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Common Unit Abbreviations

This section will assist in the identification of unit abbreviations used on RAF Service Records, particularly World War 2 records.  Due to the method of entry, the different styles and quality of handwriting used and the age of the records, care should be taken when reading the records as letters can often be misread.

The list below is by no means exhaustive and should you come across others not listed, feel free to contact me and I can hopefully clarify them.


Abbreviation Unit Title Notes
AAC Anti-Aircraft Co-operation  
AACU Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit  
A & AEE Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment  
AAS Air Armament School  
ACDC Air Crew Despatch Centre  
ACDW Air Crew Disposal Wing  
ACRC Air Crew Receiving Centre  
ACSB Aviation Candidates Selection Board  
ACSEA Air Command South East Asia  
AD Aircraft Depot  
AFDU Air Fighting Development Unit  
AFEE Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment  
AGS Air Gunner School  
AHQ Air Headquarters  
AONS Air Observer and Navigation School  
AOS Air Observer School  
AP Aircraft Park  
APC Armament Practice Camp  
APS Armament Practice Station  
AS Air School South Africa
ASP Air Stores Park  
BAT Beam Approach Training  
BB Barrage Balloon  
BC Balloon Centre  
BD Bomb Disposal  
BFTS British Flying Training School In USA
BTU Balloon Training Unit  
CFS Central Flying School  
CGS Central Gunnery School  
CME Central Medical Establishment  
Coy Company  
Conv Flt Conversion Flight  
CU Conversion Unit  
EANS Empire Air Navigation School Also Elementary Air Navigation School (early WW2)
ECFS Empire Central Flying School  
EFTS Elementary Flying Training School  
EU Embarkation Unit  
E & WS Electrical and Wireless School  
FIS Flying Instructors School  
FIU Fighter Interception Unit  
Flt Flight  
FPP Ferry Pilot Pool  
FTU Ferry Training Unit  
Gp Group Also Grp
GTS Glider Training School  
HCU Heavy Conversion Unit  
HE Home Establishment  
HQTC Headquarters Transport Command  
ITS Initial Training School  
ITW Initial Training Wing  
LFS Lancaster Finishing School  
MAEE Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment  
MCU Marine Craft Unit  
MCS Marine Craft Section  
ME ARU Middle East Aircraft Repair Unit  
ME (TS) Middle East (Training Squadron)  
Met Meteorological  
MT Motor Transport  
NICTS Northern Ireland Central Training School  
(O) AFU (Observer) Advanced Flying Unit  
OADU Overseas Air Despatch Unit  
OAPU Overseas Aircraft Packing Unit  
OCTU Officer Cadet Training Unit  
OTU Operational Training Unit (C) as a prefix meant Coastal
(P) AFU (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit  
PC Personnel Centre  
PDC Personnel Disposal Centre/Despatch Centre  
PDU Photographic Development Unit  
PHU Personnel Holding Unit  
PRC Personnel Reception Centre  
PRU Photographic Reconnaissance Unit  
PT Physical Training  
PTC Personnel Transit Centre  
(P) FTS (Polish) Flying Training School  
RC Recruit Centre  
Regt Regiment  
Res Reserve  
RS Radio School  
R & SU Repair and Salvage Unit  
RW Recruit Wing  
Sch School  
SD Stores Depot  
SFTS Service Flying Training School  
SoGR School of General Reconnaissance  
SoTT School of Technical Training Als S. TT
SP Staging Post  
SS Signals School Also Sg Sc
Sqdn Squadron Also Sqn. and Sq.
Trg Training  
TT Target Towing  
TTU Torpedo Training Unit  
UAS University Air Squadron  
WAAF Womens' Auxiliary Air Force  
Wg Wing  

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