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Care & Maintenance Party - Basrah

The station was placed in Care and Maintenance on 1 May 1927

September 1928

Location Command/Group
Basrah, Iraq Iraq Command


Rank Name Date Notes
Fg Off Richard J E Haynes  1 May 1927  
Stores Branch
Sqn Ldr William C Clark  1 May 1927  
Flt Lt Charles E Norris  1 May 1927 OBE
Fg Off George H Doveton  1 May 1927  
Accountant Branch
Fg Off Harold J Titherington 13 Oct 1927  
Medical Branch
Sqn Ldr Donald G Boddie  1 Jul 1928 MB
Fg Off Gerard W McAleer 13 Jul 1928 MB
Chaplains Branch
Rev John A Jagoe  3 Dec 1927 MA

Source - September 1928 Air Force List

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