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Department of the Air Member for Supply and Organisation - Personnel April 1949

From this year it is currently only possible to show the those personnel fulfilling posts at Director of higher level.

ACM Sir George C Pirie Air Member for Supply and Organisation, KBE, CB, MC, DFC, LLD  1 Sep 1948
Mr R J Penney Private Secretary, DFC  

Directorate-General of Organisation


Alexander P Davidson

Director-General, CB, CBE 10 Jun 1947
Directorate of Organisation

Gilbert E Nicholetts

Director, CB, AFC; later AM 10 Jun 1947
Directorate of Organisation (Establishments)
A/Cdre John R Whitley Director, CB, CBE, DSO, AFC; later AM 18 Dec 1947
Directorate of Movements

Leonard Taylor

Director  5 Jan 1948
Directorate of Organisation (Forecasting and Planning)

Harold D Jackman

Director, CB, CBE; later AM 10 Jan 1949
Directorate of War Organisation
A/Cdre Gareth G Barrett Director, CBE 18 Oct 1948

Directorate of Administrative Plans (Joint Administrative Planning Staff)

Gp Capt

Ronald C Storrar

Director, OBE; later AVM 7 Mar 1949

Directorate-General of Equipment


Thomas E Drowley

Director-General, CB, CBE 15 Dec 1946

Directorate of Equipment (A)


Bertram E Essex

Director, CBE; later AVM 31 Mar 1949

Directorate of Equipment (B)


Geoffrey L Worthington

Director, CBE; later AVM 15 Apr 1948

Directorate of Equipment (D)


Edward C Farman

Director, CBE; later AVM  4 Apr 1949

Directorate-General of Works

Mr G H Fretwell Director-General, MICE  

Directorate of Works - 1

Mr G S Hallas Director, OBE, MC, BEng, MICE  

Directorate of Works - 2

Mr F L Fay Director, MC, AMICE  
Directorate of Works - 3
Mr C E Foster Director, CBE, BSc (Eng), AMICE  
Chief Electrical and Mechanical Engineer
Mr A Watson Chief Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, BSc, MIME, AMIEE  
Chief Lands Officer
Mr C E R Hayward Chief Lands Officer, PASI  
Chief Surveyor
Mr E P Stewart Chief Surveyor, FSI  
Chief Superintendent (Drawing Office)
Mr J B F Hawkins Chief Superintendent (Designs), CBE, MICE  
Directorate of Work (Civil Aviation)
Mr A E G Collins Director of Works (Civil Aviation), CBE, MC, BSc, AMIMM

Source - April 1949 Air Force List

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