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India Command - January 1943

Unit Location Notes
RAF Station Allahabad    
No 95 Air Stores Park Allahabad  
RAF Station Ambala    
No 1 School of Technical Training RAF Ambala  
No 1 Service Flying Training School RAF Ambala  
No 303 Maintenance Unit RAF Ambala  
Central Map Section RAF Ambala  
Base Accounts Office RAF Ambala  
Followers' Reception Centre RAF Ambala  
RAF Station Alipore    
No 293 Wing Alipore  
No 67 Sqn Alipore Hurricane
Care & Maintenance Party Alipore  
No 27 Sqn Armarda Road Beaufighter
No 288 AMES Amghata  
RAF Liaison Section Agra  
Wireless Operators' School Andheri  
General Reconnaissance School Andheri  
Care and Maintenance Party Arkonam  
No 11 Mobile Servicing Unit (Torpedo) Arkonam  
No 127 Repair and Salvage Unit Arkonam  
No 88 Air Stores Park Arkonam  
Reinforcement Staging Party Amadabad  
No 122 Repair and Salvage Unit RAF Asansol  
Care and Maintenance Party RAF Asansol  
No 91 Air Stores Park RAF Asansol  
No 169 Wing Agartala  
Refuelling and Re-arming Party Agartala  
Care and Maintenance Party Agartala  
No 869 AMES Agartala  
No 5 Sqn Agartala Mohawk
No 130 Repair and Salvage Unit Agartala  
No 92 Air Stores Park Agartala  
No 155 Sqn Agartala Mohawk
Armament Training Unit Bairagarh (Bhopal)  
Reinforcement Staging Post Bairagarh (Bhopal)  
No 34 Sqn Baigachi Blenheim
No 176 Sqn Baigachi No aircraft
Care and Maintenance Party Baigachi  
No 35 Personnel Transit Centre Ballygunge  
No 308 Maintenance Unit Bamrauli  
No 225 Group Bangalore  
Communication Flight Bangalore  
MT Storage Unit Bangalore  
No 7 Wireless Unit Bangalore  
No 357 Wireless Unit Bangalore  
Calibration Flight Bangalore  
Air Transit Section Bangalore  
Reinforcement Staging Party Bangalore  
No 39 Wireless Unit Barrackpore  
No 679 AMES Baruipur  
No 1 Elementary Flying Training School Begumpet  
No 224 AMES Bhadrack  
Base Personnel Office Bombay  
No 51 Embarkation Unit Bombay  
RI and MU Bombay  
No 289 AMES Bombay  
RAF Naval Liaison Section Bombay  
Air Transit Section Bombay  
No 984 (Balloon) Sqn Bombay Mk VI Balloons
Rover Flight, No 979 (Balloon) Sqn Bombay Mk VI Balloons
No 305 Maintenance Unit Bombay  
No 177 Sqn Bombay No aircraft
Nos 11, 12 & 19 Wireless Units Bombay  
RAF Base HQ Bombay  
SS 'Shenking' Bombay  
AHQ Bengal Calcutta  
Communication Flight Calcutta  
No 54 Embarkation Unit Calcutta  
No 274 (Balloon) Wing Calcutta  
No 978 (Balloon) Sqn Calcutta  
No 23 Wireless Unit Calcutta  
No 355 Wireless Unit Calcutta  
Calibration Flight Calcutta  
No 2 RAF Postal Centre Calcutta  
No 101 Repair and Salvage Unit Calcutta  
No 75 Air Stores Park Calcutta  
Air Transit Section Calcutta  
Civil Repair Organisation Calcutta  
No 6 Wireless Unit Calcutta  
No 3 Wireless Unit Calcutta  
No 8 Heavy Mobile W/T Unit Calcutta  
No 221 Group Calcutta  
No 226 ASR Unit Calcutta  
Calcutta Co-operation Unit Calcutta  
No 10 Wireless Unit Calcutta  
No 20 Sqn Charra Lysander
Care and Maintenance Party Chettinad  
