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All e-mail addresses have had the @ replaced by <AT>, so if you wish to reply to any of these entries, please copy and paste the address into your e-mail browser and replace <AT> with @.

E-mail:  chandosenquiries<AT>
Date:     5 Jun 2024
Time: 09:45


I'm a publisher of books on the Luftwaffe ( and I am trying to find any photos of German aircraft captured at Westerland-Sylt in 1945, in particular the Heinkel He 219. Forty-three He 219s were captured at Westerland-Sylt according to 2nd TAF Report B-135, but unfortunately a detailed list of serial numbers wasn't made.  

We have been working for several years on a huge book on the He 219, so any new images that come to light would be greatly welcomed.  Please contact me at if anything comes to light.

According to the internet, the following RAF units were stationed at Sylt from 1945 onwards, perhaps you or a relative were in one of these units and took some photos?

No 2765 Sqn RAF Regiment – ?? 1945-?? 1946 (Rifle Sqn) (1)
No 2781 Sqn RAF Regiment – ?? 1945-?? 1946 (Armoured Car Sqn) (2)
No 25 Armament Practice Camp – 15 Jul 1945-17 Jul 1946
302 Sqn – 27 Aug-14 Sep 1945 and 27-31 Aug 1946 (Spitfire XVI E) (3)
33 Sqn – 17 Sep-6 Oct 1945 and 31 Mar-8 May 1946 (Tempest V)
3 Sqn – 6-23 Oct 1945 and 22 Oct-25 Nov 1946 (Tempest V)
No 6003 Servicing Echelon – 6-23 Oct 1945
69 Sqn – 9-27 Oct 1945 (Mosquito VI) (4)
80 Sqn – 28 Oct-18 Nov 1945, 4 May-12 Jun 1946 and 14 Feb-22 Mar 1947 (Tempest V)
21 Sqn – 9-30 Nov 1945, 30 Mar-27 Apr 1946 and 6 Nov-12 Dec 1946 (Mosquito VI)
No 6021 Servicing Echelon – 9-30 Nov 1945 and 6 Nov-12 Dec 1946
411 (Grizzly Bear) Sqn RCAF – 16 Nov-4 Dec 1945 (Spitfire XIV)
412 (Falcon) Sqn RCAF – 7-21 Dec 1945 (Spitfire XIV)
26 Sqn – 8-24 Dec 1945 and 6 Jan-14 Feb 1947 (Spitfire XIV in 1945, Tempest F2 in 1947) (5)
56 (Punjab) Sqn – 31 Dec 1945-22 Jan 1946 (Tempest V)
305 Sqn – 2-19 Jan 1946 and 18 Jun-11 Jul 1946 (Mosquito VI) (6)
107 Sqn – 20 Jan-3 Feb 1946, 22 Jul-22 Aug 1946, 17-24 Feb 1947, 26 Feb-22 Mar 1947 and 26 Sep-18 Oct 1947
107 Sqn (continued) (Mosquito VI) (7)
308 Sqn – 22 Jan-9 Feb 1946 (Spitfire XVI) (8)
4 Sqn (4 – 17 Feb 1946, 6 Sep – 9 Oct 1946, 5 – 22 Aug 1947)
2 Sqn (10 Feb – 5 Mar 1946, 19 Aug – 16 Sep 1946)
41 Sqn (28 Feb – 29 Mar 1946)
350 Sqn (7 – 29 Mar 1946)
349 Sqn (8 May – 14 Jun 1946)
16 Sqn (21 Jun – 14 Jul 1946)
317 Sqn (Jul – 16 Aug 1946)
Armament Practice Station, Sylt (17 Jul 1946 – 29 Feb 1948, Feb 1949 – 16 Oct 1961)
2nd Tactical Air Force Air Sea Rescue Flt (Feb 1955 – Sep 1961)

 Richard Carrick, Chandos Publications Ltd.

E-mail:  lesmond62<AT>
Date:     20 Feb 2024
Time: 07:14


I am a member of the RAF Physical Training Instructors (PTI) Association and volunteer as their communications Officer. 

I am also a member of The Canopy Club which is the RAF Parachute Jumping Instructor’s Association. 

The PTI Association has been producing a newsletter called ‘The Badge’ since 1991 and these publications are circulated to the association membership currently 600.

I have been digitising the records of PTI names and graduation details from 1918 which was when the PTI trade was established, making it one of two of the oldest elements in the RAF, the other being the Flying Core. 

