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HQ North-West African Air Forces Personnel, locations and units

This Command was formed on 17 February 1943 under the control of Mediterranean Air Command at University Buildings, Rue Michalet in  Algiers.

December 1943

Location Command Controlled
La Marsa Mediterranean Air Command

Groups: -

Unable to list other units at present


Rank Name Date Notes
AVM James M Robb  4 Dec 1942 Deputy Air Commander and Air Officer Commanding RAF NW Africa, CB, DSO, DFC, AFC; later ACM
A/Cdre Andrew MacGregor 17 Nov 1942 Air Officer i/c Administration, MBE, DFC; later AVM
Personal Appointment
Flt Lt   30 Apr 1943 Personal Assistant to AOC
Air Staff
A/Cdre Thomas C Traill  8 Mar 1943 Senior Air Staff Officer, OBE, DFC; later AVM
Gp Capt R C H Crostwaite  8 Aug 1943  
Gp Capt A F Britton    
Gp Capt A M Rodgers 14 Aug 1943  
Gp Capt Leonard T Pankhurst  1 Mar 1943 later AVM
Wg Cdr L Mathias  1 Mar 1943  
Wg Cdr T D Craven  1 Mar 1943  
Wg Cdr W R Norton  1 Mar 1943  
Wg Cdr M W B Knight  1 Mar 1943 DFC
Wg Cdr T A H Beddington 16 Mar 1943  
Wg Cdr J B Turnbull 16 Mar 1943  
Wg Cdr W B Wilson  1 Sep 1943  
Sqn Ldr H M Fisher  1 Mar 1943  
Sqn Ldr E A Dennis 18 Apr 1943  
Sqn Ldr G R T Shillitoe  1 Mar 1943  
Sqn Ldr O A G Jackson 12 Jun 1943  
Sqn Ldr N M Corcos 29 Aug 1943  
Sqn Ldr W J E Craigen    
Administrative Staff
Gp Capt Douglas MacFadyen  1 Mar 1943 CBE; later AM
Gp Capt P E Berryman 23 Jun 1943 Senior Personnel Staff Officer
Wg Cdr J E Wheatley  1 Mar 1943  
Wg Cdr K S M Stock 14 Jul 1943  
Wg Cdr G E Beer 10 Sep 1943  
Wg Cdr R A C Holmes  1 Sep 1943  
Wg Cdr R D Barlas 23 Jun 1943  
Sqn Ldr H N Hawker 29 Jun 1943  
Sqn Ldr F H Bugge 14 Jul 1943  
Sqn Ldr J H C Ward  3 Jul 1943  
Sqn Ldr A D Foster  1 Mar 1943  
Sqn Ldr W H Angus 23 Jun 1943  
Sqn Ldr F J Crosbie  6 Mar 1943  
Sqn Ldr A E Dale 21 May 1943  
Sqn Ldr S A C Bartlett  1 Mar 1943  
Sqn Ldr A W Motion  1 Mar 1943  
Sqn Ldr R G Warden 26 Jun 1943  
Sqn Ldr J R Pearson 19 Aug 1943  
Sqn Ldr J N White 12 Apr 1843  
Sqn Ldr M R E Swanwick    
Sqn Ldr W A Cole    
Staffs of the Services
Gp Capt S Lugg 30 May 1943 Command Signals Officer
Wg Cdr J Cherrill    
Wg Cdr S P F Humphreys-Owen 18 Jun 1943  
Sqn Ldr J E Fynn 18 Mar 1943  
Sqn Ldr E M Hook 15 May 1943  
Sqn Ldr M J Lennox    
Sqn Ldr W J Reason    
Sqn Ldr F J Dunlop    
Wg Cdr D E B Wheeler  1 Mar 1943 Command Armament Officer
Sqn Ldr W J Hadnett    
Gp Capt Leonard Taylor 16 Mar 1943 Senior Equipment Staff Officer; later A/Cdre
Wg Cdr P J Mote    
Gp Capt J M Adams   Command Accountant
Sqn Ldr V O M'Quillin  3 Jul 1943  
Sqn Ldr E S Dixon    
Sqn Ldr G L Couch    
Wg Cdr S J Hargrave  1 Mar 1943  
Wg Cdr E M Trounson  1 Mar 1943  
Sqn Ldr C J T Pensotti  1 Mar 1943  
Sqn Ldr J F Drabble 15 Jun 1943  
A/Cdre T J Kelly 13 Mar 1943 Principal Medical Officer, MC, MD, ChD
Gp Capt W J G Walker 13 Mar 1943 Deputy Principal Medical Officer, MRCS, LRCP
Gp Capt F E Lipscombe 14 Apr 1943 MRCS, LRCP, DPH, DTM & H
Wg Cdr H L Wilcox  1 Mar 1943 MB, ChB
Wg Cdr E B Bright 14 Apr 1943 AFC, MB, ChB
Wg Cdr P J meade  7 Sep 1942 Chief Meteorological Officer
Sqn Ldr T H Kirk  3 Oct 1942 Senior Meteorological Officer
Sqn Ldr G Thornton Smith  3 Oct 1942 Senior Meteorological Officer
Aeronautical Inspection
Sqn Ldr P F Foss   Command Inspector of Explosives - Inspector, AID
Local Audit (Under Director of Accounts, Air Ministry)
Mr C W Evans  7 Mar 1943 Financial Adviser and Chief Auditor to AOC-in-C
RAF Regiment


H M Salmon  1 Mar 1943

Source - December 1943 Confidential Air Force List

It was amalgamated with HQ Mediterranean Air Command and redesignated HQ Mediterranean Allied Air Forces on 10 December 1943.

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