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Department of the Air Member for Personnel - Personnel 1961

ACM Sir Arthur W B McDonald Air Member for Personnel, KCB, AFC, MA, FRAeS  1 Oct 1959
Mr C W Ralph Private Secretary  
Mr D J Lythgo Executive Officer  
Directorate-General of Personal Services
AVM James R Gordon-Finlayson Director-General, DSO, DFC, MA  1 May 1960
Mr A H Turney Personal Assistant  
Chaplaincy Services
The Venerable F W Cocks Chaplain-in-Chief, CB, QHC, MA 19 Mar 1959
Rev A W Hopkins Assistant Chaplain-in-Chief, QHC, BA  8 Mar 1957
Rt Rev Mgr P J O'Connell Principal Chaplain, CBE, STL 15 Jun 1950
Mr C J F Gilmore Special Appointment, MA  
Rev R A Lindley Staff Chaplain to Chaplain-in-Chief  
Directorate of Personal Services (A)

Robert A C Carter

Director, CB, DSO, DFC, AFRAeS  9 Jun 1959
Gp Capt

R  Webster

Deputy Director, 17 Apr 1959
Wg Cdr J M Ayre    9 May 1960
Wg Cdr H King   14 Jul 1958
Wg Cdr H E Walmsley DFC* 24 Mar 1959
Wg Cdr T R N Wheatley-Smith   10 Oct 1960
Sqn Ldr K Courtnage OBE, AFC  1 Oct 1960
Sqn Ldr E C Henderson MBE 29 Aug 1960
Sqn Ldr E J McDonald OBE 27 Apr 1959
Sqn Ldr W J Malone   13 Jun 1960
Sqn Ldr R Parsons MBE 19 May 1959
Sqn Ldr H C Robinson MBE  5 Dec 1960
Sqn Ldr E T Walter   20 Oct 1958
Sqn Ldr S Willcocks    1 Jul 1959
Sqn Ldr E F Lapham   20 Jul 1959
Mr J E Cook Higher Executive Officer  
Mr L H Price Higher Executive Officer  
Mr W A Connelley Executive Officer  
Mr T S C Smith Executive Officer  
Mr H F Andrews Executive Officer  
A/Cdre (Ret) Hugh L Maxwell Special Appointment, CBE, DSO  
Sqn Ldr (Ret) P G Farley Special Appointment  
Wg Cdr (Ret) A F Merritt Special Appointment  
Directorate of Personal Services (B)
A/Cdre William N Hibbert Director, FCA  4 Jul 1960
Gp Capt

William G Morgan

Deputy Director, CBE, AACCA; later AVM 22 Jun 1960
Gp Capt

J Sanderson

Deputy Director, FCA 15 Aug 1960
Gp Capt

C H Wiggins

Deputy Director, OBE, FCCS  1 Apr 1960
Wg Cdr

G M Gibson

MBE 22 Jun 1960
Wg Cdr

R M Jolly

   1 Jan 1960
Wg Cdr

J B Lewis

  24 Oct 1960
Wg Cdr

J H C Russell

FCA 12 Dec 1960
Wg Cdr N Wilson OBE  7 Mar 1960
Sqn Ldr B D Davies AFC 21 Mar 1960
Sqn Ldr A A Goddard    1 Apr 1959
Sqn Ldr P R Grey FCA  9 Jun 1958
Sqn Ldr J E Janes   11 Mar 1959
Sqn Ldr R S Mason    5 Jan 1959
Sqn Ldr T M Murray    1 Jan 1960
Sqn Ldr K J Newman DFC 13 Jan 1958
Sqn Ldr R F W Turner DFC 13 May 1958
Sqn Off M F Gunnill WRAF 12 Sep 1960
Flt Lt K J Harries MA  5 Dec 1960
Flt Lt A R Martin    1 Jan 1960
Flt Lt W D Preston   27 Jun 1960
Flt Lt D S T Robertson    1 Mar 1960
Mr A F Pegg Senior Executive Officer  
Mr J B Harris Higher Executive Officer  
Mr V A Loades Higher Executive Officer  
Mr F E Jones Higher Executive Officer  
Mr G M Franklin Executive Officer  
Mr A J Phillips Executive Officer  
Mr M G Froud Executive Officer  
Mr A W Tompkings Executive Officer  
Mr R E Welsh Executive Officer  
Mr J E Thomas Executive Officer  
Mr J G Gooderham Executive Officer  
Directorate of Personal Services (Provost Marshal)

