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Department of the Chief of the Air Staff - Personnel July 1948


MRAF The Lord Tedder Chief of the Air Staff, GCB  1 Jan 1946
Mr B Humpreys-Davies Private Secretary  
Sqn Ldr M P Fellowes Personal Assistant  
Sqn Ldr G H Wiles    1 May 1940
AM Sir James M Robb Vice Chief of the Air Staff, KBE, CB, DSO, DFC, AFC; later ACM  
Mr M McF Davis Private Secretary  
Mr S T Gunnis Personal Assistant  
AM Sir Hugh S P Walmsley Deputy Chief of the Air Staff, KCIE, CB, CBE, MC, DFC; later ACM  
Sqn Ldr

Lewis M Hodges

Staff Officer, DSO, DFC; later ACM  

James D I Hardman

Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Operations), CB, OBE, DFC; later ACM  
Sqn Ldr G B Walford Staff Officer  

John N Boothman

Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Technical Requirements), CB, DFC, AFC; later ACM  
Gp Capt J E Allen Staff Officer  
AVM Lawrence F Pendred Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Intelligence), CB, MBE, DFC; later AM  6 Jan 1947
Miss P D White Personal Assistant  
AVM Robert M Foster Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Policy), CB, CBE, DFC; later ACM  
Sqn Ldr J A McCorquodale Staff Officer  7 Jun 1944
AVM Sir Basil E Embry Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Training), KBE, CB, DSO, AFC; later ACM 31 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr C V Beadon Staff Officer  
Scientific Adviser to the Air Ministry
Dr H R Hulme Scientific Adviser to the Air Ministry, MA, ScD
Mr E C Williams Assistant Scientific Adviser, FInstP, BSc,  
Mr H L Beards Principal Scientific Officer, BSc  
Dr A Charlesby Principal Scientific Officer, BSc, PhD, DIC, FInstP  
Mr B Crawley Principal Scientific Officer, MA, FRIC  
Mr I O Hockmeyer Principal Scientific Officer, BSc, MIEE, AFRAeS  
Dr J B Parry Principal Scientific Officer, BA, PhD, ABPsC  
Mr H D Poole Principal Scientific Officer, BSc  
Mr F J Prewett Principal Scientific Officer, MA  
Mr G W H Stevens Principal Scientific Officer, MSc  
Mr A L Story Principal Scientific Officer, MSc, AMIEE  
Mr T Whittaker Senior Experimental Officer, MBE  
Mr C C Austin Senior Scientific Officer, MA  
Mr R Bruce Senior Scientific Officer, BSc  
Mr R Cockett Senior Scientific Officer, BA, ABPsS, Dip Ed  
Mr P D Greenall Senior Scientific Officer, MSc, ABPsS, Dip Ed  
Mr A Walker Senior Scientific Officer,  
Mr A Cassie Scientific Officer, MA  
Miss E M Giles Scientific Officer  
Mr W E Pryor Experimental Officer  
Mr T E Shrimpton Experimental Officer, BA  
Fg Off W H Penny    
Mr P J Fowler Staff Officer  
Mr P M G Carter Higher Executive Officer  
Mr W E Dowling Higher Executive Officer  
Mr J R North Junior Executive Officer  
Mr D D Asprey Junior Executive Officer  
Mr D Drew Junior Executive Officer  
Miss M A Allan Special Appointment, MA, EdB  
Mrs H S Anthony Special Appointment, MA  
Mr E M Backett Special Appointment, BSc (Hon), MB, BS  
Mr L A Ferney Special Appointment, BSc, MIME  
Mrs V R C Fleming Special Appointment,  
Miss J M Prunotto Special Appointment, BA  
Mr D K Wheeler Special Appointment, BA (Hon), Dip Ed, ABPsS  
Scientific Adviser on Telecommunications
Sir Robert Watson-Watt Scientific Adviser on Telecommunications, CB, FRS
Miss I G Smith Private Secretary  
Directorate-General of Signals

Also see under the Department of the Air Member for Technical Services


William E Theak

Director-General, CBE  6 Oct 1945
Directorate of Signals

Eric H Richardson

Director, CBE  
Gp Capt Thomas P P F Fagan Deputy Director, later A/Cdre  
Gp Capt

