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Balloon Command - December 1944

Command HQ - Old Church Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex

All units administered directly by Balloon Command HQ

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Cardington Cardington, Bedfordshire  
Balloon Development Establishment RAF Cardington Direct access to MAP
Hydrogen Factory RAF Cardington
No 1 Balloon Centre Chessington, Surrey  
HQ, No 33 (Barrage Balloon) Group No 1 Balloon Centre  
No 3 Balloon Centre RAF Stanmore  
Meteorological Balloon Unit Dover (satellite of 3 BC)  
Naval Meteorological Balloon Unit Holyhead (satellite of 3 BC)  
No 901/905 Sqn London (satellite of 3 BC) C & M
No 906/910 Sqn London (satellite of 3 BC) C & M
Parachute Jumping Balloon Detachment Ringway (satellite of 3 BC)  
AA Calibration School Balloon Richmond, Surrey (satellite of 3 BC)  
No 6 Balloon Centre RAF Wythall  
'P' Balloon Units of No 85 Group (not overseas) No 6 Balloon Centre non-operational
No 11 Balloon Centre Pucklechurch, Bristol  
Meteorological Balloon Unit Fishguard (satellite of 11 BC)  
No 12 Balloon Centre Titchfield, Fareham, Hampshire  
Meteorological Balloon Unit Plymouth (satellite of 12 BC)  
No 13 Balloon Centre Collaton Cross, Yealmpton, Plymouth, Devon.  
No 15 Balloon Centre Long Benton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne  
No 24 Balloon Centre Fairlop  
No 953 Sqn Titchfield (satellite of 24 BC) non-operational
No 945/947 Sqn Great Sampford (satellite of 24 BC) non-operational
No 970 Sqn Marden Park and Norbryght (satellites of 24 BC) non-operational
No 958 Sqn Southend (satellite of 24 BC) non-operational
No 951 Sqn Southend (satellite of 24 BC) non-operational

Source - SD161 (51st Edition) - December 1944

County names used are those in use at the time

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