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No 943 (East Riding) (Balloon) Sqn Personnel and locations

[May 1939]

Formed at Wycliffe Hall, Campbell Street, Anlaby Road, Kingston upon Hull on 25 January 1939 as part of the Auxiliary Air Force.  Auxiliary Air Force Officers shown in italics.

May 1939

Balloon Centre Command/Group
Not yet allocated Balloon Command


Rank Name Date Notes
Sqn Ldr H A Blain Officer Commanding, RAFO
APO F W Fargus 28 Feb 1939  
APO J L Jarman  1 Mar 1939  
APO J W Chapman  2 Mar 1939  
APO J Walton  3 Mar 1939  

Source - May 1939 Confidential Air Force List

[May 1939]

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