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RAF Middle East - July 1940

HQ - Cairo

Unit Location Notes
RAF HQ Cairo  
Base Accounts Office Cairo  
Base Personnel Office Cairo  
RAF Station Heliopolis Heliopolis, Egypt  
No 70 (Bomber Transport) Sqn (2 Flights) RAF Helwan Valentias
No 216 (Bomber Transport) Sqn RAF Heliopolis Bombays
Communication Unit RAF Heliopolis Various
Meteorological Station RAF Heliopolis  
RAF Station Helwan Helwan, Egypt  
No 112 (Fighter) Sqn (2 Flights) RAF Helwan Gladiators
No 21 Medical Receiving Station RAF Helwan  
No 101 Maintenance Unit RAF Helwan  
RAF Station Ismailia Ismailia, Egypt  
No 250 (Bomber) Wing RAF Ismailia  
No 30 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Ismailia Blenheims (includes detachment of No 11 Sqn)
No 1 (GR) Unit RAF Ismailia Wellingtons
Inter Command Wireless Station RAF Ismailia  
Meteorological Station RAF Ismailia  
Reinforcement and Reserve Pool RAF Ismailia  
No 103 Maintenance Unit RAF Aboukir  
No 207 MRU RAF Aboukir  
Meteorological Station RAF Aboukir  
No 102 Maintenance Unit RAF Abu Sueir  
Navigation Training Sqn RAF Abu Sueir  
Air Stores Unit El Firdan  
HQ, No 202 Group Maaten Bagush  
No 253 (Fighter) Wing Maaten Bagush  
No 113 (Bomber) Sqn Maaten Bagush Blenheims
No 4 Section, No 6 Supply and Transport Column Maaten Bagush  
No 208 (Army Co-operation) Sqn Qasaba Lysanders
No 33 (Fighter) Sqn (2 Flights) Qasaba Gladiators
No 45 (Bomber) Sqn Fuka Blenheims
No 55 (Bomber) Sqn Fuka Blenheims
No 31 (Middle East) Air Stores Park Fuka  
No 51 Repair and Salvage Unit Fuka  
No 211 (Bomber) Sqn El Daba Blenheims
No 3 Section, No 6 Supply and Transport Column El Daba  
AM Experimental Station El Daba  
No 33 (Fighter) Sqn (1 Flight) Mersa Matruh Gladiators
No 252 (Fighter) Wing Shafrakana  
No 256 Air Information (Signals) Wing Shafrakana  
No 1 Section, No 6 Supply and Transport Column Ikingi  
No 2 Section, No 6 Supply and Transport Column Maryut  
No 204 MRU Maryut  
No 80 (Fighter) Sqn Amiriya Gladiators
No 201 Group Alexandria  
No 101 Wing in SS Dumana Alexandria  
No 230 Sqn Alexandria Sunderlands
No 228 Sqn Alexandria Sunderlands
Port Detachment Alexandria  
High Speed Rescue Launch No 120 Port Said  
HQ RAF Sudan Khartoum  
RAF Station Khartoum Khartoum  
'D' Flight, No 47 (Bomber) Sqn Khartoum Vincents
Communications Flight Khartoum Various
No 254 (Bomber) Wing Erkoweit  
No 47 (Bomber) Sqn Erkoweit Wellesleys
No 223 (Bomber) Sqn Summit  
No 112 (Fighter) Sqn (1 Flight) Summit Gladiators
No 14 (Bomber) Sqn Port Sudan Wellesleys
HQ Royal Egyptian Air Force Almaza  
No 2 Sqn REAF Almaza  
Communication Flight Almaza  
No 4 Sqn, REAF Dekhela  
No 1 Sqn, REAF (1 Flight) Suez  
No 5 Sqn, REAF Suez  
No 1 Sqn, REAF (1 Flight) Qasaba  
RAF Station Nairobi Nairobi, Kenya  
No 1 (Communication) Flight, Kenya Auxiliary Air Unit RAF Nairobi Various
No 1 Brigade HQ SAAF RAF Nairobi  
No 11 Sqn SAAF RAF Nairobi HQ and 2 Flights
No 237 (Southern Rhodesian) Sqn RAF Nairobi HQ - Hardy
No 12 Sqn SAAF Eastleigh HQ and 1 Flight
No 2 (Training) Flight, Kenya Auxiliary Air Unit Eastleigh  
No 11 Sqn SAAF Eastleigh HQ and 2 Flights
No 1 Sqn SAAF Mombasa  
No 11 Sqn SAAF Mombasa 1 Flight
No 12 Sqn SAAF Mombasa 1 Flight
No 237 (Southern Rhodesian) Sqn Wajir 1 Flight
No 237 (Southern Rhodesian) Sqn Garissa 1 Flight
No 237 (Southern Rhodesian) Sqn Malindi 1 Flight
Air Defence Unit Dar-es-Salam, Tanganyika  
No 12 Sqn SAAF Dar-es-Salam 1 Flight
Palestine and Trans-Jordan
HQ Palestine and Trans-Jordan Jerusalem  
RAF Station Ramleh Ramleh, Palestine  
No 6 (Army Co-operation) Sqn RAF Ramleh Gauntlets/Lysanders - 2 Flights
No 2 Armoured Car Company RAF Ramleh  
Station Flight RAF Ramleh Various
Meteorological Station RAF Ramleh  
No 6 (Army Co-operation) Sqn Gaza Gauntlets/Lysanders - 1 Flight
RAF Station Amman Amman, Trans-Jordan  
Meteorological Station RAF Amman  

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Source - SD161 (4th Issue), Jul 1940

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