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Department of the Air Member for Training - Personnel April 1946



Sir Roderic M Hill

Air Member for Training, KCB, MC, DFC, ADC; later ACM 14 May 1945
Mr S J W Firth Private Secretary  
Training (Plans) (WAAF)
Gp Off E F Dacre WAAF  
Directorate-General of Training

Basil E Embry

Director-General, CB, DSO, DFC, AFC, ADC; later ACM 31 Oct 1945
Directorate of Operational Training

Norman S Allinson

Director, CB; later AVM  
Gp Capt

R L McK Barbour

Deputy Director, DFC, AFC  16 Dec 1943
Gp Capt

Thomas J Hanlon

Deputy Director, later AVM 17 May 1943
Wg Cdr William E Coles DSO, DFC, AFC; later AM  
Wg Cdr H F Cox    
Wg Cdr G W O'N Fisher OBE, AFC  1 Jan 1945
Wg Cdr C A T Jones   13 Dec1945
Wg Cdr L A G S Lewer    1 Jan 1946
Sqn Ldr R H Adams OBE  
Sqn Ldr A C Blyth DFC  
Sqn Ldr R S Boast DFC  
Sqn Ldr J N Howard-Williams DFC  
Sqn Ldr E M Lewis DFC 19 Jun 1944
Sqn Ldr A A J Sanders DFC, AFC 12 Jun 1944
Sqn Ldr F H Stubbs AFC, DFM  8 Aug 1945
Sqn Ldr H C Thompson    
SO N J Blood WAAF 23Aug 1944
Mr J H Bramley Special Appointment  
Mr A H Meaby Acting Staff Officer  
Directorate of Flying Training

Alexander Gray

Director, CB, MC, later AVM  
Gp Capt A V Bax Deputy Director, AFM 15 Apr 1945
Gp Capt G C Stemp Deputy Director, 15 Jun 1943
Gp Capt H J Pringle Deputy Director, AFC  8 Oct 1945
Wg Cdr John O Barnard later A/Cdre 29 Nov 1945
Wg Cdr R J Jeffries OBE  
Wg Cdr C W Lindsay AFC  
Wg Cdr W S Ralphs MBE  
Wg Cdr H C Smith AFC, DFM 31 Oct 1945
Cdr N Kennedy Attached, DSO, RN,  
Sqn Ldr C H Boothman DFC  
Sqn Ldr D Booth DFC  
Sqn Ldr R A Howard    
Sqn Ldr R J Mac-Callum    
Sqn Ldr G L Mattey   12 Nov 1945
Sqn Ldr N H Moyniham   10 Sep 1945
Sqn Ldr S S Moore    1 Nov 1945
Sqn Ldr L K Robinson    
Sqn Ldr W F Wallington DFC  
Sqn Ldr J C Wheeler AFC  
Flt Lt W A Allinson    
Flt Lt D O Luke   22 Oct 1945
Flt Lt R C Nicoll    3 Dec 1945
Lt J F Knee Attached, RNVR  
SO M F Eynon WAAF  
Sqn Ldr (Ret) H Cockerell OBE  
Directorate of Technical Training