The RAF PTI trade includes PTIs who are employed in the specialist roles and these are shown below with their inception dates:

RAF PTIs have also led and been members of Mountain Rescue Teams, 1943, all over the RAF both in the UK and abroad. 

Additionally the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team and The ‘Aerobats’ Gymnastic Display Team have been formed and performed by PTIs since the 1950s and 1960s. 

If anyone has any written or photographic or written records of PTI activity please let me know so that I can add to the wealth of information available on RAFWEB and further develop records of PRI legacy and history. 

Les Hammond

RAF PTI 1974-1990

E-mail:  chittickronald<AT>
Date:     11 Feb 2024
Time: 13:33


Ronald Chittick, RAF AC1

E-mail:  peterejkeats<AT>
Date: 11 Feb 2024
Time: 10:40


J W Tritton

I have my late father in law (wife's father) found in one of the locations.

Sqn Histories 46-50_P

nice work! Well done.

E-mail:  ellertonjohn<AT>
Date:    6 Aug 2023
Time: 05:44


I have just seen this!! Thanks for your help in the past.

John Ellerton

E-mail:  tom.willssandford<AT>
Date:    12 Jun 2023
Time: 07:45



My father flew autogiros and became a leading pilot and later something of an autogiro historian. He test flew Spitfires before the war and spent a short time in France in 1940 (WIS South). He was posted to Singapore and became a Japanese PoW, spending most of his captivity in Palembang in Sumatra but was transferred to Changi in March 1945, as the Japanese wanted all senior officers there - to be executed if the Americans invaded Japan. He reached Liverpool in October 1945 and was later CO of RAF Swinderby. His last posting was to RAF St Athan where he was CO of a Maintenance Unit. He played golf for the RAF

I know it is a bit late now, but if any descendant wants to get in touch please use my email above.

Ton Wills-Sandford

E-mail:  Roberts.Denise<AT>
Date:    11 Jun 2023
Time: 14:48


In Memory of my Uncle - Pilot Officer Basil Victor Hennessy Tweedie - missing believed killed; Kittyhawk AL111, 250 Squadron, aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Demartino, Libya, 10 May 1942.

Pilot Officer Basil Victor Hennessy Tweedie (as a Sergeant)

Denise L. Tweedie Roberts

Thank you so much.

E-mail:  robert_rudd<AT>
Date:    30 Mar 2023
Time: 09:40


Robert Rudd ex RAF 1951 to 1955

E-mail:  cje.1958<AT>
Date:    20 Jan 2023
Time: 15:01


My name is Colin English. I am the son of John Arthur English who did his post WW2 National Service in the RAF based at Khartoum 1947-8 after enlisting in 1946.

Your website has helped me with information about RAF Khartoum. I have long wanted to see the place's badge and the badge of the TEU/AAEE that he was assigned to. I have a photo of him in uniform but I can't make out the badge as the photo is only 2" x 2".

His services number was 2216500.

Date:    12 Sep 2022
Time: 22:39


I have visited the RAFWEB website a multitude of times - and am still staggered by its scope, depth and authority.: it is a monumental work.

Many thanks.

Best regards

David Barker

E-mail:  rossandrosie<ATi>
Date:    7 Sep 2022
Time: 17:17


My dad

HAYWOOD, Flight Lieutenant Paul, CdeG(Fr).

NZ411971; Born Wellington, 22 Jun 1919; RNZAF 23 Mar

1941 to 3 Nov 1945; Pilot.

Citation Croix de Guerre with Gold Star (Fr) (5 Jun 1946):

[124 Sqn RAF (Spitfire)] As Flight Commander, this officer participated in 25 operational sorties directly concerned with the liberation of France. During these missions he led his flight with outstanding skill and courage, qualities which were reflected in the efficiency of the personnel under his command.

Between Apr 1942 and Sep 1944 he flew at least 264 sorties.

Carol Greenwood (nee Haywood)

E-mail:   alexsmart629<AT>
Date:    25 Jun 2022
Time: 22:12


Alex Smart

E-mail:   dawn1312<ATi>
Date:    3 Jun 2022
Time: 02:01


John Reeder - 3515846

My dad is 87 now

His email is

E-mail:   ianhyden<AT>
Date:    6 May 2022
Time:    17:05


My Dad served as a Driver in 45 Squadron in Burma early 1942.

