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Coastal Area - July 1935

Directly Administered by Area HQ

Unit Location
RAF Detachment Bermuda
Station  HQ Calshot
  1. Training Sqn
  2. Navigation School
  3. Marine Instructional Section
  4. RAF Embarkation Office, Southampton (a)
No 201 (Flying Boat) Sqn RAF Calshot
Station HQ RAF Donibristle
  1. No 22 (Bomber) Sqn
Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment (b) RAF Felixstowe
Station HQ Gosport
  1. Base Training Sqn
No 1 Coast Defence Training Flt RAF Gosport
School of Naval Co-operation RAF Lee-on-Solent
No 1 Flying Training School RAF Leuchars
Station HQ Mount Batten
  1. No 204 (Flying Boat) Sqn
  2. No 209 (Flying Boat) Sqn
No 210 (Flying Boat) Sqn Pembroke Dock
No 230 (Flying Boat) Sqn Pembroke Dock
Station HQ Upavon
RAF Units in the Fleet Air Arm administered by the Coastal Area

(shore base in brackets)

RAF Units for HMS Courageous
  1. HQ
  2. No 800 (Fleet Fighter) Sqn (Upavon)
  3. No 810 (Fleet Torpedo Bomber) Sqn (Gosport)
  4. No 820 (Fleet Spotter Reconnaissance) Sqn (Gosport)
  5. No 821 (Fleet Spotter Reconnaissance) Sqn (Upavon)
RAF Units for HMS Eagle (refitting)
RAF Units for HMS Furious
  1. HQ
  2. No 801 (Fleet Fighter) Sqn (Upavon)
  3. No 811 (Fleet Torpedo Bomber) Sqn (Gosport)
  4. No 822 (Fleet Spotter Reconnaissance) Sqn (Manston)
RAF Units for HMS Glorious (refitting)
  1. HQ
  2. No 802 (Fleet Fighter) Sqn (Netheravon)
  3. No 823 (Fleet Spotter Reconnaissance) Sqn (Donibristle)
RAF Units for Capital Ships and Cruisers
  1. HQ
  2. No 407 (Fleet Fighter) Flt (2nd Cruiser Sqn, Home Fleet) (Mount Batten)
  3. No 443 (Fleet Spotter Reconnaissance) Flt (6th and 8th Cruiser Sqns, Africa Station and America and West Indies) (Bermuda)
  4. No 444 (Fleet Spotter Reconnaissance) Flt (Battle Cruisers and 2nd Battle Sqn, Home Fleet) (Mount Batten)

(a) Controlled directly by the Director of Equipment, Air Ministry

(b) Administered as laid down in AMWO A84/32.

Source - July 1935 Air Force List

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