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Bomber Command Group Dispositions - June 1940

Bomber Command dispositions in Scotland - 1940

Bomber Command dispositions - 1940


No 2 Group No 4 Group
2A Wattisham  4A Driffield
2B Wyton  4B Linton on Ouse 
2C Watton  4C Dishforth 
2D West Raynham No 6 Group
No 3 Group 6A Abingdon 
3A Newmarket  6B Harwell 
3B Honington  6C Benson 
3C Feltwell  6D Upper Heyford
3D Marham  6E


3E Mildenhall  6F Cottesmore
3F Methwold 6G Upwood
No 5 Group 6H Bassingbourne 
5A Waddington  6J Bramcote 
5B Scampton 6K Weston on the Green
5C Hemswell 6L Lossiemouth 
5D Finningley  6M Elgin
6N Kinloss

No 1 Group was still part of the Advanced Air Striking Force in France, it returned to Bomber Command control - xx xxx xxxx

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