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Squadron Commanding Officers, Nos 1 - 20 Squadrons

[1 Sqn | 2 Sqn | 3 Sqn | IV Sqn | 5 Sqn | 6 Sqn | 7 Sqn | 8 Sqn | 9 Sqn | 10 Sqn | XI Sqn | 12 Sqn | XIII Sqn | 14 Sqn | XV Sqn | 16 Sqn | 17 Sqn | 18 Sqn | 19 Sqn | 20 Sqn]

Up to 1939 the dates shown are those of the officer's appointment to the squadron but there may have been a handover period before he formally assumed command.

No 1 Squadron

13 May 1912

Maj Edward M Maitland; later A/Cdre

 1 May 1914

Maj Charles A H Longcroft; later AVM

xx Aug 1914

Capt Felton V Holt; later AVM [Temp CO]

28 Jan 1915

Maj W Geoffrey H Salmond; later ACM

19 Aug 1915

Maj Phillip B Joubert de la Ferte; later ACM

24 Nov 1915

Maj G F Pretyman DSO

24 Dec 1916

Maj G C St P de Dombasle

20 Jun 1917

Maj A B Adams

 3 Aug 1918

Maj W E Young DFC

xx Feb 1919

Capt C S T Lavers

21 Jan 1920

Sqn Ldr John O Andrews DSO, MC & Bar; later AVM,

18 Sep 1920

Sqn Ldr J B Graham, MC, AFC

10 Nov 1922

Sqn Ldr G G A Williams

8 Oct 1923

Sqn Ldr E O Grenfell, MC, DFC, AFC

25 May 1924

Sqn Ldr E D Atkinson, DFC, AFC

19 Apr 1926

Sqn Ldr C N Lowe

21 Mar 1927

Flt Lt F L Luxmore DFC

11 Apr 1927

Sqn Ldr E D Atkinson, MC, DFC, AFC

5 Jan 1928

Flt Lt F L Luxmore DFC

3 Feb 1928

Flt Lt Stanley F Vincent AFC; later AVM

19 Mar 1928

Sqn Ldr E O Grenfell, MC, DFC, AFC

27 Jul 1931

Sqn Ldr Charles B S Spackman DFC*; later AVM

12 Nov 1933

Sqn Ldr Roy W Chappell MC; later A/Cdre

1 Oct 1934

Sqn Ldr C W Hill

22 Sep 1935

Flt Lt Theodore N McEvoy; later ACM

2 Oct 1936

Sqn Ldr C W Hill

12 Apr 1937

Sqn Ldr Francis R D Swain AFC; later A/Cdre

15 Jan 1938

Sqn Ldr I A Bertram

17 Apr 1939

Sqn Ldr  P J H Halahan, DFC

24 May 1940

Sqn Ldr D A Pemberton, DFC

10 Nov 1940

Sqn Ldr M H Brown, DFC

23 Apr 1941

Sqn Ldr R E P Brooker, DFC

3 Nov 1941

Sqn Ldr J A F MacLachlan, DSO, DFC & Bar

31 Jul 1942

Sqn Ldr R C Wilkinson, OBE, DFM & Bar

30 May 1943

Sqn Ldr A Zweigbergh

3 Apr 1944

Sqn Ldr J Checketts, DSO, DFC

29 Apr 1944

Sqn Ldr H P Lardner-Burke, DFC & Bar

11 Jan 1945

Sqn Ldr D G S R Cox, DFC & Bar

21 Apr 1945

Sqn Ldr R S Nash, DFC

9 Jan 1946

Sqn Ldr H R Allen, DFC

26 Oct 1946

Sqn Ldr C H MacFie, DFC

7 May 1947

Flt Lt N H D Ramsey (acting)

15 Jul 1947

Sqn Ldr T R Burne, DSO, DFC

4 Feb 1949

Major R Olds USAF

1 Oct 1949

Sqn Ldr T R Burne, DSO, DFC

10 Jan 1950

Major D F Smith USAF

18 Aug 1950

Sqn Ldr John L W Ellacombe DFC*; later A/Cdre

21 Nov 1952

Sqn Ldr R B Morison, DFC

27 Jul 1953

Sqn Ldr D I Smith

1 Dec 1953

Sqn Ldr F W Lister, DSO, DFC

1 Jun 1955

Flt Lt H Irving (acting)

8 Aug 1956

Sqn Ldr R S Kingsford

5 Jul 1958

Sqn Ldr L de Garis, AFC

1 Dec 1958

Sqn Ldr J J Phipps

1 Jan 1961

Sqn Ldr P V Pledger

1 Jan 1963

Sqn Ldr F L Travers-Smith

28 Dec 1964

Sqn Ldr David C G Brook; later AVM

1 Nov 1966

Sqn Ldr G Jones

20 Sep 1968

Sqn Ldr L A B Baker

10 Apr 1969

Wg Cdr J A Mansell

21 May 1969

Sqn Ldr L A B Baker

4 Aug 1969

Wg Cdr Dennis Allison; later A/Cdre

xx Oct 1969

Sqn Ldr L A B Baker

1 Jan 1970

Wg Cdr Kenneth W Hayr AFC; later AM

6 Jan 1972

Wg Cdr E J E Smith, OBE

3 Dec 1973

Wg Cdr Peter P W Taylor AFC; later A/Cdre

9 Jul 1976

Wg Cdr J G Saye

17 Jul 1978

Wg Cdr Richard B Duckett AFC; later A/Cdre

26 Mar 1981

Wg Cdr Peter T Squire DFC, AFC; later ACM

23 Dec 1983

Wg Cdr John D L Feesey AFC, later AVM

13 Jun 1986

Wg Cdr Ian M Stewart; later AVM

3 Oct 1988

Wg Cdr I R Harvey MBE, BSc

17 May 1991

Wg Cdr C C N Burwell, MBE

29 Apr 1994

Wg Cdr David Walker, AFC, BSc; later AM

18 Mar 1996

Wg Cdr Mark A Leakey BSc; later A/Cdre

26 Nov 1997

Sqn Ldr I Cameron (acting)

9 Jan 1998

Wg Cdr A Golledge, DSO, BSc

26 Oct 1999

Wg Cdr Sean M Bell, BSc; later AVM

1 Nov 2006

Wg Cdr K A Lewis, DFC

31 Oct 2008

Wg Cdr D F Haines, MA MBA

15 Sep 2012

Wg Cdr M Flewin

9 Oct 2014

Wg Cdr M Sutton

xx xxx 2016

Wg Cdr C Hoyle

No 2 Squadron

13 May 1912

Maj C J Burke

xx Aug 1914

Maj Charles A H Longcroft; later AVM

10 Nov 1914

Maj C W P Dawes

 8 Mar 1915

Maj Tom I Webb-Bowen; later AVM

 2 Jun 1915

Maj John H W Becke; later Brig-Gen

 3 Nov 1915

Maj Cyril F de S Murphy; later Brig-Gen

xx Jul 1916

Maj William F MacNeece; later AVM Sir William MacN Foster

xx xxx 1916

Maj J R Gould

 9 Apr 1916

Maj R A Cooper

16 Aug 1917

Maj W R Snow

28 Aug 1918

Maj P G Ross Hume

12 Nov 1919

Sqn Ldr B F More

20 Jan 1920


18 May 1920

Sqn Ldr F W Stent

16 Aug 1920

Sqn Ldr A J Butler MC

15 May 1922

Sqn Ldr L F Forbes

2 Mar 1925

Sqn Ldr Richard E Saul; later AVM

9 Jan 1927

Sqn Ldr William Sowrey DFC, MC; later A/Cdre

1 Apr 1928

Sqn Ldr Harold M Probyn; later A/Cdre

29 Sep 1930

Sqn Ldr Sydney E Toomer DFC; later AVM

12 Jan 1933

Sqn Ldr Philip F Fullard DSO, MC, AFC; later A/Cdre

1 Dec 1933

Sqn Ldr J H Green

20 Jul 1935

Sqn Ldr Noel L Desoer; later  AVM

21 Apr 1938

Sqn Ldr William A Opie; later AVM

29 Apr 1939

Sqn Ldr Andrew J W Geddes; later A/Cdre (Wg Cdr from 1 Mar 1940)

xx Oct 1941

Sqn Ldr D I C Eyres

24 Dec 1941

Wg Cdr P J A Riddell

8 Feb 1943

Wg Cdr P W Stansfeld

29 Jun 1943

Sqn Ldr B O C Egan-Wyer

25 Aug 1943

Sqn Ldr M J Gray DFC

7 Sep 1944

Sqn Ldr C A Maitland DFC

25 Mar 1945

Sqn Ldr R J F Mitchell DFC

24 Apr 1946

Sqn Ldr D W Barlow DFC

15 Dec 1946

Sqn Ldr G Collinson

28 Oct 1948

Sqn Ldr W A Newenham DFC

6 Feb 1950

Sqn Ldr L H Bartlett DSO

1 Nov 1950

Sqn Ldr R M Pugh AFC

29 May 1953

Sqn Ldr Robert H G Weighill DFC; later A/Cdre

31 Aug 1955

Flt Lt M C Newman

15 Nov 1955

Sqn Ldr R S Mortley AFC

12 May 1958

Sqn Ldr C A Wade

16 Sep 1960

Sqn Ldr C S MacDonald

15 Feb 1962

Sqn Ldr David L F Thornton; later A/Cdre

13 Dec 1964

Sqn Ldr N J R Walpole

16 Jun 1967

Sqn Ldr T Barrett

11 Nov 1969

Sqn Ldr R J M David

7 Dec 1971

Wg Cdr B A Stead

2 Dec 1972

Wg Cdr D H Warren

8 May 1975

Wg Cdr D C Ferguson

1 Apr 1976

Wg Cdr Ronald A F Wilson; later ACM

6 Jan 1978

Wg Cdr R Fowler AFC

4 May 1980

Wg Cdr Timothy G Thorn AFC; later A/Cdre

18 Jan 1983

Wg Cdr F J Hoare AFC

31 May 1985

Wg Cdr Graham E Stirrup; later MRAF

13 Mar 1987

Wg Cdr Philip O Sturley; later AM

1 Jan 1989

Wg Cdr A Threadgould

1 Jul 1991

Wg Cdr B C Holding

21 Jul 1993

Wg Cdr R J Hounslow

6 Dec 1993

Wg Cdr Christopher M Nickols; later

26 Apr 1996

Wg Cdr Richard F Garwood DFC; later AM

27 Nov 1998

Wg Cdr Steve J Hillier DFC; later AM

15 Sep 2000

Wg Cdr R M Poole

2 May 2003

Wg Cdr S Cockram

25 Sep 2005

Wg Cdr Andrew C Hine; later A/Cdre

19 May 2008

Wg Cdr J Turner DFC

xx Jan 2011

Wg Cdr N A Tucker-Lowe DSO

xx Jan 2013

Wg Cdr J D Holmes MA

xx xxx 2015

Wg Cdr R Elliot

xx xxx 2017

Wg Cdr J Lee

xx xxx xxxx

Wg Cdr E Rickards

No 3 Squadron

20 May 1912

Maj H Robert M Brooke-Popham; later ACM

12 Aug 1914

Maj John M Salmond DSO; later MRAF

xx May 1915

Maj D S Lewis DSO

 1 Nov 1915

Maj Edgar R Ludlow-Hewitt DSO, MC; later ACM

xx Mar 1916

Maj H D Harvey-Kelly DSO

23 Sep 1916

Maj D E Stodart

28 Apr 1917

Maj E D Horsfall MC

xx Sep 1917

Maj J A G de C Courcy MC

17 Sep 1917

Maj R Raymond-Barker MC (KIA 20 Apr 1918)

