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Air Commodore P H G Wintle (63803)

Philip Henry  Garne   b:   5 Apr 1920                                                           d:  30 Jan 1972

DFC 7 Apr 1942, Bar 3 Oct 1944.

AC2: xx xxx xxxx, LAC: xx xxx xxxx, Plt Off: 12 Feb 1941, Fg Off (WS): 12 Feb 1942, Flt Lt (WS): 12 Feb 1943, Act Sqn Ldr: xx xxx 1945?, Sqn Ldr: 1 Jan 1949, Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1956, Gp Capt: 1 Jan 1961, Act A/Cdre: 8 Jan 1968?, A/Cdre: 1 Jan 1969.

xx xxx xxxx:             U/T Pilot, RAFVR (921395)

12 Feb 1941:           Granted a Commission in the RAFVR.

xx xxx 1941:            Attended No 3 School of General Reconnaissance

19 Jul 1941:            Pilot, No 120 Sqn (Liberators)

xx xxx xxxx:             Pilot, No 203 Sqn (1942)

 1 Mar 1943:           PA to Deputy Air C in C, Mediterranean Air Command.

xx xxx xxxx:             Flight Commander, No 140 Sqn (1944)

xx xxx 1945:            Staff, Directorate of Allied Air Co-operation and Foreign Liaison.


xx Sep 1948:           Officer Commanding, No 92 Sqn. (Meteor F4)

xx Nov 1949:           Attended RAF Staff College?

20 Dec 1951:           Air Staff, HQ 2nd Tactical Air Force.

xx xxx 1952:            Air Staff - Plans, HQ 2nd Tactical Air Force.

11 Aug 1958:           Staff Officer, Directorate of Air Staff Plans and Programmes

 8 May 1961:           Officer Commanding, RAF Wyton.

 4 Nov 1963:           Deputy Director of Joint Plans/Defence Plans.

xx xxx 1965:            Staff, Central Defence Staffs.

 2 Sep 1966:            Directing Staff, RAF Staff College, Bracknell.

 8 Jan 1968:             Assistant Commandant, RAF Staff College, Bracknell.

30 Dec 1968:           Chief, Current Plans Staff, SHAPE.

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross

(Source - Air 2/8754)

"WINTLE, Philip Henry Garne, P/O (63803, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve) - No.203 Squadron.

On 4th January 1942, whilst patrolling the eastern Mediterranean, Pilot Officer Wintle observed units of the enemy battle fleet. In spite of heavy fire from the ships, he piloted his aircraft to within a mile of them to ensure positive identification and then signalled clear and concise information to base.  He continued to shadow the fleet for two hours, all the time maintaining the appropriate signals.  Although the starboard engine was giving trouble(twice during the shadowing his aircraft was forced down to within 50 feet of the water) and despite the fact that he was flying some 200 miles from land, he remained with the battle fleet until finally forced to abandon his task owing to shortage of petrol.  Throughout, this officer displayed great courage and devotion to duty.  Pilot Officer Wintle has also successfully attacked an enemy submarine."

Citation for the award of a Bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross

"WINTLE, Philip Henry Garne, F/L (63803, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve) - No.140 Squadron.

This officer has completed many sorties during his second tour of operations, including many low level attacks.  On one of these sorties he was detailed to obtain some vitally important photographs.  After completing his mission in the most adverse weather, his aircraft was attacked on his return flight by twelve Focke Wulf 190s.  For twelve minutes he was subjected to continuous determined attacks.  By superb airmanship he eventually shook off his attackers despite heavy damage to his aircraft from cannon and machine-gun fire.  Flight Lieutenant Wintle has set an inspiring example of exceptional coolness, courage and great devotion to duty."

(Source - Flight, 26 October 1944)

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