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Air Commodore D A Trotman (124478)

Denis Albert                b:   28 Nov 1921                     r:  28 Nov 1976                      d:  9 Apr 2006

AFC – 1 Jan 1951, MBIM.

Plt Off:  19 Jun 1942, Fg Off (WS):  19 Dec 1942, Flt Lt (WS):  19 Jun 1944, Flt Lt:  19 Dec 1945 [antedated to 19 Jun 1943 on 1 Jul 1946], Sqn Ldr:  1 Jan 1951, Act Wg Cdr:  xx Nov 1956, Wg Cdr:  1 Jan 1957, Gp Capt:  1 Jul 1962, A/Cdre:  1 Jan 1968.

xx xxx xxxx             U/T Pilot

xx xxx xxxx             Pilot, No ? Sqn 

1 Jul 1946:              Appointed to Permanent Commission in the rank of Flying Officer (retaining rank current at the time).

xx Sep 1948:             Flight Commander, No 81 Sqn

xx xxx xxxx:              Attended No 228 OCU

xx Jun 1956:             'A' Flight Commander, No 29 Sqn.

xx Nov 1956:           Officer Commanding, No 25 Sqn.

xx Oct 1957:           ?

25 May 1959:          Officer Commanding, Flying Wing, RAF Gutersloh.

 2 Jul 1962:              Staff Officer, Department of the CAS.

 2 Dec 1963:            Staff - ?, Central Defence Staff.

xx xxx 1965:  

18 Mar 1967:           Officer Commanding, RAF Little Rissington

 1 Jun 1968:             AOA, HQ Near East Air Force.

12 Mar 1971:           Exercise Controller, Commanders in Chief Committee (West).

 6 Oct 1972:            Director of Plans, UK Commanders’ in Chief Committee.

xx xxx 1974:            AOC, Joint Air Transport Establishment

During WW2, he was forced to abandon his aircraft during an operation over France, "fortunately, he spoke French. Someone gave him a map, and very intelligently he tore off the bit he had been using each day so as to reduce the risk of giving people away if he was caught.  I don’t recall any mention of escape lines. Eventually, the Air Commodore made it to Switzerland and joined with other evaders waiting to be got back to the UK via Spain. They occupied the time by learning to ski, but unfortunately he broke a leg!"

The item in quotes is courtesy of Ann Lyon, whose father worked with A/Cdre Trotman at JATE.

Recommendation for the award of the Air Force Cross

"TROTMAN, Dennis Albert, F/L (124478, Royal Air Force) - No.81 (Photo Reconnaissance) Squadron, Far East Air Force.

This officer has been Flight Commander of No.81 (Photo Reconnaissance) Squadron  since September 1949.  From February 1949 he was engaged on the Photographic Survey of Malaya and from the end of January 1950 has been in command of a detachment of the squadron surveying French Indo-China. Largely due to his outstanding leadership and energy, the task in French Indo-China seems almost complete.  He has personally flown 48 sorties during which he has displayed determination and initiative of a very high order.  Living conditions in French Indo-China have been bad and aircraft maintenance difficulties very great but, by his example, he has maintained the highest possible serviceability.  Flight Lieutenant Trotman has performed the most valuable services under the most difficult conditions. His leadership and example have been an inspiration to all under his command and the valuable services he has rendered to aviation in his work of Photographic Survey have been outstanding."

(Source - Air 2/10106 Recommended when he had flown 1,479 hours, 189 on current duties, 186 in previous six months)

This page was last updated on 08/09/23

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