No 224 Group Chittagong  
Refuelling and Re-arming Party Chittagong  
No 676 AMES Chittagong  
No 40 Wireless Unit c/o 224 Group Chittagong  
No 37 Wireless Unit Chittagong  
Nos 680 - 685 AMES c/o 224 Group Chittagong  
Nos 641 - 646 AMES c/o 224 Group Chittagong  
No 215 Sqn Chakala Wellington
Air Landing School Chakala  
No 4 Hill Depot Chakrata  
Technical and Disciplinary School Chakrata  
Care and Maintenance Party Cholavaram  
No 45 Sqn Cholavaram No aircraft
No 82 Sqn Cholavaram Blenheim
Care and Maintenance Party Cochin  
No 6 Hill Station Cochin  
No 312 Maintenance Unit Cochin  
Flying Boat Base Cocanada  
Refuelling and Re-arming Party Cox's Bazaar  
175 Wing Cuttack  
No 353 Sqn Cuttack Hudson
No 62 Sqn Cuttack Hudson
Care and Maintenance Party Cuttack  
No 129 Repair and Salvage Section Cuttack  
No 94 Air Stores Park Cuttack  
No 12 Mobile Servicing Unit (Torpedo) Cuttack  
No 851 AMES Deganga  
Transit Camp Dehra Dun  
RAF Station Delhi    
Air Transit Section RAF Delhi  
No 1 Central Medical Board RAF Delhi  
Parachute Repair Section RAF Delhi  
Explosives Storage Section RAF Delhi  
No 164 Signals Wing RAF Delhi  
No 544 AMES Diamond Harbour  
No 99 Sqn Digri Wellington
RAF Liaison Dinjan  
RAF Station Dum Dum    
No 165 Wing RAF Dum Dum  
No 135 Sqn RAF Dum Dum Hurricane
No 136 Sqn RAF Dum Dum Hurricane
Care and Maintenance Party RAF Dum Dum  
Reinforcement Section Staging Party RAF Dum Dum  
No 3 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit RAF Dum Dum Spitfire/B-25
Communication Flight RAF Dum Dum  
No 543 AMES Egra  
No 247 AMES Elliotganj  
Refuelling and Re-arming Party Fenny  
No 877 Wing Fenny  
No 166 Wing Fenny  
No 607 Sqn Fenny Hurricane
No 615 Sqn Fenny Hurricane
No 848 AMES Gidni  
No 8514 AMES Gopalpur  
No 291 AMES Grubb's Island  
Reinforcement Staging Party Hakimpet  
No 857 AMES Imphal  
No 281 AMES Jagatsingpur  
No 284 AMES Jalaripeta  
No 979 (Balloon) Sqn Jamshedpur  
No 167 Wing Jessore  
No 853 AMES Jessore  
Care and Maintenance Party Jessore  
No 125 Repair and Salvage Unit Jessore  
No 60 Sqn Jessore Blenheim IV
No 113 Sqn Jessore Blenheim IV
Reinforcement Staging Party Jiwani (Baluchistan)  
RAF Station Jodphur    
No 2 Elementary Flying Training School RAF Jodhpur  
No 319 Maintenance Unit RAF Jodhpur  
AA Co-operation Flt Juhu (Bombay)  
Calibration Flt Juhu (Bombay)  
Reinforcement Staging Party Juhu (Bombay)  
RAF Station Kanchrapara    
No 304 Maintenance Unit RAF Kanchrapara  
No 60 Repair and Salvage Unit RAF Kanchrapara  
No 79 Sqn RAF Kanchrapara Hurricane
MT Storage Unit RAF Kanchrapara  
No 313 Maintenance Unit Kankinara  
No 226 (Maintenance) Group Karachi  
No 301 Maintenance Unit Karachi  
Air Reinforcement Centre Karachi  
No 29 Personnel Reception Centre Karachi  
No 22 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit Karachi  
No 3 Postal Centre Karachi  
No 57 Embarkation Unit Karachi  
No 212 Sqn Karachi Non-operational
Air Transit Section Karachi  
SS 'Dumana' Karachi  
