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Other Establishments - Schools and Staff Colleges


This section lists those establishments which have existed in roughly the same form throughout their history and have had Commandants of Air Rank  It includes pure RAF units and Joint Service units, having established posts for RAF Air Officers  For continuity periods when the Commandant's post was lower than Air Commodore, the post holder was non GD or a Naval/Army officer held the post, have also been included  Naval, Army and non-GD RAF officers or officers who did not ultimately attain Air Rank are shown in italics

RAF College

RAF Cranwell, Sleaford, Lincolnshire

Formed 1 Nov 1919 as RAF (Cadet) College  Raised to Command status 5 Feb 1920   The title (Cadet) was dropped on 1 Feb 1929  Reduced to Group status within Training Command, 9 Jul 1936  Control transferred to No 28 Group, 1 Dec 1928  Absorbed into RAF College SFTS, Sep 1939   Transferred to Flying Training Command, 27 May 1940?   Transferred to Training Command, 1 Jun 1968   Transferred to RAF Support Command, 13 Jun 1913   Transferred to PTC, 1 Apr 1994

1920 - 1936 Commandant was the same as AOC, RAF Cranwell (See Command section)

[Personnel and Locations]

3 Dec 1934:               A/Cdre-AVM H M Cave-Browne-Cave

21 Dec 1936:             AVM J E A Baldwin

15 Aug 1939:             A/Cdre D Harries?

xx xxx xxxx:                A/Cdre R Halley  ??

xx xxx 1945               A/Cdre W E G Bryant

12 Oct 1946              A/Cdre R L R Atcherley

 1 Jan 1949                A/Cdre G R Beamish

31 Jul 1950                A/Cdre L F Sinclair

25 Aug 1952              A/Cdre H Eeles

16 Apr 1956              A/Cdre T A B Parselle

26 Aug 1958              A/Cdre D F Spotswood

16 Apr 1961              A/Cdre E D McK Nelson

21 Aug 1963              A/Cdre M D Lyne

28 Dec 1964              A/Cdre-AVM I D N Lawson

 1 Feb 1967               AVM T N Stack

 9 Mar 1970               AVM F D Hughes

23 Sep 1972               AVM R D Austen-Smith

 9 Jul 1975                  AVM W E Colahan

28 Jan 1978                AVM D Harcourt-Smith

 9 Jan 1980                 AVM  B Brownlow

31 Jan 1982                AVM R C F Peirse

18 Jan 1985                AVM E H Macey

17 Jul 1987                 AVM R H Wood

 8 Dec 1989                AVM R M Austin

21 Feb 1992               AVM D Cousins

 7 Oct 1994                AVM A J Stables

22 Jan 1997                AVM J H Thompson

30 Jul 1998                 AVM T W Rimmer

21 Jul 2000                 AVM H G Mackay

27 Jun 2002                AVM A J Smith

 3 Dec 2003                A/Cdre M C Barter

 5 Dec 2005                A/Cdre R B Cunningham

xx Apr 2008                A/Cdre A D Stevenson

xx xxx 2010:                A/Cdre D J Stubbs

 6 Dec 2013:                A/Cdre C J Luck

xx Aug 2016                A/Cdre P J M Squires

1st - 6 July 1948

HM King George VI

2nd - 25 July 1960

HM Queen Elizabeth II

3rd - 30 May 1975

HM Queen Elizabeth II

4th - 27 July 1989

HM Queen Elizabeth II

5th - 24 July 2001

HRH The Prince of Wales


The Officers Advanced Training School

Formed 14 February 1944 at Cranwell as The Officers Advanced Training School, it was re-named No 1 OATS on 1 November 1944   Its role was to provide training to officers destined for flight and squadron commander posts   It moved to Digby on 27 August 1945 reverting to its original title on 1 December 1946   Further moves took place to Hornchurch from 25 July 1947 and Bircham Newton on 25 October 1948, it disbanded in 1962 

xx Feb 1944                A/Cdre S H Hardy*?

