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Supreme HQ South East Asia Personnel, locations and units

June 1945

Location Controlled
Supreme HQ - New Delhi

RAF Element - Kandy

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Rank Name Date Notes

Sir Phillip B Joubert de la Ferte

23 Nov 1943 Deputy Chief of Staff (Information and Civil Affairs), KCB, CMG, DSO; later ACM
Personal Appointments
Sqn Ldr R D Hanbury 11 Jun 1944 ADC (Air) to Supreme Allied Commander
Flt Lt A Holden 14 Jan 1944 Personal Assistant to Deputy CoS
Air Staff
Gp Capt Denis F Spotswood 11 Feb 1944 DSO, DFC; later MRAF
Gp Capt Henry G Blair 18 Oct 1943 later A/Cdre
Gp Capt G C Bell  1 Apr 1944  
Wg Cdr J A C Fuller  6 Mar 1944  
Wg Cdr A C Godfrey 23 Oct 1943  
Wg Cdr T M Horder 28 Mar 1944  
Wg Cdr Ian G Esplin 22 Apr 1944 later AVM
Sqn Ldr F T Cox 14 Oct 1943  
Sqn Ldr J W C Gale  9 Jan 1944  
Sqn Ldr C J T Gardner 14 Feb 1944  
Sqn Ldr A H Dormer 21 Mar 1944  
Administrative Staff
Wg Cdr R G Brickell 11 Nov 1943  
Wg Cdr B C Mason 21 Apr 1944  
Wg Cdr Arthur H McM Hely 30 Jan 1944 OBE; later A/Cdre
Sqn Ldr O M Willams 16 Feb 1944  
Staffs of the Services
Gp Capt J Hill 11 Nov 1943 MB, ChB, DPH

Source - June 1945 Confidential Air Force List

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