xx Apr 1918

Maj R St C McClintock MC

xx Feb 1919


28 Apr 1920

Sqn Ldr G G A Williams

 1 Oct 1921

Sqn Ldr David G Donald; later AM

xx Feb 1923

Sqn Ldr C C Miles

23 Apr 1924

Sqn Ldr John C Russell DSO; later A/Cdre

23 Apr 1926

Sqn Ldr James M Robb DFC; later ACM

15 Sep 1927

Sqn Ldr Eric D Johnson AFC; later A/Cdre

 6 Aug 1930

Sqn Ldr Cecil A Stevens MC; later AVM

 9 Mar 1934

Sqn Ldr G Martyn

30 Mar 1936

Sqn Ldr H L P Lester

28 Jul 1938

Sqn Ldr Hubert H Chapman; later AVM

19 Nov 1939

Sqn Ldr P Gifford DFC

16 May 1940

Sqn Ldr W M Churchill DSO DFC*

16 Jun 1940

Sqn Ldr S F Godden

23 Sep 1940

Sqn Ldr G F Chater DFC

12 Nov 1940

Sqn Ldr A W Cole

xx Jan 1941

Sqn Ldr R E Barnett MBE

27 Jan 1941

Sqn Ldr E P P Gibbs

 3 May 1941

Sqn Ldr R F Aitken

xx Apr 1942

Sqn Ldr A E Berry DFC

xx Aug 1942

Sqn Ldr L F De Soomer

xx Aug 1943

Sqn Ldr S R Thomas DFC AFC

xx Sep 1943

Sqn Ldr R Hawkins MC DFC

xx Oct 1943

Sqn Ldr A C Dredge DFC AFC

xx Aug 1944

Sqn Ldr K A Wigglesworth DFC

xx Sep 1944

Sqn Ldr H N Sweetman DFC

26 Dec 1944

Sqn Ldr K F Thiele DSO DFC** (shot down and captured 27 Feb 1945)

27 Feb 1945

Sqn Ldr R B Cole DFC*

xx May 1947

Sqn Ldr C H Macfie DFC

xx Nov 1949

Sqn Ldr D R Griffiths DFC

xx Jun 1952

Sqn Ldr W J S Sutherland

xx Dec 1953

Sqn Ldr David C H Simmons CBE, AFC; later A/Cdre

xx Dec 1954

Sqn Ldr T H Hutchinson

xx 15 Jun 1957

Sqn Disbanded

xx Jan 1959

Wg Cdr D W B Farrar DFC AFC

xx May 1960

Wg Cdr A F Peers DFC

xx Jan 1961

Wg Cdr D G Walker AFC

xx Jan 1961

Wg Cdr D F C Ross DFC

xx Jul 1963

Wg Cdr J L Field CBE

xx Jul 1965

Wg Cdr L E H Scotchmer OBE

xx May 1967

Wg Cdr R Hollingworth

xx Dec 1969

Wg Cdr M R T Chandler

xx Sep 1970

Wg Cdr H D Seymour

xx Jan 1972

Wg Cdr P H Champniss AFC

xx Jun 1972

Sqn Ldr J D Rust

xx Aug 1972

Wg Cdr Graham C Williams AFC; later AVM

17 Jan 1975

Wg Cdr Richard E Johns LVO; later ACM

19 Oct 1977

Wg Cdr George R Profit AFC, OBE; later A/Cdre

xx Mar 1980

Wg Cdr R E Holliday

xx Jun 1983

Wg Cdr John H Thompson; later AM

xx Apr 1986

Wg Cdr B S Morris OBE AFC

xx Dec 1988

Wg Cdr P L Moules

xx Jan 1991

Wg Cdr R M Thomas AFC OBE

xx Aug 1993

Wg Cdr Clive R Loader OBE; later ACM

xx Dec 1995

Wg Cdr Andre F P Dezonie OBE; later A/Cdre

xx Jun 1998

Wg Cdr Ashley D Stevenson OBE; later A/Cdre

xx Dec 2000

Wg Cdr Stuart D Atha; later AVM

xx Jun 2003

Wg Cdr Bruce H Hedley MBE; later A/Cdre

xx Mar 2006

Wg Cdr L Bennett,

xx Apr 2008

Wg Cdr J D Milne, DFC

xx Sep 2010

Wg Cdr R P G Patounas

xx Oct 2012

Wg Cdr I J Townsend

xx Oct 2014

 Wg Cdr C Moon    

xx xxx xxxx

 Wg Cdr L Cunningham

No IV Squadron

16 Sep 1912

Maj G M Raleigh

20 Jan 1915

Maj H R P Reynolds

29 Jan 1915

Maj Charles A H Longcroft; later AVM

21 Jul 1915

Maj F F Waldron

29 Sep 1915

Maj G E Todd

17 Feb 1916

Maj V A Barrington-Kennett

13 Mar 1916

Maj T W C Carthew DSO

20 Sep 1916

Maj L Jenkins DSO MC

 2 Dec 1917

Maj Richard E Saul; later AVM

 6 Jan 1919

Maj H B Prior

20 Feb 1919


30 Mar 1920

Sqn Ldr Charles H B Blount; later AVM

4 Apr 1925

Sqn Ldr John C Slessor; later MRAF

15 Oct 1928

Sqn Ldr Norman H Bottomley; later ACM

6 Jan 1930

Sqn Ldr Charles E H Medhurst; later ACM

29 Dec 1930

Sqn Ldr Sturley P Simpson; later AVM

4 Oct 1933

Sqn Ldr Ferdinand M F West VC; later A/Cdre

30 Aug 1935

Flt Lt/Sqn Ldr H A L Pattison (Sqn Ldr from 1 Dec 1935)

16 Jan 1936

Sqn Ldr Edgar J Kingston-McClaughry; later AVM (sick from 26 Nov 1936)

26 Nov 1936

Flt Lt M C W Flint (Temporary)

10 May 1937

Sqn Ldr G H Loughman

15 Jan 1938

Sqn Ldr I O'B MacGregor (admitted to hospital 1 Jun 1939)

1 Jun 1939

Flt A A N Malan (Temporary)

