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King Regulations details

This section gives brief details of various regulations contained in Kings Regulations for the RAF

Medical Categories

A1B: fit for full flying duties (A1) and ground duties (B). - pre-requisite for entry to the General Duties Branch and qualifying for aircrew.

A2B: fit for limited flying duties, fit for ground duties

A3B: fit for flying as combatant passenger (piloting excluded), fit for ground duties

A4B: fit for flying as non-combatant passenger , fit for ground duties

AhBh: fit for Home service only

AtB: temporarily unfit for flying duty (i.e. fit only for non-flying duties)

AtBt: temporarily unfit for flying and ground duty (implies sick leave at least and possibly hospital

Further to the above AP 130 gives the following: -

Method of recording fitness for RAF Flying

The letter "A" represents "fitness for air duties," and "B" represents "fitness for ground duties." Numerals are placed after the letter "A" to denote the type of flying for which the person is fit, viz:-

1 Full Flying Duties
2 Limited Flying Duties
3 Combatant passenger
4 non-combatant passenger

The letter "p", "t" or "h" is added after both "A" and "B" to indicate limitations of fitness, as follows:-

p permanently unfit
t temporarily unfit
h home service only

Example: A2hBh indicates fitness for limited flying at home and ground duties at home. ("p" and "t" are not employed in conjunction with a numeral.)

A category of "h" does not preclude service as far as Gibraltar, or service in one of HM ships based on a home port, so long as the ship is not ordered to tropical waters. In special cases individuals in this category may be boarded by the Central Medical Board to ascertain their fitness for service in specified stations abroad.

137 The following is a list of the limitations which a medical board may apply in the case of category A.2 :-

i) Duration of flight - this should be stated both as regards individual flights and the total flying permitted in any one day.
ii) Limitation in height
iii) Limitation in aerobatics
iv) * Light aircraft only (aeroplanes which are or have been in use in the service for elementary training)
v)* Single-engined aircraft only: this limitation is chiefly used in connection with certain ear defects.
vi) Dual fitted aircraft only, and with another pilot.

* These limitations may only be applied at home by the Central Medical Board, or Headquarter Medical Boards in commands abroad. Should the Central Medical Board consider any other limitations advisable, its nature is to be exactly stated in the board proceedings and qualified "subject to Air Mininstry approval."

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