Gilbert F Smylie

Director, DSC; later A/Cdre  
Gp Capt

Hubert H Chapman

Deputy Director; later AVM  
Gp Capt

James L F Fuller-Good

Deputy Director; later AVM  
Gp Capt

Norman A Tait

Deputy Director, OBE; later A/Cdre 10 May 1945
Wg Cdr G R C Baker   24 Sep 1940
Wg Cdr J B Blacklock DFC, DFM  
Wg Cdr H R Davies MC, MA  
Wg Cdr M D Day    
Wg Cdr A Gillespie BSc  
Wg Cdr W Shearman   18 Dec 1945
Wg Cdr D T Way   28 Aug 1945
Wg Cdr F Wilmhurst    7 Aug 1945
Wg Cdr W Winterbottom   10 Feb 1941
Wg Cdr J Woods    1 Sep 1942
Wg Cdr H R Wright MC, MSc  
Wg Off R Spink WAAF, BA  
Lt Col A Dodds    
Sqn Ldr J Armitage MA  
Sqn Ldr K Brierley DFC  
Sqn Ldr Eric Burchmore MBE; later A/Cdre  
Sqn Ldr Reginald E W Harland later AM  
Sqn Ldr P A Hugill    
Sqn Ldr E N Marriott MEng, AMIME, AMIEE  
Sqn Ldr A Mills   13 Jul 1945
Sqn Ldr R H Peck    
Sqn Ldr J H C Saffery MBE  
Sqn Ldr B C Sandall    7 Jul 1945
Sqn Ldr J K Silver BSc  
Sqn Ldr D W Simmons    
Sqn Ldr R J Stephen BSc  
Sqn Ldr G Tupholme    
Sqn Ldr J F Willatt    6 Apr 1942
Sqn Ldr R Wright DFM  
Sqn Off K B Eades-Eachus WAAF 27 Feb 1942
Sqn Off N M Southwell WAAF  
Flt Lt F Bartle BSc  
Flt Lt S A Bartlett    
Flt Lt W E Bruce MA  
Flt Lt D S Gregory   13 Oct 1945
Flt Lt F W Merrin MA  
Flt Lt W G Pryce BSc  
Flt Lt A E G Pye    
Flt Lt P A Timberlake BA  
Flt Off W R J Coe WAAF, BSc  
Flt Off E K Livermore WAAF 18 Aug 1945
Flt Off E A Price WAAF  
Flt Off W W Sheppard WAAF  
Flt Off T R Theakston WAAF, BSc  
Flt Lt (Ret) J Sutherland MBE  
Training Literature
Wg Cdr G G N Barrett AFC  
Sqn Ldr I Bellas    
Flt Lt J Budd    
Flt Lt A F Halley    
Flt Off M McHurll WAAF  
Mr A Johnston Assistant Production Officer  
Directorate-General of The Air Training Corps
AVM Sir Alan Lees Chief Commandant and Director-General, KCB, CBE, DSO, AFC; later AM  
Gp Capt R L  Wallace Deputy Director  
Wg Cdr P K Devitt    
Sqn Ldr C H Baker   19 May 1943
Sqn Ldr H F Bishop   25 Aug 1945
Sqn Ldr F H A Campbell   25 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr R Jenkins   19 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr J C Ward    
Flt Lt C I Hicks   10 Oct 1945
Flt Lt A S Phillips   15 Oct 1945
Flt Lt E H Silverwood   16 Aug 1945
Wg Cdr (Ret) H J Young MBE  
Mr W S Masters Acting Staff Officer  
Mr E L Palmer Acting Staff Officer  
Mr E J Hawkey Acting Higher Clerical Officer
Mr W C Hollamby Acting Higher Clerical Officer (On loan from another Government Dept)
Mr F C Middleton Acting Higher Clerical Officer (On loan from another Government Dept)
Directorate of Educational Services
Dr (A/Cdre) A H Robson Director, OBE, MC, MSc, PhD, RAFVR  
Dr (Gp Capt) I I B Hart Deputy Director, OBE, BSc, PhD, RAFVR  
Mr (Gp Capt) B A Smith Deputy Director, OBE, MA, RAFVR  
Mr (Gp Capt) C L M Brown Deputy Director, MA, RAFVR  
Dr (Gp Capt) N Wood Deputy Director, OBE, MA, PhD, FRHisS, RAFVR  
Mr W G Sheppard Education Officer Grade I, BA  
Mr (Wg Cdr) F L D Davies Education Officer Grade I, BA, BSc, RAFVR  
Mr (Sqn Ldr) R H B Forster Education Officer Grade II, BSc AMIME, RAFVR  
Mr (Sqn Ldr) J R Morgan Education Officer Grade II, OBE, BSc, AMIME, AFRAeS, RAFVR  
Mr (Sqn Ldr) H Preston Education Officer Grade II, BSc, AMIME, RAFVR  
Mr (Sqn Ldr) R A Smith Education Officer Grade II, BSc, RAFVR  
Mr (Sqn Ldr) E A Stockwell Education Officer Grade II, MA, RAFVR  
Mr (Sqn Ldr) S Wiseman Education Officer Grade II, MEd, BSc  
Mr (Flt Lt) W E Bruce Education Officer Grade III, MA, RAFVR
Mr (Flt Lt) F C Caulfield Education Officer Grade III, BSc
Mr (Flt Lt) K G Chapman Education Officer Grade III, BSc, RAFVR
Mr (Flt Lt) D J Garland Education Officer Grade III, BSc, RAFVR
Mr (Flt Lt) E J Matthews Education Officer Grade III, BSc, RAFVR
Mr (Flt Lt) J R Pocock Education Officer Grade III, BA, RAFVR
Wg Cdr P L P Marrett    
Sqn Ldr H de Belleroche    
Sqn Off N J Hume WAAF  
Sqn Off N M Southwell BA, WAAF  
Sqn Off M M Wade WAAF  
Mr A Lake Acting Staff Officer  
Mr J L Kirkham Acting Higher Clerical Officer on loan from another Government Dept.
Mr S C Drane Acting Higher Clerical Officer on loan from another Government Dept.
Directorate of Accident Prevention