6 Aug 1939

Sqn Ldr/Wg Cdr G P Charles

7 Sep 1940

Sqn Ldr Peter L Donkin; later A/Cdre

11 Sep 1940

Wg Cdr G P Charles

29 Oct 1940

Sqn Ldr J F Maffett

9 Dec 1940

Wg Cdr P H R Saunders

17 Feb 1941

Wg Cdr G P Charles

1 Jun 1941

Wg Cdr P H R Saunders

29 Oct 1942

Wg Cdr G E Macdonald

15 Mar 1943

Sqn Ldr R H D Rigall

17 Dec 1943

Flt Lt A S Baker

27 Dec 1943

Sqn Ldr R J Hardiman

15 May 1944

Sqn Ldr W Shepherd

21 May 1945

Sqn Ldr C D Harris-St John

20 Sep 1945

Wg Cdr M P C Corkery

15 May 1946

Wg Cdr R L Jones

15 Nov 1947

Sqn Ldr B Everton-Jones

14 Sep 1949

Sqn Ldr C P N Newman

9 Mar 1951

Sqn Ldr Peter G K Williamson; later AVM

7 Aug 1953

Sqn Ldr P W Gilpin

5 Dec 1955

Sqn Ldr J R Chapman

2 Sep 1957

Sqn Ldr T J McElhaw

xx Feb 1959

Sqn Ldr Reginald J Spiers; later A/Cdre

30 Dec 1960

Sqn Ldr R J T Buchanan

7 Nov 1961

Sqn Ldr R J Bannard

xx Dec 1963

Sqn Ldr W J Milner

xx Nov 1964

Sqn Ldr E J E Smith

7 Jun 1967

Sqn Ldr A J Hopkins

1 Sep 1969 Sqn Ldr Roger M Austin; later AM

1 Jun 1970

Wg Cdr I K McKee

28 Aug 1972

Wg Cdr L A B Baker

28 Oct 1974

Wg Cdr P D J Melaniphy

17 Mar 1977

Wg Cdr A J Chaplin

11 May 1979

Wg Cdr I C H Dick

27 Nov 1981

Wg Cdr K G Holland

29 Jun 1982

Sqn Ldr P R Webb

31 Aug 1982

Wg Cdr Anthony J M McKeon; later A/Cdre

24 May 1985

Wg Cdr Peter V Harris; later AVM

20 Nov 1987

Wg Cdr R W Gault

11 May 1990

Wg Cdr Malcolm G F White; later A/Cdre

16 Dec 1991

Wg Cdr D A Haward

8 Apr 1994

Wg Cdr Christopher H Moran; later ACM

25 May 1996

Wg Cdr Andrew S Kirkpatrick; later A/Cdre

26 Nov 1998

Wg Cdr Kenneth B McCann; later A/Cdre

9 Apr 2001

Wg Cdr A J Q Suddards

21 Oct 2003

Wg Cdr A Offer

17 Mar 2006

Wg Cdr Ian W Duguid; later A/Cdre

1 Sep 2008

Wg Cdr H Smyth

1 Apr 2010

Wg Cdr L S Taylor

xx Jun 2010

Wg Cdr S P Jessett

xx xxx xxxx

Wg Cdr Kevin Marsh

xx xxx 2013

Wg Cdr Dan Beard

No 5 Squadron

26 Jul 1913

Maj John F A Higgins DSO; later AM

18 Nov 1914

Maj Archibald C H MacLean; later Brig-Gen

19 Apr 1915

Maj Andrew G Board; later A/Cdre

22 Dec 1915

Maj John G Hearson; later A/Cdre

 6 May 1916

Maj R M Vaughan

16 Jul 1916

Maj F J L Cogan

26 Jan 1917

Maj G L P Henderson

14 Feb 1917

Maj R E Lewis

16 May 1917

Maj E J Tyson DSO MC

11 Mar 1918

Maj C H Gardner

 4 Nov 1918

Maj G Knight MC

 2 Mar 1919

Maj Donald F Stevenson; later AVM

27 Nov 1919

Sqn Ldr Paul C Maltby; later AVM

23 Nov 1923

Sqn Ldr Arthur J Capel, DSO, DFC; later AVM

20 Oct 1928

Sqn Ldr O C Bryson

5 Oct 1931

Sqn Ldr W K Mercer

12 Dec 1932

Sqn Ldr Aubrey B Ellwood, DSC, later AM

15 Nov 1933

Sqn Ldr Cyril N Ellen, DFC; later A/Cdre

xx Jul 1935

Sqn Ldr Philip F Fullard, DSO, MC, AFC; later A/Cdre

25 Feb 1936

Sqn Ldr H R M Reid

22 Mar 1937

Sqn Ldr Leslie W Cannon; later AVM

9 Dec 1937

Sqn Ldr Harold J G E Proud; later A/Cdre

xx Nov 1938

Sqn Ldr W T H Nichols

xx Jan 1940

Sqn Ldr N F Simpson

xx Aug 1940

Sqn Ldr E T T Nelson

xx Nov 1940

Sqn Ldr A J Young

xx Feb 1941

Sqn Ldr J R Maling

xx Mar 1942

Sqn Ldr John H Giles; later A/Cdre

xx May 1942

Sqn Ldr William Pitt-Brown; later A/Cdre

xx Oct 1942

Sqn Ldr P Bond

xx Mar 1943

Sqn Ldr G J C Hogan

xx Jun 1944

Sqn Ldr J M Cranstone DFC

xx Oct 1945

Sqn Ldr L H Dawes DFC

xx Jun 1946

Sqn Ldr F Rothwell DFC

xx Feb 1949

Sqn Ldr D H Farmer DFC AFC

xx Oct 1950

Sqn Ldr Wilson DFC

xx Jan 1951

Flt Lt M W Huggins DFC

xx Apr 1952

Sqn Ldr E V Daw

xx Apr 1953

Sqn Ldr Cyril S J West; later Act A/Cdre

xx Jan 1954

Sqn Ldr P V Ayerst DFC

xx Feb 1956

Sqn Ldr Fargher DFC

xx Feb 1959

Wg Cdr Maxwell Scannell DFC, AFC; later A/Cdre

xx May 1960

Wg Cdr F W Sledmere AFC

xx Jul 1962

Wg Cdr Michael J E Swiney; later A/Cdre

xx Nov 1962

Wg Cdr C R Gordon MVO

xx Oct 1965

Sqn Ldr L J Hargreaves

xx Jan 1967

Wg Cdr J H A Winship

xx Mar 1969

Wg Cdr K J Bailey

xx Nov 1969

Wg Cdr George P Black; later AVM

xx Jul 1970

Wg Cdr George A White; later AVM

xx Aug 1972

Wg Cdr J D Hutchinson

xx Sep 1974

Wg Cdr B J St Aubyn

xx Dec 1976

Wg Cdr D R Kuun

xx Nov 1977

Wg Cdr Peter G Naz; later A/Cdre

xx Mar 1978

Wg Cdr Robert D Lightfoot AFC; later A/Cdre

xx Mar 1980

Wg Cdr T L Adcock

xx Jul 1982

Wg Cdr M J Streten

xx Apr 1985

Wg Cdr D A Williams AFC

xx Dec 1987

Wg Cdr Euen J Black; later A/Cdre

xx Oct 1990

Wg Cdr A J Lockwood

xx Apr 1993

Wg Cdr P A Blackford

xx Dec 1995

Wg Cdr P D Spencer

xx Jul 1998

Wg Cdr A S Barmby

xx Jan 2001

Wg Cdr G T Bremer

xx Apr 2004

Wg Cdr W R Hughes

xx Jun 2007

Wg Cdr M H M Kemsley MBE

xx Jul 2009

Wg Cdr R P Barrow

xx Jun 2011

Wg Cdr A P Marshall

No 6 Squadron

31 Jan 1914

Maj J H W Becke

 2 Mar 1915

Capt G E Todd

 6 Mar 1915

Maj G S Shephard DSO MC LdH

 9 Dec 1915

Maj R P Mills MC

 7 Sep 1916

Maj A S Barratt MC

18 Jun 1917

Maj A W H James MC

 9 Jul 1918

Maj George C Pirie MC; later ACM

 18 Sep 1919

Flt Lt George C Pirie MC; later ACM

13 Feb 1920

Sqn Ldr William Sowrey; later A/Cdre

28 May 1920

Sqn Ldr Edward A B Rice MC; later AVM

21 Apr 1922

Sqn Ldr Edye R Manning DSO, MC; later A/Cdre

23 Nov 1923

Sqn Ldr D S K Crosbie, OBE

13 Nov 1925

Sqn Ldr Donald F Stevenson, DSO, MC; later AVM

24 Nov 1926

Sqn Ldr C N Lowe, MC, DFC

10 Jan 1928

Sqn Ldr C H Keith

21 Feb 1930

Sqn Ldr Claude R Cox, AFC; later A/Cdre

2 Jan 1931

Sqn Ldr John P Coleman AFC; later A/Cdre

10 Jan 1934

Sqn Ldr Herbert M Massey DSO, MC; later A/Cdre

19 Jan 1937

Sqn Ldr E R C Hodson

13 Apr 1938

Sqn Ldr Alfred G Adnams later A/Cdre

 6 Jul 1938

Sqn Ldr Noel C Singer; later A/Cdre

xx Feb 1940

Sqn Ldr W N McKechnie, EGM

xx Sep 1940

Sqn Ldr E R Weld

xx Apr 1941

Sqn Ldr P Legge

xx Feb 1942

W/Cdr R C Porteous, DSO

xx Jan 1943

Sqn Ldr D Weston-Burt, DSO

xx May 1943

W/Cdr A E Morrison-Bell, DFC

xx May 1944

Sqn Ldr J H Brown, DSO, DFC

xx Aug 1944

Sqn Ldr R H Langdon-Davies, DFC

xx Nov 1944

Sqn Ldr R Slade-Betts, DFC

xx Aug 1946

Sqn Ldr C E Mould

xx Dec 1946

Sqn Ldr C K Gray, DFC

xx Nov 1947

Sqn Ldr Denis Crowley-Milling DSO, DFC*; later AM

xx Jul 1950

Sqn Ldr Patrick A Kennedy DSO, DFC, AFC; later A/Cdre

xx Nov 1952

Sqn Ldr E J Roberts

xx Oct 1954

Sqn Ldr P C Ellis, DFC

xx Nov 1956

Sqn Ldr G P Elliott

xx Jul 1957

Sqn Ldr L E H Scotchmer

xx Feb 1960

Sqn Ldr J N B Boyd AFC

xx Sep 1962

Sqn Ldr C F Pickard

xx Jan 1965

Sqn Ldr P J Anstee

xx Dec 1966

Sqn Ldr J R Whittam

xx May 1969

W/Cdr David Harcourt-Smith DFC; later ACM

xx Aug 1970

W/Cdr John E Nevill; later A/Cdre

xx Dec 1972

W/Cdr B W Lavender

xx Jun 1974

W/Cdr R J Quarterman

xx Jul 1975

Wg Cdr N R Hayward

xx Dec 1977

Wg Cdr G B Robertson

xx Mar 1980

Wg Cdr M N Evans

xx Aug 1982

Wg Cdr D W Bramley

xx Dec 1984

Wg Cdr N A Buckland

xx Jun 1987

Wg Cdr I Reilly

xx Dec 1989

Wg Cdr Jerome Connolly AFC; later AVM

xx Feb 1992

Wg Cdr Andrew D Sweetman; later A/Cdre

xx Jul 1994

Wg Cdr Iain A Milne; later A/Cdre

xx Dec 1996

Wg Cdr M J Roche

xx Jul 1999

Wg Cdr Robert W Judson; later AVM

xx Jul 2002

Wg Cdr M J Sears, MBE

xx Jul 2004

Wg Cdr W A Cruickshank

xx Apr 2006

Wg Cdr J M Sullivan

xx Sep 2010

Wg Cdr R Dennis

xx Oct 2012

Wg Cdr M R Baulkwill

xx Aug 2014

Wg Cdr J R E Walls

xx xxx 2016

Wg Cdr W Cooper

xx xxx 2019

Wg Cdr M D'Aubyn

No 7 Squadron

 1 May 1914

Maj John M Salmond DSO; later MRAF

 8 Aug 1914


28 Sep 1914

Capt Andrew G Board; later A/Cdre

24 Mar 1915

Maj Cuthbert G Hoare; later Brig-Gen

 7 Nov 1915

Maj F L J Cogan

16 Jul 1916

Maj R M Vaughan

23 Sep 1916

Maj A T Whitelock

18 Oct 1916

Maj Bertine E Sutton DSO, MC; later AM

 5 Jan 1919

Maj Richard E Saul; later AVM

31 Dec 1919


 1 Jun 1923

Flt Lt D A Stewart MC, DFC, AFC

 5 Jul 1923

Sqn Ldr C H Hayward

20 Oct 1924

Sqn Ldr Eustace O Grenfell MC, DFC

19 Nov 1925

Sqn Ldr John S T Bradley; later AM

 1 May 1926

Wg Cdr Charles H B Blount OBE, MC; later AVM

11 Mar 1927

Wg Cdr Charles F A Portal DSO, MC; later MRAF

30 Nov 1928

Wg Cdr Edye R Manning DSO, MC; later A/Cdre

 2 Nov 1929

Sqn Ldr C E H C MacPherson

 6 Jan 1930

Wg Cdr Conway W H Pulford OBE, AFC; later AVM

 7 Apr 1931

Sqn Ldr Lionel G S Payne MC, AFC; later A/Cdre

26 May 1931

Wg Cdr Arthur L Gregory MBE, MC; later A/Cdre

 2 Oct 1933

Wg Cdr Arthur A B Thomson  MC, AFC; later A/Cdre

13 Feb 1934

Sqn Ldr C E W Foster

 2 Apr 1934

Wg Cdr Alexander Gray MC, later AVM

18 Dec 1935

Wg Cdr F O Soden DFC

 4 Jan 1938

Wg Cdr William E Theak later AVM

 2 Jan 1939

Sqn Ldr J N Jaques (Temporary)