Captain Ian Hyden MILT., BSc., TA. (ret’d)

E-mail:    barbarajkelly<AT>
Date:    7 Apr 2022
Time: 14:21


I have found your website extremely useful in tracking down airmen who were awarded BEMs in 1944-45.  I’m particularly interested in those who were in the Knokke area of Belgium.  ALG B-83, in Knokke, was one of the most heavily mined airfields the RAF Bomb Disposal teams ever dealt with, but precious little is known of the operation to clear both the airfield, the German Atlantikwall defences along the Knokke coast and also the local environment.  I have a diary of my Dad’s who mentions working there, but also similar from a friend of his;  Dad was stationed there for about six months and recorded over eighteen and a half thousand mines removed from the area.

Thank you

Barbara Kelly

E-mail:   jawsjfk<AT>
Date:    9 Feb 2022
Time: 23:16


Looking for info concerning the shooting-down of 76 Sqn. H-P Halifax Mk V on night of 3/4 November, 1943. The German pilot was Otto Fries. It was, I believe, his third ‘kill’. He ended the war as an ace, with five ‘kills’.

Halifax Markings: MP-X, known as ‘X for Excelsior’.

Pilot: Dennis Hornsey

Mid-Upper Gunner: Sgt J.K. Davis.

The M-U Gunner was my Uncle Joe. His nickname was ‘Fussy Davis’.

I am trying to get some detail of said Halifax’s nose art, ‘Excelsior’.

I know it was a mailed fist, with the index finger pointing straight up.

What I’d like to know  are its colours, size, and position on the Halifax.

My brother wants to make an accurate scale model of the plane, and gift it to Dennis Hornsey’s daughter.

Gary Davis

E-mail:  hayman741<AT>
Date:   9 Feb 2022
Time: 04:13


I'm doing research as part of a group called RAF Culmhead Research Group and if anyone had relatives based at Culmhead, feel free to get in touch .

Stuart Hayman

E-mail:  catherine.mellin62<AT>
Date:   21 Jan 2022
Time: 01:26


Stuart Mellin

E-mail:  jrhardyb<AT>
Date:   28 Nov 2021
Time: 19:24


I am researching a Corporal who served in MAAF and AHQ in 1945 and may have been the driver for Sir Guy Garrod.

John Hardy

E-mail: david.baker<AT>
Date:   4 Nov 2021
Time: 12:59


Thank you for creating this interesting web site. As the grandson of Air Chief Marshal Sir Geoffrey Salmond and the nephew of MRAF Sir John Salmond thank you for their entries and the reference to my mother’s book from Biplane to Spitfire.

Group Captain D H G Baker MBE MA FRGS RAF Rtd

E-mail: ad.dolphin<AT>
Date:  22 Oct 2021
Time: 17:36


Tony Dolphin (F1941283)

Doing research about his father then Sgt. Harry Dolphin who was a cipher specialist at No. 90 Staging Post, Ascension Island, believed to be there 1944 - 1945. Retired 1961 W/o H B  Dolphin (519776)

A Dolphin

Alicante Spain

E-mail: phisa<AT>
Date:  15 Oct 2021
Time: 13:39


Philip Sutton

E-mail:  gersue84<AT>
Date:  26 Sep 2021
Time: 22:41


No10 ITW,

My uncle  Sgt Pilot John Llewelyn,  88 Bomber Squadron,  KIA 21.08.1942

With thanks

Geraint Llewelyn

E-mail: rg.mcmullan<AT>
Date:  29 Aug 2021
Time: 19:56


Roy Mc Mullan 43rd Entry St. Athan and Belfast sim Brize Norton.

E-mail: rowena.clarke39<AT>
Date:  11 Jul 2021
Time: 10:46


Wonderful, informative site.   My late father  James S. Middleton was a radar mechanic RAFVR from 1940 -46.  His records when I obtained them were very scrappy and contained many initials which I have at last unravelled BUT one of the last entries was for Base 43.  Now I know he was still at Driffield . From what I have learned so far was that he fitted radar into aircraft and especially Handley Page Hampdens and Halifaxes.  Working in Group 4 Bomber Command he was posted to many squadrons sometimes for just a day.   51, 158, 420, 466, 640 and I know he was based at Wittering and in Driffield.   I have photographs taken at unknown dates and locations which I would be willing to share should anyone be interested. I am not a member however so this may not be possible.   Very many thanks.