Michael Watson

Deputy Director, CBE; later A/Cdre  
Gp Capt Crichton C Morton Deputy Director, CBE; later A/Cdre  
Wg Cdr E C G Babcock OBE  1 May 1944
Wg Cdr L T Card    
Wg Cdr A Foden    
Wg Cdr J E Kirk    
Wg Cdr S C W Rudd    
Wg Cdr B J Stevenson   22 Nov 1945
Wg Cdr F E Tyndale    
Wg Cdr J H Woffindin MBE  
Sqn Ldr C W Allsopp    
Sqn Ldr A Bain    
Sqn Ldr W H A Bourne    
Sqn Ldr A V Day    
Sqn Ldr D B Esmonde-White    
Sqn Ldr A Fry    
Sqn Ldr E C Hubbard    
Sqn Ldr V O Joseph    
Sqn Ldr J J Lewis    
Sqn Ldr C G Payne    
Sqn Ldr S H Phillips    
Sqn Ldr W C Proctor    
Sqn Ldr E J Ryder    
Sqn Ldr A F Ward OBE  
Sqn Ldr A Yates    
Flt Lt D H Beckett    
Flt Lt B R S Browne    
Flt Lt C E Clay    
Flt Lt D L Hart    
Flt Lt E G A Hart    
Flt Lt D E Lucas    
Flt Lt H T Regester    
Flt Off A Sissons WAAF  
Maj J E J Perkins    
Mr J F Watson Acting Staff Officer, MBE  
Mr J A J Hall Acting Junior Executive Officer
Deputy-Directorate of Armament

Also see under the Department of the Air Member for Technical Services

AVM Geoffrey A H Pidcock Director-General, CB, CBE 14 Oct 1947

Directorate of Weapons

A/Cdre George R Beamish Director, CB, CBE, ADC; later AM 25 Aug 1947
Gp Capt H K Dwyer Deputy Director 19 Jan 1948
Gp Capt Willem R Brotherhood Deputy Director  5 Jan 1948
Wg Cdr W H Cliff DSO  5 Aug 1947
Wg Cdr B G Morris    1 Jul 1947
Wg Cdr I W E Nicholas OBE, DFC 26 Apr 1948
Wg Cdr James D Ronald AFC; later A/Cdre 29 Dec 1947
Wg Cdr W P Whitworth AFC 19 Jan 1948
Sqn Ldr P L Arnott DFC 24 Nov 1947
Sqn Ldr H G Batten   30 Oct 1947
Sqn Ldr F E F Prince   10 Nov 1947
Sqn Ldr J Quinn DFC  8 Apr 1947
Flt Lt W E D Makin DFC 18 Feb 1948
Flt Lt A J Ogilvie DSO, DFC, AFC  8 Mar 1948
Commandant-General of the RAF Regiment and Inspector Ground Combat Training

