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Home Commands - November 1918

It has not yet been possible to location a reliable primary source from which to produce an accurate organisational chart for this period so this chart has been produced by reference to a number of secondary sources (see below for a list of these).  However, in the process of compiling the chart a number of conflicts and inaccuracies appeared and these have been reconciled to the best of my ability but minor inaccuracies may still exist, for which I apologise and all efforts will be be made to correct these when a suitable primary source is located.  However the Air Force Lists give limited details of the Home Command structure this month so these have been used as a primary source, but greater detail is still needed.

Sources: -

Flying Training and Support Units since 1912 - Ray Sturtivant, Air Britain

The Source Book of the RAF - Ken Delve - Airlife

The War in the Air - H A Jones - HMSO

Organisational Chart - Home Commands - November 1918

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