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If you would like to post a request for information please submit it to me using the link below and I will publish it on this page, please do not change the subject title.   If you can answer any of the queries posted, please submit your reply below, please indicate which request you are replying to: -

Send your request here


Request 1320    Posted 16 Mar 2024

I am researching Flying Officer R L Martin (175854) a Bomb Aimer with 156 Sqn whose aircraft Lancaster III PB468 (GT-B) was shot down over Hamburg on 31 March 1945 while attempting to bomb the Blohm & Voss submarine works.

He was commissioned on 10 May 1944 and awarded the DFC on 17 October 1944 while serving with 626 Sqn.   I do not seem to be able to find out much about this Squadron and would be most grateful for any information about it in particular when Fg Off Martin was posted to 156 Sqn.

I also have a photograph of him standing beneath a Lancaster with 6 other crew members - sadly the photo is a copy and is not dated.

It shows that the aircraft had completed 19 sorties and has a cockpit drawing featuring 'Ali Oop' a character in the Tommy Handley radio show who sold 'naughty postcards' and bears the logo 'I go, I come back' which sadly on 31 March 1945 was not the case.

Any help you can give would be most appreciated.

Robert L Taylor

(Ex RAF WO - Jan 1956 to Apr 1983)

Request 1319    Posted 5 Nov 2023

I am researching the history of Ramridge House, a Georgian mansion west of Andover which was requisitioned by the RAF in 1939 and was a Maintenance Group HQ during WW2. After the war it became the RAF Officer Selection Centre until 1952 and was disposed of in 1957.

In 1987 the house was converted into nine apartments. In the lower ground floor rooms were two murals, one of a Spitfire and one of a Sunderland. The Sunderland had suffered extensive damage from damp and could not be saved but the Spitfire is still in good order.

The murals were painted in 1944 by a Fg Off W R Orr who, I believe was a Navigator.

I am trying to find more information about the murals and, more significantly, Fg Off Orr.

If any reader has relevant information, I would be most grateful to hear from them.

David Richmond

Request 1318    Posted 28 Feb 2023

HMAFV Adastral, a flying boat depot ship. I was shown around this ship in the summer of 1946 in the Portsmouth area by Douglas Mackay (spelling?), who I understood to be a senior member of the crew. So is this a built memory or could it be true I was an eight year old on holiday staying at Hayling Island.

Allan Bell

Request 1317    Posted 26 Feb 2023

I am doing research on 45 fallen airmen of WWII that lie buried near my hometown in the Netherlands. One of them is Sgt (1228595) Edward Gedge.

He was the Air bomber aboard Lancaster Mk.III serial JB609, coded PH-P from No.12 Squadron RAF.

He was trained in Canada in 1942, No.82 O.T.U. RAF Wymeswold 19-7-1943 and No.1656 H.C.U. 12-10-1943. He was transferred to No.12 Squadron 9-1-1944. His plane crashed 20-2-1944.

I have his Service Records and information about his relatives, but….no photo.

Can somebody help me?

Ruud Slangen

Request 1316    Posted 2 Dec 2022

My name is Geoff Hill and I am an ex RAAF Flight Engineer.

A couple of years ago I bought a Stinson L-5 Sentinel I, which after some research I discovered was one of the 100 operated by the RAF (SEAC) in India & Burma during WW2 under Lend-Lease arrangements. Built as USAAF 42 99498 it was accepted into the RAF as KJ379. I am restoring the aircraft to its WW2 configuration and paint scheme, refitting as much original equipment as I can find. I have searched the US NASM (Smithsonian Museum), RAF Museum and IWM for information and images with limited success. The images are important so we can paint the aircraft, when it’s recovered, in the same scheme as it flew with during 1944-45. KJ379 was struck off charge in 1946, before making its way to the Philippines and imported into Australia in 1947 There are .

Do you have any information and/or images of Stinson L-5 Sentinels in RAF service?

Do you have any information and/or images of KJ379 operations with SEAC?

Geoff Hill

Request 1315    Posted 3 Nov 2022

I'm hoping someone out there may have information, photos and memories of my husband's uncle. His name was Flight Sergeant Clifford Plant and he was in the 61st Squadron based at Skellingthorpe. He  was the wireless operator and  flew with the following crew on an Avro Lancaster III ME385 QR-O:

Pilot (F/O) J A Macfarlane

Sergeant (F/E) A P Moreton 

Flight Sergeant (Navigator) WG Howitt

Sergeant (AG 1) H A Paterson

Flight Sergeant (A/B) J Chadwick

Flight Sergeant (AG 2) E A Koster

Unfortunately, during a night bombing raid over Lutzkendorf on 8/9 April 1945 Cliff's plane was hit by flak and crashed killing Cliff and the first 4 above named crew members. Flight Sergeants Chadwick and Koster managed to bail out. FS Chadwick also managed to evade capture and was liberated by US Armoured Division on 12 April 1945 whilst FS Koster was captured as a POW.

In 2017 my husband and I took my father in law, Cliff's youngest brother to Berlin War Cemetery where Cliff and his fellow crew members are buried/commemorated. He was 87 then, now at 92 he has been diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer's so it would mean so much to him and to us if someone was able to provide any information, however small or a photo of the plane that Cliff flew in, maybe a relative is out there who would like to get in touch? We have scanned photographs, digital copies of the Operations Record book that we would like to share too.

My email address is 

Kindest regards 

Julie Plant

Request 1314    Posted 23 Oct 2022

My name is Bram Dirkx, 31 years old from the Netherlands. I adopted the grave of Samuel Bernard Fordham (service number 2248679). He served as Leading Aircraftman in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.  This hero is buried at the Venray War Cemetery (CWGC) in the Netherlands. He died the 2nd of April 1945 in the Netherlands. I put flowers on his grave nearly every week and I pray for him, but I really want to find out more of Wilson and his family then and now. He was the son of Morris and Racheal/Rachael, of Clapton, London. 

I have look afrer 4 graves (A.B. Wilson(323540), S.B. Fordham (2248679), S. Green (2132588) and reporter W.E. Rippon) - one soldier, Fordham, was in the RAF; Wilson was part of the 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps;  Green was a Sapper, 612 Field Coy., Royal Engineers and Rippon was War Correspondent at the Peterborough Citizen and Advertiser.

I would like to make contact with any living relatives of these men, please contact me through

Request 1313    Posted 29 Sep 2022

I am writing a magazine article about the history of the RAF Exhibition Flight and its aircraft.  Its parent unit was 71MU.

I am interested in any anecdotes or memorable incidents that occurred during its long history.  Also any information about its original creation, evolution, day to day activities and eventual contractorisation.



Request 1312    Posted 25 Jun 2022

I am seeking Wg Cdr John Douch, known to his minions as The Whirling Spray!

Boz Robinson

Request 1311    Posted 17 May 2022

I am looking for information regarding WW2, specifically MU 308 based in India ,  and also No 1347.ASR Flight   My father Ivan Phillips service record shows these main details but am trying to get a little more info if anyone has any, particularly 1347 ASR Flight. 


Request 1310    Posted 10 Feb 2022


I need help, I have been sent these 2 photos from someone on a WW2 forum, the first one is a WAAF, who we think was based at RAF Culmhead and was wondering if anyone can identify her?  The second one looks like the Signals Section at the station.

If anyone can identify any of these people or who has a complete photo album of RAF Culmhead, my team seem to think these have come from a photo album I would like to hear from them on the e-mail above.

Stuart Hayman

Request 1309    Posted 31 Aug 2021

A Dutch friend (a retired RNLAF Wing Commander) has recently acquired the service dress of S/Ldr Leslie John Harries DFC (RAF 45348).

S/Ldr Harries was a Dakota pilot with No.48 Squadron RAF.  

During Operation 'Market Garden' (the airborne landings in The Netherlands in September 1944) S/Ldr Harries towed a Horsa glider on 18-9-1944 and dropped resupplies on 19th, 21st and 23rd of September.

Post war Leslie Harries flew for KLM for a while.

Can anyone possibly supply more info on S/Ldr Harries and a photograph?

Thank you in advance,

Arie-Jan van Hees

Author of 'Tugs and Gliders to Arnhem' and 'Green On! The Story of Arnhem Resupply'

Request 1308    Posted 12 Jun 2021

Looking for women and men who served on RAF bases during World War II. An Enniskillen lady is trying to piece together the wartime years of her mother, Maire, who was in the WAAFs, and was a NAAFI driver in Gloucester after the war. Maire was a Dublin girl, nicknamed ‘Rebel’ or 'Paddy' on the bases in Northern Ireland because she was from the Republic. She joined up in Liverpool, and during the war spent time in Balloon Command in London, later in Mechanical Transport, and was then part of coastal command which took her to Ballykelly, Limavady and Castle Archdale in Northern Ireland, St Athan in Wales, and eventually to Leuchars in Scotland. We would love to speak to people about their own memories of life on any RAF base during the war. Were you in the WAAFs? Or the RAF or the NAAFI? Or perhaps you had some other key role in keeping life on the base going? Do you recognise anyone in these photos?

If you have memories to share or know someone who does, please call Jennifer on 07906 893 823, or email We would love to hear from you.


 In this photo, she is bottom left seated beneath the man. (Would be so interested to know if anyone recognises the gentleman she is sitting beneath or indeed anyone else in the picture).

In this photo, Maire is the girl on the right turning around to face the camera.

 In this photo, she is the girl on the right sitting up high. And in the photo of all the women in their uniform, she is crouching down holding the dog. 

Request 1307    Posted 7 Jun 2021

I want to rediscover pics of my father G Shaw and godfather AVM G Ambler whose 608 squadron was inspected by the king at Thornaby aerodrome.

Request 1306    Posted 19 Mar 2021

I am looking for photographs of Flying Officer John Ellis Walton, 130176, in service with No. 241 Squadron from August 1943 to August 1944, when he was killed during a mission in Northern Italy.

Any photo of his crew-mates during the last mission would be much appreciated. They were Sgt. D.L. Lancaster , Flying Officers D.S. Monard and W.D.C. Hawkes.

Many thanks!

Claudio Ghiotto

Request 1305    Posted 11 Mar 2021

No longer required so removed

Request 1304    Posted 5 Nov 2020

I am trying to find more details and relatives of Sgt G Walker and Flt Sgt L C Roche who was shot down on 01/01/1945

They were the only survivors, of a bombing raid on Conegliano in Italy the plane was a Baltimore of 500 Squadron they returned to the uk

Any help would be most useful

Graham Sutcliffe (

Request 1303    Posted 8 Oct 2020

I’m writing a book about events in Cyprus during the summer of 1974 that led to the coup d’etat against Cypriot President Archbishop Makarios III and the consequent two Turkish landings and the lasting division of the island.

Of particular interest are the personal stories of any RAF service personnel or their families who lived through these times while stationed at the two sovereign bases on the island, especially those caught up in the turmoil, the fighting between both sides, and the rescue of the Archbishop. Fortunately, it was one of those occasions when, by a miracle, no British servicemen were killed though some were injured (which sadly was not the case for Canadian servicemen in the small UN force).

I’m interested in all forms of story, whether these are letters, diaries, audio recordings, any videos or simply those who are able to tell their tale from memory.

My details are  and telephone number 07802 586456.

Any information would be warmly appreciated.

With many thanks indeed,


Request 1302    Posted 5 Oct 2020

I am looking for any information pertaining to F/O Thomas Henry Boswell (947793 / 163153). I know that he was a pilot, but I can't seem to find anything much out about him, except that he probably joined up at Cardington in April 1939, served with No.1690 B(D)TF during 1945, and was probably demobbed in late 1945. Can anyone on here provide anything further please? My email address is

Thanks, Andrew Clark

Request 1301    Posted 19 Sep 2020

I am searching for any record of Harold Reginald Jones. I know that he was a “chargehand armourer” in 1947, living or working in Idbury, Chipping Norton, and married to a Doris Irene Jones (Formerly Andrews, maiden name Bignell.) I also know that he divorced a Phyllis Monica Jones at some point between 1925 and 1947. Harold and Doris were my father’s biological parents. By now, they are both deceased, but I am hoping to discover other living relatives.

If you have any information, please email me at



Request 1300    Posted 27 Aug 2020

I am trying to find some info about my late grandfather (passed a few years ago) – we came across his service record log book, and was in the RAF (Regiment) from mid 1940 to 1945. He started at Blackpool RC9 in July 1940.

According to the service book, he spent most of his time in AA Flights in Gravesend, and Biggin Hill (squadrons 2884, 4291, 2723, 2707), then moved to Burma in early 1945 as part of 2743 field squadron (in Burma, 2743 moved around Argatala FE Base – Ondauk, Ondaw, Kwetnge, Zayatkwin, then singapore and Hong Kong after the war ended).

If anyone has any info of other members of these sqaudrons, places they served, or even photos, I would be very happy to hear from you!

Thanks and kind regards,

Carl Wheeler.

Request 1299    Posted 8 Aug 2020

Does anyone know who drew this picture of my dad in 1951?

Long shot, I know!

Sally Blain (nee Rowell)

Request 1298    Posted  6 Aug 2020

Rita Ellis

My name is Sam Dean and I’m an assistant producer at Alaska TV based in London.

We are currently making a documentary about the murder of Rita Ellis at Halton RAF base in November 1967. The programme will be presented by eminent criminologist Professor David Wilson and the actor Emilia Fox (BBC 1 Silent Witness).

The crime is unsolved but the case has never had national coverage on TV and there is viable DNA. As such we feel it is possible, even 53 years on to get justice for Rita and her family.

Of course we would like to hear from anyone who has any information about the crime or even any relevant memories, but most importantly we’re desperate to trace anyone who knew Rita, even if it was just fleetingly.

We want to bring her alive on screen in an attempt to jog memories and inspire people to come forward.

Please do contact me on 07780 432998 or email if you have any information that could help.

Thanks & Kind Regards,

Request 1297    Posted 26 Jul 2020

Requesting help in researching details on Plt Off - Flt Lt John Everard Watson (198843) RAF, who served in 167 (Gold Coast), then 322 (Dutch) Spitfire Vb Squadrons from April to June 1943, and was then posted to Burma. Any information on Watsons Burma service would be gratefully received.

Request 1296    Posted 15 Jul 2020

I am looking for information on Royston Watson (582051). He was stationed at Halton in 1967, at which time he was a Wing Commander. He retired as a Group Leader I believe and passed away in 1995. I am interested in any information available, but particularly in his career from 1967 to retirement.

Thank you!

Doug MacGregor

Request 1295    Posted 4 Apr 2020

Researchers in France who are preparing a book to commemorate those lost whilst flying in Halifax V, LL114 NF-P of No 138 Sqn, which crashed at Antrans during Operation 'John 35' on 8 Feb 1944 and are now buried in Autrans Communal Cemetery.  They would like to make contact with any surviving family members of these airmen: -


Fg Off

REID, ARTHUR EDWARD (J/22367) age: 22 RCAF

Fg Off

TAYLOR, JAMES ALVIN (R/168071) age: 19 RCAF

Flt Sgt









Request 1294    Posted 13 Mar 2020

Removed by request

Request 1293    Posted 24 Jan 2020

I am writing a series of articles for (hopefully) publishing in an on-line flying/aircraft magazine about National Servicemen who served in the RAF and became aircrew. I would like to hear from any ex-RAF N.S. men who lived and flew through those interesting Cold War times.

My email address is-

Roger Romney Brown | 07881 627 591

Request 1292    Posted 8 Dec 2019

I’m looking for my father's photographs with his crew ready to go Cologne and Dresden. Photographs that I've lost

Joseph Henry Markham.  - Rear Gunner with No 195 Squadron, No 3 Group. Can anyone help to find his pictures?

Request 1291    Posted 5 Nov 2019

We are am searching for any information regarding the death of Ralph Osborne Edwards. He left the RAFVR in October 1948 (service numbers 953830 & 143273) to live and work in Pakistan as a civilian air instructor for the newly formed RPAF.

Apparently he died  in a mid-air collision (possibly flying a De Havilland Tiger Moth) shortly before the birth of his son in November 1949 in Rawalpindi.

We know from various family documents, along with his RAF service record, that Ralph Osborne Edwards, was born on 27th August 1919 in Bradfield, Berkshire. He was an only child. His parents were Leslie Augustus Edwards and May Winifred Osborne who married in 1913.

We do not have a photograph of Ralph or his log book. However, we do have a couple of newspaper clippings from 1946 & 1947 from two separate air incidents.

Any further details regarding his death such as the date of his death, a copy of his death certificate or a possible final resting place or memorial site would be very much appreciated.

Request 1290    Posted 17 Aug 2019

RAF Newmarket

I am searching for photos of Special Duties Squadrons at RAF Newmarket during the early stages of WW2 before SD Squadrons moved to RAF Tempsford.

I am also looking for the ORBS of SD flights in and out of Newmarket.

SD squadrons flew SOE agents and Resistance people in and out of occupied Europe and im a historian in the process of gathering photos and information for a forthcoming book.

I can be contacted at: or 07428695368



Request 1289    Posted 20 Jul 2019

I am seeking information on a November 1961 incident involving a Valetta out of RAF Topcliffe and a balloon cable!

At this time I was a student at Kings College, Durham University, and a member of Durham University Air Squadron.   A group of squadron members were picked up at RAF Ouston by a Valetta from RAF Topcliffe, further UAS members from Liverpool and Leeds were also picked up on the way, for a visit to RAF Henlow on 17th November.

While letting down into RAF Henlow in total cloud, and reportedly at 3500', our aircraft hit a balloon cable, approximately 6' from the port wingtip.  Fortunately for all on board the cable snapped and we landed safely with no injuries.  We did not land at RAF Henlow, and in fact never got there.

Although I would have expected such an incident to be the subject of an official inquiry, I can find no record of one.  In fact I have not been able to find any further information about this incident anywhere.

If anyone out there has any further details of this incident I would much appreciate hearing from them.  I would also be interested if anyone can point me at any possible source of further information.

As you can see from my email address, I now live in Australia.

PS: Further investigations have indicated the collision between our Valetta aircraft and the barrage balloon cable could well have occurred at what was, in November 1961, RAF Cardington.

It also seems likely the Valetta could have landed at RAF Bassingbourn after the collision.

Just wondering if this new information might prompt anyone's memory of the incident.

Many thanks.

John Waldram

Request 1283    Posted 12 Aug 2018

Does anyone have a copy of a Giles cartoon featured in either the Daily Express 28th /29th/ 30th October 1948 or Sunday Express 31st October 1948, showing a Lincoln Bomber in the top right hand corner circling over the Queen Mary? The Giles family are shown on deck but I’m not sure of the caption. A dear friend, now 98 years old was on that Lincoln when it was struck by lightning and navigation instruments were damaged. They spotted the Queen Mary below and were able to get co-ordinates and get home safely. He has carried the cartoon in his wallet ever since but sadly it has now disintegrated and he is devastated. I have searched everywhere for the cartoon, any help would be gratefully received.

Additional entry 8 Jan 2019

I am still searching for the Giles Cartoon I mentioned in my last email (August 2018) .

I now have some names of colleagues of W.Op Kit McVickers who were in 12  Heavy Bomber Squadron at RAF Binbrook in 1948.

Does anyone have any knowledge of: C.O. Wimberly, Sq Ldr Cassidy, Ft Lt Dorrity, Ft Lt Snee. P/O Norris, Gunners F Sgt Mike Chalk, F Sgt McLean, Nav 2 Fenwick, Joe Hemmings or Paddy McGrath.

I also have a photograph of the above Squadron.

I am now of the opinion that the cartoon was a spoof but would love to know more

Liz Stephens

Request 1288    Posted 15 Dec 2018

I am looking for help in identifying these men from No 6 Mobile Field Photographic Section, No 39 (Reconnaissance) Wing. Royal Canadian Air Force . Pictures were taken in 1944 in England possibly at RAF Odiham prior to D-day and Normandy landings.

Becky Bishop

Request 1287    Posted 9 Sep 2018

I'm looking for any photos of Wg Cdr Arthur Thomas Whitelock (1888 - 1964). He served first as a pilot in the RFC with 5 Sqn from 1915 and transferred to the RAF on a permanent commission in 1918. He was on the HQ staff at Ambala, India in 1920 and later, OC 10 Sqn (1929-1930) and OC RAF Andover (1935-1938).  Whitelock retired in 1938 He was born in Barnsley and died in Cirencester.

Also of interest would be to find out if he had any children?  He married Frances Mary Bryning in 1920 and she died in 1972. It would be wonderful to contact any surviving descendants.

Request 1286    Posted 28 Sep 2018

I'm looking for assistance to identify any members of this Pathfinder crew. Photo taken early/mid 44 in London area. The second airman appears from the image to have been awarded a conspicuous gallantry (air) award.

Request 1286

Any assistance gratefully recieved.