Harold T Lydford

Commandant-General,CB, CBE, AFC, later AM 30 Jun 1948
Flt Off H E M Johnson Staff Officer, WAAF 11 Feb 1946
A/Cdre Francis W Long Director, CB; later AVM 11 Aug 1947
Gp Capt H H Farthing Deputy Director  
Wg Cdr L Hamer Assistant Director 29 Dec 1947
Lt Col R P Freeman Taylor    1 Dec 1946
Sqn Ldr H R J Adams   17 Feb 1946
Sqn Ldr L Meredith    9 Apr 1948
Sqn Ldr A A Baxter   14 May 1946
Sqn Ldr F T Russell   16 Jun 1947
Sqn Ldr H H Wood-Glover    3 Jun 1947
Sqn Off P Vine WAAF 25 Nov 1945
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Operations)
Directorate of Operations
A/Cdre Francis J Fressanges Director, CB; later AM  
Gp Capt T H Carr Deputy Director, DFC, AFC  
Gp Capt John R Hallings Pott Deputy Director, CBE, DSO, AFC; later AVM  
Gp Capt F G Cator Deputy Director, CBE  
Gp Capt John H T Simpson Deputy Director, DSO; later A/Cdre  
Wg Cdr A Gad DFC  
Wg Cdr G A V Knyvett    
Wg Cdr L M Laws    
Wg Cdr G Lowe DFC, AFC  
Wg Cdr T H Lucas    
Wg Cdr W J Marshall MBE 30 Nov 1945
Wg Cdr W S G Maydwell    
Wg Cdr J A O'Neill DFC  
Wg Cdr G J Rayer    
Cdr J W Hale DSO, RN  
Sqn Ldr S G Baggott DFC  
Sqn Ldr E Baldwin DSO, DFC, DFM  
Sqn Ldr J W Berry    
Sqn Ldr J R D Braham DSO, DFC  
Sqn Ldr F C Farrington    
Sqn Ldr G F Grant    
Sqn Ldr A W Wrighht DFC, AFC  
Flt Lt E S M Chidgey    
Flt Lt T Simpson    
Flt Off M K Fearnehough WAAF  
SO F Gourlay WAAF  
Directorate of Navigation
A/Cdre Narborough H D'Aeth Director, CBE; later AVM  2 Feb 1948
Gp Capt R H Carter Deputy Director, DSO, OBE, DFC 18 Aug 1947
Gp Capt Charles E Chilton Deputy Director, CBE; later AM 11 May 1947
Wg Cdr T Q Horner Assistant Director 25 Mar 1946
Wg Cdr A W B Barrett Assistant Director, 16 Feb 1948
Wg Cdr D M Egan Assistant Director, AFC 12 Jan 1948
Wg Cdr J E G Gyll-Murray   27 Dec 1947
Wg Cdr W G Oldbury DFC  9 Jul 1947
Wg Cdr E A Whiteley DFC 27 Mar 1947
Sqn Ldr H VC Bailey   24 Sep 1947
Sqn Ldr G L Geekie   23 Jun 1947
Sqn Ldr R F Harman DFC, AFC  1 Sep 1947
Sqn Ldr L C Lambert AFM, AFC  1 Sep 1947
Sqn Ldr G G Petty DSO, DFC  1 Mar 1947
Sqn Ldr J Roe   26 Jan 1948
Sqn Ldr Arthur M Ruston later A/Cdre  8 Dec 1947
Sqn Ldr J Segar   14 Jan 1948
Flt Lt E Bailey AFC 25 May 1948
Flt Lt W L Farquharson DFC 12 Jun 1946
Flt Lt E Gill DFC  
Flt Lt A G W Gold AFC  5 Jan 1948
Flt Lt J M Helme AFC  2 Jan 1947
Flt Lt J H Misselbrook   14 Oct 1946
Flt Lt T S Steuart   17 Mar 1947
Directorate of Air Support and Transport Operations
Gp Capt Frederick F Rainsford Deputy Director; later A/Cdre  
Wg Cdr R W Cox DSO, AFC  
Wg Cdr E J Davidge    
Wg Cdr R C Love DSO, DFC 24 Sep 1946
Wg Cdr K F Mackie DFC 17 Aug 1946
Lt Col E G Hollist    
Sqn Ldr H S Burrows   28 Feb 1945
Sqn Ldr D A Lloyd DFC, DFM  
Sqn Ldr James Wallace DSO, DFC; later A/Cdre  
Maj E S Lough MBE  
Flt Lt A W G Le Hardy    
Deputy Directorate of Accident Prevention
Gp Capt Noel C Singer Deputy Director, CBE, DSO, DFC; later A/Cdre  
Wg Cdr R T Frogley   13 Dec1945
Wg Cdr G F Rodney    
Wg Cdr W H Maitland Walker    
Sqn Ldr P A Alt    
Sqn Ldr H E Bufton    
Sqn Ldr R J Burrough    
Sqn Ldr F W Chadwick DFC  2 Aug 1946
Sqn Ldr John L W Ellacombe DFC; later A/Cdre  
Sqn Ldr Peter G D Farr DFC; later AVM  
Sqn Ldr W Goodrich    
Sqn Ldr W E V Malins    
Sqn Ldr J B Robertson    
Sqn Ldr P D Squires    
Sqn Ldr M J B Young DFC  
Lt Cdr H Jones Naval Liaison Officer, RN  
Flt Lt J B Ball    
Flt Lt N E Bowen    
Flt Lt R G Chapman    
Flt Lt W H Cheek DFC  
Flt Lt C J Davies    
Flt Lt E Evans    
Flt Lt J T Hart    
Flt Lt D Hill    
Flt Lt D F W Hinton    
Flt Lt P W Humphries    
Flt Lt R J A Jones    
Flt Lt J Lee    
Flt Lt K G Marks    
Flt Lt J Miller    
Flt Lt C A Newman   28 Oct 1944
Flt Lt W T Norfolk    
Flt Lt E J Poole    1 Nov 1944
Flt Lt D H Seaton DFC  
Flt Lt F G Sullivan    
Flt Lt P H Tew    
Flt Lt O  E Willis    
Mr K P H Hunt Special Appointment  
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Technical Requirements)
Directorate of Operational Requirements (A)

