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Distribution of Duties - Air Ministry (1944)

The Department of the Director-General of Civil Aviation


Entries shown in Italics have not yet been confirmed for 1944.

Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)


Name Status/Title Role/Duties
F C Shelmerdine   Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)
J H Riddock   Private Secretary
J H Barnes   Deputy Director-General of Civil Aviation (DDGCA)

Home Civil Aviation Division

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties/Notes
A H Wilson Assistant Secretary Head of Division
  1. Policy and development of civil aviation in the UK.
  2. Air Navigation Acts, Orders and Regulations as affecting civil aviation in the UK.
  3. Licensing of aerodromes and personnel.
  4. Airworthiness: Aircraft registration.
  5. Ground organisation for internal flying.
  6. Administration of State aerodromes.  General questions at requisitioned aerodromes used for civil aviation.
  7. Private Club Flying.  Gliding.
T F Bird Principal Control of CH 1.

Secretary: -

  • (Departmental) Home Civil Aviation Committee.
  • Inter-Departmental Committee to consider Home Cavil Aviation policy.
  • Department Committee on Aeronautical Education.
R S S Dickinson Temporary Administrative Officer Control of CH 2.
Vacant Temporary Administrative Officer For duties, see CH 1.
A G Attride Senior Staff Officer Control of CH 8.
CH 1
    Post war civil aviation plans.
CH 2 (a)
H J Bindon Staff Officer Licensing of civil aerodromes and ancillary questions.

Landing and charges and other charges.

Maybury organisation of air traffic control, wireless and meteorological stations at civil aerodromes.

Private Club Flying, Gliding.

W F Pilbrow Higher Clerical Officer Provision of petrol  for civil aviation purposes at home stations.

Administration of civil aviation controlled stocks of petrol supply.

Liaison with accounting unit  in regard to cash account and stores arrangements at outstations.

Requisitioned equipment accounting and compensation questions.

C H Stubbs Higher Clerical Officer Screening of aerodrome and operating companies' personnel and questions relating to service with the forces.
CH 2 (b)
A Knight

H Ridge

Staff Officer

Higher Clerical Officer

Policy, works, accommodation, personnel and transport questions at requisitioned and other aerodromes not in State ownership but used for civil aviation purposes; liaison with MAP regarding requirements of MAP, firms and ATA using such aerodromes.

Administration questions affecting State aerodromes.

CH 8 (a)
R V Murray Staff Officer Secretary of Committee for revision of Air Navigation Orders and Regulations.
CH 8 (b)
F F H Boxall Staff Officer Head of Section

Civil air services in the UK, including services between the UK and Eire.

Internal agreements.

Issue of permissions to fly.

A H Lowe Higher Clerical Officer Pilots' navigators' and ground engineers' licenses.

Certificates of airworthiness.

Registration of civil aircraft.

Sanctions for sale and transfer of civil aircraft.

Liaison with Air Registration Board Third Party Insurance.

Source - List of Staff and Distribution of Duties, 1944 - AIR 20/7517 (AL27 - Jun 1944)

Directorate of Overseas Civil Aviation (DOCA)

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties
W W Burkett   Director of Overseas Civil Aviation (DOCA)
  1. Policy and development of civil aviation outside the UK.

  2. Agreements within the Empire and with foreign states.  Imperial and international conferences and committes

  3. Air Navigation Acts, Orders and regulations.

  4. Policy and administration of state assisted air transport services.

  5. Air Ministry publications relating to civil aviation.

J J W Herbertson   Assistant Director (Air Civil (Admin) War Group)
H Jones   Assistant Director (ADOCA)
CO 1
F F H Boxall Staff Officer Development of British Civil Aviation services out side the UK.

Administration of agreements for subsidised air services operating overseas.

Questions of policy in connection with Imperial and Colonial civil aviation.

Negotiations with other Departments of State and with foreign and overseas administrations.

War time measures affecting British civil aviation abroad.

Negotiation of agreements with foreign governments.

Operation of foreign civil aircraft to and over the UK and British territories overseas.