Paul Smith

Request 1285    Posted 19 Aug 2018

I am looking for British or American airmen who would have been imprisoned at Mont Agel in the south of France, and having escaped then stayed at the villa "Bon Accord" in Monaco (my grandfather's house) b
efore boarding British submarines in front of the Cap d’ail, near Monaco. (before 1944).

I'm doing research on my grandfather, Mr Alexandre Ponisowky, he would have helped his people there by putting his villa at their disposal. I have no other information than that and I use the conditional because I'm sure of nothing.

Isabeau de Rouffignac

Request 1284    Posted 9 Aug 2018

I am searching for information about my birth mother and wonder if anyone can help please?

My birth mother’s name was Janet Duncan or Nicol - she was also known as ‘Jen’ and she was born in 1925.  I know that she worked as an assistant in the canteen at RAF Leuchars in the early 1950’s.  I was informed that she was in the ‘Forces’ but believe she was employed as a civilian.

Any piece of information however small would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Sandra Seymour

Request 1282    Posted 2 Aug2018

I'm trying to find out more about 50 wing - 21 AD in France in 1940 - my father was a Flt Sgt in MT and was near Arras before they had to abandon the vehicles and evacuate the airfields they were at.

Anyone served with my brother  Tom (Thomas)  J H Wilson married to a Australian  girl Barbara was stationed at Lossiemouth 1960 - 1970 ish on Nimrods, also Leeming and Singapore.  Left the RAF to join Australian Air Force as instructor.

Many thanks 

Janet Wilson

Request 1281    Posted 27 Jul 2018

Does anyone have any WW2 connection with 610 County of Chester Sqn

Ian Wear

Request 1280    Posted 16 Jan 2018

Lost Log Books for John W.W. Graham RAF pilot.

I am trying to find my father’s Log Books which my mother loaned to an anonymous “author” in 1975 shortly after his death. They were never returned.

He was shot down during a raid on Keil Shipyards flying a 61 Sqn Hamden on the night of 8/9th August 1941. He was POW at Stalag 3 for the rest of the war.

I have exhausted many avenues and would appreciate any help in locating them.

Prue Dunsford 

Request 1279    Posted 16 Jan 2018

I'm trying to trace RC (Bob) Ritchie or his family. He was a very successful motorcycle racer between 1952 and 1965, competing at the Manx Grand Prix and the TT. I know he was an RAF serviceman, and was variously enters as hailing from Leuchars and other RAF stations, so may have moved around a bit.

 I'm writing about Scottish Motorcycle Racing history and would dearly love to find him - or his relatives - to feature him in a page or two. Any help is appreciated, and I can be contacted at or on 01592 650562

 Jake Drummond, Secretary, Kirkcaldy & District Motor Club

Request 1278    Posted 28 Apr 2018

I am looking for relatives of ex-RAF pilot William E. Holland (or Bill Holland as he was known to his friends). He was in China in the 1920s and was the pilot who test-flew the Schöttler 1 at Lunghwa in (I believe) 1927.

I would like to know what happened to him after that flight.

The engineer of the Schöttler1 (and the others that followed) was my grandfather (of whom I only heard stories from my mother) and I have a rather faded photo of the 2 gentlemen in the cockpit of the said bi-plane. The info would allow me to add a paragraph to my grandfather‘s few pages of history.

Awaiting a reply from anyone who could shed some light on this story.

Thank you,

S. Ilati

Request 1277    Posted 27 Feb 2018

This request has been removed having been answered.

Request 1276    Posted 3 Feb 2018

I'm looking for info on my father's RAF career at Buckeberg airfield during 1945/46, he was Alf Fletcher commonly known as 'Tuby' No 1179099.  He was a keen sportsman particularly football and being Welsh he was also good at Rugby.

Headley Fletcher

Request 1274    Posted 16 Jan 2018

I am a local historian and am compiling as much material as possible on RAF Fairlight and the sister station RAF Grangewood (both 60 Signals Group).  I would very much like to hear from anyone with personal knowledge of either station and if any photographs exist I would like to see them.

Hope to hear from you.

Best regards.

Haydon Luke

Request 1273    Posted 10 Nov 2017

I'm trying to find out more about Sgt James Mcintosh Mcdonald..he is one possible contender for an unidentified  man on a local war memorial in Bury St Edmunds area

Sgt Mcdonald was on Saro Lerwick  L7263 of 209 Squadron, lost on patrol on 22nd February 1941.  Can anyone help?


Request 1272    Posted 3 Nov 2017

I am Ray Richardson son of Master Pilot G H Richardson .

I have been trying to get information about him for some time about his time in the RAF, 22 years.  I have his records, but haven't come across anyone who can give me personal information about him. 

I would be extremely pleased if you can help or point me in the right direction.

Any information no matter how small or insignificant would be greatly appreciated.

Request 1271    Posted 3 Nov 2017

This request has been removed having been answered.

Request 1270    Posted 21 Oct 2017

Please does anybody have a photograph of the following 10 Squadron crew that flew in a Halifax III coded ZA-D between September 1944 and February 1945?

The crew were:

FL  L Murphy  Cpt

FO  C Schoneck  Nav

FO  W Conlin  A/B

FS  S Adams  W/OP

FS  E Rynoe  M/UG

Sgt  W Stokoe  F/E

Sgt  D Pepper  T/G

Aircraft in which they flew included:

NA228, LW545 (Sept & Oct 1944), MZ534 (Nov 1944), HX332 (Dec), NA228 (Jan 1945 onwards)

To be honest I would be grateful of any photo of ZA D as a Mk III, 1944 - 1945 (I only have a 1943 photo of it as the older model)

A photo of the crew would be the icing on the cake!

Dorothy Carter

Request 1269    Posted 5 Aug 2017

I am searching for any information about the man in the photo below.

His name was John, surname unknown.  He is wearing the shoulder title worn by Rhodesian Officers attached to the RAF Volunteer Reserve and was a Sergeant and a navigator.

He was in Yorkshire in March/April 1945 and had a relationship with Ethel Whattam, who worked at The Royal Bath Hospital Harrogate.  

The photo was taken at The 'Bee-Hive' Studio, 23, Cheltenham Crescent Harrogate and has a number on the back.

Any help in obtaining further information about him would be greatly appreciated.

Maureen Silversides

Request 1268    Posted 9 Jul 2017

My mother, Doris Beard, born November 1915, was engaged to a Dave Henderson who I gather had something to do with Radar during WW2.  She passed away many years ago and now recently my father, and I was wondering if anyone has any information about Dave Henderson and maybe a picture from that time.  (It would be great if there was a picture of Mum with him!).  I am running out of time of people in that era to ask so it would be nice if I could link up the many photos I have, most of them without any information on the reverse!

I am assuming Dave was in the RAF?  Can anyone help please?

Many thanks.

Gerry Cotterell

Request 1267    Posted 9 Jul 2017

Linda Street -  RAF Spitalgate/Grantham

Can anyone help my mum had a RAF passing out parade possibly late 60s cos came out cos I was born in 72 she lost he photo what all the woman signed when left 

Request 1266    Posted 24 May 2017

The Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa (EAMENA) project at the universities of Oxford, Leicester and Durham is launching an appeal for any old aerial photographs of the Middle East and North Africa. Many photographs were brought home by members of the RAF, and we are hoping that anybody who owns or has inherited any photographs would be willing to share them with the EAMENA project to help protect and preserve the valuable heritage of this region. Please find our full appeal and contact details at the following address:

Request 1265    Posted 15 Apr 2017

Can you help?

Am looking for anyone connected with either of the above squadrons that may have

archive material for 1944.

Thank you

Barry Fentiman

467/463 Squadron Association

Request 1264    Posted 15 Apr 2017

Motley Crew St. Athan Nov' 1962

This is one of several pictures sent for uploading to our website and is said to show the 43rd Entry Saint Athan in mid to late 1962.

We have not been able to identify any of the individuals (although we recognise a few faces) or which trade/trades they are.

Do you recognise anyone or their trades or can you set any light on the group? You can respond via the website

Request 1263    Posted 12 Mar 2017

I was wondering if any one had heard of a person Royce Douglas Hawksworth Chava .He maybe was a flying officer in 8 Squadron before the Second World War Born in Kandy ceylon he left and came to live in Australia .He married and had 1 daughter ,me. Any information would be helpful.


Margaret Rushworth

Request 1262    Posted 5 Mar 2017

I am a member of A history group researching the 'history' of those men listed on our town war memorial, in particular Sergeant Geoffrey William Hartland RAFVR, 115 Sqn, who disappeared, with all the crew without trace on December 12th 1940 in a Wellington. He was the pilot.

Does anyone have a photograph or any other information which might be relevant.


Joyce Carter

Request 1261    Posted 26 Feb 2017

I'm looking for any information about the man in the photo below.

Edward Colin ? Smith J born 1923-1926 ?  He was in  Iceland RAF 1945-1946.

In 1946 he was resident at 7 Harrington Road, Crosby, Liverpool 23

Best Regards

Olof Smith.


Request 1260    Posted 26 Feb 2017

Albert Kitson DFM

I am currently sorting through my late mothers effects and have come across several photos of Albert (Bert).  All I know is that he was engaged to my mother but was killed in an air accident in Scotland of 27th September 1941 and is believed to be buried in South Wales.  I do not have any service number for him but believe he was an Air Gunner.  Also that he was awarded the DFM and attended Buckingham Palace with his mother and father - date unknown.

I would love to be able to forward these photos to any surviving relatives.



Request 1259    Posted 26 Feb 2017

Removed as it has now been answered.

Request 1258    Posted 16 Feb 2017

My father master pilot George Henry Richardson, was in 240 Sqn and spent time with Grapple Y in 1958 at Christmas Island . I have been doing research into his time in the RAF, and a researcher got me his records . 

Dad never talked about ant time spend in the RAF , although he was in for 22 yrs, being demobbed at Ballykelly, Northern Ireland in approx 1959 . 

Any information however insignificant would be appreciated, so I can possibly put another piece of the jigsaw together .

He was in Bomber ,Transport and coastal Command flying Lancasters, Shackletons, etc and only passed away 12 years ago. 575086.


Ray Richardson

Request 1257    Posted 30 Jan 2017

I'm currently working on a series about the Cold War for BBC Radio 4 documentaries. Each edition focuses on a particular moment in the cold war, as recounted by three people who were there.

The episode I am focusing on is for is the early 1980s when the Cold War hotted up again after a long period of relative calm. American missiles arrived in little English towns like Mildenhall and Alconbury, and with them came US servicemen – and their families - in large numbers, bringing new pressures but also new prosperity. This episode is about the impact of this on one base – but also about waiting for a war that, if it comes, may be decided by actions taken in its first few minutes.

I would like to find three speakers to contribute to this episode. The casting I am aiming for is –

American who came over 

British person directly involved in the base 

Bystander affected by bases arriving

Each would talk about the social aspects of a large number of Americans turning up in a small English community, and then go on to talk about the impact of one of the near nuclear misses.

Please only get in touch if you’re serious about taking part. Please email me with your name, telephone number, background info on yourself and time details of the time spent at whichever American air base you were stationed in. My email is – – thank you.

Request 1256    Posted 29 Jan 2017

My name is Paula Kelly, my uncle was based at Coningsby in approx 1966 - 1969. He was part of what I believe was the athletic team he used to run many long distance races all over the world for the RAF.  I am trying to find any photos of him or anything relating to this time he served as he is not very well at all unfortunately a very short prognosis has just been given to us; it would mean the world to him if I can find anything for him.

Request 1255    Posted 18 Jan 2017

I am trying to  the Flying Log Book belonging to George U Hill, DFC and 2 bars,

He was a fighter pilot ace who was Canadian from Picton Nova Scotia.  He fought in The Battle of Dieppe August 19,1942, then on to Tunisia as commander of No.111 Squadron.  Then onto Malta, where he got his first DFC.  In 1944 flying over France his long range gas tank became free, and he was forced to land.  He was arrested and spent a year in a Gestapo Prison.

His log book may have been last seen in the Ottawa region , it may have been loaned out, but not returned. 

If anyone has this book the Hill family would appreciate its return it without any questions asked.

Best Regards.

Barbara Hill

Request 1254    Posted 20 Dec 2016

I'm looking for any information about the man in the photo below.

He may be my grandfather. The photo was found among my grandmother's things after she passed. She kept the relationship a secret for 61 years before telling my father about his real biological father. 

She never said his name but described him as tall and handsome, a pilot who died during WWII.

From the information that my father unearthed, I know that he was in the RAF and he met my grandmother in Blackpool while he was being trained there.

My father was born in March 1945, which means he was conceived in May or June 1944. 

Thank you!

Request 1253    Posted 19 Nov 2016

I'm looking for any information on my grandfather Herbert Young, aka Peter.  He was Stationed at RAF St Athan during the 40's.  He was married to Florence Young.

Many thanks.

Request 1252   Posted 12 Nov 2016

I wonder if anyone has any knowledge of any surviving family members of Air Commodore West VC whose grave is at Holy Trinity Church, Sunningdale, Berks. The Air Commodore's grave was attended to by the VC Trust, 8 Squadron RAF Airmen and other volunteers on 7th and 8th May 2013.

I believe he had at least one son, Peter John Francis West, now deceased as of 1996. I wonder if anyone is aware of any surviving relatives of the Air Commodore, possibly surviving siblings and/or widow of Peter John Francis?

Patrick Kessack

Request 1251   Posted 12 Nov 2016

I am working on a documentary film about 425 (R.C.A.F.) Squadron and am seeking information on the following R.A.F. personnel who served with that bomber Squadron during WW II:

F/O Basil ("Bunny") L. Shaw [RAF 124649], Bomb-aimer and perhaps later a squadron leader;

Sgt. Frederick ("Fred") W. Wright [RAF 933863], Wireless Air Gunner;

Sgt. Kenneth ("Ken") W. West  [RAF 3032854], Flight Engineer.

Are any of them still alive and, if so, where might I contact them?

Thanks for any help that you can provide,

James Girling

Request 1250    Posted 22 Oct 2016

Who was Margaret Anne Clubley, In 51 Sqn, Snaith? Who did she know?

Request 1249    Posted 2 Oct 2016

Mosquito at RAF Banff March 1945

Armourers of 8248 Servicing Echelon, RAF Banff.


            Bill                              Kemma                        Ken                             Don M Macphie

            Ernie                            Barnie                          Howard                       “Gash”

Does anyone recognise their Father or Uncle? Can you provide their surnames?

Request 1248    Posted 2 Oct 2016


On 24 October 1941 our village, Roden, in the North of the Netherlands, was bombed by the RAF.  It was a mistake, the crew thought they were over Emden Germany but one person in Roden was killed. I have written a book about that bombing (2005).  After the bombing there was a question as a strange hole was found in the ground. Was it a bomb that did not explode? Nobody knew.

The plane that bombed Roden seemed to be Wellington, W5704. The crew; Sgts Gray, Austin, Whitton, Tomlinson, Gill and Cox. No first names. That was a pity. I looked in the reports how many bombs the plane had onboard. Well, that were 7. Also incendiaries. So incendiaries, 6-500-pound and one 250-pound.  I missed one bomb in our village. So that was probably the hole in the ground. I warned the municipality that there was a dangerous situation in the middle of our village. Nobody listened. When they were planning a underground car park I warned them again. Now they listened and a special company did investigations, which on 26 July this year found a 250 lb bomb.

I am now writing the second part of the book. I have sent many mails to the UK to find more about the crew. I know more about the Wellington now.  W5704 was shot down in the neighbourhood of Eindhoven (Netherlands) on 31 May 1942, being flown by another crew. The problem is that I do not have first names of the crew. I searched the records for the bases the Wellingtons came from on 24 October 1941, which were Waterbeach, Mildenhall, Feltwell and Stradishall.  In total 12 planes went to Emden. I think Feltwell was the place the Wellington came from and  Sgts Gray and Whitton were on that base (I think and hope). Gray and Whitton died exactly two weeks after Roden, on 7 Nov 1941 but their aircraft was lost without a trace.  The question is; are Sidney Dennis Colley Gray and Richard Frank Whitton the right persons?  Can anyone show me the way to find out more about the crew. Maybe relatives? I would like to mention them in my book.

Tjerk Karsijns, Roden Netherlands.

Request 1247    Posted 2 Oct 2016

Has anybody any information about 72 Wing during WW2. I know they installed Radio Nav Aids as the Allies liberated Europe. My Father was a cook with the Wing and I would like to at least trace his route across Europe. He left some mementos of Switzerland which has always puzzled me how he got there.

Pete Pharoah

 Request 1246    Posted 2 Oct 2016

 I am looking for any information on RAF sergeant Reginald Charles Hatton he was born in 1927 and died in 1966 in the Aden campaign and is buried in silent valley, I am trying to find anything about him or his life or anything at all

Georgia Clark

Request 1245    Posted 4 Sep 2016

My name is Ma Tangi and I'm from New Zealand.

I am currently in search of a man named Peter Miles who in 1957 was one of 5 fitting aerial erectors who boarded HMS Messina to Penrhyn Island (which is an island part of the Cook Islands) also known as Tongareva, from Christmas Island.

They had apparently set up camp in the village of Omoka near the airfield and had erected a number of communications aerials and masts at the weather station on the island.

They were collected by a Shackleton of 240 Sqn and taken back to Christmas Island. They returned to the Radio Engineering Unit at RAF Henlow in the United Kingdom in August 1957.

My reason for this search is because my grandmother fell pregnant with my mother in 1957 on Penrhyn Island in the village Omoka to an English man who she only knew as 'Chris'. 

According to our research there were only 5 English men from the RAF at the time of which my mother was conceived, however none of them with the first name 'Chris'.

We stumbled upon the ex-RAF website and found pictures of 4 of the 5 men who were on the island in 1957. 

We are only in search of Peter Miles because of the striking resemblance my mother has with him and we are in the hopes of maybe finding the other half of her lineage and bring her some closure with this missing link.

Please, if anyone can give me any information, this would be greatly appreciated. 

Request 1244    Posted 4 Sep 2016

My name is Bill Crawford from Glasgow.

I am trying to find any information regarding RAF personnel who served with my late father on No 504 AMES at Dingli Cliff Malta from November 1940 to June 1944.

I am also trying to find any relatives whose fathers/grandfathers served on this Radar Unit at Dingli cliff Malta during WW2

The Station was commanded initially by Flt Lt J.M.R. Sutton from Wales then by Flt Lt Tony Clark and finally by Flt Lt H.J.N.Maxey.

My father William Crawford served as a Radar Operator on this unit from its formation in London in August 1940 till he moved in April 1943 to RAF Helwan in Egypt.

I am also trying to find any RAF personnel or their relatives who served on Radar in Malta during WW2, the units involved being No's 241, 242, 501, 502, 314 AMES.

Request 1243    Posted 10 Sep 2016

I am trying to find more details about a Peter Brown, a test pilot in the Bridgnorth area during the 1950s. Apologies for the vagueness of my query but any information will be much appreciated.

Chris Broom.

Request 1242    Posted 4 Sep 2016


I am looking to make contact with anyone who was involved in the 1950s with dropping sweet peas over the gravesite at the Cambridge (Madingley) American Cemetery.  The name Ron Webb, flying an Avro Anson with a specially modified door & shoot has been suggested. Any info on these sweet pea drops which were made on Memorial Day would be much appreciated.

Request 1241    Posted 20 Aug 2016

I’m looking for the Family of A C Parker (Service no 1819525) who was at the no 9 Radio school Yatesbury in 1944 as I have in my possession a box full of letters sent to him by he’s wife Grace.

Many Thanks

Steve Johnson

Request 1240    Posted 14 Aug 2016

Not strictly RAF I know - but could be?

I'm trying to trace my natural father, all I know is that he was stationed at Middle Wallop in 1964/5 albeit I don't have a service/regiment or unit. I believe called Roy Roper, maybe known as 'Dean' Roper & possibly held rank of Sgt. Would be aged 70 -80 today if still alive, any help at all no matter how small greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Powell

Request 1239    Posted 5 Aug 2016

I am searching for information on the Radio Relay squadron, 2nd TAF in Laarbruch, West Germany, particularly around the late 1950’s to early 1960s.  I am especially interested in lists of names connected to these years. Any information on people from Lancashire. There is a man i am searching for who was in this particular squadron at the same time as my granddad. His name is/was Vince Nutter and was born in Brierfield, Lancashire, England. He was around 20 years old in 1958 and became a radio officer in merchant navy. Any information would be appreciated greatly. Thank You.

Request 1238    Posted 5 Aug 2016

I was born in the RAF hospital in Wegberg in 1967.  My father was David Walter Soden.

I would love to find pictures of my father, he passed away in May this year, can anyone help?

Davina Cartmell

Request 1237    Posted 24 Jul 2016

I am Simon I run the Bury Table Tennis League, This will seem a bit random for a moment but please bear with me.   We have a cup in our league called the Barlow Cup. The winner of the open singles championships gets presented this cup. Twice throughout the years it has gone missing but we have it back now. We are getting it restored and it will look great when we have done this.

