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Department of the Air Member for Personnel - Personnel April 1949

From this year it is currently only possible to show the those personnel fulfilling posts at Director of higher level.


Sir Hugh W L Saunders

Air Member for Personnel, KBE, CB, MC, DFC, MM; later ACM  1 Oct 1947
Mr R F Butler Private Secretary  
Directorate-General of Personnel (I)
AVM Dermot A Boyle Director-General, CB, CBE, AFC; later MRAF 26 Jul 1948
Chaplaincy Services
Rev L Wright Principal Chaplain, 31 sMar 1949
Rev J Lavin Principal Chaplain,  
Rev A McHardy Principal Chaplain, CBE, MC, MA, KHC 14 Mar 1941
Rev W R Marsh Principal Chaplain, BD, KHC  1 Sep 1942
Rev F D Morley Principal Chaplain, BD   1 Jan 1947
Directorate of Personal Services

Charles E Chilton

Director, CBE; later AM  1 Apr 1949
Directorate of Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Air Cmdt F H Hanbury Director, MBE, ADC, WAAF  4 Oct 1943
Provost Marshal
A/Cdre Owen W de Putron Provost Marshal and Chief of Air Force Police, CBE, ADC 21 Dec 1942

Directorate-General of Personnel (II)


Thomas C Traill

Director-General, CB, OBE, DFC  
A/Cdre George D Harvey Director, CBE, DFC; later AVM  8 Dec 1947
A/Cdre Ivor L Wincer Director, CBE  1 Jul 1947
Directorate-General of Manning

Victor E Groom

Director-General, CB, CBE, DFC; later AM  1 Jan 1947
A/Cdre Norman A P Pritchett Director,  1 Dec 1947
Mr G A Roberts Director, MBE  

Directorate-General of RAF Medical Services

AM P C Livingston Director-General, CB, CBE, AFC, FRCS, FRCS(E), LRCP, DPH, DOMS 15 Sep 1947
A/Cdre W E Barnes Deputy Director-General, MRCS, LRCP  1 Mar 1948
A/Cdre J MacC Kilpatrick Director of Hygiene and Research, OBE, MB, BCh, DPH, 21 Jul 1947
A/Cdre G A Ballantyne Director of Dental Services, CBE, DFC, FDSRCS, KHDS  1 Jun 1943

Nursing Service Branch

Miss H W Cargill Matron-in-Chief, RRC, KHNS 16 Jul 1948
Senior Service Accountant
A/Cdre John S Griffiths Senior Service Accountant, CB, CBE  1 Sep 1948
Directorate of Educational Services
A/Cdre A H Robson Director, OBE, MC, MSc, PhD 17 Nov 1943
Directorate of Legal Services
A/Cdre J B Walmsley Director, CBE, DFC 21 Jan 1945

Source - April 1949 Air Force List

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