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Department of the Air Member for Training - Personnel July 1944



Sir Peter R M Drummond

Air Member for Training, KCB, DSO, OBE, MC  27 Apr 1943
Mr F C Hall Private Secretary  
Directorate-General of Training

Edwin S Goodwin

Director-General, CBE, AFC 25 Mar 1941
Directorate of Operational Training

Percy E Maitland

Director, MVO, AFC; later AVM 25 Feb 1942
Gp Capt

R L McK Barbour

Deputy Director  16 Dec 1943
Gp Capt

A O Lewis-Roberts

Deputy Director, DFC 23 Feb 1942
Wg Cdr J A Crockett    1 Nov 1943
Wg Cdr Thomas J Hanlon later AVM 17 May 1943
Wg Cdr E Holden DFC 31 Dec 1942
Wg Cdr J D Irving OBE, MC 10 Jan 1940
Wg Cdr G D Middleton    1 Dec1942
Wg Cdr Peter T Philpott later AVM 16 Jan 1942
Wg Cdr A E J Pratt   22 Oct 1940
Sqn Ldr H V Bunting    5 Jul 1943
Sqn Ldr C G H Crusoe    1 Jul 1943
Sqn Ldr E M Lewis DFC  
Sqn Ldr W E V Malins DFC 11 Jan 1944
Sqn Ldr E A Morrison    1 Oct 1942
Sqn Ldr D Passmore    3 May 1943
Sqn Ldr R C E Scott   15 Jun 1944
Sqn Ldr A A Willis MC 16 Dec 1940
Flt Lt N E Williams DFC  1 May 1941
Mr J H Bramley Special Appointment  
Mr A H Meaby Acting Staff Officer  
Mr A G Lawrie Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Directorate of Flying Training

David V Carnegie

Director, AFC; later AVM 11 Sep 1943
Gp Capt C E Barraclough Deputy Director, 26 Aug 1943
Gp Capt K W Niblett Deputy Director, DFC  3 Apr 1943
Gp Capt G C Stemp Deputy Director, 15 Jun 1943
Wg Cdr A W B Barrett    7 Apr 1944
Wg Cdr C H Bell OBE  6 Mar 1940
Wg Cdr R L Burnett AFC  9 jun 1943
Wg Cdr C H Press    2 Nov 1942
Wg Cdr B S Tomlin DFC 24 May 1943
Wg Cdr C H Walker   22 Nov 1943
Sqn Ldr P H R Bristow   28 Dec 1943
Sqn Ldr R S C Cater   13 Feb 1942
Sqn Ldr C A Harris DFC 10 May 1943
Sqn Ldr F M Hollis   25 Nov 1943
Sqn Ldr D C L Love   21 Jul 1941
Sqn Ldr P M Maggs   26 May 1943
Sqn Ldr H F Payne   17 Oct 1941
Lt Cdr G N Torry Attached, RN  
Flt Lt R D S Carpendale    6 Jun 1941
Flt Lt P H Dimmock    1 Feb 1944
Flt Lt T H Harris   13 May 1942
Flt Lt R K L S Mainwaring   19 Apr 1943
Flt Lt D W Phillips    7 Jan 1941
Flt Lt A F Rowland   17 Jan 1944
Flt Lt L A Wells   12 Jun 1944
Lt J F Kane Attached, RN  
SO M F Eynon WAAF  
Sqn Ldr (Ret) H Cockerell OBE  
Mr R G Silk Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Directorate of Technical Training