The Barlow Cup is named after a man named Bill Barlow who died serving the RAF in 1944. It was presented to the Bury league by Vernon Peatfield in 1947.

I have learned that Bill is buried in The Alexandria Chatby Military & War Memorial Cemetery in Plot N164 and am currently working on obtaining an image of his grave. His service number was 1060892 and he was the son of James & Florence Barlow and married to Vera Barlow. He was 23 when he died meaning he was born in 1921 or 1922.

Both Bill & Vernon were National standard table tennis players in the late 1930’s and are featured in a few magazine articles from 1938 & 39 but i cannot find them in any other post war magazines. 

Vernon & Bill were doubles partners and in the late 1930's were a formidable doubles team making many finals together.

In addition to being doubles partners they were frequently opponents. Bill won the open singles tournament in Bury in 1937/38 and in the 1938/39 season Vernon & Bill were opponents in the open singles final with Vernon being victorious.

This cup has an engraving on the front of it relating to how Bill passed serving for the RAF on the 8th August 1944.  We have correspondence (the last) from Vernon from 1959 stating that even though he moved to Northampton he liked to keep in touch how the Bury League was performing.

The cup will next be contested in early April next year and we would love to trace a member of the Peatfield or Barlow family to present the restored version to whomever wins it next.

I'm writing to you because (long shot of the century) to see if you have any of you guys have any knowledge of anything relating to Bill Barlow or Vernon Peatfield within your memory banks, Anything at all that may help me track down a member of the Barlow or Peatfield family? or, any interest in helping me promote this campaign so I can find somebody?

I have researched the name Peatfield and it is not hugely common in the UK. There are hotspots for this surname in Yorkshire and also Milton Keynes & Notts. 

Vernon was A Vernon Peatfield. We believe the A stood for Arthur and he possibly married a lady called Marjorie Naylor although this may be incorrect. Bill was WT Barlow. I know Bill won the Yorkshire open in 1939 but that is all I have on the guys.

Request 1236    Posted 16 Jul 2016

I am writing a book about the aircraft crashes in my village of Glabbeek near Tienen in Belgium (total of 4).  I need more information, pictures of the crew and relatives concerned in the crash of Vickers Wellington, R1471 KO-T  of No 115 Sqn on 5 Jun 1941 at Glabbeek.

The crew were made POW - Flt Lt. F L Litchfield, Sgt R M Hilton Jones, Sgt Donald Arthur Boutle, Sgt A S Lawson, Sgt E F Lambert and Sgt Walker.  They were flying from Marham to on a mission against Frankfurt Mannheim Karlsruhe

Can anyone help?

Thanks André

Request 1235    Posted 29 Jun 2016

I am still looking wartime recollections and especially photographs of Dakar, Lagos, Freetown, and Takoradi habours, taken in late 1942-through July of 1943.

I am in the midst of a book focusing upon the S.S. SANTA MARGARITA, a  US Flagged freighter, that sailed up and down the West  Africa coast from 12 June to 11 August 1943.  I am currently revising and expanding a chapter on her time in West African waters.  [Thank you to everyone who contacted me in the past:  I am looking for additional help at this point.]

She took troops to Dakar, pre-fab housing to Takoradi and various cargo back and forth on the coast.  In August, she loaded return cargo including mahogany logs, for the return trip to the United States.

You can reach me at using the link above

Theron P. Snell, Ph.D

Request 1234    Posted 8 Jun 2016

See Request 1236

Request 1233    Posted 4 Jun 2016

April 2018 RAF Centenary/Aviation Heritage commemoration at Cheltenham

As one of the events to mark the centenary of the RAF, a major commemoration and exhibition is being planned for April 2018 at the Jet Age Museum at Staverton Airport. The primary purpose is to expand awareness and understanding of the unique military aviation heritage in Cheltenham and the surrounding region. If anyone has information, documents, anecdotes, stories, photos or anything else that would be of use, please contact me, Mike Bryant, at britbryant <a> hotmail .com


Request 1232    Posted 13 May 2016

I am undertaking a project on RAF Chivenor during the BAe Hawk months and years which were from the 1st of August 1980 until closure on the 1st of October 1995.  As part of this I am looking for the names of the Squadron Commanders of No 63 squadron for the years 1985-1986 1990-1991 and 1991-1992 and any information on Flt Lt Dave Stobie during his posting to RAF Chivenor.  I do know that he was a Pilot on 92 Squadron as a Qualified Weapons Instructor, OC Standards Flight and a former Phantom pilot. As part of Chivenor's final airshow season he was the Command's Display Pilot for 1994  I would particularly like to find out when he arrived on 92 squadron and when he left 92 Squadron, might he have been with this Squadron during their service at RAF Wildenrath?

Jonathan Karslake

Request 1231    Posted 13 May 2016

I am looking for any pictures of my uncles or anybody who knew him in 61 Sqn - A J D Eaves at Skellingthorpe.   He was killed in action on 26 November 1943 in Lancaster,QR-H, W4198 'Hells of Poppin' Contact me through the link above.

Request 1230    Posted 20 Apr 2016

I would like some help on the following Royal Air Force Squadron Number 63 and in particular the help I would like is the names of the Squadron Commanders for the following years 1985-1986 1990-1991 1991-1992 this would be during the time period when 63 Squadron was part of Number 2 Tactical Weapons Unit at Royal Air Force Chivenor in North Devon.

Request 1229    Posted 15 Apr 2016

My name is John Walsh and I am looking for any help in contacting Mr. R.S.NICOL or someone in his family. 

I have in my possession an item that was presented to him when he was in the RAF.

Unfortunately the only information I have is what is engraved on the box.

It was presented to him by his commanding officer Group Captain D.D. Rogers OBE  at R.A.F. Seletar for his services as Pipe Major in May 1956-Nov 1957 .

I feel this box and contents should be back with him or his family and not with me , so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be more than grateful.

I can be contacted at using the link above.

Request 1228    Posted 1 Apr 2016

I am looking to contact Pilot officer  Rosalind Borgman who married Wing Commander A W Tarry. Maureen Clements nee Fenton

Request 1227    Posted 30 Mar 2016

My father Edward Patrick O'Malley 431260 of No 7 squadron RAAF flew Mosquito's out of RAF Wyton in England in 1944 and 45.  I believe he was attached to No 128 squadron.

We had his log books and my brother lent them to someone researching the squadron.  Unfortunately my brother died and he did not record who the documents were sent to.  Any clues?  Obviously I would like them back.


Martin O'Malley

Request 1226    Posted 25 Feb 2016

I was with the Royal Signals detachment that was attached to 86 MU? RAF Antwerp in 1957.  We handled all of their signal traffic. I spent six happy months with them until the unit was closed as the end of 1957. 

Although I have searched the net quite thoroughly to find info on the old unit I have not been able to find one scrap of evidence that they ever existed ! Which leads me to question whether I did !!!!!

The unit was housed in what was known as the Old Rice Mill with its front entrance on the Vlaamskaai , with the storage facility opening up on to Museum Straat . Across from which was Madeleines Cafe which was run by an old French Parisian woman & the favourite local watering hole of all personnel.

 I would imagine that trying to find any info or anyone who was stationed there so long ago, is the needle in the haystack syndrome but it would be really nice to find someone from the RAF who served there , with the hope they could help me out with a few memories or maybe a photograph .

Sincere Regards .....Robert Wright

Request 1225    Posted 31 Jan 2016

As a result of various strange ‘co-incidences’ on visits to East Kirkby during 2015, I am currently researching lancaster NF961 of 630 squadron. I would love to see a photograph of the aircraft and her seven crew if at all possible.

After speaking to various sources I realise that this is going to be quite a long shot, as the aircraft only lasted for eight operations before crashing on the Yorkshire Moors during a training flight on 18/10/1944 with all crew lost.

I would also be interested in seeing a photo of Dennis Holyoak, buried in Yardley, Birmingham, who was one of the crew. I have found photos of the other six crew members but not him, which is a shame, as I have been able to visit his grave and pay my respects.

Thanks in advance,

Karen Shortland

Request 1224    Posted 31 Jan 2016

On behalf of the Frayn family in Calgary Canada  I am looking for information about  RCAF Pilot Officer Richard Paul Frayn Born  08-12-1911   he was killed in a aircraft accident on a trainings fligth by night on a Airspeed as an AS10 Oxford plane at Whiteway  near Cirencester, Gloucestershire on January 8th 1943.

However, the family doesn't have any pictures of him, can anyone assist the family in locating any?

Kind Regards

Aad Driessen

Request 1223    Posted 29 Jan 2016

I am looking for any information, pictures or relatives of William Charles Pitts. I only know he served in Indonesia 1946, possibly also some years before or after that.

Kind Regards,

Jeroen Duin

Request 1222    Posted 17 Jan 2016

Can anyone identify this officer who appears next to Hugh Dowding in footage used in the American documentary Clash of Wings, part 2, The Plunge into Reality?

Thank you

Dai Williams

Who is the officer on the left?

Request 1221    Posted 17 Jan 2016

I hope to find any living relatives of LAC MERVYN JOHN NURSE.

A 60th anniversary memorial will be taking place next month and therefore would like to invite any relatives who would like to attend

Thank you


Request 1220    Posted 25 Dec 2015

Hi Can anyone put a name to this picture, the only clue I have is RAF Colerne

Regards Tandy

Request 1219    Posted 29 Nov 2015

I'm looking for anyone who did their square bashing at Padgate Lancs in 1951. My grandfather was there at that time. His name is William Hunter 2557503.

Any information would be most gratefully received.


Angela Page

Request 1218    Posted 12 Nov 2015

I'm looking for pictures of Mr William PANTER RAF pilot from 1946 to 1950. He was based at the beginning in Burma after I have more information. Can you help me for this search, I would be grateful. Thank you

Request 1217    Posted 8 Nov 2015

My name is Chloe,  I am looking for my great uncle’s log book, he was a navigator in WW2.  I finally found it on Ebay of all places but it was sold, I got in touch with the seller and all he could do (which was very kind) was forward my email onto the buyer.  I understand the buyer not wanting to get in touch with me but it is my families history so I will try anything to even just have a digital copy. 

It would mean so much if anyone has seen it floating around, I have done some very extensive web searches and so far it has not popped up again.  I can send scans of birth certificates, photos, tags to legitimize my request.  Please see Jim’s information below, and the link to the old Ebay listing.

Flying Officer James Allan Logan of the New Zealand Air Force

WW2 Observer's and Air Gunner's Flying Log book

Thank you, thank you , thank you.

Request 1216    Posted 8 Nov 2015

I am trying to contact 2840607 ACW Liz Reid (maiden name) RAF Kirton in Lindsay July Aug 1963.  I want to return some old photographs  and a chain I have recently come across.

Liz Read

Request 1215    Posted 2 Nov 2015

I am trying to trace John Bennett - he served at RAF Seletar, Singapore 1956-1958, serving his National Service. Reginald 'John' E. Bennett is his full name but he was known as 'John'. He was originally from Cheltenham, Glocs. He worked in the Pay Office at Seletar. He was aged 19/20 years when he finished his National Service. Whilst at Seletar, he was a member of the Choir at St. Georges Church, Seletar, along with my Mum - Avril nee Haine, then aged 15 years

Request 1214    Posted 24 Oct 2015

I have found in an old book a petrol invoice dated 1930’s for  Flt Lt Ogilvie  to refuel the above mentioned aircraft – which he then owned  .If any member of his family is interested I would be pleased to  send them the original or a copy.

I see that he survived the War and  and retired an  Air Vice Marshall-so he had a very successful career

Fascinating piece of memorabilia

Lovely site too

Graham Whittaker

Request 1213    Posted 23 Oct 2015

I'm hoping / wondering if anyone reading this has any information, photos or memories of my Grandfather.  His name was Stanley Walter James Andrews but more often than not was called Jim. 

He was born in 1922 and sadly passed away in 1966 before any of his Grandchildren were born.  He spent WW2 in two squadrons, No.8 Mobile Works Squadron and 5053 Airfield Construction.  I believe he spent time in Libya and Singapore at some point across these two units between 1941 - 1946.

He was from Croydon, South East London and reached the rank of Leading Aircraftman and was never part of air crew.

Any help, stories or information from those that knew him would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Steven Andrews

Request 1212    Posted 13 Oct 2015

I am writing in the hope that someone may know of a Harold Blakeley (my Granddad) service number:- 12283613. I don't know what squadron he served with but he did marry a Kathleen Schorn in Calcutta, West Bengal India in 1932 so I was wondering if anyone knew what squadron he might have been based with. I am doing my family tree for my mother - Harold was her father but she knows nothing of him nor has she ever seen a photograph of him. He bigamously married my Nan, Edna Dixon in 1936 in Wharfedale where upon my mum Shirley was born and then left shortly after. Mum did not find out of Harold until she was 17 and was never allowed to talk about him.  I have traced his family but him personally we know nothing of.,  Please can anyone help.

Kind regards

Sharry Jepson

Request 1211    Posted 7 Sep 2015

Information required of 216 Squadron’s commanding officers during the period of the First World War. Particularly in respect of William Ronald Read. Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Alex Revell

Request 1210    Posted 24 Aug 2015

This has been answered.

Request 1209    Posted 20 Aug 2015

I am looking for a sibling, who my father gave up for adoption while he served in the RAF, he served at North Luffenham. 1970-1972  we have scant information. he is not sure of the gender of this sibling, we have no name, and no real age, we think the child was born late 1971, put up for adoption early 1972.  If there is anyone out there who served with my farther, and knows a name of this child or the name of the mother.  My father's name was George Mason.  My name is Andy Lisle-Mason, if anyone has any information please email me using the link above.

Request 1208    Posted 20 Aug 2015

I'm trying to find any information regarding my father, Raymond Malcom Haines, he was a RAF aircraft technician in Rhodesia in 1953. after serving there he served in Malaysia and Singapore. While in Seleter we were flown back to RAF Brize as he became ill in 1962, on boxing day that year he sadly died aged 30, two years later my mother died also of cancer.
I have tried many sites hoping that someone may see my post and might be able to help me. I was 3 at the time.
Thank you Carol Brown

Request 1207    Posted 20 Aug 2015

I am trying to locate my father as above.  I know he was in the RAF catering.  I believe he came from Aylesbury - but not 100%. I believe he may be a couple of years older than my mum who was born in 1919.

My mum (Kitty Collis) lived in Walton on Thames and may have met in the Wayside Hotel (or Boarding House)  and at some point after war(about 1947 they went together to Brighton  for a couple years to work in catering in hotels. This was where I was born.(Sept 1948).  Then they moved back to Walton and within a couple of years he was out of my life - probably because I understand he was already married with 3 children.  I am told it was 3 girls and two of them were twins, and that around that time they were between 9 - 12 yrs of age.

I am now 66 years of age and still know very little about my father who will now be deceased Im sure.  If only I could have a DoB !!.

I was given my sister's father's surname COLLIS.  And my Birth Certificate is NOT correct..  

I won't go on too much until I receive a reply - but would like some guidance.  He must be registered somewhere for  RAF Catering training in WW11 

Many thanks,

Jan White 

Request 1206    Posted 20 Mar 2015

If anyone reading this knows the whereabouts of the flying log books, or any other items, for my husband's grandad, Cyril Norman ELLEN, we'd be enormously grateful if you would get in touch.  Cyril Ellen joined the Royal Naval Air Service in 1915, initially as a Chief Petty Officer, and gained a Commission at the end of 1916. He was an observer during WW1, entering the Royal Air Force on the first list in April 1918. He gained his Wings in 1921 and remained in the RAF until retirement in 1946, retaining the rank of Air Commodore.

Many thanks, Annie Barnes

Request 1205    Posted 20 Mar 2015

I have in my possession a gift from a Leopald Herbert Stewart given to a lady by the name of Eileen Evans dated 19/2/1944 it may well have been lost over the years, if the gentleman or the lady would like it returned i would be glad to do so.  I realise that both people may well have passed on and not wishing to be unkind or bring back old memories.  It is signed by a wing commander Steward who I think may have been a Squadron Leader after this time.

Yours truly M. Baden.

Request 1204    Posted 13 Mar 2015

I am trying to trace why Flight Sergeant Algernon Crompton service no 34168 was awarded the B.E.M recorded in the gazette January 1945.

Request 1203    Posted 13 Mar 2015

Whilst researching our Ancestry we came across a letter addressed to our Father.

During WW2 he served as an aircraft mechanic, and was stationed in South Africa for some of the time.

We have a letter from "Glendore" the "Claremont's Hospitality Home for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Men of the Merchantile Marine"

It is dated 8th November 1944 and sent from Main Road, Claremont, Cape.

It appears our Father wrote to them to thank them for their hospitality, and a Helen Tomlinson from "Glendore" is replying to thank him for his kind words.

Would anyone know any more about this place please?

Thank you

Andrew Chrimes

Request 1202    Posted 6 Mar 2015

I am looking for information about P/O F J Harniman.

P/O Harniman was navigator/observer in the aeroplane piloted by my late uncle when it was shot down. The info I have shows:

Commonwealth War Graves records W R Chorley : RAF Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War, Page 186, Volume 1942.

(copyright NAA and Alan Storr)
Aircraft Type: Mosquito
Serial number: W 4065
Radio call sign: GB – N
Unit: ATTD 105 SQN RAF
Mosquito W4065 took off from RAF Horsham St Faith at 1302 hours on the 19th August 1942, detailed to carry out an armed recce over Bremen, Germany. Nothing was heard from the aircraft after take off and it failed to return to base.
Crew :
RAAF 404658 PO Kelly, C D Captain (Pilot)
RAF 102142 PO Harniman, F J (Observer)
PO Kelly lost his life and PO Harniman was a POW.

If any of your members has any info about FJ Harniman I would be grateful.  

Kind Regards

Brian Josephson

Request 1201    Posted 1 Mar 2015

I'm trying to locate a book written by Sqn Leader Treby he was an engineer with 'Coastal Command ' and worked on Sunderlands . Can you help ? Regards D

Request 1200    Posted 27 Feb 2015

My name is Paul Phillipson

I am trying to trace anyone stationed at RAF Sealand, Flint, Cheshire, England during 1954/55.

I am looking for information or recollection of an Airman 3rd class stationed during this period.

His name was Willy (Green or Gray) Ellis from the U.S.

One thing that may help is that I am lead to believe he was possibly Court Martialled for an altercation with his commanding officer and that the newspapers were involved, this was more likely 1955.

If anyone remembers anything about this or has any papers/year books etc that may provide a clue to his actual name and what happened, please email me on the link above

This could enable me to complete a very long search for answers.

Yours sincerely


Request 1199    Posted 9 Feb 2015

I am looking for any information on Jack Vere. He was in the RAF during the war.  I think he was stationed in Yorkshire.  He has two sons, John and Guy.  Guy and Jack went to South Africa.  He was very good at squash.

Thanks, Daryth Patten.

Request 1198    Posted 9 Feb 2015

I am looking for anyone or photos of the American medical who were at RAF Hospital Nocton specially with to regard to a George Readon if anyone could help I would appreciate it

Theresa walker

Request 1197    Posted 22 Jan 2015

I am tracing the flying career of Flt Lt AJS Hodson DFC who flew with 76 Squadron in WW2 - including the raid on Peenemunde- can anyone help- please reply using the link above

Request 1196    Posted 9 Jan 2015

I did my National Service as a radar mechanic on 66 Squadron Hunters stationed at Linton then Acklington between November 1956 and June 1958. We had a Squadron photo taken outside the hangar at Linton around Christmas 1956 crowded around a Hunter but my copy got lost and I wonder if anyone has a copy.

regards, 5021244 John Bainbridge.

Request 1195    Posted 9 Jan 2015

I am looking to find Squadron Leader Geoffrey Stephenson book, anybody know where I can purchase this?


Kevin Hodgkiss

Request 1194    Posted 3 Jan 2015

 I am a design history researcher researching and writing a paper on a European emigre who came to Britain in the 1930s to escape the grip of the Reich. I understand in reading testimonies from those close to him that he was involved in paint development research for the RAF in the early 1940s. Can anyone recommend any relevant resources, archives, books that might be useful?

Thanks, Duane Kahlhamer

Request 1193    Posted 31 Dec 2014

I am searching for a picture of my grandfather George Hodgkins of the 600 squadron based at Biggin Hill in 1950. He part of the procession during the funeral of HM King George V1

Thank you and wishing you a happy new year


Request 1192    Posted 29 Dec 2014

My name is Anne Gafiuk.  I am a freelance writer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, working on a wartime scrapbook project.  Within its pages is a list of men who trained at the RAF #31 EFTS base in DeWinton, Alberta during WWII.

I have letters and photos, plus anecdotes about the men.  I would be happy to reunite them (electronic copies— as the scrapbook belongs to a Canadian family) with the original person or their families, if possible.  

