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Air Commodore R Whyte (11119)

Richard            b: 20 May 1890                     r: 19 Feb 1947                                   d: 19 Mar 1986

CBE 14 Jun 1945,

(Army): - (T) 2 Lt: xx xxx xxxx, (T) Lt: 1 Jul 1917, (T) Capt: xx xxx xxxx.

(RAF): - Flt Lt: 5 Mar 1921, Sqn Ldr: 1 Jul 1924, Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1935, (T) Gp Capt: 1 Jun 1940, Act A/Cdre: 6 Apr 1943, Gp Capt (WS): 6 Oct 1943, Gp Capt: 1 Dec 1944, A/Cdre: 1 Oct 1944

xx xxx xxxx:               Soldier/Officer, Seaforth Highlanders

xx xxx xxxx:                  U/T Pilot

20 May 1917:               Appointed Flying Officer RFC

 2 Jun 1917:                  Embarked for France

 8 Jun 1917:                  Pilot, No 34 Sqn

23 Oct 1917:                Admitted to No 36 Casualty Clearing Station (Appendictis)

28 Oct 1917:                Admitted to No 7 Stationary Hospital

 2 Nov 1917:                Returned to England on AT 'St Andrew'

xx xxx xxxx:               Officer, Military Accountant Officers.

xx xxx xxxx:               Accountant Grade III

 1 Oct 1919:                Accountant Grade II

 4 Mar 1921:               Accountant Officer 5th Class

 5 Mar 1921:                Appointed to a Permanent Commission in the Stores Branch in the rank of Flight Lieutenant.  (for Accountant Duties)

 5 Mar 1921:                Accountant Officer, Air Pilotage School

18 Jun 1921:                 Attended Course of Instruction, No 4 Stores Depot.

13 Aug 1921:                Senior Accountant Officer, School of Technical Training (Men).

xx xxx xxxx:                  Supernumerary?

21 Sep 1926:                Senior Accountant Officer, Aircraft Depot - Iraq.

26 Sep 1927:                Senior Accountant, RAF Hinaidi

14 Nov 1928:               Command Accountant, HQ Air Defence of Great Britain.

20 Apr 1931:                Group Accountant, No 1 Air Defence Group

xx xxx xxxx:                  Supernumerary?

 1 Feb 1935:                 Senior Accountant, Aircraft Depot - Iraq

 2 May 1937:                Senior Accountant Officer, RAF Manston

21 Oct 1940:                Command Accountant, HQ Maintenance Command.

 6 Apr 1943:                Command Accountant, HQ Bomber Command

11 Oct 1945:               Command Accountant, HQ RAF Mediterranean and Middle East

He died in the Andover area.

Citation for the award of Commander of the Order of the British Empire

"WHYTE, Richard, Act A/Cdre (Royal Air Force) - Bomber Command Headquarters,

This officer is the Command Accountant Officer.  He has had a long service experience and is possessed of a wide knowledge of the RAF Accounting Branch in all its aspects.  Air Commodore Whyte has shown considerable initiative and has been largely responsible for the revised administrative arrangements which have been successfully introduced at Bases with advantageous results."

(Source - Air 2/9017)

This page was last updated on 21/11/23

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