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HQ Ferry Command Personnel, locations and units

This Command was formed at 507 Royal Bank Buildings, St James Street in Montreal by redesignating the Atlantic Ferry Organisation on 4 March 1941.  It re-located to Dorval Airport on 4 October 1941.

July 1942

Location Controlled
Montreal Airport, Dorval, Quebec, Canada
  • Transfer Point - Darrell's Island (Bermuda)

  • Transfer Point - Dorval

  • Transfer Point - Gander (Newfoundland)

  • Transfer Point - Presque Island (USA)

  • Reception Point - Wayne County (USA)

Group: -

  • No 44 (Ferry) Group

    • SHQ RAF Filton

    • SHQ RAF Hendon

    • SHQ RAF Kemble

    • SHQ RAF Lyneham

    • SHQ RAF Prestwick



Rank Name Date Notes
ACM Sir Frederick W Bowhill 18 Jul 1941 Air Officer Commanding, GBE, KCB, CMG, DSO
A/Cdre Reginald L G Marix 10 Mar 1942 Air Officer i/c Administration, CB, DSO; later AVM
Air Staff
Wg Cdr G J Powell 20 Jul 1941 Senior Air Staff Officer, RCAF
Sqn Ldr G P Christie  3 Oct 1941 DFC
Sqn Ldr W B Wight  1 Aug 1941  
Flt Lt J A Newton  1 Oct 1941  
Flt Lt L L  Jones  3 Oct 1941  
Fg Off M C D Wilson  6 Oct 1941  
Administrative Staff
Flt Lt H Maynard 20 Dec 1941  
Staffs of the Services
Wg Cdr J H Powle  9 Aug 1941  
Flt Lt E S Leary 12 Aug 1941  
Flt Lt F C Steadman 23 Dec 1941  
Wg Cdr John G W Weston 23 Nov 1941 OBE; later AVM
Sqn Ldr L Maxwell-Miller 21 Sep 1941  
Sqn Ldr G C Cunningham 31 Dec 1941  
Fg Off J R Hicks 13 Mar 1941  
Fg Off C N Lees 17 Oct 1941  
Wg Cdr P P S Rickard 4 Sep 1941  
Sqn Ldr A J Sanford  1 Aug 1941  
Sqn Ldr R M Craig  8 Aug 1941  
Wg Cdr W W Deane 18 Jul 1941  
Flt Lt Marcus M Gardham  1 Aug 1941 later AVM
Fg Off A W Grey  7 May 1942  
Sqn Ldr C C Baker 31 May 1942 MB, ChB
Flt Lt B S Kent  3 Jan 1942 MB,, BS, MRCS, LRCP

Source - July 1942 Confidential Air Force List

With the formation of Transport Command on 25 March 1943 it was absorbed into the new command and redesignated No 45 (Atlantic Transport) Group on 1 April.

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