29 Mar 1939

Wg Cdr L G Nixon

28 Nov 1939

Wg Cdr A E Paish

 4 Apr 1940

Absorbed into No 16 OTU

 6 May 1940

Sqn Ldr J G Llewelyn

 3 Aug 1940

Wg Cdr P I Harris DFC

14 Mar 1941

Wg Cdr Henry R Graham DSO, DFC; later AVM

31 Mar 1942

Wg Cdr D J H Lay

10 Apr 1942

Wg Cdr B D Sellick DFC

 2 Oct 1942

Wg Cdr O R Donaldson DSO, DFC

 3 May 1943

Wg Cdr H H Burnell

20 Sep 1943

Gp Capt K R Rampling DSO, DFC

25 Mar 1944

Wg Cdr W G Lockhart DSO, DFC

28 Apr 1944

Wg Cdr J F Barron DSO, DFC, DFM

20 May 1944

Wg Cdr R W Cox DFC, AFC

 9 Oct 1944

Wg Cdr D M Walburn DSO

 1 Jan 1945

Wg Cdr D A Cracknell DSO, DFC

 5 Jun 1945

Wg Cdr K H Burns DSO, DFC

21 Jan 1946

Wg Cdr R A Milward DFC

xx May 1946

Wg Cdr C N Fleming DFC

xx Mar 1947

Sqn Ldr S Chester

 7 Jul 1947

Sqn Ldr T G Hynes

16 May 1949

Sqn Ldr S C Ladyman

 7 Apr 1952

Sqn Ldr P G Tilbrook

 3 May 1953

Sqn Ldr David C Saunders; later A/Cdre

 4 Jun 1955

Sqn Ldr R L S Coulson

 8 Oct 1956

Wg Cdr  Alan H C Boxer DSO, DFC; later AVM

17 Oct 1957

Wg Cdr Christopher D North-Lewis DSO, DFC*; later A/Cdre

17 Nov 1958

Wg Cdr B P Mugford

21 Oct 1960

Wg Cdr B I Partridge

 4 May 1961

Wg Cdr J Wilson MBE

 1 May 1970

Sqn Ldr Roy H Crompton; later A/Cdre

 4 Oct 1971

Wg Cdr D Ball

 5 Nov 1973

Wg Cdr A E Radnor

  The listing beyond this point is still being researched

No 8 Squadron

 1 Jan 1915

Maj Lionel E O Charlton DSO; later A/Cdre

24 Aug 1915

Maj Archibald C H MacLean; later Brig-Gen

12 Jan 1916

Maj Patrick H L Playfair MC; later AM

24 Aug 1916

Maj Ernest L Gossage MC; later AM

27 Nov 1917

Maj Trafford L Leigh-Mallory DSO; later ACM

xx Nov 1918

Capt Sydney E Toomer; later AVM

22 Jan 1920


18 Oct 1920

Sqn Ldr D L Allen AFC

24 Feb 1922

Sqn Ldr G H Bowman DSO, MC, DFC

5 Feb 1924

Sqn Ldr F Sowrey DSO, MC, AFC

27 Oct 1924

Sqn Ldr Wilfred A McClaughry DSO, MC, DFC; later AVM

1 Feb 1928

Sqn Ldr G H Bowman DSO, MC, DFC

1 Feb 1929

Sqn Ldr Hon Ralph A Cochrane AFC; later ACM

14 Nov 1929

Sqn Ldr John L Vachell MC; later A/Cdre

2 Jan 1931

Sqn Ldr Ralph S Sorley DSC; later AM

13 Jan 1933

Sqn Ldr Herbert B Russell AFC; later AVM

9 Feb 1935

Sqn Ldr Hugh S P Walmsley MC, DFC; later ACM

11 Mar 1937

Sqn Ldr J F T Barrett DSO, DFC

20 Jan 1939

Sqn Ldr Ronald L Phillips; later A/Cdre

20 Sep 1939

Sqn Ldr D S Bradford

6 Aug 1941

Wg Cdr Alick Foord-Kelcey; later AVM

11 Oct 1941

Wg Cdr Thomas J Hanlon; later AVM

20 Nov 1941

Wg Cdr R H Humphries

10 Aug 1942

Wg Cdr D W Reid DFC

13 Jul 1944

Wg Cdr M G L Foster AFC

12 May 1945

Wg Cdr J M Milburn

6 Sep 1946

Wg Cdr P E St E O'Brien DFC

10 Feb 1947

Sqn Ldr F W M Jensen DFC, AFC

11 Apr 1949

Sqn Ldr Alasdair McK S Steedman, DFC; later ACM

20 Oct 1950

Sqn Ldr C R A Forsyth DSO

1 Feb 1952

Sqn Ldr J W Stephens DFC

1 May 1952

Sqn Ldr D B Bretherton DFC

3 Mar 1954

Sqn Ldr A J Houston

7 Mar 1956

Sqn Ldr H D Johnson DFC

1 Sep 1956

Sqn Ldr C I Blyth DFC, AFC

xx Dec 1957

Sqn Ldr G P Elliott

xx Mar 1959

Sqn Ldr R Knight

17 Mar 1961

Sqn Ldr Laurence A Jones later AM

11 Apr 1963

Sqn Ldr T S Syme DFC

1 Jun 1965

Sqn Ldr D P J Melaniphy

20 May 1967

Sqn Ldr F A Trowern AFC

26 Oct 1968

Sqn Ldr J McVie

21 Oct 1970

Sqn Ldr W I C Stoker

1 Jan 1971

Wg Cdr G J E Moores

21 Dec 1973

Wg Cdr J D Drysdale

9 Apr 1976

Wg Cdr G J Carter

1 Apr 1978

Wg Cdr P F J Burton AFC

7 Jun 1980

Wg Cdr W A Newman

24 May 1982

Wg Cdr D H A Greenway OBE

15 Jun 1984

Wg Cdr M C Cooper

21 Nov 1986

Wg Cdr D C Henken

26 May 1989

Wg Cdr S J Roncoroni

1 May 1990

Wg Cdr C J Booth

1 Jul 1991

Wg Cdr R G Thompson

16 Jun 1993

Wg Cdr J A Hall

1 Feb 1996

Wg Cdr T Almond

13 Nov 1998

Wg Cdr G W MacInnes

16 Jun 2001

Wg Cdr D H Johnstone

 7 Nov 2003

Wg Cdr M A Jeffery

21 Dec 2004

Sqn Ldr R P Mepham

16 May 2005

Wg Cdr E A C Elliot

14 Jan 2008

Wg Cdr A T Martin

30 May 2010

Wg Cdr P Moss

3 Oct 2012

Wg Cdr J Beldon MBE

6 Nov 2014

Wg Cdr S Kilvington

No IX Squadron

 8 Dec 1912

Maj H Musgrave

 4 Mar 1915

Capt Hugh C T Dowding; later ACM

22 Mar 1915


 1 Apr 1915

Maj Hugh C T Dowding; later ACM

16 Sep 1915

Maj F A Wanklyn

25 Mar 1916

Maj A B Burdett

10 Dec 1916

Maj I A E Edwards

 1 Jun 1917

Maj Henry J F HunterMC; later A/Cdre

16 Nov 1917

Maj J T Rodwell

xx Jul 1919


31 Dec 1919


 1 Apr 1924

Flt Lt V R Gibbs DSC

20 Apr 1924

Sqn Ldr J C Quinnell DFC; later A/Cdre

xx Aug 1924

Sqn Ldr A P V Daly

19 Jan 1925

Sqn Ldr William J M Guilfoyle OBE, MC; later A/Cdre

28 Feb 1926

Wg Cdr V Gaskell-Blackburn DSC, AFC

19 Dec 1926

Wg Cdr C C Durston

1 Sep 1928

Wg Cdr W V Strugnell MC

 4 Jan 1931

Wg Cdr F W Stent MC

22 Sep 1932

Wg Cdr William Sowrey DFC, AFC; later A/Cdre

29 Dec 1932

Sqn Ldr J F Gordon DFC (Temporary)

19 Feb 1933

Wg Cdr Athol W Mylne  later A/Cdre

12 Nov 1934

Sqn Ldr C S Richardson (Temporary)

20 Dec 1934

Wg Cdr G H Cook

19 Feb 1938

Wg Cdr H A Smith MC

15 Nov 1938

Wg Cdr W Sanderson AFC

28 Nov 1938

Sqn Ldr G H Shaw (Temporary)

 2 Jan 1939

Wg Cdr Hugh P Lloyd MC, DFC; later ACM

27 Sep 1939

Wg Cdr R A A Cole

17 Jan 1940

Wg Cdr Andrew McKee; later AM

24 Jul 1940

Wg Cdr A E Healy

16 Jan 1941

Wg Cdr R G C Arnold (KIA)

20 Jun 1941

Wg Cdr K M M Wasse

10 Jan 1942

Wg Cdr William I C Inness CB, OBE; later A/Cdre

27 May 1942

Wg Cdr L V James

27 Jun 1942

Wg Cdr J M Southwell

15 Mar 1943

Wg Cdr K B F Smith DSO

12 Apr 1943

Wg Cdr Patrick Burnett; later A/Cdre

14 Nov 1943

Wg Cdr E L Porter DFC

15 Jun 1944

Wg Cdr J M Bazin DFC

25 May 1945

Wg Cdr R E Dupont

26 Nov 1945

Wg Cdr F M Osborn

 1 May 1946

Sqn Ldr H Watkins DFC

13 Dec 1946

Sqn Ldr J Overton DFC

24 Jan 1947

Flt Lt P N Speed

24 Apr 1947

Sqn Ldr F R Flynn

13 Nov 2947

Sqn Ldr L D Wilson DSO, DFC, AFC

20 Aug 1948

Sqn Ldr P A Ostle

17 Aug 1950

Sqn Ldr A W Southall DSO, DFC

24 Nov 1952

Sqn Ldr J C M Mountford

29 Jul 1954

Sqn Ldr L G A Bastard

10 Jan 1957

Wg Cdr Beresford P T Horsley MVO, AFC; later AM

17 Feb 1958

Wg Cdr Michael P Stanton later A/Cdre

15 Dec 1959

Wg Cdr N O S Bayley DFC

27 Apr 1961

Wg Cdr H T Murley

 1 Mar 1962

Wg Cdr K Stevens

31 Mar 1964

Wg Cdr Charles G Maughan AFC; later AVM

20 Jul 1964

Wg Cdr K J L Baker (killed 7 Oct 1964 in Vulcan XM601)

17 Nov 1964

Wg Cdr J E Pollington

17 Dec 1966

Wg Cdr A M Christie

27 Jun 1968

Wg Cdr J E Sewell MBE

19 Jun 1970

Wg Cdr Ron Dick; later A/Cdre

19 Jun 1972

Wg Cdr A Howie

24 Jan 1975

Wg Cdr B J Mather

29 Dec 1976

Wg Cdr R E Turner

11 Dec 1978

Wg Cdr J A Prideaux

19 Dec 1980

Wg Cdr P W Mayes


Details of  commanders during this period have not yet been found

xx xxx xxxx

Wg Cdr Robert I McAlpine; later A/Cdre


 Details of  commanders during this period have not yet been found

xx xxx xxxx

Wg Cdr D Watson (2003)

xx xxx xxxx

Wg Cdr Stuart C Evans; later AVM

xx xxx 2006

Wg Cdr David J Waddington; later A/Cdre

xx xxx 2009

Wg Cdr N Hay (2010)

xx xxx xxxx

Wg Cdr A Turk (2012)

xx xxx 2013

Wg Cdr C Snaith

No 10 Squadron

 1 Jan 1915

Maj Gordon S Shephard MC; later Brig-Gen

 2 Mar 1915

Maj U J D Bourke

 2 Jun 1916

Maj William G S Mitchell DSO, MC; later ACM

17 Dec 1916

Maj G B Ward MC (KIA 21 Sep 1917)

26 Sep 1917

Maj K D P Murray MC

16 Feb 1919


31 Dec 1919


 3 Jan 1928

Wg Cdr Henry R Busteed; later A/Cdre

 4 Oct 1928

Wg Cdr F L Robinson

 5 Feb 1929

Sqn Ldr Arthur S G Lee MC; later AVM (Temporary)