Rowena Clarke (Mrs)

E-mail: outlook_8EDAE549C9BB97A2<AT>
Date:  21 Jun 2021
Time: 23:53


Was posted to Seletar 1961-63 with Oz army. Leader in the 2 cub packs on base. Some names….Ricketts, Milam, Cooper come to mind. Please email if you have any old names/pics.   

Len Eaton (Tassie)

E-mail: olliesnr44<AT>
Date:  10 Jun 2021
Time: 19:35


My name is Steve Oliver (ex RAF sergeant). I'm looking for old friends from RAF Innsworth (1977-1979). First an SACW Jessica (telephonist). CPL Dave Richards. SACW Kay James (MT Driver). CPL Jan (MT Driver). If anyone can shed any light on any of these people, I would love to hear from you. 


Date:  18 May 2021
Time: 00:51


My Uncle Sgt John Llewelyn KIA 21.08.1942 was a pilot in 88 Bomber squadron , Im looking for  88 squadron picture as ours has been lost in house move

With thanks

G Llewelyn

E-mail: billespie<AT>
Date:  16 May 2021
Time: 17:20


Great site, one of the most complete and thorough reference centres on the Web for all things “light Blue”.


Bill Espie

E-mail: doug.savill<AT>
Date:  3 May 2021
Time: 22:18


 I was looking at 276 Squadron photos.

I think I identified my uncle Alfred Davis (wearing flygear standing in front of aircraft), he ditched and drowned off Aberreiddi, Wales in November 1942 and the prop of his Lysander is on display at Haverfordwest after being recovered in the 1980's.

I say I think it is him as he is holding his gear the same way as a photo I have

E-mail: gusbaalexander<AT>
Date:  23 Jan 2021
Time: 14:23


Alexander Gusba. Signaling from Windsor Ontario. Go Lancaster sqdrn. Much love for all of us pilots. 

E-mail: achgelis<AT>
Date:  31 Dec 2020
Time: 14:02


I'm looking for info on Flt Lt John Leslie Crosby and  Flt Lt J C Alexander, both MAEE, RAF Helensburgh. Alexander killed 1941 when Saro Lerwick crashed. Info wanted for Helensburgh Heritage files.

Thank you

Robin Bird, journalist author.

E-mail:  maurice<AT>
Date:  14 Dec 2020
Time: 19:45


I spent the bulk of my National Service at 291 MU RAF Stoke Heath from 1955-1957, but have find anyone else who was servicing radio compasses at the same time as me, or indeed anyone else from that time that knew me. Contact welcomed.

E-mail:  Chris Preston
Date:  30 Nov 2020
Time: 06:39


My Great Uncle was Wg Cdr GH Stainforth, RAF.

E-mail:  robert_rudd<AT>
Date:  25 Nov 2020
Time: 19:27


Usually I follow the RAF 93 Sq Jever site as this was the last station I served at during my 4 years in the RAF. I made a search for RAF St Athan with a hope of contacting ex colleagues from my time there. Your site came up, I haven’t, as yet, had the opportunity to investigate the site properly, but initially it looks very interesting.


Robert Rudd (Bob)

RAF History, called up national service but signed on for 4 years, to continue with trade as Electrician.

Joined 1951

Demobbed 1955

Served at the following stations:-

Cardington, Cosford, Melksham, Honnington, St Athan, Jever Germany.

Trade, Electrician Air (although worked on motor vehicles at 1 mtru, Honnington)

Photo shows me at home in Sth Essex prior to my posting to Germany. ’Bike’ had to stay in UK

E-mail:  wrap25<AT>
Date:  16 Nov 2020
Time: 00:00


Paul Ralph ex Weapons Trade Manager 3(F) Squadron Harriers at RAF Laarbruch and RAF Cottesmore Dec 92 til Feb 00.

Thanks very much!

E-mail:  kempenfest<AT>
Date:  8 Nov 2020
Time: 23:57


My father Joseph Anthony Aikins served in No. 45 (Atlantic Transport) Group, R.A.F. in Dorval P.Q. as a navigator beginning Feb 2, 1944. His photo is included herewith as is a document I found from McGill University. He only served a short while. Went on to get his medical degree and served as a family physician in Barrie Ontario until he passed 17 years ago. I’m one of 11 children. I wish I had asked him more about his service. He never talked about it unless you asked.

Joseph Anthony Aikins  J A Aikin's Record Card

Tom Aikins

E-mail:  zac.brightmore<AT>
Date:  23 Oct 2020
Time: 16:15


Very interesting and humbling reading about all these great men.

Grandson of Air Commodore A G P Brightmore.