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Officers - Select by Surname

The officers listed on this site are to be best knowledge of the author, deceased, where details of living officers are included, the officers in question have given their permission for this inclusion and have personally checked and verified the entry.  If any other living Air Officers, which to have their details included, please contact me through the link to the left and I will gladly forward what details I have been able to collect so far.


Sir Alfred Earle A S Ellerton D Emmerson
Sir James Easton Sir Edward Ellington Sir Reginald Emson
C H K Edmonds R D Elliott I G Esplin
Sir Humphrey Edwardes-Jones Sir William Elliott B E Essex
D F L Edwards C H Elliott-Smith Sir David Evans
D J Edwards Sir Thomas Elmhirst Sir Donald Evans
H I Edwards J G Elton G C Eveleigh
J D Edwards Sir Aubrey Ellwood Sir Douglas Evill
H Eeles Lord Elworthy of Timaru F G H Ewens
J L W Ellacombe J R A Embling W G H Ewing
C N Ellen Sir Basil Embry A W Eyre


T P P F Fagan, D T Fisher A D Frank
C L Falconer I J Fitch J G Franks
E C Farman T E J Fitton H H Macl Fraser
J N W Farmer D B Fitzpatrick Sir Paterson Fraser
P J Farmer A Fletcher W L Freebody
P G D Farr Sir Peter Fletcher J M Freeman
R Faville J G Flewett Sir Wilfrid Freeman
T Fawdry C H Flinn Sir Robert Freer
F W Felgate A Foden L R S Freestone
C M Fell Sir Francis Fogarty Sir Francis Fressanges
P F M Fellowes A Foord-Kelcey N H Fresson
B C Fellows J L Forbes Sir Matthew Frew
H A Fenton Sir Geoffrey Ford J W Frost
G I Ferenczy H Ford B G Frow
F L Festing H E Forrow A D Fryer
A L Fiddament J R Forsythe P F Fullard
J L Field Sir Robert Foster H F Fuller
R C Field W F MacN Foster J L F Fuller-Good
Sir Edward Fielden L Fox D J Furner
D Finlay Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris P Furniss


J O Gale R W L Glenn G W P Grant
A N Gallehawk A W F Glenny S B Grant
Sir Philip Game P J Goddard A Gray
R F Gandy Sir Victor Goddard J A Gray
The Lord Garden G C Godfrey Sir Michael Graydon
M M Gardham K W Godfrey C H Green
R G Gardner A L Godman D A Green
W S Gardner A Gollan P O V Green
A Garrity K H Gooding L H Greenman
Sir Guy Garrod J Goodman A L Gregory
K V Garside E S Goodwin D D'A A Greig
G D Garvin K J Goodwin E B Grenfell
O R Gayford Brigadier-General E B Gordon J H Greswell
A J W Geddes The Hon Sir F Gordon R Grice
W C C Gell R Gordon C McK Grierson
Sir Robert George H Gordon-Dean O K Griffin
E L Gerrard J R Gordon-Finlayson A Griffiths
R T Gething Sir Edward Gordon-Jones J S Griffiths
C M Gibbs C W Gore J W B Grigson
Sir Gerald Gibbs Sir Leslie Gossage D F H Grocott
Sir Michael Giddings C F H Grace Sir Victor Groom
J H Giles O Gradon P R C Groves
L W G Gill H R Graham R M Groves
N J Gill R Graham Sir Edouard Grundy
A D Gillmore S Graham Sir Charles Guest
Sir John Gingell Sir John Grandy W J Y Guilfoyle


H A Haines J G Hearson Sir Leslie Hollinghurst
F C Halahan M C Heath Sir Paul Holder
C Hallewell Sir Maurice Heath R R Holder
Sir Donald Hall F C Heath-Caldwell J A Holmes
J R Hallings-Pott W S Hebden P H Holmes
R K Hamblin P M S Hedgeland Sir Frank Holroyd
P H Hamley W E Hedley F V Holt
T J Hanlon W Helmore A D A Honley
G Harcourt-Smith I G S Hemming E D M Hopkins
P J Harding Sir David Henderson F L Hopps
R P Harding M Henderson G K Horner
Sir Donald Hardman P L W Herbert Sir Peter Horsley
F G D Hards W J Herrington J A Houison-Crauford
S H Hardy A Hesketh E L Howard-Williams
Sir Reginald Harland Sir Anthony Heward J F G Howe
Sir Douglas Harries G F W Heycock T E B Howe
Sir Arthur Harris W N Hibbert C R C Howlett
J H Harris H J Hickey Sir Edmund Hudleston
Sir John Harris A A F Hickman A Huggins
R Harrison Sir John Higgins F D Hughes
Sir Christopher Hartley T C R Higgins P A Hughes
Sir Arthur Harvey E G F Hill Sir Rochford Hughes
Sir George Harvey Sir Roderic Hill F Hume
Sir Leslie Harvey E D Hills Sir Andrew Humphrey
F K Haskins N E Hoad H J F Hunter
J A Hawkings C G Hoare D A Hurrell
D E Hawkins J F Hobler F C Hurrell
J G Hawtrey Sir Lewis Hodges W H Husbands
D B Hatfield Sir Derek Hodgkinson P Huskinson
G W Hayes P Hodgson J de M Hutchison
Sir Kenneth Hayr G S Hodson W H Hutton
F S Hazlewood H A V Hogan N C Hyde
C M Heard R E T Hogg D F Hyland-Smith

This page was last updated on 28/03/21

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