Also, I am looking people who could share stories about their time at #31 EFTS with photos, if available for a book about WWII and how it affected Okotoks and DeWinton, Okotoks being the town closest to DeWinton.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Request 1191    Posted 21 Dec 2014

My Dad, LAC William Henry Stallard, served at RAF Seletar, Singapore, was at Kuala Lumpur (Burma) and later at BCAIR Iwakuni shortly after the Hiroshima bomb. (Demob Friday May 16th 1947)

He was known as "Jock" then, by his family as "Harry", and by my Mum as "Bill."

Some people he knew then: Ernest (Wee Moose) Astley (from Keighley, W. Yorkshire), Gordon (Joe) K Brown (from Belper, Derbyshire), Eddy Hart, John (Tom) Spears, John Woodhead, Earnshaw, Tom Atkinson, Gordon Bellerley, Eddie Hart, Andrew Tampson, Gus Gale, Slim Cartledge (Engineers - died 1964), Joe Brown, Harry Palmer, Bill Scragg.

I regret to say I know next to nothing about his service time, just a few stories when I was a kid.

My Dad died in October 2007. My Mum, Betty, is still going strong!

I'm trying to find out as much as possible about his service, particularly 17 Squadron and SE 7132

I would love to hear from anyone who may have information - I have photos I can upload but not sure how do this on this site -

Thanks, all the best, Jim Stallard

Request 1190    Posted 10 Dec 2014

Any help  re No 45 (Atlantic Transport) Group  operating from Windsor Field Bahamas 1942-1944 or any links to William Frederick Morris- Radio Officer, Elwood Palmer Walmsley - pilot or Peter Leonard Taylor - air gunner  who were the crew of a Martin Baltimore aircraft FA427  which crashed on take off killing pilot and radio officer.



Request 1189    Posted 25 Nov 2014

I am trying to find info on Jonathan Joseph Dennis he served at Thorny and at Locking during early/mid 1960s, any assistance great fully received, Jon Gilbert

Request 1188    Posted 22 Nov 2014

Having looked at your very interesting and informative site. My uncle Flt Sgt William M Patterson RAFVR was rda/nav on 96 Sqn Mosquito  MM451 piloted by P/O  John Cecil Owen Allen  both reported missing on the night of 7/6/44 baled out 10miles seaward of Manson due to engine failure search made but not found, I understand from another site that P/O Allen had a son, I have been trying to find out more as my cousin Flt Sgt Pattersons son would hope to get in contact if possible so far without luck and was hoping someone with aid of your site might help.

Many thanks Brian Patterson

Request 1187    Posted 22 Nov 2014

I am submitting an enquiry for any information/images of Ronald Manning who I believed served in the RAF as a LAC in Oldenberg, Germany between 1952-1955.

He was engaged and later married to April Privett. I believe the address his letters were sent to was:

4067384 LAC Manning

No 3 M.R.S.U

R.A.F Oldenburg

2nd T.A.F

B.A.O.R. 25


Any information or help would be greatly appreciated!

Please email me using the link above.


Sophie Abbott

Request 1186    Posted 10 Nov 2014

I am wondering if anyone new Patrick (Pat or Paddy) Joseph O'Brien, born in 1920 and I believe served in Burma, Air Sea Rescue. He died in 1985, when I was 18 years, and I know little about him. Many thanks. Cathie

Request 1185    Posted 8 Nov 2014

Can anyone tell me the date when RAF Wildenrath was visited by the AOC, 2TAF to carry out a full station inspection?  I think it was sometime in May 1953.

Norman Brown

Request 1184    Posted 5 Nov 2014

Hi my name is Rob and I am trying to find old pictures of Madley air base or anything related as my now late grandad was based there. His name was Sgt David Cook and no. 3035178 I have found his flight record and he was in unit 4 RS Madley. I'm not holding out much hope but any info or where to go for pics etc would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Robert Mepham

 Request 1183    Posted 30 Oct 2014

Albert Harold Ernest PARKER (Known as Harold or 'Hal')

Albert was my father and I believe he was in the RAF in WW2, possibly a Flt Sgt and possibly in Burma?

Unfortunately my parents separated when i was 3 years old and I never met my father again - I recently found out that he died in 1981.

I am working on my family tree and I'd very much appreciate input from anyone who knows anything about him.


Anthony Parker

Request 1182    Posted 28 Sep 2014

Could anyone please help me find information on my Great Uncle Sergeant PETER ALLAN RAF PILOT....   Died 1 August 1930 result of an air crash at Bedford, England Parents Susannah & the late P.A.Allan of Edinburgh, Scotland.  PETER had 1 Sister.  Don't know of any other siblings PETER is my grandmothers 1/2 brother.

Susannah is my grandmother's mother...  My grandmother was SARAH ROBERTSON ROSS of Edinburgh, Scotland.

My grandmother came to N.Z. as a young bride with her Kiwi husband Charles Beloe..

Grandmother told us PETER was once the King's Pilot???????

Any information or photos for our family in New Zealand would be appreciated.

Thanks, Judy Philpott nee Beloe....

Request 1181    Posted 30 Aug 2014

I'm attempting to find a photo(s) of the Wellingtons used by No. 109 Squadron RAF in their missions to the Middle East in October, 1941.
Six Wellingtons were modified with the Jostle II communications jammer for use during Operation Crusader in November, 1941. As stated earlier, they left the UK in October.  This photo is for use in an upcoming book to show the installation and to also compare it to a similar device tested by the USAAC.
Can anyone assist me or know someone who might be able to?

Alan Griffith

Request 1180    Posted 17 Aug 2014

My name is Leon Janssen, and I have a RAF motorcycle. I'm looking now for pictures of RAF motorcycles! And motorcycles in the area of Sheffield during the second world war!

Kind Regards,

Leon Janssen

Request 1179    Posted 14 Aug 2014

I am trying to trace my late Father-in-Laws RAF Record. The information I have at present is:-

Name:- John (Jack) R Downing.

Number :-W1517775

He was shot down on 21/22 Feb 1945 in Aijen. He survived but I cannot find a POW number. (Non listed) At the time  he was in 170 Sq based at Hemswell. I recall him telling me this was his first flight from Hemswell and he had lost his lucky silk scarf before this trip.

I am trying to find out where he was prior to this. I believe he was a rear gunner in Lancs during his war service.

After he was demobbed he rejoined the RAF and served all over the place, Ceylon (I think this was post 1945), Burma (again post 1945) Aden, Cyprus, Christmas Island, Maralinga, Germany ,as well as the UK.

He was very reluctant to talk about his service in the RAF but I am trying to gather as much information about him that I can. Any help would be appreciated.

Request 1178    Posted 2 Aug 2014

My father John Morey served with 62 Squadron before and during WW2. He has now died. Is anyone out there who was a member of 62 Squadron? Just looking for a bit more information about the Squadron's roles and work.  Thank you. Julia Holder  

Request 1177    Posted 2 Aug 2014

I have recently found some photographs from RAF Basra, Iraq, from 1929 -1931.  I have no information about these photos, apart from the name LAC  Hathaway, and the soldier studying him is called Jack.  If anyone recognises any of the people in these photos, I’d love to learn more about them.

Many thanks

Stuart Glover



Request 1176    Posted 27 Jul 2014

 I am looking for information on Sopwith snipes flying from Netheravon in 1925. In particular the most likely colour schemes , and especially any info on the Snipe that Gilbert Insall would have flown.

Many thanks

Terry Grace

Request 1175    Posted 24 Jul 2014

 I'm seeking info concerning my father, Cpl Fred Crompton, RFC 26218 as I found a photo of him a few days ago whilst researching mechanics, observation balloon sections, Palestine 1917.

Will Adams and Lancia truck, Syrass Jan 15, 1918

The man at the front is my father, the only photo I have of him with others in the RFC.

Could anyone assist in providing more information on his career?

Many thanks

Dennis Crompton

Request 1174    Posted 11 Jul 2014

My name is Mikael from Sweden and I am helping my dear friend Sandra to find out more about the story around her grandmother Annemarie Booge and the unknown soldier who had her pregnant soon after the Second World War ended. In that time Annemarie lived in the village Uetersen not so far from the famous Rosarium.


We have been told that his name was Alexander, a Canadian soldier so we guess that he was stationed at the RAF controlled base in Uetersen with some of the Canadian Squadrons there? It was about here my interest started.. Today we know a little bit more about the life at the base because we came in contact with Mr Peter Jackson who had written two wonderful books about the soldiers mission 45-55 at Uetersen. The baby girl (Kerstien) was adopted away very soon after her birth in May 1946 to a couple in the region of Hamburg. Annemarie past away in 2003 but before that her daughter Kerstien had a chance to speak to her about her father. Unfortunately there is not so much more than that he was a Canadian soldier and that they met at the Barracks. We also know that she told Kerstien that she was their Lovechild. The reason why she adopted her away was because she was not able to take care of her and her life shouldn’t have been as good as if a loving couple took good care of her. Some months before her birth Alexander was called back home so he asked a friend to take care about Annemarie.
Who was the friend, could he have been an English soldier?

In the beginning of June this year me and my friend had a road trip to Germany to found out more about her relatives and found out that Annemarie born 3.2.1923 short after the adoption start working for the RAF base herself.


Photo’s of Annemarie at that time she worked on the base.


 In 1949 she met a Polish man with name Horst Gustav Richard Klimaschewski born 24.1.1926 in Stettin, Poland who worked for the Englishman as a telegraph man at the base. They married in 1950 and had two boys but they never lived together which is very curious? He lived in Hamburg and met a younger girl..


Mr Klimaschewski

At the road trip we also went to a small village called Bliesdorf-Kunersdorf were Annemarie’s loved brother RIP with many other soldiers near the Polish border, Oder. We found out that he was killed the 20th of February 1945 in Ortwig just before the hell brooked down in Seelow Heights. The boy soldier will now have his grave stone that the grave is missing; he died only 19 years old.

One day Sandra’s Father told Kerstien that he got an employment in the famous factory Hasselblads in Gothenburg so they had the possibility to move to Sweden and start a new life there. Sandra’s oldest brother was born in Germany but she and her younger brother was born in Gothenburg/Bergsjön, Sweden, a place with fantastic nature and a lake to play with their friends. Kerstien and her daughter both became great artists and the talent must have came from Alexander. Annemarie has told Kerstien that he had drawn a great picture of her.
Today Sandra’s loving father has passed away and the memory is all that she has left of him so that is why this story matters so much to her to find out about her relatives through the history. For many of us it is a matter of course to know about our relatives but when a war gives the life other options will the reason to knowledge take a bigger place….

Some questions which you maybe can help us with:

Can you please post the photos of Annemarie and Mr Klimaschewski in hope that anyone may recognize them?

Who was Alexander? Are there any picture of him and Anne Marie?

Is there any photos to find out with her at the base 1945-52?

Any photos of Mr Klimashewski and who was he?

Have any of your readers some idea or some photos were any of them appear?

Request 1173    Posted 11 Ju1 2014

My grandfather served in the RAF, 541 Sqn in 1949, his name is Ronald Foskett. It's his birthday next month and I am desperately trying to find some information or photographs to give to him as a present.

If anyone has any information please get in touch using the link above.

Many thanks.

Request 1172    Posted 15 Jun 2014

I am currently researching and writing Victors' War which is about the RAFVR and WAAF "war stories" of my late parents, Victor Seymour Swain and Dorothy Iris Swain nee Huggins. Vic Swain served in 114 (RAF West Raynham, North Africa, Italy) and 13 Squadrons (North Africa, Italy) and 232 Wing (Hassani, Greece); won the DFC in 1945 (attacking the Polesella bridge over the River Po); was seconded to USAAF in North Africa; remained in the RAF post-war until 1966; his last posting was as Wing Commander (Flying) at RAF Benson under a Group Captain O'Neill (as I recall); became a Principal in the Civil Service at the Ministry of Defence, involved (I understand) in personnel security vetting. Dorothy Iris Huggins served at RAF West Raynham (tailoring shop). I am especially interested in memories, stories and anecdotes by anybody who knew either of them at any time in their RAF careers, or who can recount "everyday life" in the above squadrons in WW2. David Swain

Request 1171    Posted 15 Jun 2014

 My name is Heather Holden nee Blake and I am trying to identify the RAF Officer in the attached photo.

I am researching my fathers war record with his photos. I believe this was taken at Aswan Airport about June /July 1942 when the papers from Cairo were being sent to London after "Ash Wednesday".

My father (Sgt. Basil Blake) is at the back on the left and his friend (Sgt.Robert E Hall) at the back on the right behind who I believe to be ATS Margery Lassiter. 

Any help would be most appreciated,

Request 1170    Posted 15 Jun 2014

296 Squadron – Sgt Edgar Bonser  Flew with F/Lt Stp Hilton in Albemarle V1810 on D Day – RAF Brize Norton

Would anyone have any information about the following men:

F/Lt S. HILTON – Pilot





(Crew arrived at RAF Brize Norton in April 1944, flew on D Day but had to crash land at Greenham Common)

Edgar Bonser was seconded in to 297 Sq on 27th August to fly on a mission to France with F/Sgt Alan Busbridge.  The plane crashed on return to RAF BRize Norton and all the crew were lost.

I would be interested to know if any of his regular crew are still alive.

Monica Tudor

Request 1169    Posted 15 Jun 2014

I am looking for anyone with memories of WW2 fighter ace Brendan 'Paddy' finucane. Perhaps you were based at the same station or one of your relatives knew him.

Anything at all is interesting - please do get in touch.

Many Thanks,

John Donovan

Request 1168    Posted 15 Jun 2014

I am looking for a photograph of Sergeant Peter Neville HEWITT.  He was a air gunner in the Volunteer reserve in No 103 Sqn and later No 12 OTU at Chipping Wwarden and died in 1944 aged 20 near Northampton.   I am desperately trying to find a picture of him or him with his crew.


Request 1167    Posted 2 Jun 2014

Hi My Name is John Lancashire and I am interested in finding more about My Uncle ‘s Time in the second world His Name was Albert Bishop Lancashire, he was a navigator in bomber command I believe based in various bases on the east coast, He also helped to teach the American air force bombers to navigate at night. The family do not have his flight log it went missing a long time ago . So I am asking if anyone could help find his log book or let me know if they served with my uncle. Have information or stories they could let me know would be greatly appreciated.


John Lancashire

Request 1166    Posted 30 May 2014

My father, Fred Hockings, was stationed at Cairo West during WW2 with Ferry Squadron, he was an aircraftsman.  I am trying to find out more about his time there, he died 6 years ago, we did take him back to Cairo before he died but so much had changed.

If anyone has any information or tales of their time there I would love to hear about it.

Lynn Kitson

Request 1165    Posted 25 May 2014

I was an engine mechanic at Martlesham Heath 1952-1954 and my memory is failing me as regards recalling the name of the Station No 2 ie Station Adjutant at that time to CO Wing Commander Oldbury DFC.   

I’d be grateful - even over the top - if sks (some kind soul) could help me win the day against this appalling memory setback that I have the misfortune to be encumbered with.

Someone out there must have a memory in better shape than this old codger’s. Here’s hoping; as the saying goes, hope springs eternal. 

Request 1164    Posted 16 May 2014

I’m researching RAF Clyffe Pypard and would like to contact anyone who served there from its opening (as No 29 Elementary Flying Training School) in September 1941 to closure (by then relegated to use as a transit camp for Lyneham) in the early 1960s.

I’ve consulted the official records (F.540/Operational Record Books, local government records, aircraft records etc), but need personal recollections, log book details and photos – anything in fact, to properly document this little-known airfield.

Request 1163    Posted 24 Apr 2014

I would like information on Jas. A. Robb , Rail Transport Officer, No. 45 (Atlantic Transport) Group, Royal Air Force, Montreal Airport, Dorval P. Que. About Oct 1944.  I am hoping to be able to link him to my father, Henry J. Drew, Inspector, and his planned trip to South America, Galapagos Islands.

Henry B Drew

Request 1162    Posted 13 Apr 2014

My name is Derek Goffin and I and my older brother would be grateful if anyone could assist us with information regarding to our father’ Jack Herbert Goffin [April 1927-February 2000] (FMA) About his time served [as far as we know] in the 82 Squadron between 1940! till late 1945. First here in England and then in India/ Burma from about 1942-1945 when he return to England and left the RAF. Any information about Jack Goffin or of 82 Squadron would be greatly received as well as any photos you may have?.

He came from Norwich, Norfolk, England.  I have enclose three photos, one of Jack Goffin and another with him [back far left] and five other lads, on the back of this photo is ”Norwich lads on squadron Kolar, 1943”(no idea who the other fire lads are. do you) And the other has on the back of the photo ”1000th sortie celebration".

Request 1161    Posted 18 Apr 2014

My Grandfather, Norman Quick, 130698, was a Flight Lieutenant, Navigator on Lancasters with 150 Squadron from November 1944 to May 1945. 
I have his Flying Logs which show the aircraft he was on which I'm pleased about. It shows he was on - Lancaster JB613 which was coded IQ-Y. Other aircraft he flew in were NG359 IQ-L, NN742 IQ-U, PB746 IQ-X, PB817 IQ-Q, NN752 IQ-R, RF243 IQ-N, RA584 IQ-A, PB738 IQ-A. IQ-H was ME486 and IQ-S was NG333.

I would like to appeal to anyone who may have information on these aircraft or even better photographs of them?

The purpose of my appeal is my mums birthday is coming up and I'd like to put photographs of an actual Lancaster my Grandfather was on in a frame with a portrait of her Dad.

Request 1160    Posted 18 Apr 2014

I'm researching a TV documentary. Can you help me find Rafael Gray, approx 96-7 yrs old. He was flight sergeant in 81 Sqn in 1944 Burma.
He has a son initial J maybe John?

Request 1159    Posted 13 Apr 2014

I am trying to find either the survivors or relatives of the survivors of  the crew of Wellington XIII, NB824 - F Freddie.  The bomber, of RAF Coastal Command, Langham, Norfolk, crashed on take-off  on the 26 March 1945, killing the four members of the crew who were in the front of the plane.  These were:-

W/O John Brogan       Pilot                            

Flt/Sgt Frederick A Harris      Co-pilot          

Flt/Sgt Leonard Shelton Cuthbert                 

Sgt Leonard Lewis Laming   

I am a relative of Flt Sgt Frederick A Harris and have now traced relatives of the other three who were killed.    

The survivors were:-   

Sgt J Marston    From a letter written to Flt Sgt Harris’ father I know that he came from Hathershaw, Oldham

Sgt D R Carter 1295425

W/O C E Loftus        

It would help if I knew the forenames of the survivors.  I have had no success with Sgt Carter even though I have his service number.  There may well be a commemoration of the crash of this Wellington on the 70th anniversary next year and  it would be a pity not  to have relatives of the survivors there as well as those killed.           

Any help would be appreciated.

Patricia Harris

Request 1158    Posted 13 Apr 2014

I am looking for some Information or photo's of my Gran's Brother who was killed during world war II.

His name was Sgt Kenneth Henry Dean and he was a flight engineer in 61 Sqn RAF.

I understand from some research he was a crew on Lancaster ND727 which I believe was shot down on 19/03/1944 on a mission to bomb Frankfurt, Germany.

If anyone has any more information, copy reports or photograph's I would really appreciate your help.

Many thanks.

Request 1157    Posted 6 Apr 2014

I am looking for information on the following airman, killed in action over the Netherlands while on a bombing raid to Kassel on 28 August 1942, while serving as a pilot with 12 Sqn RAF:

Sergeant Douglas Spencer Ewart McNeil 1312485 RAFVR, he served in following locations during training, and then with 12 Sqn:


Blackpool (he was there in Jan 41)



Flight 3B, Intake 40, at No. 1 Initial Training Wing, Babbacombe, Devon  in May 41

Torquay in May 1941


Binbrook (12 Sqn)

Douglas gained his wings in December 1941.  It appears as of Easter 1942 he was flying Beaufighters, but then went on to Wellingtons.

The radio call sign of X3802 was PH – J.

RAAF records indicate the aircraft "crashed in the garden of Mr Giezman-Nieuwenweg, 58 of Poeldijk on the south west outskirts of Den Haag, (Zuid-Holland)".   

The family has been looking for years for a photo of him while in the air force.


Richard MacNeil

Request 1156    Posted 23 Mar 2014

Does anyone have any information on 2nd Lt William Reason Bishop or 2nd Lt Douglas Fraser Mackintosh (who Served as George Matthews) of 55 Squadron Royal Flying Corps.

Their DH4 was shot down on 2nd October 1917 near Meulebeke Belgium on a raid on the airfield at Marcke near Kortrij, both Bishop (pilot) and Matthews (observer) were killed

I am a great, great-nephew of 2nd Lt Bishop and have been researching his and Matthews story and would be really interested and grateful to hear from anyone who knows anything about them or 55 Squadron in September and October 1917. Does anyone have any photographs of 55 Squadron or the airfield at Boisdinghem at this time?

