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No 963 (Balloon) Sqn Personnel and locations

Auxiliary Air Force personnel shown in italics (where known).

Personnel Movements: Aug - Dec 1940

Rank Name Date Notes
There are no entries for 1940 in the ORB

Source - No 963 Sqn ORB (AIR 27/2313)

Organisational Movements: Aug - Dec 1940

Date Notes
18 Aug 1940

This was formed under the control of No 5 BC at Birmingham,

26 Aug 1940 Squadron moved from No 5 Balloon Centre moving to Atlantic Club, Milford Haven
27 Aug 1940 Squadron transferred from No 5 Balloon Centre to No 21 BC
24 Nov 1940 Squadron moved from Milford Haven to RAF Cardington 
28 Dec 1940 Squadron moved from RAF Cardington to Oak Street, Accrington under No 10 Balloon Centre

Source - RAF Flying Training and Support Units - Air Britain

This page was last updated on 28/03/22

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