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Distribution of Duties - Air Ministry (1944)


Department of the Air Member for Training

Directorate-General of The Air Training Corps (DGATC)

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties/Notes
  • Policy, administration and direction of the Air Training Corps.

Sir Ernest L Gossage AM Chief Commandant and Director-General (DGATC)
Deputy Director (DDATC)
J E Allen Gp Capt (Deputy Director) Replaced in Aug 1944 by Gp Capt C E Maude
ATC 1*
C H Baker

R A Law

L G C Sims

Sqn Ldr

Special Appointment

Flt Lt

Organisation and establishments.

Strength returns and statistics.

Registration of local units and local committees.

Secretarial duties for ATC Committees and Inter-Services Cadet Committee.

ATC Rules and Regulations and Instructions.

ATC 2*
G H Kent Wg Cdr (Head of Branch)  
B S Rockey Sqn Ldr General training.



Film provisioning and distribution.

J C Harcombe

C A Narbeth

Sqn Ldr

Flt Lt

Glider flying training.

Glider regulations and instructions.

Gliding Schools and demonstrations.

Glider manufacture, design and modifications, maintenance, repair, sites, hangers, retrieving cars and winches.

C R Humphries Sqn Ldr Instructional courses for ATF officers and instructors.
H J Young

C Mitchell Bayley

Wg Cdr (Ret'd)


Provisioning equipment.

MT Allotment and Petrol Regulations.

F C Middleton Higher Clerical Officer ATC annual training.

Officers and NCO courses.

PT and sports.

Branch records and statistics.

Supervision of staff.

E J Hawkey Higher Clerical Officer Equipment accounts and records
F R F Scott

R W V Robins

Temporary Administrative Officer

Sqn Ldr

Educational questions; relations with Headmasters and Education Authorities.

ATC in public schools.

Relations with Universities on academic side of University Short Courses; Special entry to University Short Courses.

Publications by ATC personnel.

E W Husey

H C Wilson

Sqn Ldr

Flt Lt

Honours and awards.

ATC personnel questions.

Appointment and terminations of commissions, discipline, dress regulations.



Entry into ATC and RAF.

Serving officers - postings and promotions.

J A Earthy

W C Hollamby

Staff Officer (Branch Security Officer)

Higher Clerical Officer

Financial questions including pay and allowances.


Civilian Staff.

Security; permits.

W S Masters Staff Officer Pubic Relation and publicity generally, in relation with DPR - press statements, photographs, posters, literature, films, broadcasts, press visits.
F D Kerr

J Parsons

Sqn Ldr

Sqn Ldr

University Air Squadrons - policy and administration; training of UAS cadets; orders ad training instructions; personnel matters relating to the staffing of UAS.

University Short Courses; general administration including posting, training and call-up of Short Course cadets.

* Duties of the Branch are in relation to units other than University Units.

Source - List of Staff and Distribution of Duties, 1945 - AIR 20/7518

Directorate of Educational Services (DES)

Name Status Role/Duties
  1. General and technical education.

  2. Control of RAF Educational  Service

  3. Inspection of education work.

  4. Educational syllabi and examinations.

  5. University Courses, in conjunction with DGATC.

  6. Liaison DAFL on questions of education of Allied Air personnel and with the British Council.

  7. Educational liaison with Admiralty, War Officer, Board of Education and other Govern Departments.

  8. Entry of Aircraft Apprentices.

  9. Educational arrangements for preliminary aircrew training scheme.

  10. Schools for Airmen's children.

  11. Administration of Discussion Groups Scheme.

  12. Educational training for demobilisation period.

W M Page Director/A/Cdre (DES) Committees: -
  • Education Co-ordinating Committee (Chairman)
  • War Office Committee on Education and Vocational training demobilisation period.
  • Hankey Committee on Further Education and Training.
  • Churches Committee for Supplementary Religious Instruction for the Forces.
A H Robson Deputy Director/Gp Capt (DDES (1)) Principal Education Officer - In charge of ES 1, ES 2 and ES 6

RAF Educational Service - all personnel questions.

Policy administration and inspection of education in training schools.

Entry of Aircraft Apprentices.

Educational aspects of preliminary aircrew training scheme.

Educational arrangements for Allied  Air Force personnel.

C L M Brown Deputy Director/Gp Capt (DDES (2)) Principal Education Officer - In charge of ES 3, ES 4 and ES 5

Policy and administration of General Education Scheme.

Organisation and administration of scheme for lectures on current affairs and the Discussion Group Scheme.

General educational matters affecting WAAF personnel.

Inspection of education on stations (General Education Scheme).

ES 1
E G M Neville Wg Cdr RAF Educational Service - personnel and establishment questions in liaison with S 2.
W A Dickins Staff Officer Education staff questions - posting of Education Officers, annual reports, etc.

General control and supervision of all clerical staff in the Directorate.

J L Kirkham Higher Clerical Officer Education staff questions - establishments, appointments and conditions of service.
ES 2
W G Shepperd Education Officer Grade I Educational syllabi, examinations, etc.

Education courses in training establishments.

ATC examinations.

Entry of Aircraft Apprentices.

Educational aspects of preliminary aircrew training scheme.

Liaison with other Directorates.

ES 2 (a)
E N Marriott Sqn Ldr (Branch Security Officer) Preliminary aircrew training scheme - selection of cadets, educational progress of cadets, liaison with Board of Education, Scottish Education Department, etc.
ES 2 (b)
S Wiseman

E J Matthews

Sqn Ldr

Flt Lt

Liaison with Training Research.

Courses in Instructional Technique.

Syllabi and examinations.

Educational aspect of technical courses in civil technical colleges.

General assistance to Head of ES 2

ES 2 (c)
S C Drane Higher Clerical Officer Entry of Aircraft Apprentices

Control of all clerical staff in ES 2

ES 2 (d)
W A Carmichael

H J Cramp

H Lanham

F J Nurton

A D Prince

Flt Lt

Flt Lt

Flt Lt

Flt Lt

Flt Lt

ATC examinations for Proficiency Certificates (aircrew and ground trades) and for Post-Proficiency Tests (ground trades)
ES 3
H R Davies

R P Graham

K S Spreadbury

Wg Cdr

Sqn Ldr

Flt Lt

Administration and development of schemes for lectures on current affairs and Discussion Group Scheme.

Administration of RAF School of Discussion Method.

Liaison with Regional Committees on Adult Education for H M Forces, Army Bureau of Current Affairs and similar bodies.

Miscellaneous general education activities - eg, art, play-reading, music, hobbies and handicrafts.

ES 4
G Tupholme

F Sabin

Sqn Ldr

Flt Lt

Administration of General Education Scheme.

Text-book and reference libraries.

Correspondence courses.

Educational supplies.

Grants for part-time teachers, etc.

Airmen Schoolmaster questions.

Reports from Commands and Stations on GES work.

Schools for airmen's children.

Estimates for educational services.

ES 5
J Armitage Sqn Ldr Editing and production of 'Target'
ES 6
C Middleton Sqn Ldr Arrangements for English language instruction and other educational facilities for personnel of Allied Air Forces.

Liaison with DAFL, the British Council and other bodies concerned.

ES 8
M K Swift Sqn Off Advice to DES on WAAF educational matters

Source - List of Staff and Distribution of Duties, 1945 - AIR 20/7518

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