23 Jun 1945                A/Cdre T G Pike*

xx xxx 1947                A/Cdre A McKee* 


No 1 School of Technical Training

Formed Sep 1918 as School of Technical Training  Renamed School of Technical Training (Boys), 23 Dec 1919  Renamed No 1 SoTT (Boys), 16 Mar 1920  Renamed No 1 SoTT (Apprentices), xx xxx 1925-9  Reduced to Group status within Training Command, 9 Jul 1936  Transferred to Technical Training Command, 27 May 1940?   Transferred to Training Command, 1 Jun 1968   Transferred to RAF Support Command, 13 Jun 1977   Transferred to PTC, 1 Apr 1994   Moved  to RAF Cosford, xx xxx 1997/8   Absorbed into the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering on 1 April 2004

1920 - 1936 Commandant was the same as AOC, RAF Halton (See Command section)

[Personnel and Locations]

4 Sep 1936:                A/Cdre G R M Reid

17 Aug 1938:              A/Cdre G B Dacre

xx xxx 1939:               AVM Sir Oliver Swann (Ret'd)

xx xxx 1940:               A/Cdre G B Dacre

xx xxx 1942                A/Cdre H G White

xx xxx 1946                A/Cdre J F Titmas

xx xxx 1949                A/Cdre N Carter

xx xxx 1951                A/Cdre J G Elton

xx xxx 1952                A/Cdre J G W Weston

xx xxx 1954                A/Cdre G N E Tindal-Carill-Worsley

xx xxx 1956                A/Cdre E D McK Nelson

xx xxx 1958                A/Cdre T N Coslett

xx xxx 1961                A/Cdre B Robinson

xx xxx 1963                A/Cdre D M Strong

xx xxx 1966                A/Cdre A C Deere

xx xxx 1967                A/Cdre H P Connelly

xx xxx 1968                A/Cdre R H G Weighill

28 Apr 1973               A/Cdre B Hamilton

 5 Jun 1975                 A/Cdre M P Stanton

xx xxx 1977                Gp Capt JP Downes

xx xxx 1979                Gp Capt O J Truelove

xx xxx 1981                Gp Capt M J Evans

xx xxx 1983                Gp Capt S P Rarsons

xx xxx 1984                Gp Capt R H Kyle

xx xxx 1986                Gp Capt S M Williamson-Noble

xx xxx 1988                Gp Capt I R Blunt

xx xxx 1991                Gp Capt R Brumpton

xx xxx 1993                Gp Capt G O Burton

1st - 25 July 1952

HM Queen Elizabeth II

2nd - 6 April 1968

HRH The Princess Margaret

3rd - 25 September 1990

HRH The Duke of Kent


RAF Staff College, Andover

Formed 1 April 1922 within Inland Area, to provide staff training to selected officers, usually of Flight Lieutenant or Squadron Leader rank to enable them to undertake staff officer duties at the Air ministry or Command/Group HQs   It was closed the day war was declared, 3 September 1939 but in November, shortened courses were started again, however the College was placed under Care and Maintenance on 28 May 1940   The Staff College re-opened at Bulstrode Park in December 1941   In 1945 the Staff College relocated to Bracknell but a smaller Staff College was retained at Bulstode Park for the training of allied and foreign staff officers, this unit returning to Andover in 1948   It was raised to Group status within Training Command on 1 June 1968 and eventually absorbed into RAF Staff College, Bracknell in 1970  

[Personnel and Locations]

1 Apr 1922:             AVM H R M Brooke-Popham

28 Mar 1926:           A/Cdre E R Ludlow Hewitt

7 Sep 1930:              A/Cdre P B Joubert de la Ferte

12 Dec 1933:            AVM W R Freeman

1 Jan 1936:               AM Sir Arthur Barratt

xx xxx 1939:

28 May 1940            Placed on Care and Maintenance

26 Jul 1948               A/Cdre L W Cannon

xx xxx 1949              A/Cdre J N T Stephenson

31 Mar 1952            A/Cdre W G Cheshire

25 Apr 1953             A/Cdre G P Chamberlain

 1 May 1954             A/Cdre D W Lane

21 Apr 1958             A/Cdre E D McK Nelson

 3 Oct 1960              A/Cdre N C Hyde

24 Sep 1962             A/Cdre C V D Willis

 3 Mar 1965              A/Cdre W D Hodgkinson

 7 Mar 1966              A/Cdre P O V Green

 7 Oct 1968               A/Cdre J A G Jackson  

RAF Staff College, Bulstrode Park

Formed on 12 December 1941, In July 1945 the main part of the Staff College moved to the old 2 TAF HQ building in Bracknell, but Bulstrode was retained to provide staff training to members of allied and foreign air forces   In 1948 it moved back to the original Staff College location at Andover

