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Inland Area - July 1920

No 1 Group

Unit Location Officer Commanding
No 24 Sqn (a) Kenley Sqn Ldr E H Johnston
No 25 Sqn (Cadre) Hawkinge Sqn Ldr Sir Norman R A D Leslie
No 39 Sqn (Cadre) Kenley  
School of Technical Training (Men) Manston Wg Cdr W H Primrose
Armament and Gunnery School (Cadre) Eastchurch Wg Cdr A W Bigsworth
Balloon Stores Depot (Home) Chatham Sqn Ldr F C Williams
Inland Area Aircraft Depot Henlow Wg Cdr A V Bettington
No 1 Stores Depot Kidbrooke Wg Cdr M Spicer
No 3 Stores Depot Steventon Wg Cdr S A Hebden
No 4 Stores Depot Ruislip  
No 6 Stores Depot Ascot Flt Lt D W Wilson
"Q" Stores Depot Feltham Flt Lt T L Stevens
Instrument Design Establishment (Home) (a) Biggin Hill Wg Cdr G P Grenfell
Central Pay Office Woking Gp Capt R D S Stoney
General Services Pay Office Great Newport Street, London WC2 Gp Capt H C Ellis
Imperial War Museum (RAF Section) London Obs Off A J Insall
Wireless Station Kenley  
Wireless Station Kidbrooke  
Wireless Station Milton, Steventon  
Wireless Station Biggin Hill  
Medical Stores Depot Kidbrooke  
Meteorological Section (b) Croydon  

(a) Directly under The Air Ministry for operations.

(b) Directly under The Air Ministry for all purposes.

No 3 Group

Unit Location Officer Commanding
No 207 Sqn (Cadre) Bircham Newton Sqn Ldr A W Tedder
No 2 Flying Training School Duxford Wg Cdr W R Freeman
No 3 Flying Training School Digby Sqn Ldr A T Harris
No 5 Flying Training School (Cadre) Shotwick Sqn Ldr L F Forbes
No 6 Flying Training School (Cadre) Spittlegate Sqn Ldr T V Lister
MT Repair Depot (a) Shrewsbury Wg Cdr G B Hynes
Aeroplane Experimental Establishment (Home) Martlesham Heath  
Wireless Station Bircham Newton  
Wireless Station Spittlegate  
Wireless Station Shotwick  
Care and Maintenance Party Ely  
Care and Maintenance Party Lincoln  

(a) Directly under The Air Ministry for technical administration.

No 7 Wing*

Unit Location Officer Commanding
No 2 (Northern) Aircraft Repair Depot* Coal Aston  
RAF Guard South Carlton  

No 7 Group

Unit Location Officer Commanding
No 4 Sqn South Farnborough Sqn Ldr C H B Blount
Air Pilotage School (Cadre) (a) Andover Sqn Ldr W A McClaughry
School of Balloon Training Rollestone Camp Flt Lt R S Smith
Electrical and Wireless School Flower Down Wg Cdr J B Bowen
Central Flying School Upavon Wg Cdr N D K MacEwen
No 1 Flying Training School Netheravon Wg Cdr P H L Playfair
School of Army Co-operation (including 'C' Flt, No 4 Sqn) Stonehenge and Worthy Down Sqn Ldr H J F Hunter
School of Photography South Farnborough Sqn Ldr P R Burchall
Experimental Section (RAE) South Farnborough Sqn Ldr R M Hill
Record Office Blanford Wg Cdr W F MacNeece
Meteorological Station South Farnborough  
Meteorological Station Andover  
Meteorological Station Rollestone Camp  
Wireless Station Andover  
Wireless Station Flower Down  
Wireless Station Bordon Camp  
No 7 Group Medical HQ Andover  

(a) Control divided between Air Ministry and Area HQ.

Directly Administered by Area HQ

Unit Location Officer Commanding
School of Physical Training and Drill (administered by RAF Depot) Uxbridge Sqn Ldr E G H Clarke
RAF Depot Uxbridge Gp Capt J G Hearson
Central Band (a) Uxbridge Plt Off J H Amers
Air Ministry MT Section (on establishment of No 1 Stores Depot) (b) Ebury Bridge Road, London Flt Lt L F P Bawn
Record Office Detachment Uxbridge  
Wireless Station Uxbridge  
Discharge Centre Uxbridge  
Inland Area Medical HQ Uxbridge  
Central RAF Hospital (c) Finchley Sqn Ldr H E Whittingham
Medical Officers' School of Instruction (d) Hampstead Wg Cdr K W Flack
Officers' Invaliding Board (c) Uxbridge  
Research Laboratory (e) Hampstead Wg Cdr K W Flack
Candidates Medical Board (f) Hampstead Wg Cdr A P Bowdier
Barrack Store Gosport  

(a) Directly under Director of Personnel for technical administration.

(b) Under Director of Equipment for technical administration.

(c) Under The Air Ministry for technical administration.

(d) Under Principal Medical Officer, Inland Area, for all purposes.

(e) Under The Air Ministry for all purposes.

(f) Control divided between Air Ministry and  Principal Medical Officer, Inland Area.

*This unit was in the process of being disbanded, was due to be disbanded or in the process of being amalgamated

Source - July 1920 Air Force List

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