Thomas G Pike

Director, CB, CBE, DFC; later MRAF 21 Jul 1941
Gp Capt

John G Elton

Deputy Director, CBE, DFC, AFC; later AVM  
Gp Capt H W Dean Deputy Director, AFC  
Wg Cdr E G Campbell-Voullaire DFC  1 Dec 1946
Wg Cdr R D Elliott   26 Aug 1946
Wg Cdr D E B Wheeler    
Wg Cdr B A C Wood DFC  
Wg Cdr S Wroath AFC  
Lt Col J F T Scott    
Sqn Ldr Colin C M Baker later A/Cdre  
Sqn Ldr S E Harrison   13 Aug 1945
Sqn Ldr C W Scott    
Sqn Ldr Thomas P Seymour later A/Cdre  
Sqn Ldr David C H Simmonds later A/Cdre  6 Dec 1945
Mr W F Jaggs Acting Staff Officer  
Mr E W Bates Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Directorate of Operational Requirements (E)

Geoffrey W Tuttle

Director, CB, OBE, DFC; later AM  
Gp Capt L F Brown Deputy Director  
Wg Cdr R E Drake OBE, AFC  
Wg Cdr W B S Simpson    
Wg Cdr P B Wood    
Sqn Ldr Charles S Betts later AVM 27 Jan 1945
Sqn Ldr John R Burges later A/Cdre  
Sqn Ldr L A Eades    
Sqn Ldr H R Figg DFC, DFM  
Sqn Ldr F R Foster    
Sqn Ldr R E Glover    
Sqn Ldr G H Williams    
Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Intelligence)
Directorate of Intelligence (Operations)
A/Cdre John G Hawtrey Director, CBE; later AVM  9 Dec 1946
Wg Cdr

James R Whelan

Assistant Director, DSO, DFC; later A/Cdre  3 May 1946
Wg Cdr J H F Ford    
Wg Cdr Francis W Thompson DSO, DFC, AFC; later A/Cdre  
Sqn Ldr J Garden DFC 29 Aug 1946
Sqn Ldr A Leitch    
Sqn Ldr R H McConnell    
Flt Lt E Vear    
Mr S F Mason Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Mr A W Welham Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Deputy Directorate of Intelligence (3)
Gp Capt John M D Ker Deputy Director; later A/Cdre 28 Jul 1947
Wg Cdr C E L Powell    
Wg Cdr W J Hething RAAF 22 May 1947
Sqn Ldr G H Avent DSC, RCAF  9 Jan 1947
Sqn Ldr K Dear   11 Feb 1945
Sqn Ldr F R Godsmark   30 Dec 1946
Sqn Ldr  R C Jebb    7 May 1946
Sqn Ldr V G J Phillips    1 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr G P Wildish AFC 28 May 1947
Flt Lt R T Edwards    3 Apr 1947
Flt Lt S J Fleming    
Flt Lt W A Harrison    1 Aug 1946
Flt Lt J F L Long    
Flt Lt G T McGrath    
Flt Lt F N Morris    
Flt Lt E I Williams   11 Jul 1946
Flt Off M E Curtis WAAF 23 Dec 1941
Flt Off G Deans WAAF  5 Aug 1942
Flt Off E M Wheatley WAAF 13 May 1947
Gp Capt P L Plant Retired Officer  
Mr L G Perry Junior Executive Officer, MBE  
Mr G F M Carter Junior Executive Officer  
Mr P Bushnell Junior Executive Officer  
Mr F P De Little Junior Executive Officer  
Mr A Hodges Higher Clerical Officer  
Mr G A Lewis Higher Clerical Officer, MBE  
Mr J S Childs Higher Clerical Officer  
Mr J J Hampton Higher Clerical Officer  
Mr A G Anderson Higher Clerical Officer  

Deputy Directorate of Intelligence (Research)

Gp Capt G M Buxton Deputy Director, OBE  
Assistant Directorate of Intelligence (Technical)
Wg Cdr Christopher H Hartley Assistant Director, DFC, AFC; later AM  1 Nov 1946
Sqn Ldr S G Brown   31 Oct 1946
Sqn Ldr I J Cadwallader    
Sqn Ldr C Dunkerley    1 May 1946
Sqn Ldr