Thanks and Regards

Richard Bishop

Request 1155    Posted 23 Mar 2014

I am looking for any information about my cousin Harold Thomas Lydford b.1898, d.1979, flew in WWI and served in WWII.  Member RAF Delegation to Washington DC in 1942, Promoted to Air Marshal, and received CBE in 1945.

Regards,  Pamela Lydford

Request 1154    Posted 13 Mar 2014

I'm Looking for information about his (my) grandfather Anthony Szczepanski born 01/17/1904 in Brzeźno. Until 1939 he lived in Koronowo, Poland.

Data services:
- 1939 mobilization of the aviation unit in Torun;
- Service in France?; England:
- Airplane mechanic;
- Service No: 793589;
- From July 1940 - 302 Squadron
- April 1943 Boulton Paul
- November 1943 133 Airfield H.Q.,
- August 1945 RAF Coltishall

Until the end of the war - promoted to Sergeant
I would be grateful for any information about it
Janusz Baranowski

Request 1153    Posted 9 Mar 2014

Does anyone know where in Lossiemouth the women of the NAAFI were housed during WW11? My mother was there during the war and I'd like to visit the place she stayed if possible.

Regards, Jeanette Dunlop.

Request 1152    Posted 5 Mar 2014

My name is Rob Bangma and I live in the Netherlands nearby Rotterdam.  I have a Dive Center at the Oostvoornse meer in the south of Holland.  On July the 4th 1940 a Bristol Blenheim, L8866 was shot down and crashed near Oostvoorne.  The captain Ivor Worthington-Wilmer and Sgt George Edwin Maydon where buried at in Oostvoorne and Zwartewaal.  However Sgt Jesse George Stanley was never found.

We are searching the lost bomber and possible remains of Stanley.  I have only one photograph of captain Ivor Worthington-Wilmer and am looking for photographs and possible family contacts.  Could anyone help me to get further information?

Request 1151    Posted 1 Mar 2014

I am searching for information about 1301604 LAC Jack Bennett of 215 A.M.E.S and then later 2198 Squadron stationed in the Middle East until 1944. Jack was in correspondence with my late great aunt until 1944 and any information on him would be greatly appreciated.  Please email me on the above or at

Request 1150    Posted 1 Mar 2014

Today I received an email from Michael Servos, in Australia, about a photo of his great uncle with my father Flt. Lt. Richard Davies 61 Squadron.

I was thrilled to be able to send him the photo.  My father was  killed in 1943 and his great Uncle in 1945.   I wonder if any of the  men in the photo survived the war?

Bombing Leaders Course Photo

Request 1149    Posted 1 Mar 2014

I wonder if anyone remembers my father Flight Lieutenant Basil Proddow who flew in Squadron 174 in the Second World War. I know his spent the second part of the war as a prisoner of war. I enclose the squadron picture with him highlighted.

Photo of No 174 Squadron

Request 1148    Posted 20 Feb 2014

I would be grateful if anyone could assist me with information regarding my father. (who, I assume, is now dead)  

Harold Walter Kelly 137886.  Name mentioned in the London Gazette Supplement issue 23rd March 1943 (to be Pilot Officer on prob (emergency) 23rd Jan 1943.

Mentioned again in LGS  22nd July 1947 issue; As Flying Officer, extended service (four years on active list)

Mentioned again in LGS 15th February 1949 issue; Appointment to commission as Flight lieutenant (permanent)

Harold Walter Kelly was married to Priscilla Elizabeth Kelly (formerly Erbach), (Divorced).

I would be grateful for any information.  I have looked at every RAF website but have gleaned nothing.

I have applied for a copy of H W Kelly's wedding certificate but I have had to take a guess at the year he married (1935?) and so do not know if my application will be successful.

Thank you.

David Privett

Request 1147    Posted 20 Feb 2014

I am researching the aircraft my dad flew during his RAF service 1942-6. He flew Avro Ansons at No. 61 Air School, George during 1944 and though I have the log books, I’m struggling to find the aircraft based there as his log book entries for them do match the standard type ref nos.

The ones I have are:


Can anyone help please?

Request 1146    Posted 2 Feb 2014

Can anybody help please .I have a WW1 WRIST id tag and possibly an Officers W.HAMMOND RFC 282321 and on the Reverse Queens RWS...Cant find anything about him at all.

Request 1145    Posted 15 Jan 2014

I recently found this photograph in my mother's possessions.  I know it was taken around Christmas time, no idea which year, during the WW2, in Derby.  If anyone knows the names of the people on the picture I would be interested to know.  My mother Francis (usually known as Fran) probably took the picture.  I believe they were men from the 21 Squadron.


Request 1144    Posted 12 Jan 2014

I found this chap dumped at the local tip, any idea who he could be?

Request 1143    Posted 8 Jan 2014

Hello, I'm an airline captain retired, but now an aviation books writer.

As my parents helped  two RAF Halifax members to escape from the enemy in April/May 1943, I'm writing this story. Those crewmen are Jim Alderdice and David Jones shot down during the night of 16-17 April 1943, flying the Halifax II  DT690 MH-A Bar, according to the RAF Bomber command losses book. I'm searching information about Snaith airfield at that time. Who was the station commander ? I'm in contact with Alderdice daughters but nothing about Jones. We presume he died a few time after war. I'm interested by any pictures of Snaith airfield and 51 Squadron. Thank you. Best regards. Bernard

Request 1142    Posted 7 Jan 2014

I am looking for anyone that assist me in gathering information about my fathers time spent in England from March 1944 to June 1945.

His name was Harold (known as Pat) Hindle and was with RAAF 461 Squadron based at Pembroke Dock and spent some time at Sullom Voe.

Bryan Hindle

Request 1141    Posted 21 Dec 2013

I am trying gather what information I can on Flying Officer/ Navigator - John Campbell RAFVR, service number 1670594/(164124) of 608 Squadron RAF Downham Market.

He was badly injured when the Mosquito he was in crashed killing the pilot on November 10th 1944 He was later medically discharged on November 13th 1945 retaining his rank of Flying Officer.

Does anyone know what happened to him or have any details at all?

Dave Jones.

Request 1140    Posted 23 Nov 2013

I am trying to locate a photo  of  No 3 (SERVICING) Wing No  10 OTU taken in August 1945 at RAF Abingdon, it is for my brother who is Deaf /Blind, and is a picture of our Father with all of the crew in front of the plane in the front of the hanger. We have the original Photo which is damaged and I would like to get a copy for him before his sight goes completely.     Could anyone possibly help me in any way. My Father's name was LAC George James Marsh, nickname (Curly Marsh) and was stationed at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland during the war. He was from Sheffield and returned there after the war.  He was well known as a Drummer in all the Bands.

 Many Thanks for any assistance anyone can give me

 Yours sincerely

 Patricia Marsden.  

Request 1139    Posted 20 Nov 2013

In October 2014 we will unveil a plaque in memory of  member of Lancaster ND755 (TL-J) of 35 Squadron shot down 20 October 1944 at Wintzenbach in eastern France. Could anyone help us to find the families of the eight airmen killed in action. I would also like a picture of the crew of the pilot F/O RW Brown (DFC), if anyone can help
Thank you in advance for your help.

Patrick Baumann

commune de Wintzenbach

Request 1138    Posted 17 Nov 2013

I am looking for a photograph of this navigator, Flt Lt H.G. Innes DFC and /or his crew who were shot down in their Lancaster  JA919 GT, on  operations to Hanover on 27th September 1943 flying from RAF Warboys,,156 Squadron, PFF, his 29th operation
The Crew ......
Sqn Ldr P.R. Vincent DFC..KIA
Sgt F.R. Knight...............P.O.W
Sgt C.W. Hodges.............KIA
Flt Lt H.G. Innes DFC........KIA
F/Sgt A. Swinney.............KIA
Plt Off H.T. Hatwell.............KIA
Flt Sgt C.E. Morgan, RCAF KIA
Flt Sgt A.J. Clark................KIA
He joined 156 Squadron from 1662 C.U on 15/4/1943
Born.. Belfast 1914...lived in Glasgow
Father... John Fraser-Gray Innes   DSC
Can anyone help? 
Kind Regards,
Martin Pearce

Request 1137    Posted 13 Nov 2013

My name is Paul Brenson  my grandfather was called George Brenson . He was part of 977 Sqn in 1941 stationed out in North Africa . He was a barrage balloon operator  I think. I have some great photos of my grandfather and his Sqn on board HMD Highland Monarch in Dec 1941. Also photos in Egypt  North Africa,  South Africa  and El Kantara.  If anyone knew my gentleman grand farther or has any interest on the rear of the Sqn photo on the HMS Highland Monarch is the names of everyone in the photo.

Request 1136    Posted 1 Nov 2013

Gosport D-Day Fellowship was formed last year to increase knowledge and interest, both for residents and visitors, in the huge role which Gosport played in the preparations and embarkations for Operation Overlord.

We are hoping to initiate an annual ceremony of commemoration in Gosport for all involved and to place information boards around the town at strategic sites.  We also wish to place a leaflet/booklet in local Tourist Information Centres, Museums, etc, with further information, to enhance the information boards.  We also hope to give talks on the subject with slide shows.

If anybody has any personal stories, or stories passed on by a relative, about Gosport at this time, which we could mention in the booklet and when giving talks, we would be most grateful if you would contact us through the link above.


Penny Harris

Request 1135    Posted 1 Nov 2013

Wellington  MKX111            Serial NB824.  524 Squadron Coastal Command. 

I am searching for relatives of the Crew of this aircraft which crashed on take-off at RAF Langham, Norfolk on 26 March 1945 killing four of the seven crew.  I know the details of the crash having obtained a copy of the Flying Accident Card. 

W/O John J Brogan     Pilot                                        )

Flt/Sgt Frederick A Harris      Co-pilot                       )

Flt/Sgt Leonard Shelton Cuthbert Navigator               )   All killed

Sgt Leonard Lewis Laming                                        )                                  

I am a relative of Flt/Sgt Harris and am in touch relatives of W/O Brogan and Sgt Laming, but to date I have been unsuccessful in finding relatives of Flt/Sgt Cuthbert.                       


Sgt J Marston  I know that he came from Hathershaw, Oldham.

I have had no success from writing to the local press.

Sgt D R Carter 

W/O C E Loftus        

I do not know the Christian names of the three survivors or their service numbers.  It is possible there will be a ceremony for the 70th anniversary of this crash in 2015 so I am keen to find relatives of all the crew if possible.  I  have identified W/O Brogan, Flt/Sgt Harris and Sgt Laming in a photograph I have, but cannot name the other three.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Patricia Harris

Request 1134    Posted 1 Nov 2013

My name is Didier HINDRYCKX and I am a senior Flight Lieutenant MiD (Retd), Belgian Air Force. I am looking for information on WO Richard, Francis, BADMAN (1376196). He was a member of 178 Squadron, RAF, and lost his life (MIA) on the 19/20 March 1944 on a raid to PLODIV flying a B-24. I obtained his medals and some paperwork and I would like to include the story of his life to these medals. Many thanks in advance.



Request 1133    Posted 23 Oct 2013

Flying Officer Peter George Corbin No 114713.

I am researching the RAF service of a friend’s father who served during WW2

I have obtained his service records but have one or two queries which someone might just be able to help with?

F/Lt Corbin was part of RAF Photographic Interpretation Unit based at RAF Medmenham (1942-3). He was then posted to HQ NWAAF (1943) at Maison Blanche airport- Algiers, then La Marsa airfield, Tunisia (1943) serving under Lt Col Eisenhower (son of the US General)  and finally San Severo, Italy (1944-45). When in Italy, following the many changes of reporting lines, his unit finally came under the command of 336(PR) wing, MAAF.  Have only the briefest details which I have managed to obtain about the PI unit of the 336 (PR) wing does anyone have any info on this PI unit? Additionally, family rumour has it that F/Lt Corbin undertook several ‘covert’ air operations into Yugoslavia, with members of SOE/ISLD operating from San Severo; can anyone verify this?

Thank you.

Grahame Warner

Request 1132    Posted 23 Oct 2013

I wonder if anymore information about the above gentleman exists, I worked for him after WW2 and got to know him quite well. He never spoke about his war years but I know this to be typical. I would be happy to relate what I know about him.

Best Regards.

Dennis Gaw

Request 1131    Posted 18 Oct 2013

40 Squadron, Foggia, Italy, May 1944.    Appeal for photographs.    A Wellington X captained by F/O Huggler failed to return to Foggia from a mission over southern France on 10 May 1944.  Damaged by flak, it crashed on a desolate hillside near the village of Simiane, with the loss of the crew of five.  Every year since then, the local resistance group and villagers have met on 10 May to hold a memorial service at the small shrine that they had secretly erected at the site. 

Next year, on 10 May 2014, the 70th anniversary of the crash,  they plan to hold a special service and inaugurate a newly-rebuilt memorial.  They urgently need to trace photographs of the crew, F/O J Huggler (pilot), F/O H C Lane (navigator),  F/Sgt NP B Green (wireless operator/air gunner), Sgt K W Jackson (air bomber), Sgt E J N Howell (air gunner).

Some photographs have been traced, but so far none for Sgt Jackson or Sgt Howell.

 Has anyone a squadron or group photograph showing any or all of F/O Huggler’s crew?

Request 1130    Posted 15 Oct 2013

I would like to make contact with any V-force aircrew, and especially AEOs, who took their mighty machines on tracks that lead to, or away from, 112 S.U. Stornoway for ECM measurement in order to hear their experiences whether for high-level or low-level assessment

Many thanks in advance

Geoff Hallett

Request 1129    Posted 9 Oct 2013

A friend of a friend, is researching his relative, Captain Oliver Simon Huss, born 1903 in Richland County, ND, USA. He was one of the first aviation students at Wahpeton and had been an instructor at Chamberland Field, Minneapolis and UND, Grand Forks. He went down over the Atlantic in 1942, ferrying bombers for the Royal Air Force Transport Command and he was never found. He had flown over 30 trips. He flew out of Dorval Airport and was reported missing on or about November 30, 1942. Any information with respect to dates, crew etc., would be appreciated. The information will be used to honor him in the North Dakota Aviation Hall of Fame.


Owen Wiig

Request 1128    Posted 3 Oct 2013

My father Flt. Lt Geoffrey Brigham was adjutant for 35 Pathfinder Squadron as a non combatant during WWII but there is very little information available concerning his stay in Bari, Italy at the end of the war. If you have any interesting pieces of information or photo's I would be very pleased to receive them.

Best regards,

Request 1127    Posted 3 Oct 2013

Hi, I was wondering have anyone has information/photos of P/O Ellis Edward(Joffre) Huxter? He was with 623 squadron at Downham Market in 1943, unfortunately he was killed along with the rest of the crew on a bombing raid to Berlin 31/01 August. Joffre was the Navigator also on the mission was Wing/Cmdr Little DFC.

Also could anyone help me with the colour of the aircraft markings, lettering and numbers etc. any info can be forwarded to the link above.

Request 1126    Posted 29 Sep 2013

I was wondering if anyone had any information about Cyril Garrett (who often went by the name Garry). He was my grandfather and I know he was in 605 Squadron and was a PoW in Japan. He didn't talk about it much and I don't have any pictures of him (I don't speak to my father's side of the family), so if anyone knows anything or has any pictures, please don't hesitate to share them!


M. Green.

Request 1125    Posted 29 Sep 2013

For the past seven years I have photographed and interviewed 24 WWII pilots in six countries  (including my father who flew Mosquitoes and Beaufighters).   

I am trying to find surviving RAF pilots who flew heavy bombers or were in Coastal Command.  I am also trying to find Battle of Britain pilots who flew on our side (I have two German pilots who took part in the battle, but no allied pilots). And I am yet to find RAF pilots who were in combat against the Japanese (I have several American and RAAF pilots who were in that theatre, but no RAF pilots).

I would be very grateful if I could be put in touch with WWII pilots that any of you may know - especially pilots who experienced combat. 

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards

John Bradley

Request 1124    Posted 20 Sep 2013

I am trying to find information about my English father (name: ? ) who served as RAF pilot (?) with the RAF in Indonesia (Java, BATAVIA) in the years 1945-1946...
I don't know any thing about him, because my mother already died in the year 1956 and I only know the pictures that must be my real father. Because my mother once told me the story that she was her close girlfriend.
If you have any ideas or a 'name' from the pictures shown, please do send an email through the link above

Many thanks, regards.

Patrick (Paddy) van Asdonck

Amsterdam, Nederland.

Request 1123    Posted 20 Sep 2013


I'm interested in the crash of Lancaster Mk II, DS734, KO-Y. This bomber crashed in the night of 24-25 april 1944 near Mechelen.
Any information about this bomber and the career of the crew (Robert-Roland CAGIENARD, Charles Philip KELLY, Frank Desmond KING, Albert-Clayton LETCHER, William SHORTEN, Joseph-Murdock MacLEOD, Frederick Albert FOSTER) is welcome


Kindly regards,

Bram Dermout

Request 1122    Posted 7 Sep 2013

I'm trying to locate any information or pictures on 443 Squadron  and 293 Squadron. My Great Uncle Arthur James Horrell was in 443 Squadron  and my Grandfather Charles Stanley Horrell was in 293 Squadron  (Air Sea Rescue Squadron).  Any information or pictures your willing to share would really help me in my family history research on both of these two great men. You can contact me through the link on the RAF website.

Request 1121    Posted 7 Sep 2013

Help requested:

Does anyone have any info regarding (latterly) Flight Lieutenant; William Howard Turner (b 1904), who joined the RAF before eligible age, using his elder brother's details, (Claud Andrew Turner).  He went on to have successful service career, teaching at Uxbridge (two of his children were born on camp) and Cosford as a PTI and specialising in fencing. I'm unsure at exactly what stage he changed his service details back to that of his own; I was told that he once took the royal salute, at the Royal Tournament (Earls Court).

He was my paternal grandfather, but I don't have any of his service details, so am unsure how to find same to carry out any genealogical research 

I can't even find him, his brother or his father (William Turner) in the 1911 census, I believe they may also have been born to a serving 'soldier'  but don't know if their records were held separately.

Many thanks in advance

Barry Turner

Request 1120    Posted 7 Sep 2013

XV Squadron 1942: The Godmanchester Crash of Stirling N3703

The above bomber crashed on the outskirts of our Cambridgeshire town on the morning of 11th April 1942, having been part of a raid on Essen.
The captain, Squadron Leader Drummond 'Jock' Wilson died moments after the crash, so too Sgt Gould.
The rest of the crew survived, although some were seriously injured.
I am working with our local Museum, the Porch Museum, to gather information regarding the crew of this aircraft so that hopefully we will be able to honour them by telling their story.
As a by product I have been fortunate to be contacted by the families of both Squadron Leader Wilson and also Sgt Lammie.
We would love to hear from other families who had fathers/grandfathers who were on board this Stirling.
The remaining crew members are...

Sgt David Southey (co-pilot)
Sgt Jordan
Sgt Gould (KIA 11/04/42)
Sgt Gornall (KIA later in the war)
Sgt Chambers
F/O Clifford Reeve

It is our intention to create a permanent memorial to this crew and it would be wonderful if we could involve as many descendants as possible.
Please contact me, Roger Leivers, via the link above

Request 1119    Posted 7 Sep 2013

This request has been answered and removed

Request 1118    Posted 18 Aug 2013

Lubeck/Schlutup 1947-1948

I’m currently working on a memoir with a woman who worked as a nurse based at the Save the Children Fund orphanage in Schlutup between November 1947 and October 1948.  She met her husband while she was there, an RAF engineer based in Lubeck.

I’d very much appreciate hearing from anyone who was working there at the time – or knows someone who did.

Please contact me by email on the link above.

Request 1117    Posted 17 Aug 2013

I have been investigating Lancaster ED328SR-S of 101sqn. My uncle Sgt John Phillips was part of the crew, they were killed in action on 23/24.08.1943 on a raid over Berlin, in the last month, an investigation team (LAO) from Finowfurt aviation museum nr Berlin has found the crash site and started to recover parts. Can anyone help with info on the plane, the crew, or any photos, also can anyone help with identifying the parts found.


Ian Hill

Request 1116    Posted 17 Aug 2013

I have just found a letter dated April 12th 1934 from a Pilot Sergeant F C Standen his address was Sergeants' Mess RAF No 84 (B) Squadron, Shaibah, Iraq.  I would like to know what happened to him, and also to give his relatives the letter.  Thank you.

Request 1115    Posted 2 Aug 2013

Help needed in finding relatives to downed airman over southern Denmark 19th August 1942.

I have just come into possession of a leather flying helmet, life vest and parachute harness belonging to Air observer Sgt. Cyril Samwell  (Samuel ?) Crutchley. The items were found hidden under the floorboards of a farmhouse close to the place where the plane crashed. The items were found during a restoration of the house in 1991 but was of no interest to the local museum, and have been in the loft of the house until now.  

Maybe these items will be of more interest to relatives, so I would like to turn them over to people who will respect them and the history they represent.