William S Gardner

Director, CB, CBE, DFC*, AFC 13 Jun 1960
Gp Capt

C S Harley

Deputy Director,  2 Mar 1960
Wg Cdr

F J Cuttill

Assistant Director,  2 Jan 1960
Wg Cdr G F McMahon DFM 20 Jun 1960
Wg Cdr J L Schooling   22 Feb 1960
Sqn Ldr R W Bracken MBE 12 Aug 1957
Sqn Ldr N Burton MBE 10 Oct 1960
Sqn Ldr G Innes   26 Nov 1959
Sqn Off D M Williams WRAF 14 Nov 1960
Flt Lt G G McClelland   23 Aug 1958
Mr C J H Calcutt Higher Executive Officer  
Mr H P C Welch Executive Officer  
Directorate of Women's Royal Air Force
Air Cmdt A Stephens Director, MBE, ADC, WRAF  7 Mar 1960
Flt Off M K Macrae WRAF 17 Nov 1958
Gp Off

J L A Conan-Doyle

Deputy Director, OBE, WRAF  4 Apr 1960
Wg Off F R Pentland WRAF  2 Nov 1959
Sqn Off G D Bell WRAF  9 May 1960
Sqn Off K M Bright MBE, WRAF 26 Jul 1959
Flt Off N R Fernihough WRAF  6 Apr 1959
Inspector of Physical Fitness
Gp Capt J R W Blyth AFC, BSc, DPhysEd 21 Jul 1958
Flt Lt W A Batchelor DPhysEd 15 Mar 1960
Director of RAF Sport and Inspector of Recreational Grounds
Wg Cdr (Ret) J Lawson Director, CBE  
Directorate-General of Manning

Donald M T Macdonald

Director-General, CB  8 Feb 1958
Mr P P Howes Personal Assistant  
A/Cdre Frederick J Manning Director, CB, CBE 25 Jul 1960
Mr G A Roberts Director, CBE, BA  
Gp Capt

J N Ogle

Deputy Director, AFC, AFM  2 Dec1957
Gp Capt

G K Buckingham

OBE, DFC 15 Aug 1960
Gp Capt

T P F Trudgian

OBE, FCA  1 Apr 1959
Wg Cdr

C H Beeton

ACCS 26 Oct 1960
Wg Cdr L J M Bunce   11 Jan 1960
Wg Cdr

J Eames

OBE, AACCA 28 Aug 1958
Wg Cdr J F Hatton   22 May 1957
Wg Cdr

A C Hollingsworth

   2 Jan 1961
Wg Cdr R W Hurst   17 Aug 1960
Wg Cdr

A J D Maclachlan

DFC 20 Jun 1960
Wg Cdr B Morgan MBE  2 Mar 1959
Wg Cdr

A V Plowright

   9 Aug 1960
Wg Cdr C G Reeve MBE 11 Jan 1960
Sqn Ldr E M Allies DFC, BA  2 May 1960
Sqn Ldr P V Ayerst DFC  1 Jul 1958
Sqn Ldr D R K Blucke    4 Apr 1960
Sqn Ldr J E Brough   26 Apr 1960
Sqn Ldr P O'D Burgess   29 Dec 1958
Sqn Ldr C P Francis   31 Mar 1959
Sqn Ldr R D Frost   23 May 1960
Sqn Ldr W H Goldstraw DFC*  8 Nov 1960
Sqn Ldr A A McIntosh DFC, MA  2 May 1960
Sqn Ldr D G Maddocks DFC 13 Mar 1958
Sqn Ldr E R E Morley   16 Oct 1958
Sqn Ldr J R Robinson AFC 30 Dec 1959
Sqn Ldr A B Smith MBE  9 Mar 1959
Sqn Ldr I R Walkington BA 25 Jan 1960
Sqn Ldr F W A Westcott   29 Dec 1958
Sqn Off G P Barrett WRAF  1 Mar 1960
Sqn Off M R Green WRAF 31 Aug 1959
Flt Lt R S Bingham    2 Jan 1959
Flt Lt R W Gellard DFM  2 Jun 1958
Flt Lt N H Giffin   28 Mar 1960
Flt Lt H Hicks BA  2 Jan 1961
Mr H Frost Chief Executive Officer, OBE  
Mr E G Marchant Chief Executive Officer, OBE  
Mr L W Asplin Higher Executive Officer  
Mr H A Laming Higher Executive Officer  
Mr D J Wise Higher Executive Officer  
Miss D M Bartholomew Executive Officer  
Mr C K Murfitt Executive Officer  
Mr R D B Gibson Executive Officer  
Miss M E Butlin Executive Officer  
Miss M H Dee Executive Officer  
Mr R W Miller Executive Officer  
Miss P K Sim Executive Officer  
Mr G W Coles Executive Officer  
Miss H M Andrews Executive Officer  
Miss M J Watt Executive Officer  
Miss D Tapp Executive Officer  
Mr D London Executive Officer  
Mr R E R Dickerson Executive Officer  
Miss D A Fielding Executive Officer  
Mr J P Kirkland Executive Officer  
Mr A E Elliott Executive Officer, BEM  
Mr K M Glock Executive Officer  
Wg Cdr (Ret) A G T James Special Appointment, OBE  
Mr G H McDonough Higher Statistics Officer  
Mr M J Full Statistics Officer  
Mr R J Summerfield Statistics Officer  

