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Air Commodore E D M Hopkins (05125)

Edward Donald MacLulich     b: 11 Mar 1904                                                          d: 28 Oct 1946


(RAF): - Plt Off: 26 Jan 1926 [26 Jan 1925], Fg Off: 26 Jul 1926, Flt Lt: 23 Apr 1930, Sqn Ldr: 1 Sep 1937, (T) Wg Cdr: 1 Mar 1940, (T) Gp Capt: 1 Mar 1942, Wg Cdr: 14 Apr 1942 [1 Mar 1940], Gp Capt: 1 Jan 1946, Act A/Cdre: ?, A/Cdre: Retained

26 Jan 1926:            Appointed to a Permanent Commission

26 Jan 1926:             U/T Pilot, No 2 FTS

14 Dec 1926:           Pilot, No 4 (Army Co-operation) Sqn

28 Feb 1928:           Armament Officer, No 20 (Army Co-operation) Sqn (India)

17 Apr 1930:           Staff, Armament and Gunnery School.

 1 Sep 1930:            Attended No 7 'A' Armament Course, Armament & Gunnery School.

10 Mar 1931:          Armament Officer, RAF Practice Camp, Sutton Bridge.

 1 Nov 1931:           Armament Officer, Air Armament School

23 Oct 1933:            Experimental Gunnery Officer, No 15 Sqn/Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment.

15 Nov 1937:          Staff Officer - RD Arm 1 (c), Joint Directorate of Research and Development

24 Apr 1940:            Transferred to the Technical Branch

xx xxx 1941:             Armament Staff Officer, British Air Commission, Washington.

xx xxx xxxx:               Staff Officer, Ministry of Aircraft Production

xx Jan 1945:             Director of Intelligence.

23 Jul 1945:              Armament Staff Officer, British Section, Allied Control Commission (Germany)/British Air Forces of Occupation

An Armament specialist he was heavily involved in developing the weapons and equipment that would be needed in the high performance aircraft of World War Two, including the .303 Browning machine gun and power operated turrets.

He was killed whilst flying in Proctor III, DX189 of the BAFO Communication Squadron when he flew into high ground at Lippe in Germany during a night flight.

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