I have managed to get some details of who may have hidden the items so long ago. I am in pursuit of further details on the subject, also to help the historians in Denmark that actually care.

I have found these details on the “airwar over Denmark” site. All credits to Søren Flensted.  See: for more details of the flight.

Halifax II W1226 crashed near Sønderborg 19/8-1942

The aircraft belonged to RAF 35 Sqn. Bomber Command and was coded TL-J.
T/O 20:43 Graveley. OP: Flensburg.

On its way to the target W1226 was attacked by a night fighter from 5./ NJG 3 piloted by Feldwebel Herbert Altner. A fire started at the rear end of the fuselage and at 00:08 it crashed to the ground in a field belonging to “Ladegården” farm near Sønderborg.

Crew members were:

G.A. Brassey RAF

W.B. Cooper RAF

C.S. Crutchley RAF

R.G. Humphreys. RNZF


J. Smith RAF

R.F. Wall RAF

All info is much appreciated.

Christian Flamand, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Request 1114    Posted 18 Jul 2013

 Looking for leads to see if I can “find” civilians who worked, in any capacity, for what became the Royal Air Force No. 45 Group (Atlantic Transport) Ferry Command in WW II - out of Montreal, QC, Canada - or out of any other of its world-wide bases, starting from 1939 through to 1945.

I am closing research on a manuscript titled Earth Angels Rising, which is my tribute to some 3,500 civilian men and women - and some military aircrew - who created and sustained what became the original aviation Ferry Command of them all … these civilians came from 23 allied nations to rescue the combined air forces of Canada, Great Britain and the United States of America to deliver, eventually, some 250,000 aircraft of all kinds to and when they were needed around the world … the initial thrust was for Ferry Command to deliver 10,000 Hudson bombers assigned to it - it did deliver 9,442 of them, but with a terrible loss of 500 of the 1,500 aircrew who were the core group for this massive operation - their success rapidly triggered a positive, demonstrative and explosive response from the air forces of the three nations above, who  quickly jumped on the bandwagon in support of what the civilians began - at a time when “experts” considered it suicidal to even try to fly bombers across the world’s oceans.

For those interested who may be able to provide me with names, or with memorabilia if any member of their family served with the Ferry Command, I welcome them to e-mail me at in Welland, ON - Canada … or visit my Facebook page on the operation for more information …

Thanks for taking a look - Ted Beaudoin. (Tel.: +1 - 905- 714-1788)

Request 1113    Posted 7 Jul 2013

I am trying to get together a family history, for my grandchildren, and I am looking for a photo of the Catholic Chapel in Changi. We were there from 1947-49. I made my 1st Communion there, and would like to find a picture of it, also the school if possible. I have snap shots of our time there, but nothing of the Church or school.

Kindest regards,

Eileen Bates

Request 1112    Posted 6 Jul 2013

I am researching the service use of the Fairchild Cornell trainer by the RAF and RCAF.  I would be very grateful for photocopies or digital copies of personal log books recording exercises flown on these aircraft.

The Fairchild PT-26 (known as Cornell in RAF and Commonwealth service) was a development of the US Army Air Corps PT-19 series and was used in the following training schemes.

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan - The RCAF and RAF in Canada; elementary and flying instructor and Central Flying School  – 1942 to 45.  Training pilots of Britain, Canada and other Commonwealth countries, plus exiles from the Occupied Countries for service in the RCAF, RAF and Fleet Air Arm

Rhodesian Air Training Group – elementary, flying instructor and Central Flying School – 1943 -46.  Training pilots from Britain, the Commonwealth, plus exiles from Occupied Countries for service in the RAF.

India – No.2 EFTS – 1944 to 46. Training Indian pilots for service in the RAF and RIAF – plus Army Glider pilots for the Burma campaign.

Norwegian – the Norwegian schools in Canada 1941 to 44 and in the UK during 1945.

Thank you, Tony Broadhurst

Request 1111    Posted 30 Jun 2013

I am trying to find information about my uncle, John Victor Welsh (RCAF), who served as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner with the RAF's No. 13 Squadron in North Africa in late 1942.  The squadron arrived in North Africa in November, 1942 and was stationed at Blida and then Canrobert, Algeria.  My uncle was listed as missing in action on December 18, 1942 in operations over La Mersa and the Bizerte docks, and after the war the MRES (the Missing Research and Enquiry Service) determined that an unidentified twin-engine aircraft that crashed into the sea on the morning of Dec. 18th was likely his plane (the pilot was P/O Jickling). 

While it's likely that this is all the information that we will ever receive about Victor's death, I have a slim hope that there may be somebody out there who may know more.  I'm also interested in knowing if there are any photographs or personal memoirs by other members of No. 13 Squadron RAF from that period in North Africa -- November/December, 1942 -- that could help me get a sense of what my uncle may have experienced during the last months of his life.   I would be most grateful for any information or assistance that comes of this -- and especially any connections with those who may have served with No. 13 Squadron in 1942, or their relatives.  Many thanks,

Christine Welsh

Request 1110    Posted 28 Jun 2013

I would like to get in touch with pilots from No 257 (Burma) squadron . I'm looking for a  pilot named  F.R. Logan.  He flew with this squadron and they had Typhoon planes, he had to bail out with parachute on 11-12-1944 and landed safely after his plane engine failed. I would like to know more about this person . Maybe he is still alive ??? or friends / family who can tell me more ??

best regards,


Request 1109    Posted 16 Jun 2013 

I wonder if you can help?

 My name is Dr. Anne Cunningham and I am an historian living in Sydney. I am researching the parents of Sir Arthur Coningham DFC, known as Arthur and Alice Coningham who lived in Australia from their marriage in the 1890's to 1901 before they took up residence in New Zealand. The couple divorced circa 1912 and Alice with her three children, the future Sir Arthur, Mabel and Vincent Francis settled in England shortly before the outbreak of WW11. To date I have been unable to find any photographs of Mabel or Vincent Francis. My records show that both siblings were buried with their mother in Bricknoll, Somerset during the 1980's. Sir Arthur as we know was killed tragically in an air accident in 1948. I know Mabel never married. As regards Vincent, he too appears not to have married (this may not be accurate but I can find no record of a wife or issue). It is to the descendants of Sir Arthur Coningham that I am appealing to for help. My history of Arthur and Alice's involvement in a celebrated divorce case that occurred in Sydney  in 1900/1 would be greatly enhanced if I were able to include photographs of Vincent Francis and Mabel. Sir Arthur's life is well documented.

Request 1108.    Posted 2 Jun 2013

I am trying to find a photograph of 41979 Pilot Officer William Radclyffe Assheton of No 222 Sqn and 90727 Pilot Officer James Storrs Morton of No 603 SqnN.  Thanks

Request 1107.    Posted 24 May 2013

I am trying to find out some information about Reginald William Chartres who was with he RAF, and possibly was with the RAF Ferry Command in Montreal. He was married to my aunt in Canada during the war.

Thank you

Request 1106.    Posted 18 May 2013

My name is Stuart Currie and I'm trying to find any information or photos of my Grandpa Mr Duncan Currie who served with No. 9 Squadron, 617 Dambusters and then Tiger Force during WWII. 

He's an amazing man who has lived an unbelievable life!! 

Request 1105.    Posted 17 May 2013

Is there anyone, or relatives of those who either flew with Wellington Squadron 215 to the Far East in March 1941.  My father, Wing Commander G N Warrington, was in command and served subsequently with 221, 223 Groups in India and HQ 177 Wing, ACSEA.

I Would like to speak to anyone connected with these units. He returned from the Far East in June 1945 and went to HQ Northern Ireland until his accidental death in September 1945.  Would be most interested in any information about him and/or the activities of these Groups in S E Asia.

Request 1104.    Posted 12 May 2013

I’m looking for information about my granddad John (Jack) Sells #1594690 RAFVR. He served during WW2 in 582 Squadron (Pathfinders) based at Little Staughton and was Acting Flight Sergeant when awarded the DFM in 1945.   I know very little about him and would welcome any information, no matter how small.  thank you

Request 1103.    Posted 12 May 2013

I'm looking for pictures of my grandfather. Federico A. B.G. Wonham was Navigator on the Squadron 61, then step on the IAAS No. 1. (1660) 

The crew of Squad 61 was: J V Coockshott, Liddlel, Townsend, Cullham, Reid. 



Request 1102.    Posted  3 May 2013

My name is Nicole Morley and I'm trying to find any information or pictures about squadron 129. My Great Uncle Arthur James Horrell was in that squadron until it switched to 443. I'm also trying to locate any information or living relatives of Louis Paul Emile Piche and his wife Mary E Piche. Louis died alongside my Great Uncle on October 11, 1944. We do know that Louis and his wife lived in New London Connecticut at one point in time and after Louis died we know that his wife moved to Florida (not sure which part). If you have any information about squadron 129 or Louis Paul Emile Piche please contact me using the link above. Thanks.

Request 1101.    Posted  26 Apr 2013

94 Squadron Shield, motto "AVENGE", Queens Crown for sale £20.

I can be contacted by email or on Facebook or L/L   01494 447275.  I will be pleased to give further details of the shield then, regards  Chris Chadwick.

Request 1100.    Posted  21 Apr 2013

Hello out there,

I know it’s a long time ago! Anybody remember Winston Caterer, fighter pilot, ended RAF service circa 1946? 

He led part of the RAF parade in Brussels 1946?


Request 1099.    Posted  21 Apr 2013

I was recently going through my grandfather's old photo album when I came across this photograph. Here is all I know of it:

1. It was taken in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon)

2. The ten men in the photo belong to an 'R.A.F. Football Team' (which I know thanks to my grandfather's caption)

3. It may have been taken during or after the war (most likely before 1948). 

I have no relation to these men whatsoever but would like someone to identify them for me -- just out of plain curiosity. Also, this photo could be of use to anyone out there searching for a photograph of a lost relative. I would be more than glad to be of help.

Best Regards,


Request 1098.    Posted  14 Apr 2013

 Hi, I am trying to contact anyone who served at or had relations/friend  who served at any of the above stations at Land's End Cornwall. This is a local history project.

Request 1097.    Posted 6 Apr 2013

Having served 24 years in the RAF, my wife bought me, from a second hand shop, an RAF mug coloured dark blue with the RAF motto on one side and the maker's name, Denby stamped on the bottom. I think it previously belonged to a Flt/Lt (now deceased, as is his wife) and wonder how rare or otherwise it might be.  Any help would be appreciated.   Sincerely,  Bryan J. Beames.

Request 1096.    Posted  5 Apr 2013

Does anybody know the young pilot in the picture? It seems to be taken around summer of 1949 and I would like to put a name to the man in the picture. If you have any ideas or a name, please do send an email to
Thank you and best regards
Andrea Baers

Request 1095.    Posted  30 Mar 2013

I would like to see if there is anybody out there that has info about 293 squadron . My father Charles Stanley Horrell (STAN) was a member of  the AIR SEA RESCUE UNIT (293)Any info would be appreciated. My Uncle Arthur James Horrell (AJ) was a member of squadron 443 he was killed in action October 11/1944.We would like to know about the pilot that died with him Louise Paul Emile Piche of New London Connecticut. You can contact us at

Request 1094.    Posted  14 Mar 2013

For many years we have owned a small ale tankard, pewter, given to F/Sgt Gooding, from class 134, 3.2.41. This instructor (?) would be either English or Canadian. He would be no doubt long deceased, but there may be family who would want this remembrance. If anyone can assist in locating relatives, we would be most thankful.

Mrs. Lorna Parkinson, Ont. Canada.

Request 1093.    Posted  10 Mar 2013

I'm looking for a good photograph of Herbert Massey who was the Senior British Office in Stalag Luft III at the time of "The Great Escape".

Bernard Hope

Request 1092.    Posted  1 Mar 2013

I am looking for any information/ photographs of my father-in-law BILL SUDDES who served as Flight Engineer with 259 Squadron from 1943 -1945 in Africa on CATALINAS. He was stationed at DAR-ES-SALAAM, KIPEVU, KENYA and PORT VICTORIA< SOUTH AFRICA. Many thanks.

George Todd


Request 1091.    Posted  1 Mar 2013


Request 1090    Posted  15 Feb 2013

My brother Sgt. Edward Vincent Norman 962166 was shot down and killed in Morkhoven and was gunner on Lancaster Mk.1 R5610 OL-G RAF 83 Squadron operating from Wyton Hunts. Does anyone have any photos of this crew, as no family records can be found.


Brain Norman

Request 1089.    Posted  21 Feb 2013

I’m just doing some research of a friend of the family a Mr Jack Marks he was at Barton in the Clay 1944 any more information would be appreciated.

Regards John Britton

Request 1088.    Posted  15 Feb 2013

Hi my name is Steve Jenkins. I have been researching over the last three years the events leading up to and the final mission of Lancaster serial No: W4275 which was my uncle, Sgt Samuel Jenkin's plane. It was lost returning from Cologne on 9/7/43 I have found his, and three other crew members grave site in Marley Gomont Northern France. My family and I plus the family of PO Geofery Parker who also lost his life that night are planning to travel to Marley this coming July on the seventy the anniversary of the crash to pay our respect to our fallen family members. I would be very greatful if you have any more information regarding this aircraft and it's crew. Many thanks regards S. C. Jenkins.

Request 1087.    Posted  3 Feb 2013

I am trying to find out some information about my father, who served at Little Norway in Canada from late 1941 until February 1945 when records show he was transferred to England.  I'm trying to determine how long he was in England before returning to Canada, where he had married a Canadian girl.  I was born in September 1945 so I'm unsure if he was still in England at that time. He was discharged September 1, 1946.

I am writing a history of my father's journey from Norway to Canada and am trying to fill in some of the blanks, since he passed away more than 25 years ago.

Here is some information about my father:

Name: Per Hvidsten

Rank: Sgt. at Little Norway, Muskoka (Bracebridge/Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada) where he was a member of the "Link Trainer Group".


(Militaer Grad)

Middle Corporal - February 24, 1942

Middle Sergeant - February 1, 1942 

to September 3, 1942

Wing Sergeant - January 4, 1944

He was listed as Sergeant #1738 and duty #165 when he recieved the Haakon VII Medal.

I would most appreciate if you could provide me with any information about his time in England and when he returned to Canada?

Peter Hvidsten

Request 1086.    Posted  3 Feb 2013

 I am searching for any photographs or video clips including Flight Lieutenant Duncan Harold McArthur, #36243, 108 Squadron.  He's my grandfather. 

Sadly, he never met his only child, my father. Lt. McArthur died in May of 1942, less than a year after my father was born.  My father cherishes the one picture he has of his dad.  I'd love to find him more.

If you can help, please email me at

Thank you very much, 

Céline McArthur

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Request 1085.    Posted  1 Feb 2013

 My dad, "Bill" Cawthorne was posted to Africa (East Africa and the desert air force) 1940 -1944.  While in Sudan we think he may have met a SAAF lieutenant, James Drummond, 7843, whom we have recently discovered was murdered on 13 April 1941 in The Sudan - this is a very strange story which I have been researching since late last year following a chance remark by an ex South African lady now residing in UK.  She mentioned that her uncle (Drummond) had apparently been murdered in Kenya.  As I was born and brought up there I was able to find out that he did in fact have a grave in our War Cemetery in Nairobi.  Since then all sorts of facts have come to light, and a fortnight ago I found the Sudan connection.  I am now obsessed with finding the last few bits of this puzzle, especially as there now seems to be a likelihood that he may have been stationed with my late dad.  Can anyone throw any light on this?  We would love to know why he was buried in Kenya, and any details of the incident

Request 1084.    Posted  20 Jan 2013

 I'm seeking a picture of my deceased Father-in-Law, Squadron Leader Kenneth WJ Tarrant DFC in order that it can be included in a display case with his medals.

Any/all help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Peter Rawbone

Request 1083.    Posted  26 Jan 2013

My name is Wim Rhebergen and I am a Dutch war historian and author.  I was born in the town of Aalten, the Netherlands which is just 3 km away from the German border.

I recently ordered a 35 mm film from the Imperial War Museum.  It is a day attack on 26 March 1945 by a Hawker Typhoon 1B of No. 124 Wing RAF, 182 Squadron on the villages of Aalten and Winterswijk filmed by on board cameras.  The camera plane was piloted by Warrant Officer S.L.T. Brett, service number 1385571.  At the time 182 Squadron was based at Helmond Airfield (B.86) in the south of Holland.   From 12-5-1944 until 30-4-1946 the squadron was a Rocket Projectile unit equipped with the Hawker Typhoon.

I already have copies from the Operations Record Book 182 Squadron RAF, 1 until 31 March 1945.

So on the 26th of March 1945 W/O S.L.T. Brett has attacked my birthplace AALTEN and some other villages nearby; "Armed Recce Aalten, Borken, Bocholt" Borken and Bocholt are towns in Germany.  According to ORB, other pilots involved were Flight Lieutenant Lloyd, Flight Lieutenant Hobbs, Flight Lieutenant White, Flight Lieutenant Sharp and Flying Officer Jackson.  The ORB says that "the attacks were made as a warning to the Dutch to move out before the two places were bombed".

I am trying to get more information about this particular mission on 26-3-1945 and the pilot Warrant Officer S.L.T. Brett 1385571.  Perhaps he's still alive. If so, I want to track him down.

I am desperately searching for help.

Does anyone know where I probably can find more information about him and a picture?

Request 1082.    Posted  26 Jan 2013


70 Squadron RFC - Looking for any information regarding 70 Squadron RFC in particular Lieutenant Francis Matt Lawledge shot down on 10th Oct 1917

Many thanks

Steve & Maggie Law

Request 1081.    Posted  20 Jan 2013

I am searching for my birth father and have only the slimmest of descriptions; I was orphaned at birth (1952) in the U.S. and the only notes left me were as follows:

Joined RAF 1938

Decorated Hurricane, Spitfire pilot

5 feet 9 inches tall, muscular

140 lbs

hazel eyes

"Mediterranean looking"

Post-war profession: engineer, perhaps electronics

He was described as very outgoing, handsome, charming. 

 I am aware that there is only a one-in-a-million chance that someone will recall a pilot by that description, but I feel I must try. If anyone has a lead I can be reached in the U.S. at

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. 

Kind regards,

Michael Turner

Key West, Florida


Request 1080.    Posted  20 Jan 2013

My message is one of importance while I want to know if there is stilll somewhere familiy left of

MAYDON, GEORGE EDWIN           Sergeant           538737            04/07/1940      22        Royal Air Force   United Kingdom           Grave 215.       OOSTVOORNE PROTESTANT CEMETERY

He was crashed above the South West of the Netherlands early in July 1940 together with others.

The pilot Ivor Worthington Wilmer was also found in the vicinety of Oostvoorne near Rozenburg ZH where I live.About 10 km from Oostvoorne near Rozenburg ZH Now I also know that this crash was somewhere not noted in some archives in the UK maybe.

Thanks to the help of  a relative in Australia I could still an only find an uncle of Ivor in Canada.

So I am very thankfull that I solved this loss.

Now his co-pilot or RAF man in the plane was as above mentioned.

I really like to know if there is still any family living of George Edwin Maydon in the Uk or somewhere else because maybe they do not know where their beloved ones are burried.

I sincerely hope that you can help me with this tragic story.

So that I can take the pieces together and give the left family their rest and knowledge of the place where he is burried as a victim of WW2.

I would really appreciate your help to solve this question.

With most respect,

Ron J W de Goeij

Request 1079.    Posted  20 Jan 2013

I have in my possession a photo album which belonged to an officer in No 143 MU Malta in 1943, the officer is not named in any of the pictures although several others are named  - Ron Bannister, Jimmy Wilson, Bunny Blunsden, S/L Levers, Hignet,Alan Jones, Ginger Harrup, a group photo entitled “Farewell to Beefy Sutton”, Roger Turner, Ron Collins, Bob Williams (4 pictures of him) “Smithy”, “Sidford” Lizzie” and “Davey”. the album also contains postcards of island views, official looking pictures of naval ships, snapshots of an air-raid taking place at valetta and many more subjects.  I know that my parents served in Malta – my father in the RAMC and my mother as a QA nursing sister.  I think that my mother brought the album home with her.  I would love to know something about the album – especially who the officer was.

Thanks,   Mike Warnock

Request 1078.    Posted  20 Jan 2013

I'm transcribing some interwar RAF orders of battle from some documents I copied at the National Archives last year. Most of them give the squadron, its location and the type of aircraft it was equipped with, but usually not its Initial Equipment and even more rarely its Immediate Reserve. I want to do this so I can compare the progress that was made with the progress that was planned to have been made under the expansion schemes.

Does anybody else have this information or an organisation that might have it. Preferably somewhere within driving distance of Teesside.