Directorate-General of RAF Medical Services

AM Sir Patrick B Lee Potter Director-General, KBE, QHS, MD, ChB, DPH, DTM&H,  1 Feb 1957
AVM G A M Knight Deputy Director-General, CB, CBE, QHS, MB, BS, DLO  14 Mar 1956
A/Cdre A Muir Director of Hygiene and Research, MA, BSc, MB, ChB, MRCP (Edin), DTM&H 20 Jun 1959
AVM R Scoggins Director of Dental Services, CBE, QHDS, LDSRCS,  18 Feb 1958

H Keggin

Deputy Director of Dental Services, QHDS, LDS 16 Feb 1959
Gp Capt

P A Wilkinson

Deputy Director of Medical Personnel and Training, MRCS, LRCP 12 Dec 1956

G R Gunn

Deputy Director Medical Organisation and Supply, OBE, MB, ChB, DPH  1 Jan 1961
Gp Capt

J H Lewis

Deputy Director of Aviation Medicine, MA, LMSSA, DPH  1 Dec 1958
Gp Capt

D Stevenson

MBE, MD, ChB, DPH  1 Jul 1960
Wg Cdr

A C Camm

MRCS, LRCP, DLO, DPH 30 Aug 1960
Wg Cdr

R C Rylance

MB, BCh 18 Nov 1960
Wg Cdr M W L White MRCS, LRCP 14 Jul 1958
Sqn Ldr D W Atkinson MB, ChB  1 Sep 1958
Sqn Ldr T C L Brown GM, MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, DPH, DIH 22 Jul 1957
Sqn Ldr T Edwards    
Sqn Ldr R E Woolley GM, MRCS, LRCP 14 Jul 1958
Miss I M Marshall Higher Executive Officer  
Miss J Cleaver Executive Officer  
Miss E M Payne Executive Officer  
Mr G Tudge Executive Officer  
Mr W A B Milligan Higher Statistics Officer, DPA, AMIIA, FSS  
Mr E A Doggett Statistics Officer  

Nursing Service Branch

Air Cmdt Dame Alice Lowrey Matron-in-Chief, DBE, RRC, QHNS 1 Sep 1959
Miss O E F Price Executive Officer  
Directorate of Educational Services
AVM E Knowles Director, CBE, BSc, AFRAeS  3 Oct 1960
Gp Capt

L F Stanley

Deputy Director, MSc, ARCS, DIC 20 Apr 1959
Gp Capt

P H Wood

Deputy Director, BSc, AInstP 22 Sep 1958
Wg Cdr

R S C Cater

MA, AFRAeS  7 Oct 1957
Wg Cdr J A Hope DFC, BSc 15 Sep 1960
Wg Cdr

C H Sleightholme

BSc 10 Dec 1956
Wg Cdr S R Williams MA, AFRAeS 14 Nov 1960
Sqn Ldr G W A Airey BSc  6 Apr 1960
Sqn Ldr G R Earle-Welby MA 19 Sep 1960
Sqn Ldr F W Ellis BSc  2 Feb 1959
Sqn Ldr D R Fayle MC, BSc  6 Jul 1959
Sqn Ldr A S Kirkwood MA 18 Jun 1958
Sqn Ldr L R Moon BA, BSc  9 Mar 1959
Sqn Ldr R Russell-Smith BA  1 Dec 1958
Sqn Ldr F R Short MA 15 Nov 1960
Sqn Ldr A E Silvester MA 26 Jul 1960
Sqn Ldr J L Whitbread BA 23 May 1960
Sqn Ldr A E C York BA 19 Dec 1960
Miss W S Wootton Executive Officer  
Miss M J Farley Executive Officer  
Directorate of Legal Services
A/Cdre M W Palmer Director, LLM   4 Mar 1957
Gp Capt

J E Allen-Jones

Deputy Director, OBE, MA 31 Aug 1959
Wg Cdr

W D Evans

DFC 30 May 1960
Wg Cdr

E E W Lloyd Jones

  29 Jun 1959
Wg Cdr R F W Patteson   10 Nov 1958
Sqn Ldr R E Beesley    3 Mar 1958
Sqn Ldr F G Budd   26 Jan 1959
Sqn Ldr M Sawyer    7 Apr 1959
Sqn Off J Mackay MBE  1 Oct 1950
Flt Lt R T Dawson   25 Jul 1960
Flt Lt E Gillett    1 Oct 1950
Flt Lt F Pearson TD 15 Jan 1956
Sqn Ldr (Ret) M H James Special Appointment  
Directorate of Auxiliaries, Reserves and Air Cadets
AVM (Ret) Walter J Seward Director, CB, CBE  9 Aug 1954
Wg Cdr E F Pippet OBE 17 Oct 1960
Sqn Ldr H D Costam    2 Mar 1959

