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Officers - Select by Surname

The officers listed on this site are to be best knowledge of the author, deceased, where details of living officers are included, the officers in question have given their permission for this inclusion and have personally checked and verified the entry.  If any other living Air Officers, which to have their details included, please contact me through the link to the left and I will gladly forward what details I have been able to collect so far.


L M Iles G Innes D Iron
T C Imrie J E Innes-Crump Sir Ronald Ivelaw-Chapman
F F Inglis W I C Inness


C T Jackaman L M E Jarman J E Johnson
Sir Douglas Jackman E G P Jeffery A V R Johnstone
A D Jackson A F Jenkins R C Jonas
Sir Brendan Jackson E H Jenkins H G Jones
J A G Jackson F C Jenkins Sir Laurence Jones
L A Jackson H S F T Jerrard P Jones
E James A F Johnson R I Jones
M J James E D Johnson Sir Robert Jones
P G Jameson F S R Johnson Sir Richard Jordon
D McD Jannaway J C A Johnson Sir Philip Joubert de la Ferte
G T Jarman    


N W Kearon M E F Kerr R L Kippenberger
G B Keily C L King J L Kirby
R Kellett P King F Kirk
P A Kennedy S E King H J Kirkpatrick
Sir Jock Kennedy W M King R G Knott
J M D Ker E J Kingston-McClaughry C P H Kunkler
H S Kerby D N Kington-Blair-Oliphant Sir Wallace Kyle
W I G Kerby    


Sir Philip Lagesen M H Le Bas Sir Hugh Lloyd
Sir George Laing R Leckie I T Lloyd
Sir Charles Lambe D L G Le Dieu K B Lloyd
Sir Cecil Lambert A P Ledger B G Lock
J R Lambert D B Leech C E S Lockett
D W Lane H Leedham C E W Lockyer
S W Lane A S G Lee F W Long
A F Lang Sir David Lee Sir Charles Longcroft
W F Langdon Sir Alan Lees Sir Arthur Longmore
J F Langer Sir Ronald Lees C G Lott
T A Langford-Sainsbury R J Legg C R Lousada
J Langston R H A Leigh Sir Edgar Lowe
Sir John Lapsley Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory C J Luce
P A Latham H G Leonard-Williams D F Lucking
K B Latton L G Levis F B Ludlow
G M Lawson D G Lewis Sir Edgar Ludlow-Hewitt
I D N Lawson P L Lincoln Sir Harold Lydford
K M St C G Leask Sir Francis Linnell M D Lyne
J A Leathart G Livingstone O G W G Lywood



D F Macdonald J D Miller
D M T Macdonald J G Matthews T C Miller
J C MacDonald C G Maughan F M Milligan
S D Macdonald A C Maund E G L Millington
Sir William Macdonald Sir Leslie Mavor Sir George Mills
A R D MacDonell A H Mawer R L Mills
I N MacDougall H L Maxwell R P Mills
N D MacEwen R B Maycock S E D Mills
Sir Norman MacEwen F H M Maynard Sir Dennis Mitchell
Sir Douglas Macfadyen W A McClaughry F G S Mitchell
I D MacFadyen A J McCreery Sir William Mitchell
A MacGregor B McEntegart C O F Modin
C T MacLean Sir Theodore McEvoy A T Monks
L L MacLean A B McGuire A H Montgomery
P H Mackworth K J McIntrye C S Moore
G R Magill Sir Lionel McKean L P Moore
B R Macnamara J W McKelvey P D M Moore
W J Maggs D C McKinley Sir Christopher Moran
E M Maitland A C H McLean R H More
Sir Harold Maguire G M McMinn W G Morgan
A Maisner I W P McNeil R T Morison
Sir Paul Maltby R C Mead Sir (A) Samuel Morris
P E Maitland C V Mears Sir Douglas Morris
P R Mallorie Sir Charles Medhurst R J P Morris
E R Manning Sir Francis Mellersh V D Morshead
W E G Mann F R L Mellersh C C Morton
F J Manning J D Melvin R F S Morton
C C Marindin S W B Menaul J E M Mould
R B Mansell Sir Charles Meredith L H Moulton
S J Marchbank J W F Merer C J Mount
J Marson H W Mermagen C F deS Murphy
R L G Marix E W Merriman J J Murphy
J Marsden Sir Walter Merton J G Murray
Sir Harold Martin A D Messenger A Musker
J M Mason H L Messiter J Mutch
J S Mason W D J Michie J R Mutch
H M Massey J C Millar A W Mylne
E A D Masterman Sir Dusty Miller  

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