12 Dec 1941              AVM B E Sutton

xx Sep 1942               AVM R M Hill

xx Jul 1943                 A/Cdre A H Cobby RAAF

xx xxx 1943                AVM C E H Medhurst

xx Dec 1944               AVM R Graham

xx Jul 1945                 A/Cdre F J W Mellersh 

2 Jan 1947                  A/Cdre D A Boyle

xx xxx 1947                A/Cdre A W B McDonald


RAF Staff College, Bracknell

The major part of the Staff College at Bulstrode Park was re-located to Bracknell in July 1945 to continue the training of staff officers for the RAF   It was transferred to Reserve Command on 1 May 1946 and to Home Command on  1 August 1950   Training Command took control of the College on 1 June 1968 and RAF Support Command on 13 June 1973   On 1 April 1994 control was transferred to Personnel and Training Command but it was disbanded by being absorbed into the Joint Services Command and Staff College on 1 January 1997  

Motto:    Visu et Nisu (by vision and effort)


xx Jul 1945                 AVM R Graham

xx Dec 1945:              AVM A P M Sanders

xx xxx 1947                AVM T M Williams

 1 Jan 1949                 AVM J D I Hardman

18 Jun 1951                AVM A D Gillmore

xx xxx 1953                AVM D Macfadyen

xx Apr 1956                AVM D F Barnett

  1 Aug 1956               AVM R Faville

 1 Jan 1957                 AVM S C Elworthy

 1 Dec 1959                AVM M L Heath

 1 Jan 1962                 AVM D J P Lee

 1 Jan 1965                 AVM T W Piper

 1 Jun 1966                 AVM D C Stapleton*

22 Apr 1968               AVM N M Maynard*

27 Sep 1970               AVM M J Beetham*

 2Oct 1972                 AVM A McK S Steedman*

16 Aug 1975               AVM K A Williamson*

23 Feb 1977               AVM J B Curtiss*

27 Feb 1980               AVM M Beavis*

21 Apr 1981               AVM D Parry-Evans*

29 Jan 1983                AVM A G Skingsley*

29 Sep 1984               AVM G A White*

 9 Feb 1987                AVM D T Bryant*

 6 Jan 1989                 AVM A F C Hunter*

 8 Aug 1990                AVM R G Peters**

 5 May 1993               AVM M P Donaldson

15 Jan 1996                AVM M Van Der Veen

*Also held post of AOC, Command and Staff Training  

**Continued as AOC, Command and Staff Training  


RAF Wing, Middle East Staff School

The Middle East Staff School was formed by the British Army at Haifa on 15 Feb 1940   By January 1942 there had been 5 course held and three of these each included a single RAF officer   For Course No 6 a separate Wing was established for RAF students, although they and the Army colleagues still carried out joint lectures and syndicates at times   The school changed its name to Middle East Staff College between April and June 1943  (Dates shown are the start dates for courses, officers may have been in post earlier then this)

31 Jan 1942                           Wg Cdr B C Yarde

13 Jun 1942                           Gp Capt E R E Black

28 Dec 1942                          Gp Capt S B Harris


RAF Wing, Middle East Staff College

Formed between April and June 1943 by renaming the Middle East Staff School, the RAF Wing remaining under Army control  (Dates shown are the start dates for courses, officers may have been in post earlier then this)

xx xxx 1943                          Gp Capt S B Harris

26 Jun 1943                           Gp Capt S H C Gray


RAF Staff College (Overseas)

Formed on 1 September 1944 from the RAF Wing of the Middle East Staff College, administered by AHQ Levant and under the operational control of HQ Middle East Command   The College closed on 5 October 1946 at the end of Course No 16  (Dates shown are the start dates for courses, officers may have been in post earlier then this)

 1 Sep 1944                           A/Cdre S H C Gray

 9 Aug 1945                           A/Cdre A G Adnams

The three entries above have been prepared using materials supplied by Gp Capt D J Read MA AMIBM RAF (Rtd)


Joint Services Staff College

 Formed 15 Jan 1947   Its role was to train officers already qualified as staff officers in their own service for staff work in joint or combined HQs   Its students would usually be of Commander, Lieutenant Colonel and Wing Commander rank   It was renamed National Defence College, xx xxx 1971  