No 320 Maintenance Unit (Aircraft Repair Depot) Karachi  
No 248 AMES Karaghpur  
No 26 Wireless Unit Karaghpur  
Care and Maintenance Party Kayattar  
No 211 AMES Khulna  
RAF Station Kohat    
No 4 Sqn IAF RAF Kohat Lysander
No 3 Sqn IAF RAF Kohat Audax
RAF Station Lahore    
No 1 Initial Training Centre RAF Lahore  
No 307 Maintenance Unit RAF Lahore  
No 306 Maintenance Unit RAF Lahore  
W/T Installation and Fitting Party RAF Lahore  
No 31 Sqn RAF Lahore Lockheed/DC2/DC3
No 194 Sqn RAF Lahore Hudson
No 227 (Training) Group RAF Lahore  
Travelling Medical Board RAF Lahore  
No 86 Air Stores Park Lohegoan  
No 1 Hill Depot Lower Topa  
Fire Fighting School Lower Topa  
School of Administration and Discipline Lower Topa  
No 168 Wing Madhaighanja  
Care and Maintenance Party Madhaighanja  
No 110 Sqn Madhaighanja Vengeance
No 172 Wing Madras  
No 293 AMES Madras  
No 859 AMES Madras  
Air Transit Section Madras  
No 9 Wireless Unit Madras  
Care and Maintenance Party Madura  
No 554 AMES Malabar/Malabar Hill  
No 302 Maintenance Unit Manauri  
No 885 AMES Manipur Road  
No 258 AMES Mathurapur  
Care and Maintenance Party Miranshah  
No 4 Sqn IAF - Detachment Miranshah Lysander
Reinforcement Staging Party Nagpur  
No 370 AMES Negapatam  
No 39 Air Stores Park Nai Hati  
No 225 AMES Nellore  
AHQ India New Delhi  
AHQ Communications Unit New Delhi  
Air Publications and Forms Store New Delhi  
RAF Dental Services New Delhi  
Care and Maintenance Party Ondal  
No 96 Air Stores Park Ondal  
No 228 AMES Ongole  
No 542 AMES Pallavaram  
No 82 Repair and Salvage Unit Pandaveswar  
Communication Flight Peshawar  
No 268 AMES Pondicherry  
No 2 Central Medical Board Poona  
Combined Training Centre Poona  
No 678 AMES Port Canning  
No 34 Personnel Reception Centre Quetta  
No 4 Wireless Unit Quetta  
No 5 Wireless Unit Quetta  
No 171 Wing Ranchi  
No 22 Air Support Control Ranchi  
No 28 Sqn Ranchi Hurricane
No 2 Sqn IAF Ranchi Lysander
No 223 Group Rawalpindi  
No 240 Sqn Red Hills Lake Catalina
No 151 Operational Training Unit Risalpur  
Care and Maintenance Party St Thomas Mount  
Care and Maintenance Party Salbini  
No 159 Sqn Salbini Liberator
No 170 Wing Salbini  
No 90 Air Stores Park Salbini  
No 160 Sqn Salbini Non-operational
No 123 Repair and Salvage Unit Salbini  
Care and Maintenance Party Santa Cruz  
RAF Regiment Training Centre Secunderabad Lysander
No 3 Hill Depot Shillong  
No 870 AMES Silchar  
No 2 Wireless Unit Silchar  
No 2 Hill Depot Solan  
Code & Cypher School Solan  
No 36 Sqn Tanjore Non-operational
No 8 Wireless Unit Tanjore  
No 5 Sqn - Detachment Tezpur  
Reinforcement Staging Party Tezpur  
No 173 Wing Trichinopoly  
No 1 Sqn IAF Trichinopoly Hurricane
No 121 Repair and Salvage Unit Trichinopoly  
No 6 Sqn IAF Trichinopoly Hurricane - Forming
No 8 Sqn IAF Trichinopoly Vengeance - Forming
Civilian Repair Organisation Trichinopoly  
Refuelling and Re-arming Party Ulunderpet  
Care and Maintenance Party Vizagapatam  
No 84 Sqn Vizagapatam No aircraft
