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Air Vice-Marshal H M Cave-Browne-Cave

Henry Meyrick Cave-Browne-CaveHenry Meyrick                  b: 1 Feb 1887               r: 18 Sep 1940                        d: 5 Aug 1965

CB - 1 Jan 1936, DSO - 26 Apr 1918, DFC - 1 Jan 1919.

(RN): - Eng Sub-Lt: 1 Aug 1907, Eng Lt: 1 Aug 1908, Flt  Lt (E): 1 Jul 1914, Flt Cdr: 23 Feb 1915, Eng Lt Cdr: 1 Aug 1916, Sqn Cdr: 30 Jun 1916, Wg Cdr: 30 Jun 1917.

(RAF): - Lt Col [Maj]: 1 Apr 1918, Wg Cdr: 1 Aug 1919, Gp Capt: 1 Jul 1926, A/Cdre: 1 Jul 1931, AVM: 1 Jul 1935.

Henry Meyrick Cave-Browne-Cave

by Walter Stoneman
bromide print, November 1936
NPG x166443

National Portrait Gallery, London

21 May 1903:            Appointed as an Engineering Student in the Navy

 1 Aug 1907:              Appointed an Engineer Sub-Lieutenant

23 Apr 1914:              Engineering Officer, Grain Island NAS.

23 Feb 1915:              2 i/c RNAS Grain Island.

30 Jun 1916:               Squadron Commander, RNAS.

xx xxx xxxx:                Officer Commanding, Seaplane Station, Dunkirk.

xx xxx xxxx:                Officer Commanding, Seaplane Station, Malta.

 1 Aug 1919:               Awarded Permanent Commission as a Lieutenant Colonel

 8 Jan 1920:                Officer Commanding, Training? Wing, School of Technical Training (Boy's). 

22 Jan 1920:               Removed from the Navy Lists on being awarded Permanent Commission in RAF

16 Mar 1920:             Officer Commanding, Training? Wing, No 1 School of Technical Training (Boy's). 

29 May 1922:             Deputy Director of Design.

Oct/Nov 1926:           Deputy Director of Technical Development.

17 May 1927:             Officer Commanding, Far East Flight.

10 Jan 1929:               Supernumerary, HQ Coastal Area.

 9 Aug 1929:               Officer Commanding, No 205 Sqn. (Singapore Seletar)

 1 Jan 1930:                Officer Commanding, Far East Command/RAF Base Singapore.

17 Oct 1930:               Supernumerary, RAF Depot.

 1 Apr 1931:                Director of Technical Development.

17 Sep 1934:               ?

 3 Dec 1934:                Commandant, RAF College/AOC, RAF Cranwell.

27 Apr 1937:               AOC, No 16 (Reconnaissance) Group.

17 Aug 1938:               AOC, No 25 (Armament) Group.

24 Feb 1939:                Non-effective (Sick), No 1 RAF Depot

xx xxx 1939:               Senior Production Officer, Directorate of Aircraft Production.

xx xxx 1940:               Regional Air Liaison Officer, Regional Commission Scotland.

The elder of two brothers who both joined the RN, transferred to the RNAS and then the RAF, they were also both qualified engineers He gained RAeC Certificate No 1129 on 20 March 1915.  Whilst Henry rose to AVM, his younger brother retired as a Wing Commander, following an academic career in the field of engineering. He was partly responsible for devising the idea of attaching the fuselage of a BE2c to the underside of a Willows airship, thus creating the RNAS's most successful type of non rigid airship, the SS.  In 1927 he was selected to form and lead the RAF's Far East Flight.  This Flight consisted of  four Short Southampton flying boats and following a flight, which took them through Egypt, India, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia, they arrived in Singapore on 10 December 1928. The Flight flew a total of 27, 950 miles and became No 205 Squadron on 1 January 1929.  His active career came to a premature end, when he was injured in an air crash on 17 January 1939, in which his PA was killed.

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