Richard T Morison

MBE; later AVM  
Flt Lt R W W Buckley    1 Apr 1946
Flt Lt K W Cowell    9 Jan 1947
Flt Lt S E Cowen   11 Apr 1946
Flt Lt W French    
Flt Lt J F Hall   28 Oct 1946
Flt Lt G J Horsfall    
Flt Lt K P Jarman    
Flt Lt F J Lee   25  Apr 1944
Flt Lt J B Pow   17 Jan 1946
Flt Lt T E Pratt    
Flt Lt J H Sewell    
Flt Lt C F L Turner    
Flt Lt K J Uffen    
Flt Lt W T Wakeham    
Assistant Directorate of Intelligence (Science)
Dr J H Lees Assistant Director, MA, PhD, FRAeS  
Dr J G A Griffiths Principal Scientific Officer, BA, PhD, FRIC  
Dr A T Horton Principal Scientific Officer, MA, DFC, PhD  
Mr D J Garrard Senior Scientific Officer, BA  
Mr E G Ackerman Scientific Officer, GM  
Mr H G Cundall Experimental Officer  
Mr G E Kippax Junior Executive Officer  
Deputy Directorate of Intelligence (Organisation and Security)
Gp Capt Ian E Brodie Deputy Director, OBE; later A/Cdre  7 Jul 1947
Wg Cdr D J McGlinn DFC 10 Jul 1946
Wg Cdr F E Ratcliffe OBE 18 Jan 1947
Sqn Ldr W H Angus   16 Jan 1946
Sqn Ldr N E Canton MBE, DFC  6 May 1947
Sqn Ldr E M Cox    
Sqn Ldr H H Oak-Rhind    3 Dec 1942
Flt Lt J S F Blundell DFC  7 May 1946
Flt Lt L V Cruikshank    1 Aug 1946
Flt Lt A F Derry    9 Oct 1945
Flt Lt S W Wilding   20 Jun 1945
Fg Off J A Shortis    
A/Cdre Noel S Paynter Retired Officer, CB  
Mr A H Bates Acting Staff Officer  
Mr S E Little Acting Staff Officer  
Mr J C MacNair Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Deputy Directorate of Allied Air Co-operation and Foreign Liaison
Gp Capt Walter G Cheshire Deputy Director; later ACM  
Wg Cdr C H Bromley    
Wg Cdr John M Freeman later A/Cdre  
Wg Cdr C F Gray DSO, DFC  
Wg Cdr A R I Griffiths    
Sqn Ldr

Ian R Campbell

AFC; later AVM  
Sqn Ldr P W Dawson    
Sqn Ldr M K Forter   28 Nov 1943
Sqn Ldr J G Haigh    
Sqn Ldr J W Judge    
Sqn Ldr C F M Mervyn Jones    
Sqn Ldr M S J Wilton    
Flt Lt T R Bishop    
Flt Lt D D Crichton    
Flt Lt C M Dennehy    
Flt Lt J V Gwinn    
Flt Lt V F McPherson    
Flt Lt C L C Mason    
Flt Lt F Pichel-Juan DFC  
Flt Lt D A Stevenson    
Flt Lt W E Sutton    
Flt Lt F J Venn    
Flt Lt J C Wright    
Flt Off J M Beggs WAAF  
Flt Off E Spowart WAAF 28 Oct 1943
Wg Cdr F R Wilkins Retired Officer  
Mr J B Hogan Acting Staff Officer, MBE  
Mr H P Orviss Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Mr H C Slade Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Mr A E T Facey Acting Higher Clerical Officer on loan from another Government Department
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Policy)
Directorate of Plans

George H Mills

Director, CB, DFC; later AM  
Gp Capt John F Hobler Deputy Director, CBE; later AVM  
Gp Capt Charles S Moore OBE; later AVM  
Wg Cdr W B Bayliss    
Wg Cdr

Reginald H C Burwell

DFC; later A/Cdre  
Wg Cdr P W D Heal AFC  
Wg Cdr E R M Walker    
Directorate of Policy (Air Staff)

William A D Brook

Director, CBE; later AVM  3 Aug 1946
Gp Capt

Henry P Fraser

Deputy Director, CBE, AFC; later AM 22 Feb 1947
Gp Capt Edouard M F Grundy Deputy Director, OBE; later AM 15 Apr 1948
Gp Capt Richard J Legg Deputy Director; later A/Cdre  
Wg Cdr W Bradshaw OBE, DFC  
Wg Cdr William V Crawford-Compton  DSO, DFC; later AVM  
Wg Cdr C M S Gardiner    
Wg Cdr M W B Knight DFC  
Wg Cdr D F M Macdonald    
Wg Cdr G M Robinson DFC  
Wg Cdr P H Stibbs    
Wg Cdr I B Westmacott DFC 25 May 1948

Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Training)

Assistant Directorate of Training (Plans)
Wg Cdr

Peter G Wykeham-Barnes

Assistant Director, DSO, DFC; later ACM  
Sqn Off M M Hurll WAAF  
Training Progress
Wg Cdr R Martin    
Sqn Ldr J Robinson    
Directorate of Flying Training

Claude McC Vincent

Director, DFC, AFC; later AVM  
Gp Capt Henry A V Hogan Deputy Director, later AVM  
Gp Capt G J L Read Deputy Director,  
Gp Capt   Deputy Director, 15 Apr 1948
Wg Cdr D S Beardon    
Wg Cdr      
Wg Cdr      
Wg Cdr L J Schwab    
Wg Cdr      
Cdr W H G Saunt Attached, RN,  
Sqn Ldr W A Allinson DFC, DFM  
Sqn Ldr R H Harries    
Sqn Ldr W T Mathieson    
Sqn Ldr R J MacCallum    
Sqn Ldr G L Mattey   12 Nov 1945
Sqn Ldr G F Morley-Mower    
Sqn Ldr R G B Summers    
Sqn Ldr W F Wallington DFC  
Sqn Ldr J C Wheeler AFC  
Flt Lt J F Potter DFC  
Assistant Directorate of Training (All-Weather Flying)
Wg Cdr A J Shelfoon    
Sqn Ldr L J T West AFC  
Directorate of Operational Training

Hubert L Patch

Director, CBE, later ACM  
Gp Capt John Grandy Deputy Director, DSO; later MRAF  
Gp Capt G K Fairtlough Deputy Director,  
Wg Cdr H F Cox    
Wg Cdr G S Fry    
Wg Cdr N C Harding    
Wg Cdr G R Howie    
Wg Cdr Patrick G Jameson DSO, DFC; later A/Cdre  
Sqn Ldr P C Barge    
Sqn Ldr B C Bennett AFC  
Sqn Ldr A C Blyth DFC  
Sqn Ldr G H B Hutchinson    
Sqn Ldr K J Powell    
Mr A H Meaby Acting Staff Officer  
Directorate of Command and Staff Training

Leonard T Pankhurst

Director, CBE; later AVM  
Gp Capt David W Bayne Deputy Director; later A/Cdre  
Gp Capt H M G R Isherwood Deputy Director, DFC, AFC  
Gp Capt Henry I Cozens Deputy Director, CB, AFC; later A/Cdre  
Wg Cdr C B Millett Assistant Director  
Wg Cdr R A Abraham    
Wg Cdr R E Baxter    
Wg Cdr

Kenneth V Garside M

DFC; later AV  
Wg Cdr J Fleming    
Wg Cdr J Greenhaigh    
Wg Cdr W B Hodgson    
Wg Cdr C E Slee    
Sqn Ldr I Bellas    
Sqn Ldr E J Brice    
Sqn Ldr S A Carr    
Sqn Ldr N S C Chapman    
Sqn Ldr H S Gibbs    
Sqn Ldr A R de L Inniss    
Wg Cdr

Ian D N Lawson

DFC; later AVM  
Sqn Ldr T A Tindle    
Sqn Off E J Borlase WAAF  
Flt Lt W J Allardyce   10 Feb 1945
Flt Lt E Bell    
Flt Lt A W E P Cartwright DFM  
Flt Lt W J H Hay    
Flt Lt L R Healey DSO, DFM  
Flt Lt W J Malone    
Flt Lt D A Oliver    
Flt Lt H R Orchard    
Flt Lt G Vickers    
Flt Lt P C Warren    
Gp Capt (Ret) F E Brockman Retired Officer  
Wg Cdr (Ret) E B Beauman Retired Officer  
Mr A Johnston Assistant Production Officer  
Mr J W Lambert Special Appointment  
Flt Lt (Ret) J Sutherland Special Appointment, MBE  
Mr R F Bannister Acting Junior Executive Officer  
Mr E C Ditcham Acting Higher Clerical Officer  

Source -July 1948 Air Force List

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