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Other Overseas Commands/Units - November 1945

[AHQ West Africa | Units in Australia | Units in the USA]

Air Headquarters, West Africa

HQ - Freetown

Location Unit Notes
Bathurst (Gambia) No 44 Embarkation Unit  
Freetown (Sierra Leone) No 26 Embarkation Unit  
Freetown (Sierra Leone) Base Personnel Office  
Freetown (Sierra Leone) No 36 Personnel Transit Centre  
Ikeja (Nigeria) No 1561 (Meteorological) Flt  
Kossoh (Sierra Leone) No 176 Maintenance Unit Equipment Holding Unit
Lagos (Nigeria) No 38 Embarkation Unit  
Maiduguri (Nigeria) No 1560 (Meteorological) Flt  
Oshodi (Nigeria) RAF Detachment  
Takoradi (Gold Coast) Station HQ  
Takoradi (Gold Coast) No 116 Maintenance Unit Aircraft Acceptance Unit
Takoradi (Gold Coast) No 33 Embarkation Unit  
Takoradi (Gold Coast) Communication Flt  
Takoradi (Gold Coast) RAF Hospital  
Takoradi (Gold Coast) Central Accounts Office  
Takoradi (Gold Coast) No 386 Maintenance Unit Equipment Holding Unit
Waterloo (Sierra Leone) No 1562 (Meteorological) Flt  
Waterloo (Sierra Leone) Communication Flt  
Units under the control of No 216 Group, administered and operated by HQ Transport Command
Accra (Gold Coast) No 1314 (Transport) Flt  
Accra (Gold Coast) No 55 Staging Post  
Apapa (Nigeria) No 50 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Dakar (Senegal) No 55 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Fort Lamy No 51 Staging Post  
Ikeja (Nigeria) No 50 Staging Post  
Kano (Nigeria) No 52 Staging Post  
Libreville (French Equatorial Africa) No 50 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Maiduguri (Nigeria) No 53 Staging Post  
Point Noire (French Equatorial Africa) No 50 Staging Post  
Port Etienne (Gambia) No 55 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Takoradi (Gold Coast) No 55 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Waterloo (Sierra Leone) No 55 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Yumdum (Gambia) No 55 Staging Post (Detachment)  


Units in Australia

HQ - Melbourne, Australia

Location Unit Notes
Archerfield (Brisbane) No 194 Staging Post  
Brisbane No 9 Special Liaison Unit Administered by the RAAF
Camden Station HQ  
Camden No 243 Sqn Dakota/Anson
Camden No 1315 Transport Flight  
Camden No 300 Wing (Detachment)  
Essendon (Melbourne) No 192 Staging Post  
Garbutt (Townville) No 193 Staging Post  
Gawler (Adelaide) No 191 Staging Post  
Gurney No 199 Staging Post  
Guildford (Perth) No 189 Staging Post  
Kingsford Smith Airport (Mascot, Sydney) No 145 Staging Post  
Learmouth (Exmouth Gulf) No 190 Staging Post  
Leyte No 195 Staging Post  
Mamote No 198 Staging Post  
Melbourne No 300 Wing  
Melbourne Base Accounts Office  
Palam No 196 Staging Post  
Parafield No 238 Sqn Dakota
Sorido No 197 Staging Post  

Units in the United States of America

Administered by the RAF Delegation, Washington

Location Unit Notes
Miami No 65 Embarkation Unit  
New York No 56 Embarkation Unit  
New York No 30 Personnel Transit Centre  
San Francisco No 97 Embarkation Unit  

Source - SD161 (62nd Edition) - November 1945

[AHQ West Africa | Units in Australia | Units in the USA]

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