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Distribution of Duties - Air Ministry (1944 - 1945)

[AMT | S8]

Department of the Air Member for Training


Name Status/Rank Role/Duties/Notes
  1. General responsibility for the adequacy of the RAF training organisation.

  2. Training of RAF and WAAF personnel in training schools and establishments and in operational units.

  3. Air Training Schemes in the Dominions.

  4. Flying accident prevention policy.

  5. Liaison on training questions with Admiralty, War Office and Dominions.

  6. Pre-entry training.

  7. Educational and Vocational training.

Sir Peter Drummond AM Air Member for Training (AMT) Killed in a flying accident - 27 Mar 1945
F C Hall Staff Officer Private Secretary

Source - List of Staff and Distribution of Duties, 1945 - AIR 20/7518

Secretarial Division allotted to the Department of the Air Member for Training (S 8)

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties/Notes
F R Howard Assistant Secretary Head of Division

Co-ordination of work within the Department of AMT and conduct of official correspondence.

S W Warran Principal Secretary: -
  • Empire Air Training Scheme Committee
  • Accidents Committee
  • ATC Standing Committee
  • Air Ministry Committee on Education and Vocational Training Facilities in the RAF during demobilisation period
Miss E M Bird Temporary Administrative Assistant Assistant Secretary, Empire Air Training Scheme Committee, Preparation of Air Council letters, memoranda, etc for the Department of AMT
Miss M M M Harrison Temporary Administrative Assistant General matters affecting the Air Training Corps.
J H Wadley Staff Officer (Branch Security Officer) Secretary - Inter-Services Sub-committee on Recognition Training

Liaison Secretary - Inter-Services Training Committee.

Co-ordination and correspondence for the Department of AMT.

General liaison with Dominion Air Training Schemes.

Source - List of Staff and Distribution of Duties, 1945 - AIR 20/7518

Senior WAAF (G) Officer attached to the Department of the AMT


Name Status/Rank Role/Duties/Notes
Vacant Gp Off Advice to AMT and Directorates on the female aspects of WAAF training.

Member of WAAF Advisory Council.

Source - List of Staff and Distribution of Duties, 1945 - AIR 20/7518

The work of the Department was delegated to the following: -

Directorate-General of Training: -

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