Many thanks

Simon Curry

Request 1077.    Posted  16 Jan 2013

My husband and I have been clearing out some books which belonged to my father and have come across a volume signed on the inside cover - by,  I think ' B C Robertson, Squadron Leader' RAF vr HQFTC with another handwritten  dedication 'Kindest Regards M D,  1942'

I'm reasonably sure that my dad did not know either of the individuals, having been born in 1938,  however would be interested to know if SL Robertson ( I do hope that this is the correct designation)  survived the war and whether his family would like the book returned. I suspect that my dad came into possession of this as a result of a Jumble Sale or suchlike but think it apposite to ask before throwing it away


Anne Sutherland

Request 1076.    Posted  16 Jan 2013

Removed as the e-mail address supplied will not accept replies.

Request 1075.    Posted  16 Jan 2013

Desperately seeking picture(s) of Avro Anson C19 VM363 at RAF Bassingbourn in the summer of 1957? Anticipatory thanks Bob Harriman

Request 1074.    Posted  13 Jan 2013

I am writing the history of Ramridge House, located in Weyhill near Andover, Hants.

The house was originally purchased to be used as the location of the RAF’s new Staff College in 1939 and became RAF Ramridge but the outbreak of war changed all that and it was used for a variety of roles by the RAF before being sold in 1957.

Any information on RAF Ramridge would be greatly appreciated and any material used will be acknowledged

David Richmond

Request 1073.    Posted  13 Jan 2013

I looking for information on: -

Flight Lieutenant Matheson

Squadron 45

R.A.F., Hinaidi

Baghdad, Iraq

I am a stamp collector and run a cross a correspondence addressed to this gentleman that he’d been at around 1924 in Iraq and would like to learn more of that person. Especially I would be interested to know if he had been connected to stamp collecting/philately during his life.

Kind regards

Request 1072.    Posted  7 Jan 2013

I would very much like to contact the next of kin (or other relatives) of F/O Lewis Kenneth Fennel, DFC.

My father and his crew flew with him as an instructor in early 1944 when they were training at Rufforth (Yorkshire) with 1663 Heavy Conversion Unit.

In his log book there is still a newspaper cutting with a photo of F/O Fennel on the day he received his DFC, and I'd be glad to send a copy if they haven't one.

Request 1071.    Posted  3 Jan 2013

The two photographs below were taken in 1922/3 in Palestine.  My father, Sgt. A W Townsend, is in both.  I have tried to trace some of the others, but without any success. On the back of the first photo are the words "NCO's of No1 ACC RAF Jerusalem Palestine 1922-3".  On the second, the larger group, is the legend "C section No1 ACC RAF Jerusalem Palestine".

There are names to the men on the front row of the NCO photo, which are as follows:  from left to right Sgt Checksfield, Sgt Kendall, no name, WO Bolt, F/lt Hardiman, F/s Kinna, Sgt Smith & Sgt Townsend.  There are several other names to those in the back row, Cpl's Vincent, Chegwidden, Singey & Durman.  Also a Goddard & Hobbs (no rank) are listed.

I would be very interested if anyone has knowledge of any of the men or the group.  I believe my father joined the RAF c.1920 and was stationed at Bircham Newton in Norfolk.  He was a motor fitter and spoke of driving steam lorries from Norfolk to London (Northolt).  Was it this section that went to Palestine?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I could send copies, via email or post, to anyone wanting them

Request 1070.    Posted  16 Dec 2012

I am searching for info on Edward Hall, who served as an officer pilot in 244 Sqn during its short existence at Bangor in WW1, and then as Adjutant (flight lieutenant) in 73 Sqn in 39/40, later moving on to Balloon units. I have quite a bit on his WW2 service, but am looking specifically for a) his Service Number, and b) the citation for his AFC, awarded in 1919.

Any leads would be most welcome.

Request 1069.    Posted  16 Dec 2012

Hi, I'm trying to find pictures of my father Lieutenant Francis Charles Mayaka. He came to Cranwell in 1980 with The Kenyan Air force to do some training.  I have never met him and would love just photograph if possible of him.

Desperate plea for any help at all

Request 1068.    Posted  9 Dec 2012

I am the brother of Sergeant Cyril Armstrong, who was the Engineer on the above 'plane which crashed on the Mull of Kintyre on Oct. 10th. 1956.  I am now an octogenarian and would like to contact any members of the Squadron who attended the briefing at Ballykelly before the ill-conceived experiment. I heard the supposedly correct version from a member of the crew of one of the other 'planes attending the briefing, when I attended the Mull Memorial, but would like to hear from any other members who can help. I would like a degree of "Peace of Mind" before I throw off this mortal coil. 

In hope, Eric Armstrong.

Request 1067.    Posted  25 Nov 2012

Please could anyone help - has anyone got any aircrew photos - of any quality, individual or group and aircraft  - of 534 squadron/1455 Flight (turbinlite) at Tangmere, particularly mid-late 1942.

I am especially interested in F/ Sgt Wilfred "Jimmy" Cleall and the squadron adjutant, P/O John Lindley. I already have a photo of F/O Michael Winter, but would be more than happy to see more.

They would be useful as I am writing an an account of how their Boston aircraft came to crash on our local cinema in September of that year

Thank you,

Mick Bradford

Request 1066.    Posted  29 Nov 2012

The RAF Aircrew Rank Badges worn between 1946 – 1950 had blue stars for Category ‘A’ and white stars for Categories ‘B’ and ‘D’. Can anyone help by telling me what these Categories mean? Also, what happened to Category ‘C’?

With best wishes

John Murdoch

Request 1065.    Posted  29 Nov 2012

I’m looking for pictures of Don Kingaby's aircraft W3320 namely the scoreboard and cartoon

Any help will be much appreciated

Request 1064.    Posted  25 Nov 2012

You may be aware of this story; BBC News - WWII pigeon message stumps GCHQ decoders (

I am (in my opinion, at least) an expert in encryption and am attempting to piece together enough information to decipher this message. It is believed to have been sent by RAF pilots, after they were shot down during WWII, with details of their location back to Bomber Command (XO2), around 1942, and possibly from 110 Squadron.

If I can understand what type of encryption was used by the RAF pilots, I will have a chance. I can not find any information as to whether they used code books or portable TypeX cipher machines, or both. I know the code books will have certainly been destroyed, but just knowing the method of encryption should be enough to have a chance, or a least know for certain that it will be impossible.

If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Request 1063.    Posted  24 Nov 2012

I am attempting to research the history of Ariel House in Malta. This is now the Russian Embassy but was formerly the Residence of the Air Commander Malta and prior to that the AOC’s Residence. If anyone has any photographs, documentation or memories of the Residence I would be pleased to hear from them.


Peter Robinson

Request 1062.    Posted  23 Nov 2012

I was leader pilots of a patrol "METRO MIKE" of two french Mirage5f , and we fly for a representation during the meeting the 22 october 1990 at finningley.

I search any photos or vidéos of my flight this day.

Request 1061.    Posted  10 Nov 2012

I am trying to trace information for a Norwegian family.  They have in their possession a pint mug with the following inscription.

Officers mess



2/lt. D.H. Strevens

March 1941

If anyone can assist in this matter I would much appreciate it.

Request 1060.    Posted  10 Oct 2012

I am trying to locate a photograph of the crew of a bomber  based at  RAF East Kirkby with No 630 Squadron.The skipper was Flt/Lt or Sqdn/Ldr Cliff Rogers DFC. His Flight Engineer was Bill Cox DFM who on completion of his tour went to 1354 HCU at RAF Wigsley . He flew as a Staff F/E Instructor and was killed when a Stirling aircraft,on a cross country flight ,31/8/1944,crashed shortly after take off.

Details of the  awards to Cliff and Bill would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in anticipation.


Ted Peck

Request 1059.    Posted  8 Nov 2012

I live in Australia

I just published a book on my father in law Flying Officer Alfred Wiilliam Gayford 1915-1944.  This book was presented to the Purfleet Military Museum for display along with a framed photograph of him.  I also compiled a book on another crew member James Robertson 1919-1944 who was killed in the same crash

My question: I am trying to find a photograph of the Pilot on the night in question. My father in law I have just learnt was his second Pilot.  The Pilot and training Officer was Flying Officer Stanely Henry Martin OBE who on retirement was a Wing Commander.  What I have researched and found about Stanley Martin was he was born 9th November 1919 and had a wonderful career in the Air Force retiring on 2nd June 1968.  Stanley received an OBE in 1966

I would love a photograph so I could organised a framed copy to go to the Military Museum in Essex.  I am also trying to find other crew members family so that it will be a section at the Museum on these men

You maybe able to assist!

Kind Regards

Helen Gayford J.P.

Request 1058.    Posted  19 Oct 2012

I am trying to build a history of RAF Newmarket (50's-60's) Eastern Communications Centre, No 7909 Reserve Flight. The camp was in those days mostly staffed by Nat. Servicemen and Waaf's with Regular NCO's and Officers.  I have had limited success apart from contact with one ex-airman and another enquiry from another interested party.

 Thanks in anticipation

 Les Morrow

Request 1057.    Posted  21 Oct 2012

I am part of the website called Norfolk Uncovered. We film and document historical places of interest, mainly ww2 related in Norfolk. Currently we are focusing on RAF NORTH CREAKE. We would love to here from any RAF crew who were based there, and record there stories. Can you please help us find those heroes so we can document there gallant bravery for the future generations. 

Many thanks,


Request 1056.    Posted  19 Oct 2012

I'm looking for anyone that new my father Roy Griffiths Rank L.A.C. who was stationed at I believe at RAF Station Church Lawford between 1951 & 1954. Sadly he passed away on 5th October 2012 and its only now we have come across his certificate of service book.

Thank you

Kim Griffiths (Mr) eldest son

Request 1055.    Posted  14 Oct 2012

I am seeking information on the WW2 service of my father, LAC Ralph Spilberg, RAF 1940-45. He was trained as a Wireless Operator, but was never aircrew. As far as I have been able to discover, he was under the command of 80 (Signals) Wing, initially I think as p[art pf the Beam-bending operation based in Hertfordshire, before being posted to Egypt.

In the Western Desert he was part of a unit which I have hitherto found no trace of or reference to whatsoever. The unit had a special peculiarity, in that the personnel were partly Army, partly RAF, at least until the Army men re-mustered as RAF as the pay was better. The unit was composed of a number of trucks, each equipped with a wireless transmitted. These trucks were deployed well in advance of British positions, strung out at intervals from the coast, well into the interior. The crew consisted of two RAF wireless operators (watch-on , and watch-off, I presume) and two drivers, an NCO i/c, and one other (mechanic?) all of whom were army - my father thought Royal Artillery, but maybe not.

The job was to go to whatever map-reference they were ordered to, and stay there until ordered to move, reporting back to Desert Air Force HQ everything they saw in the air and on the ground. My father said he transmitted only in Morse, using a one-time-pad code. They kept a radio watch on German & Italian transmissions also, I believe.

After the end of the desert campaign, my father was briefly on Malta, still with his truck, and then in Sicily (Catania airport). He ended up at the Med Allied Air Forces HQ in Caserta, until the end of the war.

At some point his immediate commander was Sq. Ldr William John ("Jack") Reason. My father was a talented portrait painter, and in Italy he painted the portrait of Jack Reason - I have a tiny black-and-white photo of it.The portrait itself must be with the Reason family.

I would very much like to have contact with anyone who knows anything at all about my father's obscure unit, and also with anyone who might have any contact with Jack Reason or his family, as I would dearly love to know if my father's painting still exists, and to have a colour photograph of it. My father's career took a very different turn post-war, and he painted very little thereafter; his corpus if work is very small, but very good. I would love to have a complete record of it.

Many thanks,

Mike Spilberg

Request 1054.    Posted  10 Oct 2012

Ref. RAF Mauripur/Karachi WW2

I wonder if anyone knew of William Thorburn Reid a young officer stationed in RAF Mauripur during the war. Its believed he was involved in aircraft safely/investigation of accidents.  He worked for the Air Ministry in London after the war and died there (Hospital for Tropical Diseases) early 1969.

He had lost touch with his son.  His grand son would like to know more about him if possible.

Many thanks

Aideen Reid

Request 1053.    Posted  29 Sep 2012


In June 1945 A Royal Air Force Douglas Dakota C.III VIP transport aircraft KG770 of No. 24 Squadron RAF carried King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, to the Channel Islands following their recent Liberation from German Occupation.  Can anyone help with an itinerary of this Royal Tour and the names of the crew and other passengers in the Royal retinue.  I am trying to write up the story for the son of one of the people on board that flight - not for money, I hasten to add.

If you can help, please contact me on 

Request 1052.    Posted  29 Sep 2012

Does anyone have any information on Sergeant Ross. 

He was stationed at Coningsby in 1944-1945, Group 5, and was in telecommunications.

Valerie Sheldon

Request 1051.    Posted  29 Sep 2012


My dad Sgt John Frederick Cairney Rae, 2210115, Rear Gunner ,Halifax JP162FS-S was stationed at Brindisi, Italy, May through August 1944 His plane Failed to Return on August 4/5th1944 after dropping supplies to the Polish partisans.It crashed near the village of Wojnarowa near Krakow

The crew were:


F/O Gavin James McCall RAFVR Pilot KIA

Ft/Eng Sgt R O Anderson RCAF Evader

Air/Bmr Sgt P J Anderson RCAF Evader

W/OP/Air Gun Sgt A Jolley RAFVR Evader

Air/Gun Sgt John Frederick Cairney Rae RAFVR KIA

Air/Gun Clifford Aspinall RAFVR KIA

Sgt Underwood Evader

Four crew baled out and returned to the UK in March 1945 with the help of the partisans. My dad ,F/O McCall and Sgt Aspinall were buried by the villagers and later reinterred at Krakow Rakowicki Cemetery by CWGC.  There were many crew members lost on that mission all buried at Krakow.

I am trying to trace any crew members their families or anyone who may have known my dad during his service with RAFVR Bomber Command. I have recently heard from the grandson of F/O McCall so I am hopeful there may be others willing to share their stories.

Like many others of my age I did not know my dad but I am trying to keep his and his crew members memories alive by finding out about his short service in RAFVR .At the age of 33 he was "the grandfather "of his crew.

Please contact me at if you have any information.

Thank you

Kind regards

Rosemary Edmeads nee Rae

Request 1050.    Posted  16 Sep 2012

Can anyone identify the RAF officer shown here with his wife and daughter in Colombo (1944), my father is in the middle, was out there with the Admiralty.
As I understand it he had lodgings with them.

Phill Rose

Request 1049.    Posted  31 Aug 2012

 I am trying to find as much information as I can about REGINALD FREDERICK THOMAS SAUNDERS.

Reginald was born on 17th May 1920. The remainder of the information I have is a bit sketchy as follows:-

He attended the Northampton Medical Board on 11th July 1940.  His enlistment notice was to go to the Eastern Divisional office in Cambridge on Monday 29th July 1940 where he joined the RAF. His registration number was BMC 714. His service number was 1175181

Believe he had to report to Cardington near Bedford.

His service release book shows:- Rank CPL, Service number 1175181, Surname Saunders, Initials R F T, Class of release A, Age and service Group 32.

He served in R A F V R form 30-7-1940 until 23-4-1946 and spent 6 months in India.  He was awarded the Burma Star, War medal with Oak Leaf and the Defence medal.

He was mentioned in dispatches on 11th June 1942 for distinguished service and the birthday honours list of July 3rd 1942 as an Aircraftman 2nd class.  He died on or about 24th July 1985.

If anyone can throw any light on any of the above or explain generally any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Graham Stearn

Request 1048.    Posted  31 Aug 2012

Does anyone remember the crew of Halifax EB 129 of 161 Squadron that crashed on 10/11 November 1943 in France, with my father ,Jack Pilkington , air bomber, the only survivor ?

His colleagues were –

Captain                    P/O   M. A. Line         Aus

2nd Pilot                    Lt Gross                    USAAF

Navigator                 F/Sgt  E.R Watts

Wireless Operator     Sgt H.R. Batten

Flight Engineer         R. Cotterill

Air Gunner                F/Sgt E. Harrison       Aus

Air Gunner                F/Sgt W.R.R. Shore   Can


Graham Pilkington

Request 1047.    Posted  26 Aug 2012

I'm looking for dates of death for the following 2 Irish aces:

Robert McLaughlin (Born 23-Jul-1896, Belfast)

Alfred Stanley Mills (Born 26-Jun-1897, Belfast)

The latter had a short spell in prison and was stripped of his DFC in 1924 but I can't follow his whereabouts thereafter.

There have been suggestions that either/both may have died in World War II but from non-combat causes, e.g. unlike Victor Henry Huston (killed in an air raid) or Edward Caulfield Kelly (killed by American torpedo of Japanese POW vessel).

Any information on the later stages of McLaughlin or Mills' lives would be gratefully received. (As you may guess, I'm conducting research on the Irish aces of WWI).

Best regards and thanks in anticipation for any information,

Joe Gleeson

Request 1046.    Posted  26 Aug 2012

My great Uncle was the pilot of 44sqn Lancaster Mk1. Serial number DV329 (Sqn Code KM-W) which crashed near Rastdorf on 23/11/43.

The crew were:

Flt Lt Charles Ellison HILL - Pilot - KIA

PLT OFF E.G.Wright - Flt Engineer - KIA
PLT OFF J.Marsden - Navigator - KIA
FL OFF C.W. Nunn - Bomb Aimer - KIA
FLT SGT T. Myerscough - Wireless Operator - KIA
SGT P.B. Kirwan - Mid Upper Gunner - PoW (Stalag IVb Muhlburg)
SGT R. Ledsham - Rear Gunner - KIA

A second Lancaster (JB537)  (PH-N) of 12 Sqn also crashed the same night about 3 miles from DV329 killing all on board. Both crews were buried together in a mass grave by the Germans at Oldenburg a day or so later. At wars end they were retrieved from this grave but the authorities were only able to positively identify Ledsham from DV329 and a crew member Ferndell from JB537. These two are in separate graves next to the collective grave of the remains of both other crews.

I am hoping to fine some relatives of both crews to try and shed some light as to how these two planes were lost as some research indicate Flak the others shot by night fighter?

Can anyone help.



Request 1045.    Posted  26 Aug 2012

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew my mother Olive Harman who served in the W.A.A.F. from 01/12/1942 until 09/05/1946. She became a driver having completed a course in the Lake District and was then posted  to Oakham Rutland. By the time Olive left, she was based at Upper Heyford. I have an R.A.F. card which has been signed by the following people:-

Elsa Wangler

Olive Newnham

Phyl Anning

Rene Ansell

Paddy MacManauty (?)

J D Boswell

R F Waters

Eric Sidney Barber

H Rowe

W Welby

Any information regarding my mother (or any of the people listed) would be very much appreciated.

Request 1044.    Posted  19 Aug 2012

Does anyone have info about Melbourne Harvey (my father) who fixed spitfires in the Battle of Britain

Request 1043.    Posted  19 Aug 2012

I'm hoping someone out there may have information, photos and memories of my uncle.   His name was 1432606 Flight Sergeant Harold Wyrill.  He and his crew never returned after bombing Frankfurt on 18/19th March 1944. He was part of 61 Squadron, his Lancaster's number was ND727 and was based at RAF Coningsby.

The Full Crew list is:

                                P/O        Cannon               L

                                Sgt          Dean                    KH

                                F/S         Hull                       GJ

                                Sgt          Stones                 R

                                Sgt          Wyrill                     H (my uncle)

                                Sgt          Sherliker              H

                                F/S         Green                   JM

If anyone can give his family any information, however small it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Gail Parkes

Request 1042.    Posted  4 Aug 2012

Information re George Alfred Cottrill AC1 654123 awarded Military Medal for shooting down enemy aircraft whist on board a transporter taking civilians from Singapore at its fall. Believe to Oz or Nz. Recorded London Gazette 1942. What became of him?

Request 1041.    Posted  27 Jul 2012

I am attempting to locate a photograph (from any era) and post-war service details for Derek S. V. Rake (1945 RAF squadron 41, SN124494; OBE AFC, retired 1976 rank of Group Captain).

James B. Rake, Ph.D.

Request 1040.    Posted  22 Jul 2012

Can anyone shed some light about Leon John Prentice who served with the RAF and was based in Calcutta as a navigator in 1943-1944?

Request 1039.    Posted  6 Jul 2012

I am the Chairman of the South West Battle Group and Living history. On the 5th 6th and 7th August this year we are holding an event at the Land’s End Visitors Complex in Cornwall. It is an event to turn Land’s End back to WW2. I have stumbled on the fact that there is a vast amount of RAF history here regarding RAF Sennen and RAF Main Castle, These were early warning Radar stations code CHL 17. I have also happened upon a LACW Norah Leggatt 2027926. Can anyone help me with information and or photo’s please.