Cyril B Cooke

Director, CBE; later AM  1 Jun 1944
Gp Capt

Cyril N Ellen

Deputy Director, DFC; later A/Cdre 13 Dec 1943
Gp Capt

R T B Houghton

Deputy Director  
Gp Capt H Nelson Deputy Director  1 Sep 1925
Wg Cdr A G Abel    5 Apr 1943
Wg Cdr A G Beese   22 Oct 1940
Wg Cdr G R C Baker   24 Sep 1940
Wg Cdr B H Godfrey    8 May 1940
Wg Cdr D H S Rusher    
Wg Cdr J B Stoneman BEM 14 Apr 1943
Wg Cdr J Woods    1 Sep 1942
Wg Off O A Davies WAAF  
Lt Col A Dodds    
Sqn Ldr F J Balcombe   11 Aug 1941
Sqn Ldr F R Boyce    
Sqn Ldr B V Greasly   18 Aug 1941
Sqn Ldr R W Holmes DFC  
Sqn Ldr J Hood   15 Nov 1943
Sqn Ldr A G Lankester MBE 26 Apr 1941
Sqn Ldr W F Papworth   15 Nov 1943
Sqn Ldr J H C Saffery MBE  
Sqn Ldr A W Stollery   28 Oct 1942
Sqn Ldr T A Tindle   24 May 1940
Sqn Ldr E H Webb    
Sqn Ldr J F Willatt    6 Apr 1942
Sqn Ldr W Winterbottom   10 Feb 1941
Sqn Ldr R Wright DFM  
Sqn Off B J Holmes WAAF  
Flt Lt H J Budd   25 Aug 1943
Flt Lt E Easton    
Flt Off P M Berris WAAF  
Flt Off K B Eades-Eachus WAAF 27 Feb 1942
Flt Off M J Shemming WAAF  
Flt Off M M Wade WAAF 25 May 1942
Flt Off M C Wilcockson WAAF  
Flt Lt (Ret) J Sutherland MBE  
Mr H F Derbyshire Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Training Literature
Wg Cdr F D Terdrey OBE  
Sqn Ldr C A Wood   29 Nov 1943
Sqn Ldr N S T Benson AFC  
Flt Lt J C F Horner    
Flt Lt B E G Davies    
Directorate-General of The Air Training Corps
AM Sir Ernest L Gossage Chief Commandant and Director-General, KCB, CVO, DSO, MC  
A/Cdre (Ret) Alfred D Warrington-Morris Deputy Director, CB, CMG, OBE  
Wg Cdr G H Keat   13 Jul 1942
Sqn Ldr C H Baker   19 May 1943
Sqn Ldr J C Harcombe   21 Oct 1942
Sqn Ldr C R Humphries   14 Oct 1942
Sqn Ldr E W Husey   13 Jul 1942
Sqn Ldr F D Kerr    6 Jan 1942
Sqn Ldr J Parsons    3 Jan 1943
Sqn Ldr R W V Robins    3 Jan 1943
Sqn Ldr B S S Rockey   13 Jul 1942
Flt Lt C A Narbeth   13 Jul 1942
Flt Lt L G C Sims    
Flt Lt H C Wilson   13 Jul 1942
ASO C V Mitchell-Bayley WAAF  
Wg Cdr (Ret) H J Young    
Mr F R F Scott Temporary Administrative Officer  
Mr W S Masters Acting Staff Officer  
Mr J A Earthy Acting Staff Officer  
Mr E J Hawkey Acting Higher Clerical Officer
Mr W C Hollamby Acting Higher Clerical Officer (On loan from another Government Dept)
Mr F C Middleton Acting Higher Clerical Officer (On loan from another Government Dept)
Directorate of Educational Services
Mr (A/Cdre) W M Page Director, CBE, MA, RAFVR  
Mr (Gp Capt) A H Robson Deputy Director, OBE, MC, MSc, PhD, RAFVR  
Mr (Gp Capt) C L M Brown Deputy Director, MA, RAFVR  
Mr W G Sheppard Education Officer Grade I, BA  
Mr (Wg Cdr) H R Davies Education Officer Grade I, MC, MA, RAFVR  
Mr E G M Neville Education Officer Grade I, MA, BSc, AFRAeS  
Mr J Armitage Education Officer Grade II,  
Mr R P Graham Education Officer Grade II,  
Mr C Middleton Education Officer Grade II, BA  
Mr (Sqn Ldr) E N Marriott Education Officer Grade II, MEng, AMIME, AMIEE, RAFVR  
Mr G Tupholme Education Officer Grade II,  
Mr S Wiseman Education Officer Grade II, MEd, BSc  
Mr (Fg Off - Sqn Ldr) W A Carmichael Education Officer Grade III, MA, RAFVR
Mr (Fg Off - Sqn Ldr) H J Cramp Education Officer Grade III, MSc, RAFVR
Mr H Lanham Education Officer Grade III, BSc
Mr E J Matthews Education Officer Grade III, BSc
Mr (Fg Off - Sqn Ldr) F J Nurton Education Officer Grade III, BSc, RAFVR
Mr A D Prince Education Officer Grade III, BSc
Mr F C Sabin Education Officer Grade III, BSc
Mr K S Spreadbury Education Officer Grade III, BA
Mr W A Dickins Acting Staff Officer  
Mr J L Kirkham Acting Higher Clerical Officer on loan from another Government Dept.
Directorate of Accident Prevention

