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Inland Area - September 1930

Directly Administered by Area HQ

Unit Location Officer Commanding
Air Ministry Wireless Station London Fg Off S H Reynolds
Home Communication Flt RAF Hendon Sqn Ldr R F S Leslie
RAF Central Band RAF Uxbridge Flt Lt J H Amers

No 21 Group (HQ - West Drayton)

Unit Location Officer Commanding
Reception Depot (b) RAF West Drayton Gp Capt H R Busteed
No 1 Stores Depot (c) RAF Kidbrooke Gp Capt G Laing
Port Detachment South Dock, West India Dock Fg Off J W Mitchell
School of Store Accounting and Store Keeping RAF Kidbrooke Flt Lt A E F McCreary
Medical Stores Depot (g) RAF Kidbrooke Flt Lt F W Goodread
No 2 Stores Depot (c) Altrincham Sqn Ldr J Walker
Record Office Ruislip Wg Cdr J W Cordingley
RAF MT Depot (f) Shrewsbury Wg Cdr R F S Morton
Home Aircraft Depot (f) RAF Henlow Gp Capt A V Bettington
Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment (d) RAF Martlesham Heath Gp Capt V O Rees
A & AEE Detachment Orfordness  
No 15 (Bomber) Sqn (e) RAF Martlesham Heath Sqn Ldr G H Martingell
No 22 (Bomber) Sqn (e) RAF Martlesham Heath Sqn Ldr E S Goodwin
No 3 Stores Depot (c) Milton Wg Cdr R W Thomas
No 4 Stores Depot (c) Ruislip Wg Cdr W Millett
RAF Depot RAF Uxbridge Gp Capt I G V Fowler
School of PT (included in the establishment of the RAF Depot) RAF Uxbridge Sqn Ldr F G Sherriff
RAF Officers' Hospital (e) RAF Uxbridge  


No 22 Group (HQ - South Farnborough)

Unit Location Officer Commanding
School of Photography (b) South Farnborough Wg Cdr F C V Laws
Experimental Section, RAE (c) South Farnborough Sqn Ldr W S Caster
School of Army Co-operation RAF Old Sarum Wg Cdr R E Saul
School of Balloon Training Larkhill Wg Cdr V Gaskell-Blackburn
No 2 (Army Co-operation) Sqn RAF Manston Sqn Ldr H M Probyn
No 4 (Army Co-operation) Sqn South Farnborough Sqn Ldr S E Toomer
No 13 (Army Co-operation) Sqn RAF Netheravon Sqn Ldr J B Cole-Hamilton
No 16 (Army Co-operation) Sqn RAF Old Sarum Sqn Ldr D O Mulholland
No 26 (Army Co-operation) Sqn RAF Catterick Sqn Ldr R L Stevenson
Coast Defence Co-operation Flt RAF Eastchurch Flt Lt A King-Lewis

No 23 Group (HQ - 'St Vincents', Grantham)

Unit Location Officer Commanding
No 1 Flying Training School RAF Netheravon Gp Capt R J F Barton
No 2 Flying Training School RAF Digby Gp Capt S Smith
No 3 Flying Training School RAF Grantham Gp Capt J B Bowen
No 5 Flying Training School RAF Sealand Gp Capt A D Cunningham
Packing Depot (c) RAF Sealand Sqn Ldr F Tedman
Armament & Gunnery School RAF Eastchurch Wg Cdr G W Murlis-Green
Central Flying School RAF Wittering Gp Capt J E A Baldwin
Station HQ RAF Manston Gp Capt R C M Pink
School of Technical Training (Men) RAF Manston Wg Cdr A Corbett-Wilson
RAF Practice Camp RAF North Coates Fitties Wg Cdr E Osmond
RAF Practice Camp RAF Sutton Bridge Wg Cdr D L Allen
RAF Practice Camp RAF Catfoss Wg Cdr J K Wells

(a) Directly under Director of Personnel Services for technical administration.

(b) Directly under the Director of Training for technical administration.

(c) Directly under Director of Equipment.

(d) Administered as laid down in AMWO 33/1926

(e) Under No 21 Group for administration only

(f) Directly under Director of Equipment for technical administration.

(g) Directly under Director of Medical Services for technical administration.

Source - September 1930 Air Force List

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