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Coastal Command - June 1940

No 15 (Reconnaissance) Group (HQ - Plymouth)

Unit Location Notes
No 502 Sqn AAF - less 1 Flight RAF Aldergrove - Station in Training Command Ansons
RAF Station Carew Cheriton Carew Cheriton, Pembrokeshire  
1 Flight, No 217 Sqn RAF Carew Cheriton Ansons
'B' Flight, No 1 AACU RAF Carew Cheriton Henleys
'L' Flight, No 1 AACU RAF Carew Cheriton Henleys
Care & Maintenance Party Falmouth for operational use from time to time by FB detachment  
Embarkation Office Fowey, administered by Mount Batten  
RAF Station Hooton Park Hooton Park, Cheshire  
1 Flight, No 502 Sqn RAF Hooton Park Ansons
RAF Station Mount Batten Plymouth, Devon  
No 10 Sqn, RAAF (Sunderland) RAF Mount Batten  
RAF Station Pembroke Dock Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire  
No 210 Sqn (Sunderland) RAF Pembroke Dock  
Major maintenance of No 204 Sqn (Sunderland) RAF Pembroke Dock  
No 15 Group Communication Flight RNAS Roborough (FAA Station)  
RAF Station St Eval St Eval, Newquay, Cornwall  
No 217 Sqn (less1 Flight) (Ansons) RAF St Eval  
'C' Flight, No 2 AACU RAF St Eval Sharks/Battles

No 16 (Reconnaissance) Group (HQ - Chatham)

Unit Location Notes
RAF Station Bircham Newton Bircham Newton, Norfolk  
No 206 Sqn RAF Bircham Newton Hudsons
No 235 Sqn RAF Bircham Newton Blenheims
Mobile Torpedo Base RAF Bircham Newton  
No 815 (TSR) Sqn FAA RAF Bircham Newton Swordfish
RAF Station Detling Detling, Kent  
No 500 Sqn RAF Detling Ansons
No 1 Coastal Artillery Co-operation Unit RAF Detling Ansons
No 801 Sqn FAA RAF Detling Skuas
No 806 Sqn FAA RAF Detling Skuas
No 825 Sqn FAA RAF Detling Swordfish
Care & Maintenance RAF Felixstowe  
RAF Station North Coates North Coates Fitties, Lincolnshire  
No 22Sqn RAF North Coates Beauforts
No 815 (TSR) Sqn FAA RAF North Coates Swordfish
No 1 Ground Defence Gunnery School RAF North Coates lodger unit
No 16 Group Communication Flight Rochester (Civil)  
RAF Station Thorney Island Thorney Island, Hampshire  
No 48 Sqn RAF Thorney Island Ansons
No 42 Sqn RAF Thorney Island Beauforts
Maintenance Flight of No 217 Sqn RAF Thorney Island  
No 3 General Reconnaissance Unit RAF Thorney Island Wellingtons
No 818 Sqn FAA RAF Thorney Island Swordfish

No 17 (Training) Group (HQ - Gosport)

Unit Location Notes
RAF Station Abbotsinch Abbotsinch, Renfrewshire  
Torpedo Training Unit RAF Abbotsinch  
RAF Station Calshot Calshot Spit, Hampshire  
  1. Major maintenance of Nos 201, 209 and 240 Sqns
  2. Marine Craft Repair Section
  3. Marine Craft Section
  4. Marine Craft Instructional Section
  5. Flying Boat Training Sqn (Singapore III)
Embarkation Office Glasgow  
RAF Station Gosport Gosport, Hampshire  
  1. Torpedo Experimental and Development Section
  2. Torpedo Experimental and Development Flight
  3. Torpedo Instructional Section
  4. No 2 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit (less t (less 'C' Flight &  and part of 'D' Flight)
  5. FAA Maintenance Unit
RAF Station Silloth Silloth, Cumberland  
No 1 (Coastal) Operational Training Unit RAF Silloth Various
Embarkation Office Southampton  
RAF Station Squires Gate Squires Gate, Blackpool, Lancashire  
No 2 School of General Reconnaissance RAF Squires Gate Various
'F' Flight, No 1 AACU RAF Squires Gate Henleys

No 18 (Reconnaissance) Group (HQ - Pitreavie Castle)

Unit Location Notes
RAF Station Dyce Dyce, Aberdeen  
No 612 Sqn AAF RAF Dyce Ansons
RAF Station Helensburgh Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire  
Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment RAF Helenburgh Various
RAF Station Invergordon Invergordon, Ross and Cromarty  
No 201 Sqn RAF Invergordon Sunderlands
RAF Station Leuchars Leuchars, Fife  
No 224 Sqn RAF Leuchars Hudsons
No 233 Sqn RAF Leuchars Hudsons
No 18 Group Communications Flight RAF Leuchars Various
RAF Station Oban Oban, Argyllshire  
No 209 Sqn RAF Oban Lerwicks
RAF Station Sullom Voe Shetlands  
No 240 Sqn RAF Sullom Voe Stranaers
No 204 Sqn RAF Sullom Voe Sunderlands
RAF Station Sumburgh Shetlands  
Fighter Flight RAF Sumburgh Gladiators
No 254 Sqn RAF Sumburgh Blenheims
RAF Station Thornaby Thornaby, North Riding of Yorkshire  
No 608 Sqn RAF Thornaby Ansons
No 220 Sqn RAF Thornaby Hudsons
RAF Station Wick Wick, Caithness  
No 269 Sqn RAF Wick Hudsons
1 Communication aircraft (Dragon) RAF Wick  
Up to 3 Squadrons of Fighter Command RAF Wick  

Source - SD161 (3rd Issue), May 1940, Amendment List No 1 dated 20 Jun 1940

County names used are those in use at the time

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