 4 Apr 1929

Wg Cdr Arthur T Whitelock

15 Sep 1930

Wg Cdr Percy C Sherren

 4 Feb 1933

Wg Cdr Henry K Thorold DSC, DFC, AFC; later AVM

20 Feb 1934

Wg Cdr Charles B Dalison AFC

14 Aug 1934

Wg Cdr Matthew B Frew DSO, MC, AFC; later AVM

19 Sep 1936

Sqn Ldr J F Foden (Temporary)

 2 Nov 1936

Wg Cdr Matthew B Frew DSO, MC, AFC; later AVM

 1 Mar 1937

Sqn Ldr J C Foden (Temporary)

17 Apr 1937

Wg Cdr Strang Graham MC; later A/Cdre

 4 Apr 1937

Sqn Ldr E B Steedman (Temporary)

 9 Jun 1938

Sqn Ldr/Wg Cdr William E Staton DSO, MC, DFC; later AVM

(Wg Cdr from 1 Jul 1938)

10 Jul 1940

Sqn Ldr John N H Whitworth CB, DSO, DFC*; later A/Cdre

21 Jul 1940

Wg Cdr Sydney O Bufton DFC; later AVM

 3 Oct 1940

Sqn Ldr/Wg Cdr Ferguson (Act Wg Cdr from 21 Oct 1940)

 8 Nov 1940

Wg Cdr Sydney O Bufton DFC; later AVM

12 Apr 1941

Wg Cdr Victor B Bennett DFC; later A/Cdre

 8 Sep 1941

Wg Cdr J A H Tuck DFC

15 Apr 1942

Wg Cdr Donald C T Bennett DSO, later AVM

 4 May 1942

Wg Cdr J B Tait DSO, DFC

 4 Jun 1942

Wg Cdr Donald C T Bennett DSO, later AVM

xx xxx 1942

Wg Cdr George P Seymour-Price DFC; later A/Cdre

(OC - Middle East Detachment until 4 Jul 1942)

1 Aug 1942

Wg Cdr R K Wildey DFC

16 Oct 1942

Wg Cdr Wilfred Carter; later AVM

 4 Feb 1943

Wg Cdr D W Edmonds DFC

 8 Oct 1943

Wg Cdr J F Sutton DFC, AFC

 1 Apr 1944

Wg Cdr Dudley S Radford DSO, DFC, AFC; later A/Cdre

 9 Oct 1944

Wg Cdr U Y Shannon

 8 Jan 1945

Wg Cdr A C Dowden

 1 Jun 1946

Wg Cdr J A Chorlton

xx Oct 1946

Wg Cdr A J Ogilvie

20 Dec 1947


 5 Nov 1948

Sqn Ldr T F C Churcher

xx Sep 1949

Sqn Ldr Ian D N Lawson DFC*; later AVM

20 Feb 1950


15 Jan 1953

Sqn Ldr D R Howard

xx Apr 1955

Sqn Ldr G Sproates

15 Jan 1957


 1 May 1958

Wg Cdr C B Owen DSO, DFC, AFC

15 Feb 1960

Wg Cdr R B Phillips

29 Jan 1962

Wg Cdr T C Gledhill

xx xxx 1964


xx Jul 1966

Wg Cdr Michael G Beavis; later ACM

xx Oct 1968

Wg Cdr D E B Dowling

xx Feb 1971

Wg Cdr R L Lamb

xx Jan 1973

Wg Cdr R I C Howden

xx Mar 1975

Wg Cdr A J Richards

xx Feb 1977

Wg Cdr Robert G Peters; later AVM

xx Dec 1978

Wg Cdr A M Wills

xx Jun 1981

Wg Cdr O G Bunn

xx Jun 1984

Wg Cdr L J Marshall

xx Dec 1986

Wg Cdr D B Symes

xx Jun 1989

Wg Cdr P C Bingham

xx Jul 1991

Wg Cdr A F Stuart

xx Jul 1994

Wg Cdr S Dufill

xx Jan 1997

Wg Cdr A M Bray

xx Jul 1999

Wg Cdr A D Gunby

xx Feb 2002

Wg Cdr A Deas

xx Oct 2004

Wg Cdr M A Smart

14 Oct 2005


 1 Aug 2011

Wg Cdr D James

xx Nov 2013

Wg Cdr J Osborne

15 Jan 2016

Wg Cdr S Blackwell

xx May 2018

Wg Cdr A J Scott

No XI Squadron

14 Feb 1915

Maj U J D Bourke

 8 Mar 1915

Maj G W P Dawes

10 Dec 1915

Maj T O’B Hubbard

17 Oct 1916

Maj K P Atkinson

30 Mar 1917

Maj Cuthbert T Maclean MC, later AVM

xx Apr 1917

Maj R Raymond-Barker

21 Aug 1917

Maj Rowland F S Morton; later A/Cdre

17 May 1918

Maj H P Davey

10 Jul 1918

Maj R W Heath

11 Feb 1919

Maj M le Blance-Smith

18 Mar 1919

Maj Edward A B Rice MC; later AVM

31 Dec 1919


15 Jan 1923

Sqn Ldr Edward A B Rice MC; later AVM

23 Jan 1928

Sqn Ldr P H Cummings

25 Jan 1932

Sqn Ldr R T B Houghton

25 Nov 1933

Sqn Ldr C Le Poer Trench

19 Nov 1935

Sqn Ldr Alfred R Wardle; later A/Cdre

 7 Sep 1936

Sqn Ldr Robert O Jones; later AM

30 Jul 1938

Sqn Ldr W U L Spendlove

15 Feb 1940

Sqn Ldr Henry G Blair; later A/Cdre

 9 May 1940

Flt Lt S A Ellaby

19 Aug 1940

Sqn Ldr P Stevens

 7 Jun 1941

Sqn Ldr A L Bocking

 6 Nov 1941

Wg Cdr Richard Kellett AFC; later A/Cdre

 9 Dec 1941

Wg Cdr A J M Smyth

 2 Jun 1942

Wg Cdr Robert N Bateson; later AVM

xx Jan 1943

Wg Cdr H C Stumm DFC

xx May 1943

Wg Cdr A W Pennington-Legh

xx Aug 1943

Sqn Ldr S G Proudfoot

xx Jun 1943

Wg Cdr H C Stumm DFC

22 Sep 1943

Sqn Ldr S C Norris DFC

 5 Mar 1944

Sqn Ldr D J T Sharp DFC

27 Dec 1944

Sqn Ldr G A Butler

25 Apr 1945

Sqn Ldr B T Shannon

 8 Nov 1945

Sqn Ldr P R McGregor

16 Nov 1946

Sqn Ldr N W P Hancock

 1 Jan 1948

Flt Lt J Welch

 4 Oct 1948

Sqn Ldr I W Hutcheson

18 May 1949

Sqn Ldr J M Ransey

14 Aug 1950

Sqn Ldr D H Seaton DFC

 6 Jun 1953

Sqn Ldr E Batchelor

 2 Jun 1956

Sqn Ldr David G Evans CBE; later ACM

xx Sep 1958

Wg Cdr  T D Sanderson

26 Oct 1959

Wg Cdr  J G Croshaw

  4 Dec 1961

Wg Cdr D MacIver

11 Jun 1964

Wg Cdr W J Marriot

 1 Apr 1967

Sqn Ldr Peter S Collins; later AVM

 2 Jun 1967

Wg Cdr D R K Blucke

27 Oct 1969

Wg Cdr J F B Jones

14 Sep 1971

Wg Cdr David A Cowley later A/Cdre

28 Dec 1973

Wg Cdr E J Nance

19 Dec 1975

Wg Cdr I Thompson

15 Jul 1977

Wg Cdr Michael J Graydon; later ACM

29 Jun 1979

Wg Cdr D Aylward

 8 Apr 1982

Wg Cdr John H Spencer AFC; later A/Cdre

14 Dec 1984

Wg Cdr Simon N Bostock; later A/Cdre

10 Jun 1987

Wg Cdr John C Jarron; later A/Cdre

 1 Jul 1988

Wg Cdr D R Hamilton

28 Mar 1991

Wg Cdr John A Cliffe; later AVM

 1 Apr 1994

Wg Cdr Andrew G Walton; later AVM

1 Apr 1996

Wg Cdr Mark Swan; later A/Cdre

12 Oct 1998

Wg Cdr M J Mercer

 5 Feb 2001

Wg Cdr N Guz

 6 Sep 2003

Wg Cdr M Tetlow

31 Oct 2005


29 Mar 2007

Wg Cdr Gavin D A Parker; later A/Cdre (reformed as a Typhoon Sqn)

xx xxx 2009

Wg Cdr J Attridge

xx xxx xxxx

Wg Cdr C Layden

No 12 Squadron

14 Feb 1915

Maj Cyril L N Newall; later MRAF

13 Jan 1916

Maj J C Halahan

27 Oct 1916

Maj Charles S Burnett DSO; later ACM

17 Sep 1917

Maj J A G de Courcy MC

18 Jul 1918

Maj H S Lees-Smith

19 Aug 1918

Maj T Q Back

16 Mar 1919

Maj G H B McCall

20 Apr 1919

Maj J G Selby MC

 3 Sep 1919

Sqn Ldr Richard E Saul DFC; later AVM

 1 Mar 1921

Sqn Ldr Henry J F Hunter MC; later A/Cdre

xx xxx 1922

Flt Lt Philip F Fullard DSO, MC, AFC; later A/Cdre (to 27 Jul 1922)

 4 Apr 1923

Flt Lt John R Howett

19 Nov 1923

Sqn Ldr Alexander Gray MC; later AVM

19 May 1926

Sqn Ldr Trevor E Salt MC

 1 Sep 1929

Sqn Ldr Forster H M Maynard AFC; later AVM

 5 Jan 1931

Sqn Ldr Donald F Stevenson DSO, MC; later AVM

18 Oct 1933

Flt Lt E M Drummond (Temporary)

13 Jan 1934

Sqn Ldr Alfred C Collier; later AVM

18 Sep 1934

Sqn Ldr H J Saker (Temporary)

22 Oct 1934

Sqn Ldr Arthur C Bayley

17 Oct 1935

Flt Lt J L F Fuller-Good (Temporary)

25 Nov 1935

Sqn Ldr H S Broughall

27 Apr 1936

Sqn Ldr Charles E N Guest; later AM

10 Nov 1937

Sqn Ldr R Reay-Jones

25 Apr 1938

Flt Lt P S Foss (Temporary)

16 May 1938

Sqn Ldr R W G Lywood

10 Apr 1939

Wg Cdr A G Thackray

 1 Jul 1940

Wg Cdr V Q Blackden

11 Apr 1941

Wg Cdr R H Maw

14 Oct 1941

Wg Cdr Brian J R Roberts; later A/Cdre

12 Jan 1942

Wg Cdr A Golding DFC

1 Apr 1942

Wg Cdr R C M Collard DFC

26 Jul 1942

Sqn Ldr T Preston (Temporary)