Alfred C H Sharp

Director, DSO; later AVM 30 Sep 1945
Gp Capt R K Brougham   15 Dec 1945
Gp Capt A F Anderson DSO, DFC 17 Dec 1945
Wg Cdr D F Dixon   29 Dec 1945
Wg Cdr F J French DFC, AFC 16 Aug 1945
Wg Cdr R T Frogley   13 Dec1945
Wg Cdr C F Gray DSO, DFC  
Wg Cdr T E Ison DSO, DFC  7 Aug 1945
Wg Cdr Ian N MacDougall DFC; later A/Cdre  
Wg Cdr R C Rotherham OBE, DFC 30 Nov 1945
Wg Cdr W T Russel AFC 13 Mar 1945
Wg Cdr J Woodroffe    4 Dec 1945
Sqn Ldr E Bailey    
Sqn Ldr W A Brenard    
Sqn Ldr F C A Candler   11 Sep 1944
Sqn Ldr B S Gibson    1 Jan 1944
Sqn Ldr J K Haseldon    
Sqn Ldr R W Jerred AFM  6 May 1945
Sqn Ldr J F McEwen   24 Jan 1944
Sqn Ldr D T Moir DFC  
Sqn Ldr J O'Nions DFM  
Sqn Ldr L W Percival MBE  
Sqn Ldr G D P Smith    
Sqn Ldr W J T Smith AFC  
Sqn Ldr R J Murphey RAAF  
Flt Lt T Ballauf DFC, AFC 11 Dec 1944
Flt Lt R D Boyd   28 Dec 1943
Flt Lt E D Campbell   22 May 1945
Flt Lt W H Cheek    
Flt Lt J A Dobson    5 Jan 1944
Flt Lt G P Harrold   12 Nov 1945
Flt Lt R C Howes    
Flt Lt R F Johnstone    9 Aug 1944
Flt Lt A B Lund    
Flt Lt W J Mallett    2 Jul 1944
Flt Lt F R Mann   17 Dec 1945
Flt Lt E L May   10 Mar 1945
Flt Lt C A Newman   28 Oct 1944
Flt Lt W J Norfolk    
Flt Lt E J Poole    1 Nov 1944
Flt Lt W S Robinson    
Flt Lt F W Street    
Flt Lt R O Tudberry    3 Dec 1945
Flt Lt R H Vernon   12 Oct 1945
Flt Lt L T Wilkins    10 Sep 1945
Fg Off A Turner   25 Oct 1945
Directorate of Training (Plans)

George B A Baker

Director, CB, CBE, MC 19 Nov 1945
Gp Capt N Wood Deputy Director, OBE  
Wg Cdr P L P Marrett   26 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr H R A De Belleroche    
Sqn Off N J Hime WAAF  
Sqn Off M M Wade WAAF  
Training Progress
Gp Capt H M Groves Head of Branch  
Wg Cdr R Martin    
Sqn Ldr H S Latham    
Sqn Off D R Pitts WAAF  
Mr G R Richardson Special Appointment, MBE  
Training Research
Mr A J Marshall Senior Scientific Officer  
Mr J B Parry Senior Scientific Officer  
Mr E M Backett Scientific Officer  
Mr R Cockett Scientific Officer  
Miss E D Fraser Scientific Officer  
Mr E G Reeve Scientific Officer  
Flt Lt W Anderson    
Flt Lt A Cassie    
Flt Lt P D Greenall   12 Jul 1945
Flt Lt J P Kennedy    
Flt Lt F E A Kitto    
Flt Lt W Robertson    
SO S J Trevan WAAF  

Source - April 1946 Air Force List

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