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Air Commodore J Goodman (45362)

John            b:   22 Oct 1915                      r:   12 Jan 1968                d:  23 Feb 1983

CBE - xx xxx xxxx, MiD - 14 Jun 1945, CEng, FIERE, MBIM,

AC2:  xx xxx xxxx, AC1:  xx xxx xxxx, LAC:  xx xxx xxxx, Cpl:  xx xxx xxxx, Sgt:  xx xxx xxxx, Flt Sgt:  xx xxx xxxx, Plt Off (P):   6 Dec 1940 [4 Nov 1940], Fg Off (WS):  19 Jun 1941, Fg Off:  7 Nov 1941, (T) Flt Lt: 1 Jan 1943, Flt Lt (WS): 1 Mar 1943, Flt Lt: 28 Feb 1947 [1 Sep 1945], Sqn Ldr:  1 Jul 1949 Wg Cdr:  1 Jan 1955, Gp Capt:  1 Jul 1959, A/Cdre:  1 Jan 1964

xx xxx xxxx:               Airman/NCO Wireless Mechanic (565898)

6 Dec 1940:              Appointed to a Commission for the duration of the war in the Technical Branch

19 Mar 1941:             Signals Officer, HQ No 26 Group

xx xxx xxxx:               

 1 Mar 1942:             Signals Officer, HQ No 26 Group

16 Oct 1945:             Signals Staff Officer, Directorate of  Radio

15 Oct 1946:             Appointed to a Permanent Commission in the Technical Branch in the rank of Flight Lieutenant (effective from 1 Sep 1945)

11 May 1956:           Staff Officer, Directorate of Operational Requirements (B)

xx xxx xxxx:             

18 Jan 1960:             Command Signals Officer, HQ Coastal Command

xx xxx xxxx:             

10 Sep 1965:            Senior Air Staff Officer, HQ Signals Command

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