Air Secretary

AM Sir Theodore N McEvoy Air Secretary, KCB, CBE, ADC  1 May 1959
Mr M J Budds Private Secretary  
AVM Patrick H Dunn Deputy Air Secretary, CB, CBE, DFC; later AM 21 Jul 1958
Miss J M Paterson Personal Assistant  

Cuthbert V Mears

Director, CBE, ADC, FCA 18 Dec 1957

James D Ronald

Director, AFC  1 Feb 1959

David M Strong

Director, AFC  4 Mar 1960
Gp Capt

C A Ball

Deputy Director, 15 Sep 1958
Gp Capt

Ivor G Broom

Deputy Director, DSO, DFC**, AFC; later AM  1 Jul 1960
Gp Capt

Alan C Deere

Deputy Director, DSO, OBE, DFC*; later A/Cdre  4 Jan 1960
Gp Capt

Oswald Gradon

Deputy Director, OBE, FCA; later A/Cdre  3 Nov 1958
Gp Capt

E F Wain

Deputy Director, OBE 25 May 1959
Wg Cdr K W C Bindloss    4 Apr 1960
Wg Cdr H V Bunting    2 May 1960
Wg Cdr L H G Coles DFC 16 Jun 1958
Wg Cdr A G Conway DFC 16 Feb 1959
Wg Cdr G Cubby MBE  1 Jan 1961
Wg Cdr J A Hemingway DFC 27 Jun 1960
Wg Cdr D H Keary DFC  4 May 1959
Wg Cdr R A N McCready OBE 23 Jan 1961
Wg Cdr C J Myers   30 Jan 1957
Wg Cdr T Phillips   23 Jun 1958
Wg Cdr L A Popham OBE  6 Jul 1959
Wg Cdr P H Reason ACA 31 Oct 1960
Wg Cdr I Thomas OBE, DFC  9 May 1960
Wg Cdr H M H Tudor DFC, AFC  5 Sep 1960
Sqn Ldr John C Atkinson later A/Cdre 28 Mar 1960
Sqn Ldr B J Ball DFC 17 Oct 1960
Sqn Ldr S H Braithwaite   13 Sep 1960
Sqn Ldr H J Bromwich   30 Dec 1959
Sqn Ldr R S Brown MBE  1 Mar 1960
Sqn Ldr B R Clarke   19 Mar 1960
Sqn Ldr P D O Coryton   28 Jul 1958
Sqn Ldr R E Daysh   15 Dec 1958
Sqn Ldr L W Fletcher   10 Mar 1958
Sqn Ldr D S Flower MBE 24 Aug 1958
Sqn Ldr J A Gill DFM 16 May 1960
Sqn Ldr G M Hermitage    4 Jan 1960
Sqn Ldr K J Hitchcock   14 Jun 1960
Sqn Ldr F G Ireland MBE 31 Mar 1958
Sqn Ldr F Mandeville   19 Dec 1960
Sqn Ldr P M Marsh   22 Sep 1959
Sqn Ldr G E Moss    1 Jul 1959
Sqn Ldr J A Nicholas   12 Oct 1959
Sqn Ldr S L Page BSc  4 Jan 1960
Sqn Ldr N G Payne DFC 29 Jul 1959
Sqn Ldr A P Presnail   13 Jul 1959
Sqn Ldr F R Pusey MBE 20 Jan 1960
Sqn Ldr P E Raymond    1 Jan 1961
Sqn Ldr G Stafford BA 19 Dec 1960
Sqn Ldr W F D Steedman BA  9 Jan 1960
Sqn Ldr D J B Whitehead AFC 19 May 1959
Sqn Ldr A J Whitlock   29 Apr 2957
Sqn Ldr

Frederick B Yetman

 BA; later A/Cdre  2 Apr 1959
Flt Lt R E Bertram   19 Aug 1958
Flt Lt C C Taylor   21 Jan 1958
Mr T F White Senior Executive Officer, MBE  
Mr R W Hunt Higher Executive Officer  
Mr G A Moles Executive Officer  
Mr S M Vaughan Executive Officer  
Mr W E Llewellyn Executive Officer  
Mr J F Taft Executive Officer  
Mr J R Sheldrick Executive Officer  
Mrs D Coote Executive Officer  
Mr W D Fraser Executive Officer  

Source - January 1961 Air Force List

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