

Thanks & Kind Regards,

E-mail:  carl.wheeler<AT>
Date:  24 Aug 2020
Time:  13:48


Wonderful site !

I am looking for info on my grandfather Roland “Rowly” Henry Lines who passed a few years ago. He was in RAF Regiment in WW2, based in AA Flights in Gravesend / Biggin Hill (squadrons 2884, 4291, 2723, 2707), then moved to Burma in early 1945 as part of 2743 field squadron (in Burma, 2743 moved around Argatala FE Base – Ondauk, Ondaw, Kwetnge, Zayatkwin, then singapore and Hong Kong after the war ended).

Lovely to hear from anyone who has any info him, the squadrons, or the places! Many thanks, Carl.

E-mail:  Glenda Hurst glendahurst<AT>
Date:  25 Aug 2020
Time:  22:54


I’ve only just started to trawl through your site, you have gathered a ‘fair’ bit of information, impressive !

I came upon it while searching for information with regard to my late father who had served, according to his service record, 355 squadron, 215 squadron and 31 squadron, all in South East Asia from 1944-1946 as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner.  His name Glendon Richard Cooke. 

This is all new to me but thought it courteous to sign your guest book while I continue with my search and getting to understand each squadron


E-mail:  ljrichards10<AT>
Date:  18 Sep 2020
Time:  17:13


Linda Carlin. Richards

Daughter of William Carlin RAF.  Rear gunner.

E-mail:  marilynappleyard<AT>
Date:  19 Sep 2020
Time:  00:37


Informative site. Gathered some info which helps to fill a gap in records. Many thanks.

Maz Appleyard

E-mail:  dave<AT>
Date:  22 Sep 2020
Time:  16:34


Hi I was a member of No. 19 Squadron from 1955 until 1956 at RAF Church Fenton when the changer over from Meteor F7 & 8’s to the Hunter aircraft. I wondered if anyone was around in this period as I also worked on the Spitfire the squadron had from time to time. I would like to know if anyone knew where the particular aircraft is still flying for instance (the RAF Memorial Squadron)? I did stay at RAF Church Fenton on the various squadrons that were there i.e. 609 Aux, 72, 85 when they moved up from RAF West Malling. I then moved over to RAF Leconfield in 1959.


Dave Crouch (Ex. Instrument Fitter)

E-mail:  stewartfrazer75<AT>
Date:  27 Sep 2020
Time:  19:58


My father flew as observer/navigator mainly FAA but also RAF from 1940 to 1958 I have his logbooks and am building models of his aircraft and need to get the markings etc correct so this is most helpful. I hope I may contact you in the future re more info Thanks Stewart FRAZER

E-mail:  kenwroch<AT>
Date:  8 Oct 2020
Time: 06:51


Sir Rex Roe, my boss on 204 Sqn!  Got him in a spot of bother in El Adem, we were in transit and having drinks in the transit bar, all ranks mixed.  A visiting army group came in GOC middle east I think.  He was not happy seeing aircrew and ground crew drinking together and told the Wingco to follow him to the officers bar! This was not well received by the rest of us! So on leaving I "borrowed" the best hat I could find.....the generals!! About 2AM we were roused from sleep by MPs who wanted the generals hat back!! Eventually this was achieved!

Later in the detachment the Wingco approached me and asked me "have you seen my hat? It has a red band"!! So someone grassed me! He had a good laugh with me! What a gentleman!

Regards Ken Rochester

Ex34th boy entrant and SAC!

Time: 00:00