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Officers - Select by Surname

The officers listed on this site are to be best knowledge of the author, deceased, where details of living officers are included, the officers in question have given their permission for this inclusion and have personally checked and verified the entry.  If any other living Air Officers, which to have their details included, please contact me through the link to the left and I will gladly forward what details I have been able to collect so far.


A A Adams C E H Allen C L Archbold
C D Adams   R C Allen Sir Michael Armitage
M K Adams O D Allerton D A Arnott
E B Addison N S Allinson E B Ashmore
A G Adnams Duncan Allison D L Attlee
J N Ager M J Allisstone D F W Atcherley
Sir John Aiken M G Allott Sir Richard Atcherley
R S Aitken G H Ambler Sir Roy Austen-Smith
W J M Akerman D L Amlot Sir Roger Austin
J W Allan A Andrews R C Ayling
C A Alldis J O Andrews


Sir John Babington  S S Benson N Bray
Sir Philip Babington T B de la P Beresford J D Breakey
G McA Bacon R Berry J J Breen
M J-C Bacon A P Bett C D Breese
R K Bagnall-Wild C S Betts H D Briggs
G C Bailey E B C Betts A G P Brightmore
Sir John Baird A W Bigsworth N R L Bristow
Sir Peter Bairsto C N H Bilney H P Broad
Sir Brian Baker F R Bird Sir Harry Broadhurst
C C M Baker H A C Bird-Wilson H Le M Brock
G B A Baker G W Birkinshaw I E Brodie
Sir John Baker A G Bishop Sir Geoffrey Bromet
Sir John Baker-Carr D L Blackford W A D Brook
Sir John Baldwin T H Blackham Sir Robert Brooke-Popham
Sir Alfred Ball G C Bladon H H Brookes
Sir Benjamin Ball G N Blake W T Brooks
The Earl of Bandon H G Blair Sir Ivor Broom
F R Banks L F Blandy W R Brotherhood
G G Banting H C D Blasbery P M Brothers
R F J Barber P S Blockey Sir Charles Broughton
R L Barcilon B L Blofeld C B Brown
H E Barker C H B Blount C P Brown
J L Barker J H L Blount Sir Leslie Brown
J O Barnard R S Blucke Sir Vernon Brown
E D Barnes A G Board C D A Browne
L K Barnes D W F Bonham-Carter J S Browne
Sir Denis Barnett I M Bonham-Carter B J Brownlow
Sir John Barraclough S H Bonser W E G Bryant
Sir Arthur Barratt B H Boon N R Buckle
F O Barrett Sir John Boothman W D Budgen
G G Barrett J A Boret S O Bufton
G Bartholomew A E Borton R Bullen
D F Bates Sir Norman Bottomley A H Bullock
E C Bates K L Boswell E Burchmore
Sir Leslie Bates Sir Cecil Bouchier J R Burges
R N Bateson R G Bowditch Sir Brian Burnett
H F V Battle H G Bowen Sir Charles Burnett
J W Bayley J B Bowen P Burnett
D W Bayne Sir Willet Bowen-Buscarlet W J Burnett
J E Bazalgette D Bower E S Burns
Sir George Beamish Sir Leslie Bower R J B Burns
G B Beardsworth Sir Frederick Bowhill E A Burridge
H I T Beardsworth T G Bowler C B E Burt-Andrews
G Bearne V S Bowling Sir Harry Burton
F Beaumont J I R Bowring M J-C Burton
Sir Michael Beavis Sir Alan Boxer R H C Burwell
J H W Becke H E C Boxer T M G Bury
W F Beckwith C D C Boyce C W Busk
J G G Beddoes G H Boyce K C Buss
Sir Michael Beetham O T Boyd E I Bussell
W K Beisiegel Sir Dermot Boyle H R Busteed
C A Bell The Hon J D Boyle E S Butler
B C Bennett H G Brackley H J Butler
D C T Bennett Sir John Bradley R Byrne
Sir Erik Bennett F J St G Braithwaite D L Bywater
T A Bennett Sir Sefton Brancker  
V B Bennett Sir Quintin Brand  


P J Cabourne R W Chappell Sir Hugh Constantine
W B Caddell  L E O Charlton E Cook
C S Cadell Sir Walter Cheshire B H H Cooke
H G Cadwallader G A Chesworth Sir Cyril Cooke
G C Cairns J S Chick G S Cooper
W B Callaway Sir Edward Chilton W C Cooper
A P Campbell R A Chisholm E J Corbally
I R Campbell L de V Chisman Sir John Cordingley
Lord Cameron A R Churchman Sir Alec Coryton
A J Capel D W Clappen Sir Norman Coslett
D V Carnegie G J B Claridge C W Coulthard
L W Cannon Sir Robert Clark-Hall Sir Christopher Courtney
Sir Roderick Carr Sir Gareth Clayton J B Coward
W G Carr P C Cleaver C R Cox
R J Carson C M Clementi J Cox
G L Carter A J B Clements H I Cozens
G P H Carter A E Clouston P D Cracroft
N Carter R Coats Sir Robert Craven
O E Carter The Hon Sir Ralph Cochrane W V Crawford-Crompton
N T Carter L H Cockey F Crerar
R A C Carter J M Cohu E D Crew
W Carter P A Coker P H Cribb
A A Case W E Colahan H L Crichton
B A Casey E L Colbeck-Welch W J Crisham
J R Cassidy J B Cole-Hamilton A C Critchley
J P Cave F H Coleman L G LeB Croke
H M Cave-Browne-Cave J P Coleman R H Crompton
G C Cayley Sir William Coles Sir Kenneth Cross
Sir Bernard Chacksfield Sir Conrad Collier H G Crowe
A H Chamberlain K D G Collier P L Crowell
G P Chamberlain H J Collins Sir Denis Crowley-Milling
P R T J M I C Chamberlayne P S Collins C J Cruickshanks
Sir John Chamier R Collishaw E J Cuckney
H V Champion de Crepigny D Colyer A D Cunningham
E S Chandler G Combe Sir John Curtiss
J H Chaplin Sir Arthur Coningham W J B Curtis
G I Chapman H P Connelly Sir William Cushion
H H Chapman J Constable-Roberts


G B Dacre   A C Deere Sir John Donald
N H D'Aeth L C Dennis E M Donaldson
Sir John D'Albiac D H de Burgh P L Donkin
Sir Leslie Dalton-Morris I J de la Plain A G Douglas
G D Daly O W de Putron Lord Douglas of Kirtleside
C L Dann A L Derry Lord Dowding of Bentley Priory
M A D'Arcy N L Desoer H H Down
C C Darley Sir Geoffrey Dhenin H J Down
Sir Lawrence Darvall   A D Dick J C T Downey
R J Davrnport R Dick B C H Drew
Sir Alexander Davidson C W Dicken F R Drew
S M Davidson H E Dicken T E Drowley
Sir Alan Davies L W Dickens Sir Peter Drummond
A D Davies T C Dickens A G Dudgeon
E D H Davies B G Dickinson Sir Eric Dunn
A N Davis Sir William Dickson   Sir Patrick Dunn
E D Davis W D Disbrey W H Dunn
J F Davis F O S Dobell Sir Herbert Durkin
Sir John Davis L A Doble Sir Albert Durston
J H W Davis F L Dodd R G Dutton
Sir Walter Dawson F P Don Sir Barry Duxbury
Sir John Day Sir Grahame Donald M H Dwyer

This page was last updated on 14/03/24

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