Henry D O'Neill

Director, AFC  4 Aug 1941
Gp Capt J N Jaques   10 Sep 1941
Gp Capt H J Saker MVO  3 Feb 1941
Wg Cdr H G L Allsop    2 Feb 1944
Wg Cdr J W Duggan   15 Mar 1944
Wg Cdr J G Fraser   23 Dec 1943
Wg Cdr B B Jupp   13 Mar1944
Wg Cdr A M Lester    1 Jan 1942
Wg Cdr J C M Lunn AFC 20 Dec 1943
Wg Cdr T J MacDermott   20 Dec 1943
Wg Cdr V R Oates   26 Jan 1944
Wg Cdr A R Putt   20 Dec 1943
Wg Cdr R S Sikes AFC 29 Nov 1943
Wg Cdr F M Thomas   13 Dec 1943
Sqn Ldr F A Baker   21 Feb 1944
Sqn Ldr T L I Bell    1 Dec 1943
Sqn Ldr L T Bryant-Fenn DFC 12 Jun 1944
Sqn Ldr B Duncan    1 Dec 1943
Sqn Ldr D H Elletson   21 Sep 1940
Sqn Ldr S G Fenwick    1 Jun 1942
Sqn Ldr J E Gibson   10 Feb 1944
Sqn Ldr I P Grant DFC, AFC 31 Jan 1944
Sqn Ldr J G Hay   21 Dec 1943
Sqn Ldr D B Hobson   25 Jan 1944
Sqn Ldr H Marsden   31 Jan 1944
Sqn Ldr R H Morton AFC 15 Feb 1944
Sqn Ldr G A Pickett    1 Dec 1943
Sqn Ldr R M Power   13 Mar 1944
Sqn Ldr D L Prichard DSO  6 Mar 1944
Sqn Ldr H Priestly   21 Nov 1942
Sqn Ldr R Rendle    2 Feb 1944
Sqn Ldr R R Riddell   20 Jan 1944
Sqn Ldr L K Smith   14 Feb 1944
Sqn Ldr H V L Tubbs   26 Jan 1944
Sqn Ldr S Wareing DFC  3 Feb 1944
Sqn Ldr H R Whateley   17 Jan 1944
Sqn Ldr R J Murphy RAAF  
Flt Lt J H Battison   13 Jun 1944
Flt Lt R D Boyd   28 Dec 1943
Flt Lt T W Copson DFM 22 Feb 1944
Flt Lt R J P Crawford   15 Mar 1944
Flt Lt A W G Dell   18 Jan 1944
Flt Lt J A Dobson    5 Jan 1944
Flt Lt B S Gibson    1 Jan 1944
Flt Lt E P Hamilton    3 Mar 1941
Flt Lt P J Harding   10 Apr 1944
Flt Lt G C Jackson    6 Jul 1943
Flt Lt J T P Jeyes   18 Jan 1944
Flt Lt J H Kimber   29 Dec 1943
Flt Lt L H Kirkby DFC 19 Jan 1944
Flt Lt J F McEwen   24 Jan 1944
Flt Lt R C MacMillan    5 Aug 1942
Flt Lt R Maun AFC 17 Apr 1944
Flt Lt J H Mee    1 Jan 1944
Flt Lt A M Preston   15 May 1944
Flt Lt C L Ross   19 Apr 1944
Flt Lt A R J Savage   18 Jan 1944
Fg Off S R Gillmar DFM  6Jan 1944
Fg Off L G Gratton    8 Feb 1942
Fg Off C A Newman   28 Oct 1944
SO R M Walker WAAF 13 Jan 1944
Mr F G Solomon Staff Officer  
Mr A G Felton Higher Clerical Officer  
Directorate of Training (Plans)

Allan L A Perry-Keene

Director, OBE; later AVM  2 Mar 1943
Gp Capt C E H James Deputy Director, MC  
Gp Capt H M S Wright Deputy Director  
Gp Capt N Wood Deputy Director, OBE  
Sqn Off N J Hime WAAF  
Flt Lt W J N Warner    
Training Progress
Mr M S Laing Head of Training Progress Staff  
Mr J P Winckworth Training Progress Officer  
Mr R H Ford Assistant Training Progress Officer  
Mr P Evers-Swindell Assistant Training Progress Officer  
Mr G de H Vaizey Assistant Training Progress Officer  
Mr F E Richmond Special Appointment, MBE  
Mr H S Latham Special Appointment 27 Jun 1942
Sqn Ldr E G Plum   11 May 1942
Miss K Teggart Acting Higher Clerical Officer (On loan from another Government Dept)
Training Research
Prof E A Bott Adviser on Training Methods  
Prof C R Myer Assistant Adviser on Training Methods  
Mr G C Drew Special Appointment  
Mr A J Marshall Special Appointment  
Mr R Cockett Research Assistant  
Mr J B Parry Research Assistant  
Miss E D Fraser Research Assistant  
Mr E G Reeve Research Assistant  
SO L L Alexander WAAF 25 May 1944
ASO J B McLean WAAF 24 May 1944
ASO S J Trevan WAAF 10 May 1944
ASO K M Wyborn WAAF 10 May 1944

Source - July 1944 Air Force List.

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