 4 Aug 1942

Wg Cdr H I Dabinett

15 Feb 1943

Wg Cdr R S C Wood DFC

26 Aug 1943

Wg Cdr J G Towle

 1 Sep 1943

Wg Cdr D M H Craven

 6 Mar 1944

Wg Cdr J D Nelson

26 Aug 1944

Wg Cdr M Stockdale

24 Aug 1945

Wg Cdr T S Rivett-Carnac DSO, DFC

xx Dec 1945

Wg Cdr S P Coulson DSO, DFC

xx Apr 1946

Sqn Ldr A G Lang DFC

xx Jan 1947

Flt Lt E Stephenson

xx Mar 1947

Sqn Ldr S S Morley

xx Nov 1949

Sqn Ldr A R Butcher

xx Oct 1951

Sqn Ldr L G Press AFC

xx Oct 1952

Capt F E Singleton USAF

xx May 1953

Sqn Ldr J S Millington DFC

xx Apr 1954

Sqn Ldr F C D Wright DFC

xx Jan 1956

Sqn Ldr W D D Davies AFC

xx May 1956

Sqn Ldr W I Donley DFC, DFM

xx Dec 1957

Wg Cdr A C Blythe DFC

xx Mar 1959

Wg Cdr P Reynolds DFC

13 Jul 1961


 xx Jul 1962

Sqn Ldr W E Bliss

 1 Aug 1962

Wg Cdr Philip J Lageson DFC, AFC; later AM

17 Jun 1964

Wg Cdr J R Tanner

25 May 1966

Wg Cdr D H Tew AFC

31 Dec 1967


1 Oct 1969

Wg Cdr G G Davies AFC

21 Apr 1972

Wg Cdr N S R Walpole

12 Jul 1972

Wg Cdr I Henderson AFC

15 Nov 1974

Wg Cdr Graham A Smart; later A/Cdre

2 Dec 1977

Wg Cdr Peter J Harding AFC; later AVM

12 Dec 1980

Wg Cdr Y M Yates AFC

19 Aug 1983

Wg Cdr M J Engwell

20 Jun 1986

Wg Cdr K B Moore

16 Sep 1988

Wg Cdr N S Yeldman

17 May 1991

Wg Cdr Nigel D A Maddox; later AVM

30 Sep 1993


xx Oct 1993

Wg Cdr I Capwewell BSc

xx Dec 1995

Wg Cdr Ricardo D Cobelli BSc; later A/Cdre

xx Jul 1998

Wg Cdr S G Barnes DFC, BSc

xx Dec 2000

Wg Cdr Mark L Roberts MBE, MA; later A/Cdre

xx Jan 2003

Wg Cdr A S Linstead MA, BSc

xx Dec 2005

Wg Cdr Michael Wigston MA; later AVM

xx Oct 2007

Wg Cdr James E Linter MA; later A/Cdre

xx Dec 2009

Sqn Ldr Wilson MBE

xx Jan 2010

Wg Cdr J K Frampton MBE, MA

xx May 2012

Wg Cdr S R Strasdin MA

21 Mar 2014


9 Jan 2015

Wg Cdr N S Thomas

No XIII Squadron

10 Jan 1915

Maj Phillip L W Herbert; later A/Cdre

28 Jan 1916

Maj A C E Marsh

xx xxx 191?

Maj T Macleod

24 Jun 1916

Maj E W Powell

 5 Aug 1917

Maj Alfred G R Garrod MC; later ACM

12 Nov 1918

Maj A P D Hill

 4 Jan 1919

Maj F J R Roberts MC

31 Dec 1919


23 May 1924

Sqn Ldr Cecil C Durston

16 Nov 1926

Sqn Ldr H I Hanmer DFC

13 Apr 1927

Sqn Ldr George R A Deacon

 4 Oct 1927

Sqn Ldr Hugh H MacL Fraser; later AVM

18 Nov 1929

Sqn Ldr John B Cole-Hamilton; later AVM

 9 Nov 1931

Sqn Ldr John W Jones; later ACM

 1 Apr 1933

Sqn Ldr Herbert L Rough

21 May 1934

Sqn Ldr Peter Warburton MBE

25 Apr 1935

Sqn Ldr George O Venn; later A/Cdre

19 Apr 1937

Sqn Ldr/Wg Cdr Selwyn H C Gray; later A/Cdre

19 Aug 1940

Wg Cdr William J Crisham; later AVM

17 Apr 1941

Wg Cdr R J Cooper

xx Sep 1941

Wg Cdr W G Tailyor

xx Jul 1942

Wg Cdr J W Deacon

xx Oct 1942

Wg Cdr W L Drummond

xx Feb 1943

Wg Cdr W L Thomas

xx May 1943

Wg Cdr J R Thompson DFC

xx May 1944

transferred to the Bomber role

xx Sep 1946

Wg Cdr Alfred H W Ball DSO, DFC; later AM

xx Nov 1946

Wg Cdr A M Brown DFC

xx Mar 1947

Sqn Ldr R N Hampson

xx Dec 1948

Sqn Ldr J C T Hewell DSO, DFC

xx  Dec 1949

Sqn Ldr L V Bachellier AFC

xx Jun 1952

Sqn Ldr P Wigley DFC

xx Sep 1954

Sqn Ldr P P Vilia

xx Feb 1956

Sqn Ldr John L Field; later A/Cdre

xx Mar 1958

Sqn Ldr C Crichton

xx Oct 1960

Sqn Ldr R V Tavanyar

xx Mar 1963

Sqn Ldr J H D Daly

xx Apr 1965

Sqn Ldr R J Littlejohn

xx Sep 1967

Sqn Ldr R J Jackson

xx Mar 1969

Wg Cdr J D V McPherson

xx Dec 1970

Wg Cdr J F Woodard

xx Apr 1973

Wg Cdr J B Parkinson

xx Jul 1975

Wg Cdr J Bredenkamp

xx Jul 1977

Wg Cdr H W Hughes

xx Aug 1979

Wg Cdr A L Terrett

xx xxx xxxx

Names for this period have not yet been found

xx xxx xxxx

Wg Cdr Jeremy N Fradgley; later A/Cdre

xx xxx 2000

Wg Cdr Philip C Osborn; later AM

xx xxx 2002

Wg Cdr I Wood

xx xxx xxxx

Wg Cdr T Jones

xx xxx 2007

Wg Cdr G Mayhew

xx xxx 2010

Wg Cdr H Edwards

xx xxx 2012

Wg Cdr D Killeen

xx xxx xxxx

Names for this period have not yet been found

xx xxx xxxx

Wg Cdr M Jackson

No 14 Squadron

 3 Feb 1915

Maj G E Todd

20 Jan 1916

Maj Wilfrid R Freeman; later ACM

 1 Jul 1916

Maj E J Bannatyne

 6 May 1917

Maj A C Boddam-Whetham

 4 Oct 1917

Maj Charles E H Medhurst MC; later ACM

 4 Feb 1919


 9 Apr 1920

Sqn Ldr William L Welsh DSC; later AM

 9 Apr 1920

Sqn Ldr John S T Bradley OBE; later AM

21 Sep 1923

Sqn Ldr W H Dolphin

 6 Jun 1924

Sqn Ldr Arthur N Gallehawk AFC; later A/Cdre

11 Jun 1926

Sqn Ldr James Everidge MC

 2 Dec 1926

Sqn Ldr Arthur N Gallehawk AFC; later A/Cdre

26 Sep 1927

Sqn Ldr Edward G Hopcraft DSC

22 Nov 1929

Sqn Ldr Frank O Soden DFC

 1 Oct 1932

Sqn Ldr Leonard H Cockey; later A/Cdre

 1 Aug 1935

Sqn Ldr Thomas C Traill DFC; later AVM

 4 May 1938

Sqn Ldr Anthony D Selway; later AM

28 Sep 1940

Sqn Ldr Deryck C Stapleton; later AVM

 8 Oct 1941

Wg Cdr J K Buchanan

10 May 1942

Wg Cdr W S Maydwell

25 Aug 1943

Wg Cdr A H Law-Wright

 8 Jun 1944

Wg Cdr E Donovan

24 Mar 1945

Wg Cdr G I Pawson

25 May 1945

Wg Cdr Christopher N Foxley-Norris DSO; later ACM

 1 Apr 1946

Wg Cdr Richard I Jones; later AVM

15 May1946

Wg Cdr Graham R Magill DFC*; later AVM

25 Jan 1947

Wg Cdr P StG O’Brian DFC*

4 Nov 1947

Sqn Ldr G E Goode DFC

12 Sep 1949

Sqn Ldr E J Greenleaf DSO DFC

21 Feb 1951

Sqn Ldr R A Sutherland DFC*

11 Oct 1952

Sqn Ldr R H Benwell

18 May 1953

Sqn Ldr John T Lawrence; later AVM    

12 May 1955

Sqn Ldr C W Beasley

7 Oct 1957

Sqn Ldr K E Richardson

9 Feb 1960

Sqn Ldr A S Foulkes

19 Jul 1962

Sqn Ldr E H C Williams

18 Dec 1962

Wg Cdr G Strange

14 Mar 1964

Wg Cdr K B Rogers DFC AFC

13 Jul 1966

Wg Cdr R McA Furze AFC

7 Jun 1968

Wg Cdr T J McElhaw

1 Jun 1970

Wg Cdr J Sutton

14 Jan 1971

Wg Cdr Derek T Bryant MBE; later AVM

28 Aug 1973

Wg Cdr Derek J Hine later A/Cdre

1 Dec 1975

Wg Cdr A Mumford

7 Nov 1977

Wg Cdr J K Sim

9 Jun 1980

Wg Cdr D A Baron

xx  Jun 1983

Wg Cdr David F A Henderson; later AVM

xx Oct 1985

Wg Cdr J J Whitfield

xx May 1988

Wg Cdr Richard V Morris; later AVM

xx Jul 1991

Wg Cdr F L Turner

3 Jan1994

Wg Cdr T L Boyle

 8 Jul 1996

Wg Cdr P W Rycroft

25 Feb 1999

Wg Cdr Timothy M Anderson DSO; later AM

xx Dec 2000

Wg CdrJ B Klein

xx Aug 2003

Wg Cdr Colin Basnett; later A/Cdre

xx xxx 2006

Wg Cdr A S Frost

19 Mar 2008  

Wg Cdr S Reeves

xx Feb 2011

Wg Cdr J Moreton 

1 Jun 2011


14 Oct 2011

Wg Cdr R D Moir

4 Oct 2013

Wg Cdr R J Bousfield

No XV Squadron

25 Apr 1915

Maj Phillip B Joubert de la Ferte; later ACM

xx May 1915

Capt L Dawes  [Temp]

