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Air Commodore J Wallace (40868)

James                           b: 28 Jul 1918                       r: 28 Jan 1968                      d: 17 Sep 1980

DSO 8 Sep 1944, MVO 18 May 1962, DFC 5 Feb 1943, AFC - 1 Jan 1954, MiD: - 24 Sep 1941.

Act Plt Off: 4 Jun 1938, Plt Off: 4 Apr 1939, Fg Off (WS): 3 Sep 1940, Flt Lt (WS): 2 Sep 1942,  Act Sqn Ldr: xx xxx xxxx, (T) Sqn Ldr: 1 Jan 1944, Act Wg Cdr: 14 Aug 1943?, Sqn Ldr (WS): 14 Feb 1944, Sqn Ldr: 2 Apr 1946 [1 Sep 1945], Wg Cdr: 1 Jan 1952, Gp Capt: 1 Jan 1958, A/Cdre: 1 Jan 1964.

 4 Jun 1938:             Appointed to a Commission in the RAFO.

30 Jan 1939:            Attended School of Air Navigation

19 Jun 1939:            Pilot, No 45 Sqn.

xx xxx xxxx:             Pilot, No 223 Sqn.

xx xxx xxxx:             Flight Commander, No 223 Sqn

28 Dec 1942:           Attended Course No 9, Middle East Staff School/College, Haifa.

14 Aug 1943:             Officer Commanding, No 13 Sqn.

1944 - 1948            Served in North West Europe

2 Apr 1946:            Appointed to Permanent Commission in the rank of Squadron Leader (retaining rank current at the time). [wef 1 Sep 1945]

 1 May 1946:           Wing Commander Organisation, HQ No 2 Group.

xx xxx 1949:            Staff, HQ Fighter Command?

xx Nov 1949:           Officer Commanding, No 41 Sqn. (Hornet F3)

xx xxx 1951:            OC Flying, RAF Duxford.

xx xxx 1953:            Attended Joint Services Staff College.

xx xxx 1954:            Staff, British Joint Staffs Mission, Washington.

23 Oct 1956:           Chief, Operations Requirements Office, SHAPE

xx xxx 1958:            Staff, HQ Fighter Command.

 1 May 1958:          Officer Commanding, RAF Bawdsey.

25 Apr 1960:           Deputy Captain, The Queen's Flight.

 5 Aug 1963:           Staff Officer, Department of the Air Member for Personnel.

xx xxx 1964:            Director of Public Relations (RAF).

During a raid on Gura, his Wellesley (L2690) was attacked by CR42s and damaged, although he was able to return to base but on landing his undercarriage collapsed.

In 1952, he led the Coronation Flypast of six Meteor squadrons and one RCAF Sabre squadron.

On retirement, he joined Spitfire Productions Ltd., until 1970, after which he was appointed a Director of Promoter (Europe) Ltd. for three years. In 1974 and 75, he was Area Warden for Wiltshire National Trust and a further two years  with Walsh Security Service at the London Hilton.

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