15 Jan 1947                R-Adm C E Douglas-Pennant

xx xxx xxxx                 Maj-Gen W H Stratton

26 Oct 1951                AVM L Darvall

xx Nov 1953               Rear -Adm W K Edden RN

 1 Mar 1956                Maj-Gen P N White

xx xxx 1958                 AVM Sir Laurence Sinclair

xx xxx 1960                 A/Cdre W Carter

 1 Oct 1962                 Maj-Gen C M F Deakin               

 5 Jul 1965                   AVM S W B Menaul

2 Sep 1970                  Maj-Gen T D H McMeekin


National Defence College

Formed 6 Aug 1971 by renaming the JSSC   Renamed Joint Services Defence College, xx xxx 1983

 6 Aug 1971                Maj-Gen T D H McMeekin

 3 Nov 1972                AVM F B Sowrey

21 Jul 1975                  R-Adm D A Loram

21 Jul 1977:                  Maj-Gen A C Bate

31 Dec 1979                AVM F D G Clark

xx Sep 1981                 R-Adm D C Jenkin

Joint Services Defence College

Formed xx xxx 1983 by renaming the National Defence College   Absorbed into Joint Services Command and Staff College, 1 Jan 1997  

xx xxx xxxx

 4 Apr 1986                AVM B H Newton

14 Apr 1988


21 Apr 1992                AVM R P O'Brien

31 Mar 1994                Rear-Adm N J Wilkinson  

Joint Services Command and Staff College  

Joint Services Command and Staff College badgeFormed 1 Jan 1997 to replace individual Staff Colleges for each service  





1 Jan 1997                Rear-Adm N J Wilkinson RN?

1 Sep 1997               Maj-Gen T J Granville-Chapman

4 Jan 2000                AVM B K Burridge

28 Jan 2002              Rear-Adm R Lippett

3 Mar 2003               Maj-Gen John McColl

 1 Mar 2004              Maj-Gen N R Parker

xx Jul 2005                AVM N D A Maddox

xx Jul 2007                Rear-Adm N Morisetti

xx xxx xxxx                Maj-Gen G J Binns

xx Jul 2010                AVM R Lock

 Assistant Commandants (Air)

 1 Apr 1997                A/Cdre M G F White

12 Jan 1999                A/Cdre A D Sweetman

 3 Sep 2001                A/Cdre A P N Lambert

12 May 2003              A/Cdre I A Milne

31 May 2005              A/Cdre M J Harwood

Imperial Defence College

Royal College of defence Studies armsFormed 1 Sep 1926 to run advanced staff courses for senior officers from all Imperial forces  The first course began in January 1927   Disbanded into RCDS?, 1 Dec 1970

[Personnel and Locations]