I S Rosenberg Higher Clerical Officer  
CO 2 and CAP
L G V Koster Staff Officer  
G A Ayton Higher Clerical Officer  
Miss L P Quelch Higher Clerical Officer  

Civil Aviation Finance Division

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties
C W Evans Assistant Secretary Financial policy and all matters relating to Civil Aviation finance at home and abroad.
J McCaig Principal Control of CF 1
A E Fitness Assistant Administrative Officer For duties - see CF 1
A W Willis Senior Executive Officer For duties - see CF 3
R C Bloodworth Senior Staff Officer For duties - see CF 2
CF 1
General and quasi-legal financial questions arising on
  1. Activities of British Overseas Airways Corporation.
  2. Inter-Governmental agreements.
  3. Agreements between BOAC and associated companies or foreign operators.
  4. Agreement with internal air transport companies.
  5. Postal matters.

Negotiations with Post Office on finances of troop mail, airgraph services, etc.

Questions relating to subsidy contributions of countries participating in the Empire Air Mail Scheme.

Questions arising on Reciprocal Aid and Lend Lease procedure.

CF 2
G E Surl

L A F van den Bogaerde

R J Riddles

Staff Officer

Higher Clerical Officer

Higher Clerical Officer

Financial questions relating to ground organisation for civil air operations at home and overseas (including BOAC requirements) and liaison with Air Transport Command.

Demands for airfield equipment, telecommunications equipment, general stores, etc.

Major requirements of ground equipment for BOAC.

Fees for civil licences and certificates; rentals, landing and housing fees.

Air Registration Board finance.

Co-ordination of Civil Aviation estimates  (Vote 8) expenditure forecasts, appropriation account.

Contributions to air services by other Governments - accountancy.

Economics of air route operations, estimates of route costs and ancillary questions.

Development and production of civil aircraft, engines and equipment finance.

A Knight

H H Livett

Staff Officer

Higher Clerical Officer

Policy, works, accommodation and transport questions at requisitioned and other aerodromes not in State ownership but used for civil aviation purposes.

All administrative questions affecting State aerodromes.

CF 3
J Broadbent

W E Lake

Senior Temporary Assistant

Higher Clerical Officer

Examination of the full estimates of BOAC.

Analysis and examination of BOAC's annual accounts and questions arising thereon.

Examination of estimates and accounts of internal air transport companies (Associated Airways Group, etc).

Mutual waiver of charges between RAF and BOAC and financial questions in connection with equipment supplied to BOAC by the RAF.

Agreement of passenger fares, freight tariffs and charter rates with air operators.

Examination of BOAC's foreign currency expenditure.

    Co-ordination of expenditure forecast; Appropriation Account etc, for Vote 8.

Financial questions and authorisation of payments relating to the Maybury scheme (including equipment, works services and telephone facilities), civil aerodromes and civil aviation fees.

Liquidation of light aeroplane club scheme.

A W Willis

D C Ramage

Higher Executive Officer

Higher Clerical Officer

Financial questions arising from the examination of the statements of claims of all internal companies during the period of operation under the original NAC Scheme.

Also responsible for certain duties under CF 1.

CO 4
F H Denny Senior Staff Officer Had of Branch
CO 5

Source - List of Staff and Distribution of Duties, 1944 - AIR 20/7517 (AL27 - Jun 1944)

Directorate of Operational Services and Intelligence (DOSI)

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties
I H McClure   Director (DOSI)
  1. Operational features of air line and civil aviation projects at home and overseas.

  2. Operational aspects of regulations and agreements affecting civil aviation.

  3. Inspection of civil aerodromes and air routes and of proposed routes and sites.

  4. Technical examination of applicants for pilots' and air navigators' licenses.

  5. The collection and dissemination of operational intelligence.

C B Collins   Deputy Director (DDOSI)
OS Nav
C Clarke   Head of Branch
OS Nav (a)
W E B Griffiths

H P Finch

Examining Officer

Examining Officer

Operational aspects of new or alternative routes.

Navigational and operational legislation; navigating methods and equipment; calibration of DF equipment; operational aspects of National and International regulations.

Operating personnel; pilots' and navigators' qualifications and examinations.

Operating results; analysis of British and foreign scheduled services; provision of data for DCAF and DOCA.

Issue of navigational and aircraft equipment.

