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Air Commodore F A Skoulding (10146)

Francis Arthur

b: 14 Nov 1895                                      r: 19 Jun 1949                                             d: 16 May 1974

CBE 13 Jun 1946

(Army): - A/M: xx xxx xxxx, Cpl: xx xxx xxxx, Sgt: xx xxx xxxx, (T) 2Lt (P): 27 Mar 1918.

(RAF): - 2Lt: 1 Apr 1918, Act Lt: 4 Oct 1918, Fg Off: 1 Aug 1919, Flt Lt: 1 Jul 1927, Sqn Ldr: 1 Aug 1935, Wg Cdr: 1 Nov 1938, (T) Gp Capt: 1 Jun 1941, (T) A/Cdre: 1 Jan 1946, Gp Capt: 1 Jan 1946, A/Cdre: 1 Oct 1946.

xx xxx xxxx:                  Flight Mechanic? (8577), RFC

27 Mar 1918:               Appointed to a Commission in the RFC. (Admin)

 4 Oct 1918:                 Lieutenant Grade B

xx xxx 1919:                 Stores Officer, Z Unit

21 Jan 1921:                 Stores Officer, No 8 Sqn

19 Dec 1922:                Stores Officer, No 31 Sqn

23 Apr 1924:                Stores Officer, RAF (Cadet) College, Cranwell.

 6 Aug 1926:                 Stores Officer, HQ RAF Cranwell

31 Jan 1927:                 Stores Officer, Directorate of Equipment  

xx xxx 1927:                  Stores Officer, No 2 Sqn

 7 - 13 Jul 1927:           Admitted to No 7 General Hospital, Shanghai.

13 Sep 1927:                Embarked on SS Devanha for return to UK

xx Oct 1927:                Disembarked in London

19 Jan 1931:                 Attended RAF Staff College

 5 Jan 1932:                  Stores Staff Officer, HQ RAF India.

 1 Mar 1935:                Stores Officer, Aircraft Park - India

 8 Jan 1938:                  Equipment Staff Officer, Deputy Directorate of Equipment (Supply)/(4)

xx xxx 1940:                 Equipment Staff Officer, Deputy Directorate of Equipment (8)

17 Sep 1943:                Head, Equipment (Plans), Directorate of Equipment (D)

 1 Sep 1945:                  Head of Disposal, Air Disarmament Staff, HQ BAFO

 9 Oct 1946:                  Director of Equipment (A)

He was a member of Z Unit in Somaliland in 1920.

Recommendation for the award of Commander of the Order of the British Empire

"SKOULDING, Francis Arthur, A/C (Royal Air Force) - Air Headquarters, British Air Forces of Occupation (Disarmament).

This officer is in charge of the disposal of enemy war material at Air Headquarters in Germany.  He was associated with the initial planning and organization of the air disarmament of the Luftwaffe at Supreme Headquarters, Rear.  He was transferred to the executive side of the disarmament organization in May 1945, when he assumed the duties of head of the branch dealing with the disposal of enemy war material throughout the British zone and in the liberated countries.  In both capacities his organizing ability, adaptability and comprehensive knowledge of equipment matters have been of the greatest value.  The unspectacular nature of the work calls for meticulous attention to detail and consistent devotion to duty.  This officer shows these qualities in a marked degree.  It is largely due to his skilled direction and specialized knowledge that the many and varied practical problems - the majority without precedent - have been solved successfully, He has at all times set a fine example to the large staff which he controls."

(Source - Air 2/9669)

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