No 7 Sqn IAF Vizagapatam Vengeance - Forming
No 2000 AMES Waltair  
No 42 Sqn Yelahanka No aircraft
No 359 Wireless Unit Abbotabad  
No 272 AMES Batticaloa  
No 5009 AMES Chapel Hill  
RAF Station China Bay    
No 261 Sqn RAF China Bay Hurricane
No 321 Sqn RAF China Bay Catalina
No 990 Sqn - Detachment RAF China Bay Mk VI Balloons
No 1 Fixed Torpedo Unit RAF China Bay  
RAF Station Colombo    
No 222 Group RAF Colombo  
No 62 Repair and Salvage Unit RAF Colombo  
No 89 Air Stores Park RAF Colombo  
No 11 Sqn RAF Colombo Blenheim
No 45 Embarkation Unit RAF Colombo  
No 258 Sqn RAF Colombo Hurricane
No 22 Wireless Unit RAF Colombo  
No 990 Sqn RAF Colombo Mk VI Balloons
Calibration Flight RAF Colombo  
No 25 Wireless Unit RAF Colombo  
No 203 ASR Unit RAF Colombo  
Mobile Torpedo Unit RAF Colombo  
No 30 Sqn Dambulla Hurricane
No 128 Repair and Salvage Unit Dambulla  
No 93 Air Stores Park Dambulla  
No 539 AMES Dutch Tower  
No 292 AMES Elizabeth Point  
No 254 AMES Galle  
Transit Camp Galle  
No 209 AMES Galle  
No 552 AMES Kandaloya  
RAF Station Kogalla    
No 205 Sqn RAF Kogalla Catalina
No 413 Sqn RCAF RAF Kogalla Catalina
No 1 Explosives Park Kurunegala  
No 858 AMES Manning Town  
RAF Station Minneriya    
No 22 Sqn RAF Minneriya Beaufort
No 217 Sqn RAF Minneriya Hudson
No 524 AMES Mount Lavinia  
No 296 AMES Mullaitivu  
No 538 AMES Mutwal  
No 849 AMES Namunukula  
RAF Station Ratmalana    
Communication Flight RAF Ratmalana  
No 273 Sqn RAF Ratmalana Hurricane
No 2 Explosives Park RAF Ratmalana  
No 2 Fixed Torpedo Unit RAF Ratmalana  
No 290 AMES Ridgeway  
No 546 AMES Ridgeway  
No 553 AMES Ridgeway  
No 3 AMES Trincomalee  
No 589 AMES Trincomalee  
Maldive Islands
No 2001 AMES Addu Attol  
Units in China (Under No 224 Group)
HQ RAF in China Chengtu  
No 517 AMES Chengtu  
No 677 AMES Kunming  
Units not yet located
No 211 Sqn    
No 191 Sqn    
No 97 Air Stores Park    
No 83 Repair and Salvage Unit    
No 84 Repair and Salvage Unit    
Nos 178 & 179 Wings    
No 152 Operational Training Unit    
No 13 Mobile Servicing Unit (Torpedo)    
Nos 227 - 248 ASR Units    
India Interpretation Unit    
No 63 Embarkation Unit, Cochin    
Nos 176 & 177 Wings    
US Army Air Force (10th Air Force) India and China

Ancillary units are not shown

China Task Force (10th Air Force) Chungking  
HQ 10th Air Force New Delhi  
23rd Fighter Group comprising: -
  • 74th Sqn
  • 75th Sqn
  • 76th Sqn
Kunming (China)
  • Kunming (China)
  • Kunming (China)
  • Kunming (China)
51st Fighter Group comprising: -
  • 16th Sqn
  • 25th Sqn
  • 26th Sqn


  • Dinjan
  • Kunming (China)
  • Dinjan
341st Bombardment Group (Medium) comprising: -
  • 11th Sqn
  • 22nd Sqn
  • 490th Sqn
  • 491st Sqn
  • Kunming (China)
  • Karachi
  • Karachi
  • Karachi
7th Bombardment Group (Heavy) comprising: -
  • 9th Sqn
  • 436th Sqn
  • 492nd Sqn
  • 493rd Sqn
  • Karachi
  • Allahabad
  • Karachi
  • Karachi
B-17 to be re-equipped with B-24s

Source - January 1943 SD161

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