Michael Sculthorp-Wright

Request 1038.    Posted  6 Jul 2012

I am seeking help, information and perhaps photographs of my great uncle F/Sgt John Lindsay Wilson 1128900, the crew and the aircraft he was lost in on the night of 11/12 June 1943 returning from a mission to Munster. The aircraft is believed to have ditched off the Norfolk coast.  The aircraft was Stirling R9286  MG-C of C Flight, No 7 Squadron , Oakington. The aircraft was piloted by F/O Deville EF. No trace of the aircraft or crew was ever found.

The full crew list was……  F/O Deville EP ,

        Flt Lt Theobald WM

        F/Sgt Davies JM

        F/Sgt Wilson JL (my great uncle)

        F/Sgt Bainbridge TJ

        F/Sgt Humphreys H

        F/Sgt Harrington J

Many thanks for all and any help, information, photographs or memories of these brave men which can be found. I can be contacted at on the link above

Thank you.

Mike Gilmore

Request 1037.    Posted  6 Jul 2012

I have been doing some family history and searching for my mothers birth parents (any living relatives).

I have information that her mother, Doris Parsonage, was in the WAAF as a nursing orderly- it does not state the years, but my mother was born in 1947 and she had been with the WAAF for 4 years apparently. Her service number was 2483339.

Her Father, Peter  Charles William Hayes, service number 2279677. He achieved rank of aircraftman 1st Class.

I believe they both met each other at an Elation Dance at Bridgnorth Shropshire. So wether they were both based there, I don't know.

If anyone knew of either of them, I would love to hear anything about them! no matter how small!

Many thanks,


Request 1036.    Posted  2 Jul 2012

I was wondering if anyone remembers my father who was an Australian pilot in Squadron 101. His name was Bill McPherson and flew in the Hamburg raids. He married my mother in Goole on July 27th 1943. They lived in Brisbane for the rest of their lives.

 Chris Withnall

Request 1035.    Posted  1 Jul 2012

I am hoping that someone out there remembers my father, Donald Bell. He served as a JNCO (I believe) with the RAF in Africa during the second world war and I have several photos of him in the middle of nowhere in the desert with 'Suez' mile posts in the background. He once said he was involved with retrofitting aircraft to carry stretchers but sadly he died when I was quite young and I never got the chance to ask him more. 

He was brought up in Leigh in Lancashire and his father was a headmaster. He wanted to be an architect before he joined up, however after the war he trained as a Dental Surgeon and later joined the RADC. When my mother met him he spoke fluent German but I'm not sure when he learnt that. He would be in his 80s now so this may be a long shot but if anyone knew him we would dearly love to know more about his time with the RAF.

Dan Bell

Request 1034.    Posted  29 Jun 2012

Could anyone help with any information on the colour scheme(s) of the Airspeed Oxfords used at 3 (P) AFU, South Cerney, Gloucestershire, in 1943; and especially whether they had the gun turrets installed or not.

My 2nd cousin - Lewis Woodward Cordey - was an instructor there and was killed on 21 Aug 1943 when Oxford EB 861 crashed near Hawkesbury Upton, Gloucestershire.

Request 1033.    Posted  29 Jun 2012

I have found a picture of Wellington 111, number Z-1679-B, with RCAF, 420 Squadron members on a raid from London, England to Hamburg ,Germany, on November 9. 1942.  The aircraft crashed in the sea. My brother was the Navigator: R-79500 F-Sgt. Marcel Armand Joseph Smith.  He has a cross in Runnymede Memorial in London, Panel 106. The Pilot was: R-102069 Sgt. Walter Stanley Beale, and is in Panel 102. The Air Bomber was: R-83354 Sgt. Charles Snider, and is in Panel 106. The Air Gunner was: R-107349 Sgt John Duncan MacDonald and is in Panel 105. The W.O.A. was: R-77433 Sgt. C. Collard, and is buried in Hamburg, Germany, Ohlsdorf Cemetery, 4AD7. His body was found two weeks after the crash.  I sure hope to find someone who can help me on this. My name is William Smith, I was 3 years old

Sgt Marcel Smith (centre)

Course photo including Sgt Marcel Smith

Request 1032.    Posted  29 Jun 2012

Hi am trying to locate a Syrian air force officer who was stationed at HENLOW  RAF base in 1954, his first name was Kadri and he and his mates went to Hitchin for the dances, a lass named Alma interested in finding him        Rob Lavender

Request 1031.    Posted  8 Jun 2012

The town of Metz-en-Couture intend to hold a memorial commemoration next July (2013) for the crew of Lancaster DS 660 KO-P.  I'm trying to contact relatives of the following, killed 13/14 July 1943 115 Sqn   Op. Aachen

Sgt         M        JONES

F/O        F L     YATES

Sgt        P        WILLIAMS

Sgt        D        MURPHY

Sgt        J A T  NEWTON

I am looking in particular for the descendants of Sergeant Peter Williams, born 1922 in Bolton, died in Metz-en-Couture (France) July 13, 1943, son of Arthur and Margaret H Williams . Howell was born.


Peter Jackson Williams married Nellie in 1942 at St Barnabas Church in Bolton, whose parents were Nellie George William Jackson and Elizabeth Ann.


Peter Jackson Williams had a brother Samuel, born in 1918.


Peter and Nellie lived at 3 Lincoln Road in Bolton (Nellie's parents lived to 31 in the same street), until the day of Peter's death in 1943. They had no children.


In 1947, Nellie, who was still living at the same address (until 1950), remarried William P. Smit They had two children: Irene Smith in 1950 and Ann Smith in 1952.


Nellie seems to have died in 2000.


Samuel's brother, Peter, seems to have married three times:

1 / in 1939 with Annie Green in Bolton,

2 / in 1941 with Hilda Haseldeane the church of Christ in Bolton

3/1945 with Irene Higson at St Mary the Virgin in Bolton.


Thank you kindly help me find these people ... or (s) descendant (s).

Request 1030.    Posted  8 Jun 2012

I'm looking for anyone who may know of my grandfather James Edward Wainwright went into the RAF as a reserve in 1941 at Padgate and Blackpool.

Leading Aircraftman in 1941 then sergeant in 1943. Based in Trebelzue which became St Mawgan. Injured spent some time in hospitals in Plymouth, Headland , Locking and Newquay. I have a service number but no squadron as yet as I'm still researching.

Request 1029.    Posted  26 May 2012


A request was posted on this site some time ago but was removed when the contact details were lost: -

“34 ops 115 Sqn RAF ..... I think he may have been something to do with Bomber Command. ...... I am looking for any information about my Great Uncle Ted Adams who piloted Lancasters out of RAF Witchford between August and December”

However, a reply has been received and I would like the person who placed to the original request to contact me so I can pass on the new details.

Request 1028.    Posted  26 May 2012

Trying to find any information on my half brother Ron Bentley. He served at Coltishall as a senior technician in the sixties working on Lightnings. I presume that means he was part of 226 OCU.

If anyone remembers him, please contact me:

Request 1027.    Posted  26 May 2012

Sgt Geoffrey Garlick

I am trying to find information about my father, he was at Khormaksar (Aden) in 1945, his crewmates were WS Jackson, KC Weaver, AFH Hales, RJ Dewar and R Hustwitt, the picture shows them all together.

If anyone can help that would be great.


A M Lesty

Request 1026.    Posted  26 May 2012

I am looking for any kind of information on the 428 Repair and Salvage Unit that was stationed in France at CAMP BUC, near Versailles between 1944 and May / June 1945 - and in particular on a Corporal Reginald GLEDGY OU GHEDGY who belonged to it. If anyone knew someone who was there at the same time, please contact me here using the link above

I shall be most grateful for any help or lead.

Request 1025.    Posted  13 May 2012

I am trying to find information on my uncle George who was killed in WWII before I was born, the death of his only son devastated my grandfather and it was something that was never discussed.  I have a photograph and hand written on the bottom it says Flt Lieutenant G.E. Hammond 145 Squadron R.A.F but I am not sure if this was written by my uncle or another family member after his death.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Picture of Flt Lt G eorge Hammond, No 145 Squadron

Request 1024.    Posted  13 May 2012

I am searching for my grandad. He was based at Bourn Airfield in 1944/45 time as ground crew, he used to go to 'The Hut' dance in Bourn village and that is where he met my nan. He was known as Johnny Byard/Biard. I have inacluded two photos. The photo of four he is the one in ourbottom right of the photo and the group shot he is the third one along from our left.

I really hope somebody can help, I have haqd no luck as yet.

Request 1023.    Posted  13 May 2012

I am looking for contact information on Flt/Sgt Hugh "Jimmy" James who served with the 216 Squadron in North Africa in 1942.  He was the pilot of a Bristol Bombay transport that was carrying General Gott to Cairo when the Bombay was shot down and General Gott was killed.  Any information of Mr. James would be appreciated.  Mark Anderson

Request 1022.    Posted  4 May 2012

I try to find; JACK,  RAF OFFICER , probably the ROYAL OBSERVER CORPS, based until the very last time December 1945 and longer on AIR BASE WELSCHAP EINDHOVEN and billeted in at my parents on the address; ZEELSTERSTRAAT 215, EINDHOVEN -  the Netherlands.

Unfortunately I have only his calling name JACK, his age at that time about 40 – 43 and I have several pictures.

I should be very grateful with any information.

j.e.van Dijk

Request 1021.    Posted  4 May 2012

I’m searching for the name of the officer commanding 230 OCU Scampton 1972, can anyone help?

Request 1020.    Posted  4 May 2012

I am the son of the pilot F/L E Mirfin whose Lancaster was shot down over France on the night of April 26/27 1944.  My father and 3 other crew membersdied but 3 survived.  I have traced relatives of all those who died and very recently have been contacted by the son of one of the survivors.  I am trying to contact anyone who might know or have information relating to the other 2 survivors in order that I can piece together as much as possible what happened that night.

The other survivors were F/S J Pinkney, and F/S R L Griffiths.

Any information would be much appreciated

Request 1019.    Posted  3 May 2012

 This request has been answered and is now closed


Request 1018.    Posted  29 Apr 2012

I would like to re-contact Hugh Green, who supplied photographs of Air Commodore J G Hearson recently, as I have lost his contact details.


Request 1017.    Posted  22 Apr 2012

I am trying to contact a Flight Sergeant John Anderson RAF or any possible relatives. He was the rear gunner and sole survivor of a Halifax that crashed near Welney, Norfolk, April 25th 1944. My uncle Sgt N.M Harrison was among the crew.

The information I have so far:-

Taken to RAF Ely Hospital with a broken femur and lacerations to the scalp and survived his injuries
Born:  Glasgow circa 1924.

Has a very broad Scottish accent.
Service No.1573409.
May have come to live in the Welney area after the war?

Request 1016.    Posted  6 Apr 2012

I am trying to find out some info for my friend. She needs to find out about her father but has very little information on him.

His name was Michael Mahon, she doesn't even know if this is exact or spelt correctly.

He was stationed at Sutton Mepal aerodrome in the 1940’s. He was Irish and a civilian...not sure on this.

If anybody can help me with any information at all i would be extremely grateful.

Great site too!

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards

Andrea Holden

Request 1015.    Posted  30 Mar 2012

I am trying to find out more about Group Captain Hugh Lambert Reilly DSO. 

Born in the 1886 (ish) he learnt to fly in 1912 whilst on leave from the Army.  He died in 1954.

I know this is a long shot but if anyone does have any information I’d be very grateful.  Please contact me on the link above

Many thanks

Vicki Lambert

Request 1014.    Posted  23 Mar 2012

I am trying to trace the trainee SRN's, who took part in the first   scheme at RAF Hospital Wegberg from 1958 (?) - 61.

I think they were all SAC's or SACW's

Best regards

Elizabeth Forbes  Bryson 

Request 1013.    Posted  18 Mar 2012

We are looking for ex servicemen who served with Michael McIntyre(born 18/01/1937) during the years 1954 and 1956. He trained at Northolt and served in Malta and Tripoli.

We don’t know his service number. We are keen to learn of his service record and any other information that may bring comfort to his grieving family.

Thank you.

Michelle Page (Australia)

Request 1012.    Posted  16 Mar 2012

I have a large collection of photographs from my late father in law John Cornish Donkin who was a professional photographer. He was serving in Ranchi Bihar India during the 1940’s in R.A.F Group 20 Medical Corp.

 Some of the names include Group Captain Graham, Sir Thomas Rutherford, Hannah, Robinson, Thomas, Gilbert, Aylott, Good, Walton, Tonkin, Thorne, Harrison to name but a few.  The photos also portray a hint of life in India at the time and include local traditions.   For anyone who is interested please email me and I will forward the relevant photos to them.  Kind regards, Karen Donkin.

Request 1011.    Posted  16 Mar 2012

Wish to locate any colleagues of Flt Sgt Ronald V Cresswell 1293794 who knew him in training or later when he served with 517 and 518 Met Squadrons. I’m enquiring on behalf of his nephew, Ron Cresswell, who now lives in New Zealand.


PR8296 – Peter Rackliff

Request 1010.    Posted  16 Mar 2012

 I am trying to find any information about a long lost relative of mine who disappeared in Berlin sometime after the end of Second World War , i have the following information

LAC A.Ness

Service Number 1518398

2798 or 2803 SQN RAF Regt

Gatow Berlin

any info would be gratefully appreciated

Many Thanks Chris

Request 1009.    Posted  16 Mar 2012

I am trying to obtain relations of Flight engineer Derek Colin Sykes from Bridgend – Glamorgan (GB) and wireless operator/air gunner Percival Henry Minton Jones , who lived in his childhood at Rhyd-y-Foel and moved with his mother  to Welling – Kent.

Both were members of the crew of the Lancaster DV280  - JO-S which crashed in our neighbourhood in Holland.

They died in the crash, together with 5 others.

Any information is welcome.

Jan Ruijs – the Netherlands  -

Request 1008.    Posted  16 Mar 2012

I  search  for  personal documents   flying  team of  RAF  511 Sqn at war , and RAF  301  UT  in RAF  Station  Lyneham too.  Very important  point are materials  from eyewitness  like: pilots and ground crews -  both  former for 511 Sqn  or  contact  with  theirs  famillies.

   At first I'm searching for :

1. ANY  photos  of  Liberator  Mk II  AL -523  ,  fabric  number  : 21

    nose  name  ; St. Anthony .

    Until to day I  couldn't  found  any photo  of AL -523 at  service time.

I  search everywhere !

2. ANY  materials  belong  to  thats  aircraft  in his  service  at 511  Sqn .

3. Any  materials  about  his  crews  , especially  I pilot F/L  Eduard Maximiliam PRCHAL .

4. Any   materials  of Prchal's  crew .

5. Any materials   about  Walace Lynton WATSON   from RAF Lyneham  Station .

 May be  some  peoples  have  materials  from journey / flying  routes  -  from Lyneham to Gibraltar .

Very important  are  materials  about performances and  opinion and  characteristic  of  Liberator  series  AM  but  better  AL

Im also  looking  to  get  a  contact  with peopels  / families -  which  was  at  war time In RAF Transport Command  service  ,  especially RAF Station   Lyneham  and  RAF Station Gibraltar : years  1942 -1944.  My  e-mail : Regards  - Mike

Request 1007.    Posted  16 Mar 2012

I am writing up a number of anecdotes from my childhood in Cairo, Egypt, during WWII, mainly for my family. I am puzzled about a period of a month or two I spent in Port Said with my grandmother, Mrs. C. C. Adams, who had -- I think -- volunteered through the Y.M.C.A. to organize "things" (living quarters? entertainment?) for the New Zealand (?) nurses stationed there. It would have been sometime in 1941, possibly July-August, when there is an unexplained gap in my grandmother's Cairo Visitors book. There were many air-raids; our building was not in a targetted area, but there was apparently some reason why we were always visited by Squadron-Leader Claude G. Whiteside and his batman "Goldie"every time there was a raid. He was very kind to me, and Goldie was my favourite! I particularly remember a paint factory a couple of miles away being hit by an incendiary, which turned it (to my eight-and-a-half-year-old imagination) into a glowing, multi-coloured fairytale castle! Whiteside appears in my grandmother's book in September and October, once with Port Said as his address, and once with "Royal Air Force  & 58 Dumbreck Road, Dumbreck, Glasgow." I have not been able to find any gen about him at all, so far -- or the Port Said paint factory for that matter!

I would be very grateful for any light shed on this episode; there are so many uncertainties that organizing my many snippets of recollection into a coherent story is somewhat tricky.

Patsy Cunningham

Request 1006.    Posted  9 Mar 2012

1.  I have for years been trying to find out what the initials A.C.T. stand for on a lapel badge. Leo Carter learnt to fly in 1938 in the Civil Air Guard in the North. The Lancashire Flying Club do not know either.  All I can remember him saying he was a cadet. Air Cadet Trainee maybe?  Imperial War Museum and R.A.F don't know. See attached photo.

2.  Leo Carter was in No 9 Squadron. Honington 1941-1943. He was a pilot. I have three pictures of him in a film made for the M.O.D. as a morale boosting exercise for the Canadians based here.   He, and his colleagues on the Base were extras in the film. One photo has a man leaning over the desk with 'Canada' on his sleeve. On another photo there looks a very young Jack Watling or is it Richard Green ? On the back of three photos are U.F.P.U.  I have tried several combinations. United Film Publicity Unit, Universal Forces Publicity unit etc.

He did not put the dates on the  back of the photographs, where it was shot, nor the name of the film. I have exhausted every avenue. Imperial War Museum, M.O.D. Shepperton, Pinewood studios.  Honington, R.A.F archives. Kew archives. Put a photo in the No 9 Squadron newsletter (8 years ago) but no replies.  See attached photos.

I would dearly like to find the answers.  Most men would be gone by now but I hope someone's children may have a photo or recollections of being told of the filming. Leo died in 2001, I was his partner.

Request 1005.    Posted  9 Mar 2012

I would love to find some information on my father's military activity or anyone who knew him.  He was an RAF pilot and flew a Sunderland sea plane.  His name was Robert (nmi) "Bob" Wilson, born 7/17/1921.  I know that there was a Robert Wilson who was killed in the war who was born in 1916, but my father survived.  He left the UK in 1948 and was killed in the Caribbean in 1953.  

My mom survives but at age 86, she has little knowledge of his activities in the RAF.  No. 201 Squadron, possibly No. 210.  There were several squadrons that he may have been associated with. I would love to find some photos or anyone who might have served with him.  I was 5 when he died and since he and my mom left the UK after the war, they did not keep up with anyone.

I also know that he had a commanding officer, at some point, named Owen "Bobby" Roberts.

Request 1004.    Posted  9 Mar 2012

I would like to know if anyone might have known my late father – 1449234 LAC Arthur Charles Curtis (Fitter II Engines) during the Second World War.

He joined in July 1941 at Cardington and then seemed to roam around the UK a fair bit until embarking at Liverpool for Algiers 13 Aug 1943.

He arrived Algiers 24 Aug 1943 and then was at Blida, Bone and Fort De L'eau between then and 28 Mar 1944.

 Unfortunately, I don’t know which units he was with except;

284 Sqn, April 1944 at Alghero, Sardinia;

156 MU, Sep 1944 to Jan 1946, Blida & Fort De L’eau;

351 MU, Jan 1946 to Jul 1946, Hussein Dey (Algiers).

 Dad was demobbed 22 Aug 1946.

I  have several photos taken during a convoy in what looks like North Africa and probably taken mid-1944. The people in the photo’s are named as:

Darkie, Fred, ACC, Daisey, Ray, & Jack (Cpl). One of the photo’s is attached and the men are in the order given here.

Dad was great friends with ‘Daisey’ and (inevitably) they were known as ‘Gert & Daisey’. ‘Daisey’ was known to have worked in a garage in Ely, Cambridgeshire in the mid-1950’s.

Any info on the men in the photo's, or if you would like copies of them, please contact me through this site, or russellf97 <at>


Phil Curtis

Request 1003.    Posted  9 Mar 2012

Among family papers I have a pocket edition of Lamb's Last Essays of Elia in which is inscibed 'W Atchison,34 Sqdn RAF.  This intrigues me and I wonder if I could find out more about this person.

Any help you could offer would be gratefully received as I have no knowledge of such a person having any connection with my family

Garrick Barton

Request 1002.    Posted  2 Mar 2012

I am researching the brief history of 126 Squadron RAF and would welcome any information on the unit, particualrly photographs, logbooks (or relevant extracts), diary's etc.

Thank you,


Phil. Cox

Request 1001.    Posted  2 Mar 2012

I am trying to establish status and whereabouts of my father—REGINALD ROLAND HILL- served in ground crew at RAF KUMALO, Bulawayo, later to Cranborne  in the then Salisbury.

My Mother is alive at 87 yrs, her memory gone. I have no I D for him.  He was  I think a L/C. I never knew him, apparently just left the house in Salisbury in around 1946, not seen or heard of since.

Father`s birth date was 7/12/1918. Maybe REQUEST 308—LAC BLAKEWAY may have known him? Father originated from U.K or Ireland. My contact detail is, my name is WINSON WILKINS HILL [NOW STEELE by deed poll, when my Mom remarried}

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