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Air Marshal Sir Frederick Sowrey (107942)

Frederick Beresford    b: 14 Sep 1922                        r: 5 Apr 1980                  d: 24 Jul 2019

KCB 31 Dec 1977 (CB 1 Jan 1968), CBE 12 Jun 1965, AFC - 1 Jan 1954.

Plt Off: 20 Aug 1941, Fg Off (WS): 20 Feb 1942?, Flt Lt (WS): 20 Aug 1943, Flt Lt: 1 Sep 1945, Sqn Ldr: 1 Jan 1951, Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1956, Gp Capt: 1 Jan 1962, A/Cdre: 1 Jul 1965, Act AVM: 1 Jun 1970, AVM: 1 Jul 1971, Act AM: 25 Oct 1977, AM: 1 Jan 1978.

xx xxx 1940:    U/T Pilot, Canada

xx xxx 1941:   Pilot, No ? Sqn. (Lysanders and Tomahawks)

xx xxx 1942:   Pilot, No 26 Sqn. (Mustangs)

xx xxx 1942:    Convalescence, RAF Officers' Hospital, Torquay.

xx Dec 1942:   Pilot, No 26 Sqn. (Mustang)

xx xxx 1944:   Attended Flying Instructor's School.

xx xxx 1945:   Instructor/Flight Commander, No ? HGCU

xx xxx 1945:    Attended Meteor Conversion Course

xx xxx 1946:    Adjutant/Instructor, No 615 (County of Surrey) Sqn RAuxAF.

1 Jul 1946:       Appointed to Permanent Commission in the rank of Flight Lieutenant  (retaining rank current at the time).

xx xxx 1949:   Instructor, Central Gunnery School.

xx xxx 1951:   Officer Commanding, No 615 (County of Surrey) Sqn RAuxAF.

xx Jan 1954:    Attended RAF Staff College - Bracknell.

xx xxx 1955:   Chief's of Staff Secretariat.

xx Jan 1958:    Officer Commanding, Flying Wing, RAF Odiham.

xx May 1958:  Officer Commanding, No 46 Sqn.

14 Jul 1960:     Personal Staff Officer to the Chief of the Air Staff.

 3 Dec 1962:    Officer Commanding, RAF Abingdon.

xx xxx 1965:   Attended Imperial Defence College.

14 Mar 1966:   SASO, HQ Air Forces Middle East.

xx Feb 1968:   Director of Defence Policy.

 1 Jun 1970:     SASO, HQ Training Command.

 3 Nov 1972:   Commandant, National Defence College.

16 Aug 1975:  Director-General of RAF Training.

24 Oct 1977:   UK Permanent Military Deputy to CENTO.

His father was one of three brothers who served in the RFC and later RAF.  He joined the RAF in 1940, the same year his father retired, after leaving Charterhouse, undertaking his flying training in Canada before being commissioned in 1941.

Appointed the regular RAF adjutant of No 615 (County of Surrey) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, he and the CO, Squadron Leader R G Kellett bought an old Supermarine Walrus between them to give air experience to the groundcrew.  It was even used to fly from Annual Camps to the East Coast for pleasure.  On one occassion, it's landing off the beach caused great consternation with the coastguard calling the Lowestoft lifeboat to it's 'rescue.  All parties were pacified by a 5 donation to RNLI funds. The Walrus is now in the FAA Museum, Yeovilton.  Two years after leaving 615, he returned as it's CO.

Interested in historical matters, particularly cars and mechanical items, he his or has been a member and/or official of a number of historical organisations including the Chairmanship of the RAF Historical Society.

This page was last updated on 17/09/19

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