13 Sep 1915

Maj Edgar R Ludlow-Hewitt; later ACM

 7 Nov 1915

Maj Henry Le M Brock DSO; later A/Cdre

19 Dec 1916

Maj G I Carmichael DSO

16 Feb 1917

Maj H S Walker

14 Jan 1918

Maj H V Stammers MC

27 Nov 1918

Maj C C Durston

31 Dec 1919


20 Mar 1924

Sqn Ldr P C Sherren MC

 2 Dec 1927

Sqn Ldr C E H James MC

 2 Sep 1929

Wg Cdr J K Wells AFC

 8 Mar 1930

Fly Lt Thomas A Langford-Sainsbury CB, OBE, DFC, AFC; later AVM

22 Apr 1930

Sqn Ldr G H Martingell AFC

23 Mar 1933

Sqn Ldr Edwin S Goodwin AFC; later AVM

27 Apr 1933

Sqn Ldr Robert M Foster DFC, AFC; later ACM

31 May 1934


 1 Jun 1934

Sqn Ldr Thomas W Elmhirst AFC; later AM

12 Aug 1935

Sqn Ldr C H Cahill DFC AFC

10 Jan 1936

Sqn Ldr F G Robinson

 5 Feb 1936

Sqn Ldr Cyril D Adams later A/Cdre

 2 May 1938

Sqn Ldr J G Llewelyn

21 Mar 1939

Wg Cdr John L Wingate later A/Cdre

21 Dec 1939

Sqn Ldr R W Lywood (Promoted to Wg Cdr, 1 Jan 1940)

 5 Jun 1940

Wg Cdr Joseph Cox DFC; later AVM

14 Dec 1940

Wg Cdr H R Dale

16 May 1941

Wg Cdr P B Ogilvie DSO DFC

 7 Jan 1942

Wg Cdr J C MacDonald DFC AFC

 6 Jun 1942

Wg Cdr D J H Lay DSO DFC

 7 Dec 1942

Wg Cdr Stewart W B Menaul DFC, AFC; later AVM

7 May 1943

Wg Cdr J D Stephens DFC

 3 Sep 1943

Wg Cdr A J Elliot

15 Apr 1944

Wg Cdr W D Watkins DFC, DFM

21 Nov 1944

Wg Cdr N G Macfarlane DSO

12 Mar 1946


19 Aug 1946

Wg Cdr G B Bell OBE

11 Apr 1947

Sqn Ldr L F Kneil DFC

24 Aug 1948

Sqn Ldr John H L Blount DFC; later A/Cdre

15 Dec 1949

Sqn Ldr J R Denny MBE DFC

17 Apr 1953

Flt Lt J Vnoucek [Temp]

 5 Jun 1953

Sqn Ldr J M Ayshford DFC

28 Mar 1955

Sqn Ldr A R Scott DFC

 1 Sep 1958

Wg Cdr David A Green DSO, OBE, DFC; later A/Cdre

 1 Apr 1960

Wg Cdr John G Matthews AFC; later A/Cdre

 1 Dec 1962

Wg Cdr N G S Marshall

 1 Oct 1970

Wg Cdr D J H Collins

 6 Apr 1971

Wg Cdr R Watson

 9 Apr 1973

Wg Cdr Michael G Simmons later AM

 2 Jan 1976

Wg Cdr Peter D Oulton; later A/Cdre

4 Jul 1978

Wg Cdr Trevor Nattrass AFC; later A/Cdre

 6 Jul 1981

Wg Cdr E R Cox

 1 Sep 1983

Wg Cdr B Dove AFC

 1 Aug 1986

Wg Cdr Michael C Rudd AFC; later A/Cdre

20 Jan 1989

Wg Cdr J A Broadbent DSO

23 Aug 1991

Wg Cdr Andrew D White; later AVM

18 Dec 1991 DB

 1 Apr 1992

Wg Cdr Alan T Hudson OBE; later A/Cdre

13 May 1994

Wg Cdr G A Bowerman OBE

28 Feb 1997

Wg Cdr Graham P Dixon; later A/Cdre

23 Jul 1999

Wg Cdr Simon K Dobb; later A/Cdre

15 Feb 2002

Wg Cdr W R Gibson BSc

13 Sep 2004

Wg Cdr I D Chalmers MA, MBA

19 Mar 2007

Wg Cdr M A Saunders

19 Sep 2009

Wg Cdr B James BEng

 1 Sep 2011

Wg Cdr J Moreton BEng

26 Apr 2013

Wg Cdr J P Nixon

 1 May 2015

Wg Cdr P D Froome BEng

31 Mar 2017


No 16 Squadron

10 Feb 1915

Maj Felton V Holt DSO; later AVM

23 Jul 1915

Maj Hugh C T Dowding; later ACM

xx Jan 1916

Maj D W Powell

 5 Aug 1916

Maj Paul C Maltby DSO; later AVM

16 Jun 1917

Maj Charles F A Portal DSO, MC; later MRAF

xx Jun 1918

Maj A W C V Parr

31 Dec 1919


 1 Apr 1924

Sqn Ldr J O Archer CBE

30 Sep 1925

Sqn Ldr W Alec Coryton MVO; later ACM

25 Sep 1928

Sqn Ldr D O Mulholland AFC

28 Aug 1931

Sqn Ldr Allan R Churchman DFC; later A/Cdre

10 Oct 1933

Flt Lt/Sqn Ldr J R I Scrambler AFC

 2 Jun 1934

Sqn Ldr Robert P Musgrave-Whitham OBE, MC; later AVM

 1 Jan 1936

Sqn Ldr T Humble

12 Sep 1938

Sqn Ldr G P Charles

19 Sep 1939

Sqn Ldr R E S Skelton

 1 Mar 1940

Wg Cdr T Humble

27 Jun 1940

Sqn Ldr R E S Skelton

 8 Jul 1940

Wg Cdr R C Hancock

xx xxx 1941

Wg Cdr P W Stansfeld

xx xxx 1942

Wg Cdr A F Pallot

xx xxx 1942

Wg Cdr J R Davenport

xx xxx 1943

Wg Cdr R I M Bowen DFC

xx xxx 1943

Sqn Ldr Mackie

xx xxx 1943

Sqn Ldr E M Goodale DSO

xx xxx 1944

Sqn Ldr Anthony N Davis DFC; later A/Cdre

xx xxx 1945

Sqn Ldr A S Baker DFC

xx xxx 1946

Sqn Ldr D C Usher DFC DFM

xx xxx 1948

Sqn Ldr R E Mooney

xx xxx 1948

Sqn Ldr L A Malins DSO DFC

xx xxx 1949

Sqn Ldr L H Lambert DFC AFC

xx xxx 1951

Sqn Ldr J E J Sing DFC

xx xxx 1952

Sqn Ldr R H Benwell

xx xxx 1952

Sqn Ldr R U P De Burgh

xx xxx 1954

Sqn Ldr G G G Walkington

xx xxx 1956

Sqn Ldr C E Keay

xx xxx 1956

Flt Lt H E Clements

xx xxx 1958

Wg Cdr James R Forsythe DFC; later A/Cdre

xx xxx 1960

Wg Cdr J E Holland DFC

xx xxx 1963

Wg Cdr J V Horwood

xx xxx 1964

Wg Cdr A L Bennett

xx xxx 1966

Wg Cdr J C Newby

xx xxx 1968

Wg Cdr L C Swalwell

xx xxx 1970

Wg Cdr K J Appleboom

 8 Jan 1973

Wg Cdr R A Edwards

16 Jun 1975

Wg Cdr W I C Stoker

 1 Aug 1977

Wg Cdr David Cousins AFC; later ACM

 9 Apr 1980

Wg Cdr Peter C Norriss AFC; later AM

 1 Jul 1983

Wg Cdr E R Cox

 1 Mar 1984

Wg Cdr Roderick H Goodall AFC; later AM

xx xxx 1986

Wg Cdr R F R Carr

xx xxx 1988

Wg Cdr I Travers Smith DSO

xx xxx 1991

Wg Cdr N C Rusling

xx xxx 1992

Wg Cdr J W White

xx xxx 1995

Wg Cdr Brian W Newby AFC; later A/Cdre

xx xxx 1997

Wg Cdr Andrew J Sudlow MBE; later A/Cdre

xx xxx 2000

Wg Cdr P Allan

xx xxx 2002

Wg Cdr G Stockill

xx xxx 2008

Sqn Ldr I S Smith

xx xxx 2009

Sqn Ldr S J Foote

xx xxx 2013

Sqn Ldr F C J Parkinson

xx xxx xxxx

Sqn Ldr C Mellen

No 17 Squadron

 1 Feb 1915

Maj E N Fuller

19 Dec 1916

Capt F Hudson

4 Dec 1917

Maj J H Herring

 2 Apr 1918

Maj S G Hodges MC

14 Nov 1919


 1 May 1924

Sqn Ldr John Leacroft MC

31 Mar 1928

Sqn Ldr Anthony R Arnold DSO, DFC

29 Apr 1930

Sqn Ldr Richard Harrison DFC; later AVM

xx Nov 1931

Sqn Ldr Arthur L Fiddament; later AVM

xx May 1932

Sqn Ldr L M Elworthy

25 Oct 1932

Sqn Ldr Francis J Vincent DFC; later A/Cdre

16 Aug 1934

Sqn Ldr Herbert S Broughall MC, DFC

26 Oct 1935

Sqn Ldr Dudley d'H Humphries

 6 Jan 1937

Sqn Ldr C Walter

 3 Nov 1939

Sqn Ldr G C Tomlinson (WIA 19 May 1940)

19 May 1940

Sqn Ldr John H Edwardes Jones; later AM (Temporary)

23 May 1940

Sqn Ldr G D Emms (KIA 7 Jun 1940)

 9 Jun 1940

Sqn Ldr R I G MacDougall

18 Jul 1940

Sqn Ldr C W Williams (KIA 25 Aug 1940)

29 Aug 1940

Sqn Ldr A G Miller

xx Jul 1941

Sqn Ldr C A C Stone DFC

xx Jun 1942

Sqn Ldr J H Iremonger

xx Dec 1942

Sqn Ldr M C C Cotton DFC

xx Jul 1944

Sqn Ldr E A Pevreal

xx Nov 1944

Sqn Ldr J H Lacey DFM*

xx May 1946

Sqn Ldr F A Robinson DFC

xx Aug 1947

Sqn Ldr Archibald L Winskill DFC*; later A/Cdre

23 Feb 1948


 1 Mar 1949

Names for this period have not yet been found

 1 Mar 1951


xx Apr 1956

Sqn Ldr B R M Wade DFC

xx Feb 1959

Wg Cdr D T M Lumsden MBE

xx Sep 1961

Wg Cdr D G Walker

xx xxx 1963


xx xxx 1965?