OS Nav (b)
G W Stallibrass

J L Deloford

Operations Officer Grade II

Operations Officer Grade III

Operating equipment; questions affecting British Air Line fleets and aircraft equipment requirements; liaison with CRP; questions affecting provision of new aircraft; maintenance of date on civil aircraft, engines and equipment.

Operational procedure; distress and safety organisation; co-ordination of military and civil procedure; permits to fly; demands for civil aircraft by RAF and other authorities; liaison with FO6, Fighter Command and operating companies.

Drafting of and amendments to Instructions for Scheduled Service Operation and Standing Instructions for Civil Aircraft Operation.

Recognition signals; aircraft camouflage policy; distribution of codes.

Aircraft routeing and reporting points.

Operational aspects of scheduled services and special flights.

OS Gen
O Cochran Operations Officer Grade II  
R L Crossman

R D Poland

D F Peel

G F Finn

Operations Officer Grade III

Operations Officer Grade III

Operations Officer Grade III

Higher Clerical Officer

Ground organisation; operational aspects of maintenance of State owned aerodromes and equipment; issue of operational ground equipment.

Operational aspects of works services.

Aerodrome surveys and inspections.

Co-ordination of Service and civil requirements at jointly occupied aerodromes; defence measures at civil aerodromes; co-ordination of control, signals and meteorological requirements and accommodation for control, signals and meteorological staff.

Lighting equipment, co-ordination with BSI.

F H Robinson

L C L Ward

Air Traffic Control Officer Grade I

Higher Clerical Officer

Operational control; standing orders for civil control organisation; inspection of control staff; personnel questions; issue of control furniture and equipment.
T F Bird Operations Officer Grade I Head of Branch.
CA Int (1)
C M Colbeck

C E Gardner

L E Hicks

A Gilbert

Examining Officer

Operations Officer Grade III

Operations Officer Grade III

Higher Clerical Officer

Collection and dissemination of civil air intelligence; liaison with Empire CA authorities, DOT, D of I, and other government departments.

Custody of Empire and foreign notices to airmen.

Security, censorship and press questions.

Supply, correction and issue of published maps for civil purposes.

R J R Pike Staff Officer In charge of CA Int (2), CA Int (3) and CA Int (4)
CA Int (2)
S Braidman Higher Clerical Officer Gazetteer (Aerodromes Section).

Gazetteers of air navigation facilities and restrictions and records of aeronautical regulations throughout the world.

Liaison with Admiralty, War Office and Ordnance Survey on preparation of air maps and charts of all territories and supply of material in connection therewith.

CA Int (3)
F Coltman Higher Clerical Officer Gazetteer (Air Transport Section)..

Gazetteers of civil aviation throughout the world; development, administration, finance, air services and operating companies, personnel and equipment; training of personnel; club and other organisations.

Empire and foreign air traffic statistics.

Registers of aircraft.

CA Int (4)
H J Standerwick Higher Clerical Officer Publications, Regulations and Drawing section.

Preparation of Civil Aviation Intelligence Summary.

Compilation of and amendments to the Air Regulations Handbooks and Notices to Airmen

Record of aeronautical regulations throughout the world.

Drawing work.

Civil Aviation Technical Adviser (TA (CA))

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties
D Rolinson Principal Technical Officer  
  1. Technical examination of aircraft operational requirements prepared on OSI

  2. Liaison with MAP and with firms as regards progress of design of new aircraft types.

  3. Advice to DGCA and OSI as to the effect on operational characteristics of modifications in design.

  4. Participation in discussions between designers and BOAC.

  5. Advice on engine questions.

  6. Technical advice on aircraft and engine intelligence reports.

  7. General liaison with MAP on technical matters.

Directorate of Civil Research and Production


Name Status/Rank Role/Duties
H L Young Senior Technical Officer Airworthiness approval of large type civil aircraft and civil aircraft owned by the Air Ministry.

Arrangements for supply of spares and material for companies operating approved services.

Supply of special equipment for civil aircraft; progress of new aircraft to be supplied to operating companies and aircraft undergoing major modification.

Liaison with Air Registration Board; liaison with RAF, MAP and other departments in connection with the supply of spares.


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