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If you have details of any forthcoming reunions for your association/group please send them to me by clicking below: -

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No 31 Sqn Association 

31 Sqn Association will be holding its 107th anniversary Reunion on the weekend 14/15 Oct 2022 at the Bentley Hotel Lincoln. Although 31 Sqn is currently disbanded the Association goes on. We are al All Ranks Association from all eras. We are looking forward to the Sqn reforming in 2024 with the new Protector Remotely Piloted Air System. Interested parties can book via our website


Russ Morgan

Press Officer

Vice President

18th Entry  Engine Mechanics

Looking for any 18th Entry  engine mechanics for a 69th. reunion on 17 Feb 2022

253 OMC, OCTU RAF Henlow

A few survivors are planning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of commissioning on 253 OMC, OCTU RAF Henlow 13 Jan 1972. If anyone is interested in joining, please contact Nigel Tuffs at

RAF Habbaniya Association

7th October 2021. The dissolution AGM & Final Reunion of the RAF Habbaniya Association.

Dr C D E Morris

Honorary Secretary

RAF Habbaniya Association

MWDS (Police Dog Section) RAF Alconbury

I am Bill Hewitt I was the NCO I/C at the MWDS (Police Dog Section) RAF Alconbury from 1987 to 1990 we are having a Reunion for Handlers from RAF Alconbury that handled the RAF Police Dogs and would like to invite any of our old friends from that time period. We were close with the Section at RAF Wyton and other various section at that time. For more information please contact Bill Hewitt at

RAF Armoured Car Company’s and Armoured Car Squadrons

RAF Armoured Car Company’s and Armoured Car Squadrons reunions held twice a year in Derby. All enquiries to

JOC Maastrich

We are looking for any ex JOC Maastrich personnel.
Our database is held by Paul Croymans in Holland near to the old JOC Maastrich.

If you what to inform Paul of your details please contact him on email: paulcroymans<AT>

This page was last updated on 28/07/22

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