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Officers - Select by Surname

The officers listed on this site are to be best knowledge of the author, deceased, where details of living officers are included, the officers in question have given their permission for this inclusion and have personally checked and verified the entry.  If any other living Air Officers, wish to have their details included, please contact me through the link to the left and I will gladly forward what details I have been able to collect so far.


Sir Roderic Salmon J H T Simpson Sir John Stacey
Sir Geoffrey Salmond R C Simpson Sir Neville Stack
Sir John Salmond S P Simpson W A Stagg
B Samson F H Sims Sir Brian Stanbridge
C R Samson Sir Laurence Sinclair M P Stanton
Sir Arthur Sanders N C Singer D C Stapleton
P J Sanders E B Sismore F S Stapleton
Sir Clifford Sanderson T G Skeats E J H Starling
K F Sanderson G Skinner W E Staton
H V Satterley G F A Skelton Sir Michael Stear
Sir Robert Saundby F A Skoulding Sir Alisdair Steedman
D C Saunders Sir Anthony Skingsley Sir John Steel
Sir Hugh Saunders H G Slade A G Steele
R E Saul Sir Leonard Slatter Sir Charles Steele
G I L Saye Sir John Slessor G D Stephenson
M Scannell P Slocombe J N T Stephenson
F R Scarlett Sir Denis Smallwood Sir Alick Stevens
J R Scarlett-Streatfield H G Smart C A Stevens
G Scarrott G T Smeaton K Stevens
P H L Scott C G Smith A D Stevenson
F D S Scott-Malden E J Smith D F Stevenson
Sir Colin Scragg J E Smith A C Stewart
D M Scrimgeour S W Smith C M Stewart
G L Seabrook G F Smylie I S Stockwell
J H Searby Sir Henry Smyth-Osbourne E V Stokes
Sir Anthony Selway L H Snelling J A Stone
Sir John deM Severne D M Somerville R C Storrar
W J Seward R Sorel-Cameron S E Storrar
R G Seymour Sir Ralph Sorley C G Stowell
T P Seymour J E R Sowman Sir Stephen Strafford
G P Seymour-Price Sir Frederick Sowrey W W Straight
M S Shapcott J A Sowrey D M Strong
A C H Sharp W Sowrey A S R Strudwick
G S Shaw C B S Spackman W V Strugnell
W C Sheen R H S Spaight P O Sturley
A J Shelfoon B N J Speed W P Sutcliffe
G S Shephard G R C Spencer Sir Bertine Sutton
M C S Shepherd I J Spencer D H Sutton
Sir Thomas Shirley J H Spencer Sir John Sutton
B J Silly R J Spiers A E Sutton-Jones
J Silvester Sir Denis Spotswood F R D Swain
G Silyn-Roberts J D Spottiswood Sir Oliver Swann
D C H Simmons Sir Herbert Spreckley M J E Swiney
C H Simpson Sir Peter Squire The Hon Sir Frederick Sykes
J H Simpson J N Stacey W Sykes


E W Tacon F W Thompson R L Topp
N A Tait J M Thompson E J D Townsend
Sir Victor Tait A A B Thomson E W Towsey
F J A Tanner D L Thomson T C Traill
L Taylor Sir John Thomson Sir John Tremayne
M L Taylor R B Thomson The Viscount Trenchard of Wolfeton
P P W Taylor P D Thorne F N Trinder
Lord Tedder W Thorne D A Trotman
Sir Peter Terry H N Thornton Christopher J R Turner
J A Tester H K Thorold Clifford J Turner
W E Theak G N E Tindall-Carill-Worsley Cresswell Turner
C S Thomas J F Titmas Sir Geoffrey Tuttle
G P S Thomas C D Tomalin G E Tweddle
M Thomas J N Tomes F E Tyndall
R W Thomas S E Toomer J H S Tyssen
T R Thomas J G Topham


J L Vachell F E Vernon S F Vincent
G H Vasse Sir Ivo Vesey R E deT Vintras
M C M Vaughan A (P) Vicary J B Voyce
G O Venn C McC Vincent Sir Vyell Vyvyan
R H Verney F J Vincent  


S R Ubee


Sir Ruthven Wade Sir Tom Webb-Bowen
D J Waghorn R A Webster P J Wilkinson
R N Waite S N Webster K B S Willder
Sir Augustus Walker R H G Weighill D R Williams
F W Walker C T Weir E S Williams
H E Walker J G Weir M R Williams
Sir John Walker Sir William Welsh Sir Thomas Williams
P Walker C S J West J J Williamson
P B Walker F M F West Sir Keith Williamson
S G Walker Sir John Weston P G K Williamson
J Wallace T Wharton C V D Willis
D J Walliker A H Wheeler Sir John Willis
J B M Wallis Sir Neil Wheeler F G Willock
Sir Richard Wakeford J R Whelan R P Willock
Sir Hugh Walmsley G A White G E Wilson
A A Walser G H White C B Wincott
A H Wann H E White J L Wingate
R C Wansborough H G White C V Winn
J Warburton Sir John Whitford Sir Archie Winskill
P E Warcup R P M Whitham P H G Wintle
E L S Ward Sir John Whitley K A C Wirdnam
P A Ward C H Whittington M Witherow
A R Wardle F Whittle J J Witts
S H Ware J N H Whitworth A S Woodgate
J M Warfield Sir John Whitworth-Jones F Woolley
E F Waring R Whyte E W Wootten
H Waring J C Wickham J Worrall
W W Warner C W Widdows W R Worstall
A D Warrington-Morris C G Wigglesworth A M Wray
M Watson Sir Philip Wigglesworth A C Wright
R A Watts Sir Kenneth Wigram E W Wright
L A Wear M J G Wiles Sir Peter Wykeham
P C Webb F Wynter-Morgan


B C Yarde B P Young R A Young
F B Yetman G Young
W M Yool J F Young

This page was last updated on 15/04/21

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