1 Sep 1926:          V-Adm Sir Herbert Richmond

xx Jan 1929:          Maj-Gen W H Bartholomew     

19 Jan 1931:         AM Sir Robert Brooke-Popham

19 Jan 1933:         V-Adm/Adm Sir Lionel Preston

15 Jan 1935:         Maj-Gen R H Haining

1 Sep 1936:          AM Sir Arthur Longmore

 1 Jan 1939           V-Adm T H Binney

xx Dec 1945:        Gen Sir William Slim

 1 Jan 1948:          ACM Sir John Slessor

19 Sep 1949:        V-Adm Sir Charles Daniel

 1 Jan 1952:          Gen Sir Frank Simpson

 1 Jan 1954:          ACM Sir Arthur Sanders

 1 Jan1956:           Adm Sir Guy Russell

 1 Jan 1958:          Gen Sir William Oliver

 6 Jan 1958:          Gen Sir Geoffrey Bourne

xx xxx 1961:         Sir Robert Scott

25 Sep 1961:        ACM Sir Hugh Constantine

28 Jun 1964:         Adm Sir Deric Holland-Martin

 4 Jan 1966:          Gen Sir John Anderson

 8 Jan 1968:         ACM Sir Donald Evans

xx xxx 1970:          Mr Alastair Buchan

Senior RAF Directing Staff

27 Jul 1932:                Gp Capt W S Douglas

14 Jan 1936:               A/Cdre C F A Portal

3 Aug 1937:                A/Cdre D G Donald

xx xxx 1946                AVM H P Lloyd

xx xxx 1948                AVM R Ivelaw-Chapman

xx xxx 1950                AVM W Dawson

xx xxx 1952                AVM C B R Pelly

xx xxx 1954                AVM T N McEvoy

24 Feb 1956               AVM E C Hudleston

xx xxx 1957                AVM W G Cheshire 

 1 Mar 1959               AVM J G W Weston

xx xxx 1961                AVM P T Philpott

31 Jul 1963                AVM E G Jones

23 Jul 1965                AVM S B Grant

 8 Jan 1968                AVM M D Lyne

1 Jan 1970                 AVM C M Clementi


Royal College of Defence Studies

  Formed xx xxx 1970 by renaming the Imperial Defence College     

xx xxx xxxx:              Mr Alastair Buchan

14 Jan 1972              Gen Sir Mervyn Butler  

19 Jan 1973              Gen Sir Antony Read

 7 Jan 1974               ACM Sir John Barraclough

13 Jan 1976               V-Adm Sir Ian Easton

 9 Jan 1978               Gen Sir David Fraser

 7 Jan 1980               ACM Sir Robert Freer

 6 Jan 1982               V-Adm Sir William Pillar

xx Jan 1984              Gen Sir Michael Gow

 6 Jan 1986               V-Adm Sir David Halifax

 4 Jan 1988               ACM Sir Michael Armitage  

 3 Jan 1990               Lt-Gen Sir Antony Walker

xx xxx 1992              ?

1 Apr 1994               AM Sir Timothy Garden

20 Dec 1995             Lt-Gen S C Grant

15 Aug 1998             V-Adm J H S McAnally RN  

 3 Jan 2001               Lt-Gen Sir Christopher Wallace

xx xxx 2003

20 Jan 2005              Adm Sir Ian Garnett

Senior RAF Directing Staff

 1 Jan 1970                AVM C M Clementi

14 Jan 1972                AVM J C T Downey

31 Jan 1974                AVM R P Harding

10 Jan 1976                AVM N E Hoad

 3 Jan 1978                 AVM W J Herrington

12 Jan 1980                AVM M J Armitage

19 Dec 1981               AVM J B Duxbury

17 Dec 1982               AVM L W Phipps

10 Jan 1984                AVM B H Newton

28 Feb 1986               AVM J F H Tetley

 5 Jan 1987                AVM M K Adams

 1 Jan 1989                AVM C E Evans

 1 Jan 1992                AVM W McC Rae

 3 Jan 1995                AVM P Dodworth

1 Jul 1996                  AVM P J Goddard

 7 Jan 1998                AVM K D Filbey

17 Dec 1999              AVM P W Roser

10 Apr 2003              AVM D C Couzens 

 2 Jan 2005                AVM S Chisnall

25 Mar 2008             AVM A G Walton

xx Jul 2009                AVM B L Bates

xx Mar 2012             AVM M J Harwood


Defence Academy of the UK

The following has been taken directly from the MOD website: -

"The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom formed on 1 April 2002 under the Directorship of Sir Roger Jackling  The Defence Academy is to be a national and international centre of excellence, providing civilian and military personnel with a high-quality education, primarily at post-graduate level, and conducting research in fields related to defence  It has brought together the following organizations:

It is intended that the Defence Academy will exert an increasing influence with national and international military and academic institutions and will provide a focus for the research effort of the existing Colleges in support of defence objectives, including the development of policy and doctrine by the Policy Director and the Joint Doctrine and Concepts Centre which will remain co-located at Shrivenham but not under command of the Academy " ©Crown Copyright

xx xxx xxxx                Sir Roger Jackling

xx May 2005            Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely

Defence Leadership Centre

"The Defence Leadership Centre (DLC), part of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, exists to improve the quality of leadership throughout Defence

As such, the Centre has two primary roles  Firstly, it acts as the Ministry of Defence departmental focus - both inward and outward looking - for policy and best practice on leadership

Secondly, it works with the Service and civilian personnel authorities to address leadership issues, particularly in the strategic environment, within the Ministry of Defence " ©Crown Copyright

xx xxx xxxx:             A/Cdre D H Anderson

27 Sep 2004            A/Cdre P W Gray


Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering

"The Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering (DCAE) was established on 1 April 2004 as a result of the Defence Training Review (DTR) and is an important step in the migration to a partnered solution for Defence Training

The principal task of the DCAE is to provide a high quality, relevant and up-to-date aeronautical engineering (AE) training to fulfill the needs of tomorrow's front line  To that end, the College is exploiting the opportunity to combine the best aspects of the Services' current AE training; such refinement will contribute to the development of Defence Aeronautical Training for the future  Concurrently, the DCAE is supporting the development of a partnered solution for Defence Training  