Wg Cdr D Adams

xx Nov 1967

Wg Cdr Michael J Armitage; later ACM

xx Dec 1969


xx Aug 1970

Wg Cdr Patrick B Hine; later ACM

xx Dec 1971

Wg Cdr G E Ord

xx Aug 1974

Wg Cdr A J Bandell

xx Nov 1974

Wg Cdr Michael J D Stear; later ACM

xx Aug 1975

Wg Cdr R C Humphreyson

xx xxx xxxx

Names for this period have not yet been found

xx xxx 1979

Wg Cdr John E Houghton AFC; later A/Cdre

xx xxx xxxx

Names for this period have not yet been found

xx xxx 2003

Wg Cdr Christopher J Coulls; later A/Cdre

xx xxx 2005

Wg Cdr J Hitchcock

xx xxx 2006

Wg Cdr T Craig

xx xxx xxxx

Names for this period have not yet been found

xx xxx 2014

Wg Cdr J Beck (2014/15)

No 18 Squadron

11 May 1915

Maj G I Carmichael DSO

19 Dec 1916

Maj R S Maxwell MC

30 Mar 1917

Maj George R M Reid DSO, MC*; later AVM

24 Nov 1917

Maj G R Howard DSO

 1 Nov 1918

Maj J B Elliott

 5 Nov 1918

Maj J F Gordon DFC

31 Dec 1919


20 Oct 1931

Sqn Ldr T C Luke MC

 3 Sep 1932

Flt Lt W J Pearson (Temporary)

23 Sep 1932

Sqn Ldr J F Gordon DFC

 5 Nov 1932

Sqn Ldr T C Luke MC

23 May 1934

Flt Lt James L F Fuller-Good; later AVM (Temporary)

22 Jun 1934

Sqn Ldr T C Luke MC

xx Feb 1935

Sqn Ldr Gerald S Shaw; later A/Cdre

 9 Jan 1936

Sqn Ldr Charles R Steele DFC; later AM

30 Mar 1937

Sqn Ldr E G C Stokes

16 May 1938

Sqn Ldr K W Niblett

6 May 1939

Wg Cdr William A Opie; later AVM

xx May 1940

Wg Cdr Gilbert Bartholomew later A/Cdre

25 Oct 1940

Wg Cdr Alfred C H Sharp; later AVM

17 Mar 1941

Wg Cdr C G Hill DFC

23 Apr 1941

Wg Cdr G C O Key DFC

19 Jun 1941

Wg Cdr R O M Graham

 1 Jul 1941

Wg Cdr T N Partridge DFC

17 Jul 1941

Wg Cdr D C Smythe GM, DSO

 1 Mar 1942

Wg Cdr J R Cree DFC

13 Apr 1942

Wg Cdr J H Newberry DFC

24 Jul 1942

Wg Cdr C Hastie Jones DFC

 1 Aug 1942

Wg Cdr K A G S Lewer

24 Aug 1942

Wg Cdr H G Malcolm VC

 5 Dec 1942

Wg Cdr W J H Tucker DFC

20 Jan 1943

Sqn Ldr A Wray Eller

22 Feb 1943

Wg Cdr D C Sandeman DFC

23 Oct 1943

Sqn Ldr A Wray Eller

 5 Nov 1943

Maj L L Gordon DFC, SAAF

17 Nov 1943

Wg Cdr D C Sandeman DFC

 5 Dec 1943

Lt Col L L Gordon DFC, SAAF

xx Jun 1944

Wg Cdr A K Passmore DFC*

25 Jan 1945

Wg Cdr V Rees DFC

31 Mar 1946


 1 Sep 1946

Wg Cdr B E Peck DFC

15 Sep 1946


15 Mar 1947

Sqn Ldr Barden

10 May 1947

Sqn Ldr D R Turley-George DFC

15 Nov 1947


 8 Dec 1947

Sqn Ldr R M Burns

18 May 1948

Sqn Ldr J D Kirwan DFC

20 Feb 1950


 1 Aug 1953

Sqn Ldr R A Cooper MBE

22 Nov 1954

Sqn Ldr Alan H Chamberlain; later A/Cdre

xx Jan 1957

Sqn Ldr K W Simpson

16 Dec 1958

Wg Cdr  D J A Roe DSO, DFC

27 Nov 1959

Sqn Ldr T D A Lunan

18 Dec 1959

Wg Cdr Denys H Sutton later A/Cdre

 2 Jul 1962

Wg Cdr Nicholas R L Bristow later A/Cdre

31 Mar 1963


27 Jan 1964

Sqn Ldr H H J Browning

12 Jan 1965

Sqn Ldr P G C Wilson

20 Oct 1969

Sqn Ldr P R Wilding (wef 1 Jan 1968)

10 Dec 1971

Wg Cdr T S C Jones AFC

27 Nov 1973

Wg Cdr J E Maitland

12  Mar 1976

Wg Cdr J W Canning

15 Mar 1978

Wg Cdr Alexander F C Hunter; later AVM

 4 Aug 1981

Wg Cdr Anthony J Stables; later AVM

14 Oct 1984

Wg Cdr David M Niven; later AVM

8 May 1987

Wg Cdr R T Cuthill

xx xxx xxxx

Names for this period have not yet been found

xx xxx 1996

Wg Cdr Andrew D Pulford; later ACM

xx xxx xxxx

Names for this period have not yet been found

xx xxx xxxx

Wg Cdr A Naismith

xx xxx 2006

Wg Cdr R Mason

No 19 Squadron

 1 Sep 1915

Maj R M Rodwell

 2 Feb 1917

Maj H D Harvey-Kelly DSO (KIA 29 Apr 1917)

30 Apr 1917

Maj W D S Sanday DSO MC

19 Mar 1918

Maj E R Pretyman

12 Nov 1918

Maj H W G Jones MC

31 Dec 1919


1 Apr 1923

Reformed as part of No 2 FTS

 1 Jun 1924

Flt Lt Theodore J West

26 Jul 1924

Sqn Ldr Phillip Babington MC, AFC; later AM

23 Jul 1925

Sqn Ldr Hubert W G Jones MC

 1 May 1928

Flt Lt M H Cootes (Temporary)

10 Aug 1928

Sqn Ldr Edwin C Emmett MC, DFC

10 Aug 1928

Flt Lt M H Cootes (Temporary)

12 Dec 1928

Flt Lt G A F Bucknall (Temporary)

11 Feb 1929

Sqn Ldr Edwin C Emmett MC, DFC

12 Jun 1929

Flt Lt E R Openshaw (Temporary)

31 Jul 1929

Sqn Ldr Leonard H Slatter OBE, DSC, DFC; later AM

23 Oct 1929

Flt Lt E R Openshaw (Temporary)

 9 Dec 1929

Sqn Ldr Charles R Keary

25 Jul 1931

Sqn Ldr Alfred C Sanderson DFC; later AM

 8 Feb 1934

Sqn Ldr John R Cassidy; later AVM

 6 Jan 1936

Sqn Ldr J W Turton-Jones

18 Dec 1937

Sqn Ldr Henry I Cozens; later A/Cdre

 1 Jan 1940

Sqn Ldr Geoffrey D Stephenson; later A/Cdre (MIA 26 May 1940)

31 May 1940

Sqn Ldr Pinkham (KIA 5 Sep 1940)

 5 Sep 1940

Sqn Ldr B J E Lane DFC

xx Jun 1941

Sqn Ldr R G Dutton DFC*

xx Jul 1941

Sqn Ldr Lawson DFC

xx Mar 1942

Sqn Ldr P R G Davies

xx Sep 1942

Sqn Ldr M C B Boddington

xx Dec 1942

Sqn Ldr V H Ekins

xx Dec 1943

Sqn Ldr N J Durrant

xx May 1944

Sqn Ldr W McM Gilmour DFC, DFM

xx Aug 1944

Sqn Ldr W W J Loud DFC

15 Sep 1944


xx Oct 1944

Sqn Ldr M J Wright

xx Dec 1944

Sqn Ldr P J Hearne

xx Oct 1945

Sqn Ldr J R Broughton AFC

xx Apr 1946

Sqn Ldr C I R Arthur DFC*

xx Aug 1948

Sqn Ldr V C Woodward DFC*

xx Sep 1950

Sqn Ldr B L Duckenfield AFC

xx Oct 1952

Sqn Ldr B Beard AFC

xx Apr 1955

Sqn Ldr D J Fowler AFC

xx Aug 1957

Maj R G Newall USAF

xx Jul 1959

Sqn Ldr Leslie W Phipps AFC; later AVM

xx Jul 1961

Sqn Ldr R M Raw AFC

xx Jul 1963

Sqn Ldr W F Page

xx Jul 1965

Wg Cdr B R A Cox AFC

xx Aug 1967

Wg Cdr Laurence A Jones later AM

xx xxx 1970


xx Mar 1972

Wg Cdr P C Vangucci

xx May 1974

Wg Cdr Robert L Barcilon; later A/Cdre

xx xxx xxxx

Names for this period have not yet been found

No 20 Squadron

 1 Sep 1915

Capt C W Wilson MC

21 Mar 1916

Maj G J Malcolm

10 Jul 1916

Maj W H C Mansfield DSO

15 Oct 1917

Maj E H Johnston

26 Apr 1919

Maj John C Russell DSO; later A/Cdre

27 Apr 1920

Sqn Ldr John H S Tyssen MC; later AVM

1 May 1923

Sqn Ldr R T Leather AFC

25 Jan 1924

Sqn Ldr Cyril B Cooke; later AM

14 Oct 1925

Sqn Ldr John B Cole-Hamilton; later AVM

23 Jul 1926

Sqn Ldr J V Steel OBE

2 May 1928

Sqn Ldr Charles H Nicholas DFC, AFC; later A/Cdre

7 Apr 1930

Sqn Ldr Leslie O Brown DSC, AFC; later AVM

9 Nov 1932

Sqn Ldr Leslie N Hollinghurst DFC; later ACM

28 Sep 1934

Sqn Ldr J McG  Fairweather DFC

1 May 1936

Sqn Ldr Leonard de V Chisman DFC; later A/Cdre

13 Oct 1936

Sqn Ldr R J Carvell

16 Nov 1937

Sqn Ldr Basil E Embry AFC; later ACM

3 Oct 1938

Sqn Ldr Roger C Mead; later A/Cdre

8 Sep 1939

Sqn Ldr O H D Blomfield

4 Jun 1940

Sqn Ldr W E Surplice DFC

1 Oct 1941

Sqn Ldr A W T Traill DFC

2 Mar 1942

Flt Lt H G Fletcher DFC

1 Apr 1942

Sqn Ldr F F Lambert DSO DFC

26 Jun 1942

Sqn Ldr H G Fletcher DFC

19 Mar 1943

Sqn Ldr P C Joel

5 Mar 1944

Sqn Ldr A P Millar DFC

26 Nov 1945

Sqn Ldr J S Humphries

13 Feb 1946

Flt Lt G M J Sendall

15 Mar 1946

Sqn Ldr Ross P Harding later AVM

28 May 1946

Sqn Ldr J R Ritchie

31 Oct 1946

Flt Lt D H Davy

1 Dec 1946

Sqn Ldr R A Newbery DFC

1 Aug 1947


11 Feb 1949

Sqn Ldr R R Mitchell MBE DFC

24 May 1949

Sqn Ldr A R Hindley AFC

16 Sep 1951


14 Jun 1952

Flt Lt R H Benwell

11 Jul 1952

Sqn Ldr I C MacDonald AFC

20 Oct 1954

Sqn Ldr L C Glover

5 Apr 1956

Sqn Ldr J E Townsend

17 Sep 1956

Sqn Ldr R Bowie

30 Jun 1958

Sqn Ldr Michael A D'Arcy later A/Cdre