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Air Vice-Marshal F S Hazlewood (55087)

Frederick Samuel                    

b:   13 May 1921                     r:  15 Jan 1977                        d: 12 Jul 2007

CB – 1 Jan 1970, CBE – 10 Jun 1967 (OBE - 1 Jan 1960), MBE – 31 May 1956), AFC – 1 Jan 1951, Bar – 1 Jan 1954, QCVSA – xx xxx 195?.

AC2: xx xxx 1939, Sgt: xx xxx 1940, Plt Off:  16 Apr 1943, Fg Off (WS):  16 Oct 1943, Flt Lt (WS):  16 Apr 1945, Fg Off: 9 Jan 1947 [16 Apr 1944], Flt Lt:  10 Jan 1947 [16 Oct 1946], Sqn Ldr:  1 Jul 1952, Wg Cdr:  1 Jan 1958, Act Gp Capt:  16 Aug 1962, Gp Capt:  1 Jan 1963, A/Cdre:  1 Jan 1968, Act AVM:  21 Feb 1972?, AVM:  1 Jan 1973:

xx xxx 1939:                 U/T Wireless Operator/Air Gunner.

xx xxx 1940:                Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, No 99 Sqn.

xx xxx 1941:                 Instructor, No ? OTU.

xx xxx 1942:                 U/T Pilot, Canada.

xx xxx 1943:                 Attended, No ? (C) OTU

xx May 1944:               Pilot, No 224 Sqn.

xx xxx xxxx:                  Pilot, No 14 Sqn.

9 Jan 1947:                  Appointed to commission in the rank of Flying Officer – extended service (retaining rank current at the time)

xx xxx 1948:                 Pilot, No 210 Sqn. (Lancasters)

 2 Mar 1949:                Appointed to a Permanent Commission in the rank of Flight Lieutenant

xx xxx xxxx:                  Attended Empire Central Flying Training School.

xx xxx xxxx:                  QFI, No ? OCU

xx xxx 1953:                 QFI, School of Maritime Reconnaisance

xx Sep 1954:                Officer Commanding, Multi-engine Sqn, , Examining Wing, CFS.

 2 Sep 1957:                Officer Commanding, No 90 Sqn. (Valiants)

11 Apr 1960:               Plans and Policy Staff, HQ Bomber Command.

16 Aug 1962:               Group Captain - Operations, HQ RAF Germany.

 1 Jan 1965:                 Officer Commanding, RAF Lyneham.

19 Jun 1967:                Staff Officer, Dept of CAS.

26 Jan 1968:                SASO, HQ RAF Germany.

29 Jan 1970:                AOC & Commandant, Central Flying School.

31 Jan 1972:                Director of Personnel (Air).

21 Dec 1972:               AOC, No 38 Group.

19 Nov 1974:               Commandant, Joint Warfare Establishment.

Born in Buckingham and educated at Kimbolton School, he was under age on the outbreak of war but nevertheless volunteered.  With no vacancies for pilots, he signed up as a wireless operator/air gunner and in 1940 joined his first squadron.  On the completion of his tour of 30 operations, he undertook a tour as an instructor at a bomber OTU, before being accepted for pilot training, which he undertook in Canada.

On completion of his training, he was commissioned and after operational training joined No 224 Squadron, which was then operating Wellingtons over the Indian Ocean from Masirah.  On his return to the UK he joined No 14 Squadron in Coastal Command.  He continued serving with Coastal Command for about 10 years, in both operational roles and as an instructor.

He joined the Examining Wing of the Central Flying School in 1954, where he commanded the multi-engine squadron.  After CFS, he took command of No 90 Squadron, equipped with the Valiant, the first of the V-bombers.  A couple of anecdotes about his time with No 90 were included in his obituary in The Times: -

“On an exercise to the Far East, Hazlewood led three Valiants in a flypast over Saigon. During the three-day visit he was asked to fly the diminutive Vietnamese Chief of Staff, General Vinh, who, once airborne in the co-pilot's seat but unable to reach the rudder pedals, asked if the aircraft could "beat up" the main street of Saigon, culminating in a low pass over the Regent's Palace.

After some hesitation, Hazlewood reluctantly agreed. On landing, the general was greeted as a national "ace" and the press praised him for flying a British V-bomber in such a daring manner. Hazlewood was glad to leave the next day in case any more requests strained the marvellous hospitality.

A few months later, on a visit to California, he and his crew were entertained to a dinner and Hazlewood found himself seated next to the glamorous, busty film actress Jayne Mansfield. He recalled later: "I cannot remember the meal but I can certainly remember Jayne Mansfield."”

Following command of No 90 Squadron, he joined the planning staff at HQ Bomber Command before moving to RAF Germany in 1962.  On his return, he joined Transport Command as OC, RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire.  He then spent six months in the Ministry of Defence before returning to RAF Germany as Senior Air Staff Officer.  Returning to the UK again, he took up the post of Commandant of the Central Flying School.  It was during this appointment that he qualified as a helicopter pilot.  In 1972, he took command of No 38 Group and two years later the Jont Warfare Establishment.

Retiring from the RAF he bought a run-down farm house and refurbished it himself and became a small-holder

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