Comprised of training establishments across 5 sites, the DCAE embraces the AE and survival equipment elements of RN training at HMS Sultan (Gosport), the REME School of Electronic and Aeronautical Engineering at Arborfield, the RAF No 1 School of Technical Training at Cosford, specialist RAF Engineering Officer Training at Cranwell and the RAF`s Painter and Finisher training at St Athan   Although the DCAE is a federation of military units, it is first and foremost a cost-effective business  For example, Cosford was one of the first Defence College sites to become fully accredited to an ISO 9000-2000 quality assurance system and it has now embarked on substantial business initiatives to secure International Defence Training contracts " ©Crown Copyright

1 Apr 2004                        A/Cdre S Sims

xx xxx 2006                       A/Cdre N W Gammon

xx xxx xxxx                        A/Cdre C H Green

 1 Jul 2011                         Gp Capt J B Johnson

xx Mar 2013                      Gp Capt A M Sansom

xx Jul 2015                        Gp Capt M Hunt

xx Jul 2017:                        Gp Capt A J Baker


Defence College of Communications and Information Systems

"Formed on 1 April 2004, the Defence College of Communications and Information Systems is one of 6 Defence Training Establishments designed to deliver more coherent, efficient and cost effective training across defence 

The College consists of a Headquarters based at Blandford Camp, the Royal Navy CIS Training Unit at HMS Collingwood, the Royal School of Signals at Blandford Camp and Number 1 Radio School at DCAE Cosford of which the Aerial Erector School at RAF Digby is a part  The separate schools currently deliver a wide range of Service specific and generic CIS  As a result of the Defence Training Review plans will be made to co-locate these elements and enter into a commercial partnership with an industrial consortium, which should see the delivery of the first genuine 'Defence', rather than single-Service, training courses  Central to the College's vision is the concept of training development on a joint basis for which, a team has been incorporated into the Headquarters " ©Crown Copyright


RAF Chaplains’ School (Church of England)

It was officially established on 19 November 1943 as a lodger unit to the RAF No 2 Initial Training Wing, Cambridge  It was accommodated at Magdalene College  It soon developed two basic programs: the Moral Leadership Course (which originally had been held in other venues for both officers and airmen) and the Chaplains’ Course  An additional course for chaplains called simply “Chaplains Special Course (second series)” was introduced in August 1944  Originally the officer in charge of the RAF Chaplains School held the title of Commandant, with Principal being a separate position occupied by a civilian clergy member  These two positions would be combined in 1951 with a RAF Chaplain continuing as head  In February 1945, the School was relocated to Dowdeswell Court, near Cheltenham, in Gloucestershire  In December 1961 the school was relocated to its current location at Amport House, in Hampshire  Since 1996, it has operated as the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Training Centre, providing chaplains training and instruction in ‘soft skills’ for all three branches of the British military.

19 Nov 1943                 Rev (Wg Cdr) C J F Gilmore

25 Feb 1946                                        F N Towndrow

xx Feb 1947                                         S W Betts

xx Aug 1947                                        R N Shapley

xx Nov 1927                                        F W Cocks

xx xx 1950                                           G W N  Groves

xx xx 1952                                           N F Porter

xx xx 1954                                           T Hankin

xx xx 1956                                           E W Ainsworth

xx xx 1959                                           J N Keeling

xx xx 1960                                           C E Moxley

xx xx 1964                                           W E G  Payton

xx xx 1965                                           W A Thomas

xx xx 1966                                           T R Quin

xx xx 1969                                           R McLeod

xx xx 1973                                           E A C  Cannan

xx xx 1974                                           O H Owen

xx xx 1977                                           L V Henry

xx xx 1979                                           H J Stuart

xx xx 1980                                           R C Hubble

xx xx 1982                                           T I Wilson

xx xx 1985                                           J E Daimond

xx xx 1988                                           G B McEvoy

xx xxx 1991                                         A P Bishop

xx xxx 1993                                         P R Turner

xx xxx 1995                                         I M Thomas

xx xxx 1996                      Rev (Capt) B K Hammett RN

xx xxx 2000                      Rev (Col) P J Howson CF

xx xxx 2002                      Rev (Gp Capt) T R Lee

xx xxx 2005                      Rev (Capt) D Barlow RN

xx xxx 2008                      Rev (Col) D G Coulter CF

xx xx 2011                        Rev (Gp Capt) G  Craig

11 June 2012                    Rev (Gp Capt) A Bissell

The above entry was provided by Bruce R Johnson D.Min

This page was last updated on 23/06/17 using FrontPage 2003© 

© Crown Copyright is reproduced with the permission of the Directorate of Intellectual Property Rights

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