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Supreme HQ Allied Expeditionary Force Personnel, locations and units

Formed on 1 February 1944 at Norfolk House, St James's Square, London SW1 with movements as follows: -

Date Forward HQ Rear HQ
1 Jul 1944 Formed at Portsmouth No 1 APDC, London W1
15 Oct 1944 Hotel Trianon, Versailles, France (ex AEAF Advanced HQ) Redesignated Rear Echelon at Kestrel Grove, Stanmore
25 Nov 1944 Redesignated Air Staff SHAEF Redesignated Air Staff SHAEF (Rear) at Bushey Park, Teddington
1 Apr 1945   Harrow, Middlesex
by 25 Apr 1945 Rheims, France Versailles, France
25 May 1945 I G Farben Industrie Building, Frankfurt  


June 1945

Location Controlled
Air Staff SHAEF - c/o British Liberation Army

Air Staff SHAEF (Rear) - Harrow



Rank Name Date Notes
ACM Sir Arthur W Tedder   Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, GCB; later MRAF
AM Charles R Carr   Deputy Chief of Staff (Air), CB, CBE, DFC, AFC
Personal Appointments
Wg Cdr L G Scarman   Personal Staff Officer to DSAC
Lt Col J Milne   Military Assistant to DSAC
Sqn Ldr P Wintle   Personal Assistant to DSAC
Flt Off J Leake   Secretary to DSAC
Plt Off E Sokolowska   Personal Assistant to DCoS (Air)
Air Staff
A2 Intelligence
A/Cdre Colin McK Grierson   Assistant Chief of Staff A2
A3 Operations
A/Cdre Herbert W Mermagen   Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff A3, CBE, DFC
Gp Capt T P Cleave   Air Plans, CBE
A4 Administration
A/Cdre Geoffrey L Worthington   Assistant Chief of Staff A4; later AVM
Gp Capt J H Hill   Administrative Plans
Signals Division
A/Cdre Raymond G Hart   Chief of Air Signals Office, CBE, MC; later AM
Brig-Gen J H Cameron-Webb   Chief Air Formation Signals Officer, USAAF

Source - December 1945 Confidential Air Force List

It disbanded on 15 July 1945.

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